nanny Here are 100_Facts_About_Me should you be inspired to write your own list i would be delighted.

1. I perfer one ply toilet paper, it's cheaper and lasts longer.
2. I framed my mugshot and gave it to my friend as a christmas present.
3. I'm ambidextrous, not that my handwritting was ledgible to begin with.
4. I can name all 50 states in less than 20 seconds.
5. I can pronounce the alphabet as one word, fowards and backwards.
6. I love to write lists, as if this wasn't obvious.
7. I'm very organized in my mind, but my bedroom is always a mess.
8. I'm afraid of big dogs, but I love pitt bulls.
9. I grew up on a farm, and used to catch chickens so I could pet them.
10. I have never been to the ocean. (As of 09/10/01, when this list was created.)
11. I have never been on a train.
12. I have never been in an air plane either.
13. I can't make jello, it just wont congeal.
14. I love ketchup, tomato soup, and salsa, but I hate tomatoes.
15. I almost hit a cow with my car.
16. I can't drive in the snow, I slide too much.
17. I have a huge fear of commitment.
18. I work as a nanny.
19. I no longer have a name. People just call me by my job title. (I guess it's a good thing that I don't scrub toilets for a living!)
20. I talk to myself outloud when I am driving, even if there are other people in the car with me.
21. I am a self taught piano player.
22. I let my heart get broken by the same guy three times, and I'm looking fowards to the fourth.
23. What a person looks like doesn't matter to me.
24. Size REALLY doesn't matter.
25. I am a blather-aholic, as well as a chat-aholic.
26. I recently heard about the Punic wars, which happend over two thousand years ago.
27. Whenever I write the word together, I still say in my mind "to-get-her".
28. My signature never looks the same twice.
29. I hate day light savings time.
30. I am scared of silence.
31. I almost never salt my food.
32. I perfer McDonald's frenchfries to Burger King's.
33. I can sleep for sixteen hours straight without waking up once to use the bathroom.
34. My lucky number is 16.
35. I still call my mother mommy.
36. I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day when I have them.
37. I got my tongue pierced because I was bored.
38. I chain smoke when I drive long distances.
39. I can drink a case of Mountain Dew in 6 hours.
40. I can't usually burp, so I make this gurgly noise. It's called a "camel" by some people.
41. I will never go out with a guy named Mike again.
42. My voice has been on the radio at least a dozen times in the last year.
43. My first car was a 1988 Dodge Aires. K car's kick butt.
44. I make jam, jelly, and homemade pickles. I even can them in Mason jars.
45. Once I slept in a cemetary.
46. I failed the same history class twice in community college.
47. I know sign language.
48. I used to go with a group of friends to Burger King every Thursday night, and pretended to be deaf. We got caught and got thrown out.
49. I collect stuffed sheep.
50. In high school my friends used to call me Psycho Sheep.
51. I want to write a children's book about living on a farm when I was younger.
52. I want to have a baby, and raise it on my own as a single parent.
53. I love gay guys.
54. My cat gets more email than I do.
55. I have an IQ of 157.
56. I used to bite my nails, but I've quit.
57. I had to work on Christmas, so I made dinner for 15 people, and brought it into with me.
58. I make awsome pumpkin pie. (Homemade from real pumpkins.)
59. I'm not vain, but I really really like my hair.
60. I have 80's hair, big and poofy. (Damned frizzies anyways!)
61. I love one hit wonders. (Songs, not the other thing.)
62. I am parthenophobic. (See sex phobias)
63. I write parody songs.
64. I am a procrastinator.
65. I am impatient when a person asks me to help them with something and they take their time.
66. I don't live well with other people.
67. I am a middle child.
68. I am my grandpa's favorite grandchild.
69. I can't ice skate.
70. I fell down once when I was bowling and sprained my knee.
71. I have had 21 jobs in the past 5 years.
72. I used to talk on the phone twelve hours a day just for fun.
73. I get emails from Miss Cleo.
74. Everyone spells my name wrong.
75. My name is Debby, which is the Hawiian form of Deborah, which is Hebrew for "bee".
76. I sing all the time.
77. My best friend and I have come up with our own language called "Ruby".
78. I love to ride on Grey Hound buses.
79. I'm going to write a book about my life.
80. Guys online have a tendacy to fall for me. (Scarey, I know.)
81. I stalked someone for a night. (Well, it was more for like 15 minutes, once I realized what I was doing, I felt really stupid, and left and went home.)
82. I've hallucinated before.
83. I sunburn really easily.
84. I once wrote a 96 page love letter.
85. I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies.
86. I was engaged once.
87. I went to McDonald's in a limo.
88. I was born in Canada. (But I'm still an American citizen.)
89. I am registered to vote, but refuse to do so because I could never be President.
90. I love to sing karaoke. (Especially after I've had a couple of drinks.)
91. Vodka makes me sick.
92. I have 7 email accounts that I check everyday.
93. I don't know how to drive a stick shift.
94. I used to sell car insurance.
95. My favorite catch phrase is "Isn't that amazing." (Thank you Kirby vacuum cleaners.)
96. I dye my hair.
97. I had a tea party for my 18th birthday.
98. I laugh a lot.
99. I think that "smurf" is an excellent substitute for a cuss word. Smurf you too!
100. I live to help people. My happiness comes from knowing that I can make other people's lives easier. I have been told that I am an angel sent from heaven to help the world, one person at a time.
chan And you think any of that makes you interesting? 011215
silentbob 1i like a girl from minnesota
2i like a girl from iowa
3i go to a community college
4i don't drink
5i don't smoke
6i don't do drugs
7i listen to punk music
8i listen to rock music
9i dislike rap music
10i defend rappers rights to be offensive
11I like spaghetti
12i dont eat a lot of food but what i do eat i eat a lot of
13 i have gone to many concerts
14 i didnt used to call myself an atheist because of some of the stereotypes that went with it, but now i say fuck it and i do.
15. i realize the difference between nihilism and atheism
16. i don't really care if blink182 sold out
17. i think henry rollins is a good writer and a funny guy
18. i suspect equal rights for women
19. i drink coke
20. my favorite actor is john cusack
21. i like that shitty emo music that makes me sad because i think the lyrics are pretty
22. i have a cat named sammy
23. i live four hours away from my friends and i find it hard to miss them sometimes
24. bigotry makes me naseaious
25. i like standing on overpasses as trains go under me
26. my first cd was mellon collie and the infinite sadness
27. i like going to perkins and just eating frnech fries and a coke with no ice and 9 times out of 10 a beatles song will play while i sit there.
28. i used to read a lot of books
29. then i got friends
30. i love people
31. i hate people
32. i can kind of understand everyone's point of view
33. i am not as simpsons savvy as i once thought
34. i care for newsradio a great deal
35. sometimes i miss phil hartman
36. i adore fionna apple's face
37. i am in touch with my feminine side
38. i ignore my masculine side
39. couples make me smile
40. couples make me gag
41. i like making out with girls
42. i don't think i'll ever make out with a guy, because i don't really want to.
43. maybe i'm not as interesting as i once thought
44. all my poems sound the same
45. i think guitar players, stereotypically, are assholes
46. stereotypes are bad
47. i had my sisters present gift wrapped then put it under the tree like it was no big deal
48. my dads name is bob, his friends name was dan
49. my name is bob, my middle name is dan
50. i was giong to be named kevin, and my sistesr are kelly and katie
51. my friend russ just got pulled over and i heard about it on the scanner my mom has to listen to police conversatinons
52. i care for crackers and peanut butter
53. i like used book stores
54. i like live recordings
55. i realize the irony of the phrase 'live recording'
56.i have a lazy eye
57. i don't get much sleep sometimes
58. sometimes i just write and write and write and don't look at it for weeks and weeks and weeks and then when i do i hav no idea what i was talking about
59. i dont much care for dr. pepper but i'm drinking some righ tnow
60. i entered a poetry contest that was a scam
61. i act in plays
62. i am never bored because i am easily amused
63 i heard a car door outside and dont know who it was
64 i just learned it was my neighbor
65 this is getting fucking boring and i am sorry for that fact
66 i own a henry rollins cd and someone got another copy of it for christmas. maybe i should tell them, or maybe i should accept it and give the old copy to someone else
67. my dad just got home and will probbly kick me off the internet
68. me and my dad have become more tolerant of eachothers bullshit in the last few months since my back got stabbed
69. i wish george and john were still alive
70. i wish girls liked me better than just a friend
71. i think about suicide nearly every day
72. sometimes i just lie in bed and think about someones face and what it would be like to kiss them
73. i try to be nice to my dad by listening to his crazy ramblings even when im not interested
74. i dont play instruments and maybe if i did id be more tolerant when girls liked boys that did.
75. i hate girls
76. i love girls
77. i might get kicked off the internet riiiiiiiiiight ... now!
78. i don't usually read the same book twice.
79. i like buying/collecting used stephn king books
80. i used to imitate jim carrey constantly
81. i get frustrated when i can't remember what i was going to say
82. i sometimes think i have attention defacit disorder, and then i realize everyone does this.
83. i wish i had a girl to hold me and kiss me and be real sweet to me
84. i doubt i could make her as happy as she could make me
85. this xmas break i am gogin to try and see someone and see if their feelings are mutual to mine
86. last new years i didnt kiss anyone...i don't think.
87. i havent kissed anyone since last spring.
88. i have become less dependant on other people since i moved to college and started hanging out alone a lot.
89. i hve a dvd player
90. i wish i had a darkroom to develop pictures
91. penguins are cool
92. i am harry potter
93. its funny when my cats fight
94. i feel i should worry about the next five years of my life
95. i feel i am going to die of a heart attack before the age of twenty.
96. i don't have any life trheatening illnesses
97.i shot a man in reno just to watch him die
98. back in my early highschool days i started telilng people i shot a man in reno just to watch him die to get a reaction out of people
99. i think janet reno is sexy
100. i still think about everyone i ever loved some of the time.
ClairE 1. My name is Claire.
2. I'm on blather too much.
3. I laugh a lot.
4. I've met two blatherers in the flesh, and there were three of us in my room yesterday. (Is that one fact?)
5. I'm pretty.
6. I have big_breasts.
7. I wear glasses.
8. I like to quote Anne_Sexton.
9. Eh, I just like to quote.
10. I like to make lists.
11. I am crying right now.
12. In crunchy_vs_smooth, crunchy wins. However, I seem to be the only one who believes this.
13. I also seem to be the only one who has never wanted to be able to fly.
14. I believe deep down people are all right, as opposed to them sucking.
15. My friend Miriam just told me a funny joke, probably because she is concerned about me crying.
16. Jon just left to go home. I hope he doesn't get in an accident and die.
17. I am very much a girl.
18. I just had sex today.
19. I have a stomachache.
20. I love At_the_Drive_In.
21. I love Patti_Smith.
22. I love a lot of music.
23. I play the violin.
24. I usually kill my houseplants but I'm somehow managing to keep my jade plant alive.
25. I don't get along with my roommate.
26. I have said things out loud that I shouldn't say, and only to boys I love. Grr.
27. damn_i_guess_sometimes_i_talk_too_much
28. I LOVE my computer.
29. My eyes hurt.
30. I love Annie_Lennox.
31. All my CDs (six years' worth) are in the Metro_North lost_and_found in Grand_Central. I misplace things all the time.
32. I am pretty openminded about music.
33. I had pizza for dinner today.
34. I spent all day in bed.
35. I like boys.
36. I like girls, too, sometimes.
37. I'm in college.
38. I'm really mad at my family, especially my dad, but I'm good at keeping it tucked away.
39. I like to talk about myself.
40. I have a brother named Matt.
41. I was an accident.
42. My first friend was named Missy. She lived next_door and met me the day I was born.
43. I am given to hyperbole, but not when listing facts.
44. I admire honesty; possibly above all else.
45. I have no idea how to form the passing vii6, or anything, really, related to it.
46. I have to know by Thursday if I want to pass harmony.
47. I am anal about spelling and grammar.
48. I talk fast.
49. I walk fast.
50. I crack my knuckles in the same order every time (right pointer, left pointer, right thumb, left thumb).
51. The day I met my best friend's great love, he and she and I were all in Barnes_and_Noble, and I read Baby by Patricia MacLaughlin (sp?) and cried in the store.
52. I try to be a good friend.
53. I like to drive fast.
54. I failed my driver's test twice.
55. I am utterly scared of life.
56. I make myself try to "utterly" experience life. Because I don't want to.
57. Same applies to making small talk and being generally friendly and making friends.
58. I think that whatever one saw as their biggest flaw as a child, one becomes oriented toward the opposite as an adult. I used to be shy and now I am quite the opposite. My friend Anthony used to be very bossy and now he's a pushover.
59. I try to be easygoing because I really am intense.
60. I wish boys always let me kiss them when I tried. Although I'd probably curse them for it.
61. Sometimes the act of writing makes me sad. This is far, far worse than finding no consolation in other people.
62. If someone doesn't understand what I am trying to explain (about myself), I get REALLY upset. Even though it should be no big deal.
63. I've ridden a horse once. I think. And a pony at the Jersey_Shore.
64. My kindergarten teacher died of cancer recently.
65. I put other people ahead of schoolwork. Always.
66. I love kids.
67. I have never had a pet.
68. I started my period when I was eleven and a half.
69. My breasts started growing around then and didn't stop until I was about sixteen.
70. I've had sex with two people.
71. People like me for my honesty, but don't like to be around me because of it.
72. I love to go bowling. It's a great sport.
73. I also like to watch ice_skating on TV.
74. I try to avoid watching TV. But I can't stay away when there is a ST:TNG marathon on.
75. I love juice.
76. I love ironing.
77. I hate vacuumming.
78. When I say "s" or "c" out loud, it is near impossible for me to tell the difference. I have to write it down.
79. When I do long division or multiplication with large numbers, I write it out in a picture in my head and do all the carrying just like on paper. Sometimes I squint at the air and trace my finger in it. Carry the four...
80. My poems tend to end on a point. They just wrap up that way. I guess they're all narrative, really.
81. More than one person thinks I'm bi. I'm scared to claim that title. Somewhat like "feminist".
82. There are sixty_one people on my AIM buddy_list.
83. Recently I found out one of my friends doesn't want to be friends with me anymore. No explanation, she just stopped talking. When you tell people that others don't like you, it just ends up reflecting on yourself.
84. My last score on the Spark's purity_test was a 58%.
85. I have never been outside the country.
86. I love New_York.
87. I've flown on a plane twice.
88. I only remember one flight and my ears wouldn't pop.
89. I don't wear makeup.
90. Supposedly I am "comfortable to be around".
91. I like to quote myself.
92. I guess that's what all poetry is, eh?
93. I like to give credit where credit is due. I compliment people when they deserve praise, and I always hold the door.
94. Sometimes being a girl really scares me.
95. Sometimes being alive really scares me.
96. The idea of not being alive was once comprehensible enough to paralyze me.
97. The only thing I can think of that I wouldn't say out loud is something that I promised not to tell.
98. I think contentment is preferable to happiness.
99. I wish there were someone to whom I could tell everything.
100. I don't believe in God. (But god? Of course.)
she 1.) my name is Katie
2.) i work at home depot.
3.) i am a custom tint paint specialist and certified "floater".
4.) i am a music maker.
5.) i am a dreamer of dreams.
6.) i detest being alone.
7.) my best friend is a marine,if she still is my best friend.
8.) i get the hiccups when my stomach is empty.
9.) i drive too fast.
10.) i am a saggitarius.
11.) i am a water lover.
12.) i am tired of being hurt.
13.) i am tired of looking.
14.) i am tired of being tired.
15.) i am decidely female.
16.) i have a tatto.
17.) i will soon have two tattoos.
18.) i have very small feet.
19.) i have chubby hands.
20.) i am shy.
21.) i am an arizona native.
22.) i wish to travel.
23.) i have never personally seen snow.
24.) i have startling green eyes (on a good day).
25.) i wish for happiness.
26.) i wish for love.
27.) i read like crazy.
28.) i am nocturnal.
29.) i am ... odd.
30.) i am a dirty blonde.
31.) i was made in the 80's.
32.) i wish to bring flames to a man's heart.
33.) i wish to invent superglue for a broken heart.
34.) i yearn for a dream that never ends, and a love that never dies.
35.) i want to love myself.
36.) i am short.
37.) my hair smells like flowers.
38.) i am afraid of clowns.
39.) i collect hippos.
40.) i need unadulterated truth.
41.) i want to knock out a wall.
42.) i need to kill time.
43.) i want to dance naked around bonfires.
44.) i shattered the silence.
45.) i once was smart and now i'm quiet.
46.) i am a mystery.
47.) i need a friend.
48.) i do not have a fake id.
49.) i like brussel sprouts.
50.) i prefer my meat medium rare.
51.) i live fast and will die young.
52.) i am easily lost in crowds.
53.) i will not be found.
54.) i risk too much.
55.) i cry too little.
56.) i might die inside.
57.) i smile for appearences.
58.) i am the more loving one.
59.) i can go to hell.
60.) i have a cat named Marc.
61.) passion consumes me.
62.) life overwhelmes me.
63.) i've looked at life from both sides.
64.) i didn't like either.
65.) i will remember you.
66.) i don't want to fade.
67.) i am a supernova.
68.) i want to feel you breathe.
69.) i don't like mondays.
70.) i am sorry.
71.) i want to drown in a climax of thunder.
72.) i never thought you'd hurt me.
73.) i'm half alive but i feel mostly dead.
74.) good riddance by green day will be played at my funeral.
75.) i just want you to know who i am.
76.) i'll be hiding, waiting for you.
77.) i have insomnia.
78.) i need to be held.
79.) happy trails drive me crazy.
80.) i dread success.
81.) Minus solum, cum quam solus esset.
82.) i create myself.
83.) i do not fear death.
84.) i like libraries.
85.) i whisper.
86.) i make mistakes.
87.) i want to change the world.
88.) i hum.
89.) i'll take the road not taken.
90.) i do not fear the shadows.
91.) i believe.
92.) i do not believe in fate.
93.) i control me.
94.) i enjoy fire.
95.) i like blue.
96.) i am angry.
97.) i cling to that which keeps me sane.
98.) i love the beach.
99.) i listen to punk rock.
100.) i understand.
Jenna 1) I spend most of my leisure time on the Internet
2) I used to be a tv junkie but now rarely watch tv (since I don't have one at school)
3) I don't smoke
4) I drink on occassion
5) I hate wine, I like rum
6) I love to cook
7) I'm a very picky eater
8) I am obsessed with music
9) I call myself a Wiccan, but lately I've been essentially non-practicing.
10) I've never had a job, and even though I want money, I don't want to work.
11) I have little ambition or motivation
12) I go to University of Georgia
13) I LOVE concerts
14) It doesn't seem like there are any good movies coming out these days (cept maybe for Lord of the Rings which I am looking forward to)
15) I fish for compliments, even though I don't usually realize that's what I'm doing
16) I drink cherry coke, but not coke
17) My parents won a trip to Paris when I was 2 and took me with them, so the only time I've ever been out of the usa I can't even remember.
18) I have a dog. Her name is Ginger, and she is wicked smart. She's a goldie/lab/chow/other mutt. She's very loyal and protective too.
19) I was French Student of the Year my senior year of high school. I can't hardly remember any of my french now.
20) I love sleeping, because I have great dreams.
21) I love sleeping_naked, even though I don't get to much, seeing as how I've never lived alone.
22) I like book stores.
23) I like to make pretty things out of clay, and I've been told I'm rather good at it.
24) I love to write, even though I'm not particulary good at it.
25) My friends are the most important people in the world
26) I've been told I'm "wise" because I give good advice, nobody seems to mind my lack of life experience.
27) I have the habit of implying I have far more life experience than I actually do.
28) I've only ever kissed one person. I don't think I ever really liked him either, I just wanted to get it over with.
29) I'm a virgin. I want to get rid of that status as soon as the opportunity appears. I know I might/will regret it.
30) One should not have regrets, because it's experience that makes you who you are. (one of my many rules)
31) I fall in love easily with creative men who pay attention to me.
32) I get my heart broken constantly, because I fall in love with people who don't love me back.
33) I love to sing
34) I have massive, hands-shaking, butterflies-in-the-stomach stage fright.
35) That's one of the reasons I sit in the back and work stage lights. I work (but don't get paid, so its not a job) at my parent's venue, 106 West. (106west.com)
36) I am an insomniac
37) I have 20+ rolls of film I need to get developed
38) I am very shallow, I put way more emphasis on looks than I should even though most of my friends don't believe it.
39) I surround myself with beautiful people so I have nice things to look at
40) the majority of my friends are male
41) I love Gap commercials, but I've never shopped at the Gap.
42) I love buying people dinner, or treating them to a movie or whatever. It makes me feel good. If I won the lottery it would all get blown on buying things for friends.
43) I don't have a car (okay, a little of the lottery money would go toward a car)
44) I've wanted to quit school everyday since the first day the year, except for that one week I spent high. (That's high on *life* people.)
45) I do some drugs, but not just anything, and only among friends
46) It's not a good idea to ask me who my favorite bands are because that could take days
47) Same goes for movies
48) I miss my big sister everyday. She lives several states away and has for most of my life.
49) I am overprotective of my younger sister. My friends say I act like a "big brother" even though I am a girl.
50) In case you didn't figure it out yet, I am the middle girl of three. The older one is my half-sister from my dad's previous marriage. It doesn't make a difference how we treat her, just random facts for ya.
51) My parents are not divorced. That makes me the last of rare breed, as I understand it.
52) My parents fought a lot when I was kid, and I wished for them to get divorced. (thrownin', cussin', one or the other dissappearing for 24 hours)
53) Even though I can now keep my cool while talking to him, I still get slightly starstruck by Will_Hoge.
54) I hate Mondays, but I hate Sundays more. All Sunday is spent dreading Monday.
55) I built all the furniture in my room (not the room at school, but at home).
56) I love hugs.
57) I love people that hug like they mean it.
58) I love, love when someone gives you a hug without you asking for it.
59) I need someone to rub my shoulders right now.
60) I want to someone to make me feel special.
61) I've always wanted a surprise party but there's no way to ask for one.
62) I hate when people sing happy birthday to me. I really *hate* it.
63) I used to read a lot of books, then I started college. I'm usually so tired that in my free time I just lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. I'm never in the mood to read anymore.
64) Somehow I still find the motivation to blathe.
65) I don't let people borrow my CDs.
66) I always say that I won't loan him anymore money, then I do it anyway.
67) My 3 biggest fears: public speaking/performing; getting old; being fat for the rest of my life.
68) I have no fear of dying. I've almost died on purpose several times. I only stopped because I was afraid I would miss something.
69) When I was a kid I wanted to be a dancer. It was going well until we moved to new city, I got enrolled in a dance school with a teacher I didn't like, got discouraged and quit after 3 years. (Then I got fat.)
70) I still like to dance, but only by myself. I imagine it doesn't look as good as it feels.
71) I think about suicide at least once a week. That's scaled back from the everyday thoughts that happen during certain periods.
72) I own nine pairs of shoes, but I only really wear two of them: Teva sandles in the summer and leather Sketchers oxfords in winter.
73) I don't like it when women put men down. I love men, they're not "dogs" or "pigs". Some of them are evil, granted, but so are many women. We are even in that facet. Trust me.
74) I love the way men look, even when they are sweaty or dirty. I love the way they smell. I love the way they talk, they joke, the way they smile at you. I love men.
75) I am often lonely.
76) My best friends are JJ and Maggie. Ellis is getting there.
77) I get a buzz off of Will_Hoge, Jump_Little_Children, and Jennifer_Nettles_Band live shows.
78) I laugh way too much. Other people like it but it annoys the hell outta me.
79) I just saw "Not Another Teen Movie" and I realized most of the teen movies from the 80's are to close to my heart to be made fun off.
80) I think I love them so much because they usually involve the unpopular/uncool getting his/her biggest wish in the end.
81) I go by Jenna, Jen-Jen, Jen, Blue_eyes, and occasionally Buscuit, Hokey Pokey, or Tollerson.
82) Between my younger sister, my father, and myself, we could act out the movie Three_Amigos from memory.
83) I wish that I could write songs. Then I could justify trying to form a band.
84) I realize how much that contradicts the stage fright.
85) I want to study in Italy. But since I've been going to so many concerts lately I don't know if I can stop for a semester. Where are my priorities?
86) I often find rides with complete strangers to go to said concerts.
87) After hanging out in chat rooms for years I cut myself off a few years ago, so I would be forced to make friends in the real world. It worked splendidly. Yet now I've found a cooler, more sophisticated, interesting chat room. We have not have an a/s/l check, I have not been asked to cyber, and it doesn't interfere with me having real friends either. It makes me more creative, it actually gives back instead of needlessly draining away the precious hours of my youth. I love this place. (love_letter_to_blather?)
88) I've been in one serious car accident. I was 14. I was gone from school for more than a week. No one noticed. Not one person had missed me.
89) In middle school I played up this "Jenna is crazy" thing I had going on, and I used to have five imaginary friends, all named George, that had to sit with me at the lunch table. They weren't real to me, thank goodness.
90) I spent every lunch of my freshman year sitting at a table by myself, reading.
91) The first album I ever truly loved and connected with was Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club. My mother bought it for my for a birthday. Back then I still didn't have a CD player and just listened to that tape over and over again on my walkman.
92) I'm taking Italian next semester. I'm excited.
93) I miss my high school art class. I was with a great group of people.
94) I haven't been drinking enough water lately.
95) I have self_destructive tendencies.
96) I love attention. I live too much for others.
97) I like being alone. I am selfish.
98) Whenever I think of something really cool to write I never have anything to write with/on, and when I do the cool stuff halts itself.
99) If you ask me a question, I'll be terribly long-winded about my answer.
100) I'm even more boring than I orginally thought. Sorry to put you through that.
peyton 1. My name is Peyton.
2. I like to write, though only tragedies. I'd like to write happily, it's just the words won't come.
3. I have dreams about "The One." She's like a ghost in the mist, a phantom, a missing part of myself that I long for.
4. I wonder sometimes if the one exists on this world, or only in dreams.
5. I hate wearing turtlenecks.
6. My favorite animal is the phoenix. I carry the crest of it over the door to my room.
7. I'm a fan of anything musical.. I can listen to anything, depending on my mood.
8. My IQ is around 170. They told me to skip grades 1-3 in school, and enrolled me in some enrichment gifted program. My mom pulled me out and declined my gradeskip. "I don't want my boy in there with no nerds," said she.
9. I was recently engaged. I'm not now.
10. I still love her though.
11. I have a photographic memory for quotes and song lyrics. I can hear a song or poem once and nearly recall it in full.
12. I was hurt a lot by my parents growing up. And I'm still bitter.
13. I was hurt a lot by women when I grew up. And I'm still bitter.
14. I'm almost brave, but not quite.
15. I dress up in nice clothes and act stuck up, just so people won't approach me.
16. I don't let people inside because they hurt me if I do.
17. I used to act. I wish I still did. I took some acting classes and now I can make myself cry or sneeze or whatever you want. :)
18. I work too much.
19. I put too much value on appearances. If I see someone pretty they can own me, if they so desired. I can easily become enraptured by beauty.
20. I love ice cream.
21. I love snowboarding, and powdery snow.
22. I love mountains, and the beauty of their majesty.
23. I love rain, and thunderstorms.
24. I have a fantasy about making love in the rain. So far it hasn't happened yet.
25. I can hear the song "Kissing in the Rain" of the Great Expecations score, and burst into tears.
26. I can't watch Great Expecations without crying at some point.
27. I can also quote it nearly word for word.
28. I left home when I was 18. I've been back twice since then.
29. I have a baby sister, a stepbrother and a half-brother. One of those three I've never seen in my lifetime.
30. I love history.
31. My hero is Alexander the Great.
32. I do believe in God.
33. I've been touched by an angel. He put his arm around me, and saved my life when I was in a car accident. I remember his face to this day.
34. I've been in love three times in my life. Two ended in tragedy. The third is still pending.
35. I wish I could play the piano.
36. I wish I could speak Latin.
37. If I had my life again, I'd change it all.
38. I can put a song on repeat and listen to it for hours, if it defines me at that moment.
39. I'm from Alabama originally, and live about 15,000 miles from there now.
40. One day I want to visit Rome.
41. I can eat cases of yogurt at a time.
42. I love candles.
43. I love books and coffee. The inventor of Barnes & Noble is a genius.
44. I can walk into a place and smell the atmosphere of it, and know if I will like it there or not.
45. I have the gift of seeing feelings in people, and putting them into words that anyone can understand.
46. I can define love in 100 words.
47. I can't make the bed worth a damn.
48. I can listen to something sad, and be depressed the entire day.
49. I can type 100+ words a minute.
50. I can talk faster than I type, if I'm so inclined.
51. Sometimes I miss my home, but I never go back.
52. I have a few select special people in my life. They are all beautiful, and think I am a wonderful person. I usually disagree.
53. I am very trustworthy with secrets.
54. I'm a great listener.
55. I've been told I'm very attractive, but I don't see it when I wake up with myself. I usually throw on my clothes and mumble something about work before I can ask myself to call me.
56. I've never had a one-night stand.
57. I've turned down more sexual partners than I've accepted.
58. Sometimes the weight on my heart is so much I think I will split apart.
59. I burn with so much guilt for some of the things I've done in my life that it brings me physical pain.
60. It's taking everything I have not to quote song lyrics in these facts.
61. I've come up with original quotes and assigned famous people to them just so people will appreciate their value.
62. I hate my job.
63. If I love someone, I will spend my last dime or spend hours in the snow if they ask me to.
64. I've been told I'm intense. Most people don't like intensity.
65. A psychic once told me that I was destined to become "one with greatness." He said that thousands would know my name before I died.
66. I am drawn to people with a tragic past.
67. My favorite novel is Les Miserables by Hugo.
68. I love steak, and all kinds of red meat.
69. I had a subscription to receive every ST:TNG episode on videotape. I had to stop it because I didn't have enough money to get them all.
70. I have more computer games than I do music CD's.
71. I have over 1000 Mp3's.
72. I still love my fiancee, though not in the way she wants.
73. Sometimes I bring people emotional pain, and I don't mean to.
74. People tell me I'm too honest, and they run from me.
75. Most people don't know how to deal with the real me, so I put on a show so I will be accepted.
76. I'm always punctual.
77. I will always defend something I believe in.
78. I love intelligent conversations.
79. I'm an avid snowboarder.
80. I'm thinking about starting smoking again.
81. I have the heart of a romantic.
82. I can be very cruel with my words, if I'm provoked.
83. I've won a national competition.
84. I've had groupies.
85. People laugh at me when I tell them about the nobility of the cow.
86. I love inside jokes.
87. I've quit Blather four times to date.
88. I've met someone I met online.
89. I believe in destiny.
90. My dream is to be in radio.
91. I've been cheated on over a dozen times, by at least as many women.
92. I've only cheated twice in my life, both included only a kiss.
93. I crave encouragement for my creations.
94. My confidence in myself spikes to mountains that break the clouds, and sinks to marshes made impassable by snow, depending on how people react to me.
95. I am a mass of contradictions.
96. My life is an open book, to anyone who cares to open its pages.
97. I have a "Black & White" personality.
98. I've spent up to 17 hours on the phone.
99. I've spent up to 37 hours asleep.
100. I have a well of emotions that is incapable of measure, but very few outlets to apply it.
101. And I always try to one up others. :)
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge 1. nov. 19th scorpio
100. secretive

2-99 [challenge: examine ones self]
not her 1. i will never be able to finish this list
2. i like a boy i nicknamed jesus
3. i have a pet parrot who likes eating chicken.
4. i like sifl and olly
5. i want one of those gloworm stuffed animals
6. i end up as the butt of many jokes, and I never see it coming.
7. i am pissed off right now
8. I am getting an A in dance class, but i am the worst dancer.
9. i am a sophmore in highschool
10. i hear my mom and her boyfriend fighting about me.
11. i dont care enough to continue.
pralines&cream 1. I have a name other than pralines&cream (it may be here somewhere)
2. I've found the man i'm going to marry
3. I'm sensitive
4. I want to read the bell jar because i heard it's about a sensitive girl ... i want to see if she's like me
5. I at dirty jokes
6. I don't like disappointing people
7. A look of disapproval from someone i respect makes me feel like the worst kind of shit in the world
8. From someone i don't respect ... it just hurts my feelings
9. I'm in love with many people (not just in the romantic sense)
10. I'm wearing a turtle-neck right now
11. I once cried myself to sleep thinking about everlasting life, it's probably the scariest concept i've ever really thought about
12. I'm a capricorn
13. My birthday is January 7
14. I love my boyfriend
15. I flirt with another guy everyday
16. I guess i'm an idealist
17. Shopping is God's gift to women
18. Abe is His gift to only me
19. The guy i flirt with is not a gift, just a toy that i'll get bored with
20. I'm an editor on my school newspaper
21. I ran for homecoming princess
22. I lost
23. My hair is soft today
24. I'm beautiful in an exotic kind of way
25. I'm a virgin
26. I will only have sex with one person
27. I know who that person is (as you probably do), and i know when we will first make love
28. I love sex
29. I crave sex!
30. Sex is a wonderful, perfect thing
31. I am very passionate
32. I'm not the ideal beauty ... if i were, more girls would hate me.
33. I love people who love me.
34. I ate a snail when I was a little girl
35. I have dark brown hair and light brown eyes.
36. I'm 5'8" ... i'm sexy
37. I lost 2 pounds and i don't know how! cool :)
38. I'm talking to bloodjetpoetry on AIM
39. My AIM sn is aphrodite7717
40. I talked to someone from blather on AIM for the first time 3 days ago.
41. A few months ago, a guy fell in love with me, and i broke up with my boyfriend to be with him.
42. I realized I'd rather be with my boyfriend, and he actually took me back.
43. My boyfriend's arms are safe and comforting.
44. My favorite color is red
45. I could never have a one-night stand.
46. All relationships should begin with the end goal being marriage.
47. I went to a potluck/movie-watching party at my friend's house the other night ... there were about 13 people there, and i had a blast
48. I play soccer
49. I've always wanted a puppy, but we can't get one because my sister has asthma.
50. I am 16 years old
51. I wear a promise ring
52. I read my boyfriend's Maxim magazines
53. I really like them
54. I can't stand when people i like are mad at me ... it hurts
55. I won't finish this list
56. I am tan
57. I am envious of people
58. People are envious of me
59. I love cookie dough ice cream
60. I want to eat some right now!
61. I have 20/70 vision (i wear contacts)
62. I'm spoiled, but i'm not always a brat
63. My boyfriend would die for me
64. I don't particularly like licorice
65. I am ADDICTED to cheez-its
66. I love Nuts & Chews chocolates from See's
67. I need some white shoes
68. I'm doing my Christmas shopping tomorrow
69. I have two parents with whom i constantly fight, and one sister, whose fault it is that i can't have a puppy.
70. I was a very literate child
71. I got a C in AP U.S. history
72. I like AP Economics
73. Hot chocolate is a wonderful invention ... and maybe even a perfect one when made with milk on cold days
74. I wear only panties to bed
75. Unless I'm unbearably cold, in which case i wear my pajamas
76. When i was in 2nd grade, if i woke up in the middle of the night and there was the slightest wrinkle in my bed, i'd remake the whole thing
77. I like it to all be about me
78. I want to go to Pepperdine
79. I want to work at Barnes & Noble
80. I will finish this list.
81. People are inherently selfish
82. People can train themselves to put others first
83. If i have extra time, i will use it to help someone ... if i have extra money, i will give it to someone who needs it.
84. If i have only one hair tie, I will keep it for myself.
85. I am photogenic
86. I am a knuckle-cracker, neck-cracker, and back-cracker
87. Sensuality is wonderful
88. Women are beautiful
89. Men are beautiful too
90. I want to go to Venice
91. I want to make at least six figures when I grow up
92. I have strong bonds to a few people
93. I cried in The Iron Giant
94. It is healthy for people to have a knowledge of how to pleasure themselves.
95. I know how
96. People say I'm bubbly, fun, and energetic ... I think they're right
97. I love watching Blind Date and Who's Line is it Anyway
98. Brad Pitt is hot ... it's not just a fad.
99. The guy i flirt with looks like Leonardo DiCaprio
100. I will always be in love with my boyfriend.
i have begun my 100 facts in draft, but it reads more like a confessional.

i don't think that i can post it...
Avalanched 1. i dont know where to start
2. i get weird feelings in my chest all the time like my heart is about to explode or that its just not there even though i know its not.
3. i know by now, if youv read all of these lists your eyes probably hurt cuz mine really do.
4. im 15, i turned it in november.
5. im taking drivers ed now and have almost died in it only once on accont of my best friend in the drivers seat.
6. i think the worst way to die would be by drowning.
7. im kinda dyslexic so i cant spell worth shit if you havent noticed by now.
8. im wearing a blue shirt.
9. i just got back from church, it was the only time iv been in the past two years.
10. its christmas eve and i am supposed to be in california but im stuck in maine.
11. i wanna play guitar but i know i probably can't
12. im left handed
13. iv had 6 boyfriends, all of them were ass holes accept one.
14. im pretty but i seem to atract almost no guys.
15. i wish i were a better person and i know how i can be but its kinda hard to become them.
16. i know the perfect person, i met them a few months ago, im jelious, and amazed.
17. iv found that everyone contredicts themselves in some way.
18. iv also found that everyone hide something.
19. i dont think that anyone is truely trustworthy.
20. i wish i had a boyfriend to make out with
21. i keep listening to the same songs because i cant open my otehr song program.
23. i dont know why i gotmyself into this anymore, self exploration i guess.
24. my favorate color blue, but i really like to color of blood, i think its really pretty.
25. i used to write poetry but i dont anymore, sept for one i did a few days ago because i was inspired to do so by my new perfect friend.
26. i think that all of man kind is ignorant in the fact that we think death is a bad thing but we really dont know if its good or bad it could be the greatest of all goods
27. i play alot of sports
28. i really wish i hadthe outline of a 6-pack, they are my biggest turn on
29. i think that hugs are the greatest things in the world, they are very unaperciated.
30. the lion king is my favorite movie, i wanna be like simba.
31. i want to be a photographer/guitar player when i grow up.
32. my moms a phyciatrist, to bad iv desided tha ti hate all phyciatrist and that they ruin just screw up your lives more and more than they already are.
33. i cant seem to remember my dreams at much anymore.
34. i have my first nightmear in the past 3 years about a week ago.
35. i have a lot of scars from alot of diffent things.
36. someone told be one of their depest secters the second day they had ever talked to me, i still havent told.
37. i really like stars and snowflakes.
38. i hate it when ever i wear something with a rainbow on it people call me gay, no offence to gay people(i reall wish i had a guy friend) but why did they get rainbows as their symbols, i really like them.
39. for the first time in a long time i care about my future.
40. i like to say mmmmmmmmmmm when im on IM talking to people, i sigh more on that than in real life.
41. im tainted, i hate it (good song)
42. i have alot of rolemodels, i just wish i was someones.
43. sometimes i get really sad for no reason at all and i dont like that.
44. when im like that i crave physical attention, not like im horny, just i wish someone would show up and just hold me and hug me and tell me that they loved me, which will never happen.
45. im a daddy's girl in the way that my moms always phyco analizing me and thats no fun cuz im so screwed up ad i dont want her to know that.
46. iv changed alot in the past few weeks.
47. i went to the y yesterday and i think pulled a butt muscle.
47. i wish i could read outload, i was babysitting some little kids and i was reading a bed time story to them and they could read it better outload than i could. they were 5 and 3, kinda depressed me.
48. i have high and low expectations
49. i think that trust although i dont think anyone is 100% trustworthy is the best quality in a person, above hummor.
50. im half way done.
51. i love to laugh, and i do it at really stupid things, then people think im dumb, but it just feels good.
52. i hate crying
53. i have a christmas card on top of my computer that has a duck on it, its kinda weird.
54. i wish i had a bigger vocabulary so i could sound as smart as i really am.
55. alot goes on inside my hear that no one knows about.
56. iv been living in some other plannet for my hole life and i just recently got dorped of at earth, realizing what was actualy going on.
57. i really really like icecream, cereal and bread i could live on them (ben and jerrys halfbaked, oh man).
58. i wish i looked beautiful all the time, i only know one person that does.
59. i get easily pulled into think iv promied myself i wouldnt do becauve i know they arnt emotionaly good for me.
60. i made cookies for about 3 hours today.
61. i resently went into linens and things with my friend and found a candle that when we sniffed it made us really dizzy.
62. i used to want to do drugs but have now desided that they are pretty bad and i dont really want to fuck up my life life that, same thing with alcohol
63. last night i got a bloody nose and i just let it drip into my hand and then let it run down my wrist, it felt really good.
64. i just realized how fucked up i am.
65. its 10:15 right now
66. i wish i could fix everyones problems
67. i really like dawsons creek evne though its kinda corny some times,
68. even though sometimes i dont think it i beleive that everything eventualy works itself out.
69. i think is a funny number
70. i dont beleive that everything is all part of some "great plan"
71. im laughing, it feels good
72. i wish i had a license and a car.
73. i wish people emailed me more.
74. i really dislike macy gray i think her vioce sounds like she had nasel congestion.
75. i think cape cod is really pretty.
76. i wish i could surf and that i lived in california even though iv never been there or ever touched a surf board before.
77. i used to be really scared of throwing up.
78. i think santa should be real.
79. i regret something i just did.
80. i regret alot of things. eh.
81. i think some of the things you regret most at the time you do them end up for the better in the end.
82. i think james van der beek is posably the hottest guy on the planet.
83. i want to be like joey on dawsons creek.
84. i wanted to be a pyliantolegist when i was younger, i dont know why.
85. iv never been on a roller coaster in my entire life.
86. this morning i got up and ate to bowl of total, im trying to be healthy.
87. iv lost 10 pounds in the last about 4 weeks, my moms noticed and she says its not good, but i prettend that im not trying to and that i really havent been, its just the clothes im wearing.
88. i try to see things from all points of view.
88. the last movie i watched was crazy/beautiful. i wish i had a friend like the friend in the movie.
89. i really like people that smile alot, im tryin got be one of those people but it kinda makes my face hurt.
90. i know one of those people that just kind of glows.
91. i hope that someone needs me.
92. i wish that someone thought about me before they went to bed at night.
93. sometimes i have a really hard time falling asleep.
94. i always have a hard time getting up monday-friday
95. im original most of the time and when i copy people i wish they would take it as a complement instead of getting pissed off or something.
96. i wonder if anyone is thinking about me right now.
97. i want to be able to eat icecream forever and never get sick or fat from it.
98. i once get bitten by a hampster and accedentaly threw it across the room into the wall
99. i like to see guys cry.
10. i hope i have an effect on someones life.
living dead girl 1. My name is Jennifer
2. People usually call me LDG
3. I have really pale skin and black hair
4. I enjoy wearing all black
5. I listen to hardcore rock music
6. I play the violin
7. I also listen to classical music
8. I am a very deep person
9. I get depressed really easily, and I love to swallow myself within it.
10. I have a boyfriend that I adore.
11. He pissed me off today.
12. I frequently use the word cow.
13. I just figured out what blather was a couple weeks ago.
14. Acid Bath is my favorite band.
15. My friends are mostly all guys that wear make-up.
16. People love stereotyping me and I really hate it.
17. I have a black cat named Marilyn.
18. I don't label myself. I am me.
19. Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink.
20. I tend to smoke more cigarettes when I claim I'm quitting.
21. I like to drink alcohol, but I don't enjoy getting shit-face drunk.
22. I have 3 brothers.
23. One just got out of prison and is an asshole, another is really fat and he's an idiot married to a crackhead, and the last is the koolest 40 yr old pothead I know.
24. I'm 16 years old.
25. My feet are numb right now from sitting one way for such a long time.
26. I think I am the most uninteresting person I know.
27. I don't have any self-asteem or confidence at all.
28. My boyfriend says I'm beautiful, but I think I am as ugly as dog shit.
29. I always want to get to know people who write things on blather, but I don't know how to find out anyone's email address.
30. I doubt anyone will read this anyways.
31. I can't believe I sat down and read everyone elses.
32. Everyone sounds really interesting.
33. I think I am the newest person to start writing on blather.
34. Right now it is 5:35 in Kilgore Texas.
35. I love to write poetry, but it always ends up being about dieing, killing, being dead, or many forms and types of suicide.
36. My friends tell me I have problems.
37. I'm the only one of my friends that hasn't been to a mental institution.
38. Sometimes when I get really depressed I like to cut myself.
39. Here lately I haven't cut myself because it doesn't hurt anymore... my body is numb to the touch of a razor blade.
40. I believe in God sometimes... but other times I have my doubts.
41. I love nature.
42. I am obsessed with moons and suns and stars.
43. I live in a fantasy world as much as I can so I don't have to face everyday things in reality.
44. I can make anyone smile.
45. Everyone always says they trust me and they don't know why.
46. Everytime I talk to someone online (guys) they become obsessed with me.
47. I don't see why anyone would like me.
48. This is taking longer than I really thought it would.
49. My eyes are brown, but when I cry, they turn bright green.
50. My eyes are green right now.
51. I am listening to Agents of Oblivion right now.
52. I feel sort of depressed right now also.
53. My boyfriend is my bestfriend
54. I love Silverchair.
55. I hate being my age because I'm much more mature than the people I have grown up in school with.
56. I tend to bitch a lot and not do anything about my problems.
57. I am the worst procrastinator you will ever meet.
58. I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet unless I have taken some Coriciden... then I am very happy and hyper and giggly (scary).
59. My favorite number is 8.
60. When I become old and rinkly, I'm going to shoot myself in the head.
61. I love guys that have long hair and are really skinny.
62. Whenever I'm high, I go really deep into thought.
63. I have aol.
64. My screen name is XIamtheAntiX.
65. I don't even know why I am doing this because I know no one is going to read it.
66. So far this has taken me 2 hours to do because I have been distracted a lot.
67. I have a problem with posers.
68. Vivaldi is my favorite composer.
69. Wow, what a great number.
70. Great is my favorite word.
71. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months.
72. I plan to go to SFA whenever I graduate from highschool.
73. I'm going to major in music and become an orchestra teacher.
74. I play my violin at weddings and earn money for it.
75. I almost got into Wicca one time and then my house burnt down and I said "fuck religion".
76. Red and black are my favorite colors.
77. Whenever I have children, if I have a boy I'm going to name him Kristoph, and if I have a girl, I'm going to name her Raven.
78. I'm not a very safe driver.
79. I like to drive fast and I can't park very well.
80. I've only been fishing a couple times.
81. I ran over a kitten the other day.
82. I once killed a dog just because I felt like it.
83. I am so tired of this.
84. My fingernails are always black.
85. My toenails are always black too.
86. I dyed my hair black so it would always match everything that I wore.
87. I can't believe I said that.
88. I like this number because it's my favorite number doubled.
89. Whenever I was 3 months old, I had a dog named Ozzy.
90. I have lived in Kilgore Texas for 12 years.
91. As soon as I turn 18, I'm moving as far away from here as I can go.
92. I have a habit of cursing.
93. I have a ring that has a moon and stars on it. It's beautiful.
94. I like to sleep naked sometimes.
95. I started drinking coffee today for the first time.
96. I've never flown in an airplane.
97. I've been drinking since I was in the 6th grade and my mom hasn't ever found out.
98. I started smoking weed in the 5th grade and my mom hasn't ever found out.
99. It is now almost 9:00.
100. I love people, but I hate myself.
oren wellheregoesnothingormaybesomethingbutanywayheregoes

001. I'm 5'8"
002. I have a hairy chest.
003. I sing everyday.
004. I smile a lot.
005. I don't like the taste of celery
or raw onions or black licorice or
parmesan cheese.
006. I like the taste of cheesecake
and pizza and Skyline chili and
chocolate cake.
007. I love big_breasts.
008. I am attracted to redheaded women.
009. There's a plastic shark hanging
onto my keyboard lamp.
010. I've written over 100 songs.
011. I've sang in front of 15,000
people at one time.
012. I lost my virginity in 1977 at age
seventeen. Her name was Veronica.
013. I wear reading glasses.
014. I have a secret source of extra
income. (ClairE, shhhh!)
015. I am a published writer.
016. My favorite sexual position is the
classic 69.
017. I want to live on the island of
Key West.
018. I have a BFA degree in painting.
019. I am a birdwatcher.
020. I too can recite all 50 US states,
but it takes me 30 seconds.
021. I had an original sequence puzzle
published by Games magazine. (Got
a whopping 15 bucks for it!)
022. I read murder mystery and forensic
science novels.
023. I am a Stephanie_Plum fan.
024. I'm happily married.
025. I have two cats, Ruby and Jasmine.
026. I have a big nipple fetish.
027. I used to manage fast-food
028. I recently had surgery on my neck
to have some broken pieces of disc
029. I used to collect beer cans.
030. I've never liked the taste of beer.
031. I drive a black Corolla and a red
032. I've touched a Van Gogh painting.
033. I run an online creative writing
034. I've never been on a passenger
035. I've been in several car wrecks.
036. I have a heart pacemaker.
037. I'm 41.
038. My hair is brown.
039. My eyes are blue with a touch of
040. I go Christmas caroling every year.
041. I used to collect baseball cards.
042. I've had three flight dreams.
043. During college, I masturbated about
three times a day.
044. I helped an 18-year-old girl
lose her virginity when I was 20.
045. I used to be a CB radio fanatic.
046. The first rock album I ever bought
was Deep Purple's Machinehead.
047. My favorite TV show is The Daily
048. I was a part of two panty raids
during college.
049. I wear a size 10 sneaker.
050. 7"
051. I saw a Belted Kingfisher in my
backyard this morning. They're not
supposed to be here this time of
052. I won my dormitory's backgammon
tournament two years in a row
during college.
053. I play guitar and piano.
054. I used to model for art students.
055. I was a radio station board
operator once.
056. I have two sons.
057. I used to deliver pizza for
058. I used to construct crossword
puzzles and send them to my aunt.
059. I am a middle child.
060. I used to camp out with my best
friend when I was about 13, and
get rip-roaring drunk off of
Boones Farm wine.
061. I thought I saw an alien spacecraft
062. I want a new job.
063. I love milkshakes.
064. I love see-through blouses.
065. Only a few have ever beat me in a
game of Othello.
066. I used to be a damn good table
tennis player.
067. I've visited someone in a prison.
068. I can balance things on my nose.
069. I subscribe to Penthouse magazine.
070. My favorite band is ELO.
071. I won the thespian Best Dancer
award two years in high school.
072. I've had sex with a girl in a
public restroom.
073. I wear Old Spice deoderant.
074. I grab my wife's breasts every
chance I get.
075. I make coffee for my wife every
076. My wife and I shower together.
077. I met my wife online.
078. I got married barefoot on the beach
in Key West.
079. I love a good riesling.
080. I'm a happy drunk.
081. I'm a horny drunk.
082. I like antique malls and flea
083. I love to help build and work in
haunted houses during Halloween.
084. I once ran 12 miles without
085. I was alergic to breast milk.
086. I usually wear jeans.
087. I like women who know how to talk
088. I think lace is sexy.
089. The fastest I've ever driven a car
is 110 mph.
090. I'm of Greek heritage.
091. I have two sisters and a half
092. I am lactose intolerant.
093. I have to shave twice a day.
094. My wife uses oral sex to get me to
do things for her.
095. I don't like the taste of carroway
096. My wife says I'm very agreeable.
097. I've been singing barbershop style
music for 25 years.
098. I have double scoliosis.
099. My name is Jon.
100. I live in Kentucky.
lady lunchbox 1. i am a virgo
2. i love the b-52's
3. toes are ugly
4. i have acne, and it makes me feel ugly
5. i once dated three guys at the same time
6. i sell firewors during the summer
7. i drive way too fast
8. sometimes i drive home drunk
9. my cat is named klemmie
10. right now i want to cry
11. it's 2:06 am...i'm tired
12. i wear size 3 jeans
13. i am obsessive-compulsive
14. i'm going to go clean my bathroom
15. i am a closet blatherer
16. i want to meet someone who blathers here
17. my boyfriend won't tell me he loves me, and it makes me feel unlovable
18. i always have an away message up on aol
19. i drank some vodka last nite
20. i'm tired of writing this list already
21. i work out to aerobics tapes from 1983
22. i even wear the legwarmers sometimes
23. i am double-jointed
24. when i'm sick, i fart in my sleep (so i've been told)
25. i'm too nice to people
26. i hurt people, too
27. i saw someone i shouldn't have seen last nite
28. i liked it
29. i have a thing for david duchovny
30. i have had sex with 2 guys
31. but i've given lots of head
32. i bite my fingernails
33. i listen to my music way too loud
34. i pretend to like certain things to please certain people
35. i have a big mouth
36. i'm sitting indian style
37. my right leg is asleep
38. i have an arthritic back
39. i'm 19
40. i know no one will read my list
41. i miss lorenzo
42. i want to write him another e-mail, but i won't
43. i'm afraid of the dark
44. i hate summer
45. i hate winter
46. but i'd rather be cold than hot
47. i love the smell of gasoline
48. i hate pumping my own gas
49. i used to do drugs
50. i don't need drugs anymore
51. but i really want to do some drugs
52. i want a kid
53. i know now isn't the time for that
54. i love little kids, and they love me
55. i can't even keep my goldfish alive
56. i don't eat enough veggies
57. i eat alot of greasy food
58. my boyfriend picks on my cuz i can go for days at a time eating nothing but french fries
59. i'm afraid to drive in big cities
60. i gave back three of my christmas presents so my brother could get more stuff that he didn't get
61. i'm still too nice to people
62. my eyes are blue
63. sometimes they look green
64. sometimes they look grey
65. my eyes are dry from looking at this damn computer screen
66. i pick my nose in front of my friends
67. i pick my nose in the car when my boyfriend is driving, cuz he can't see out of his right eye
68. i worry that someday he won't be able to see out of his left eye
69. i think too much about the future
70. i'm a dreamer
71. i want to get married in september
72. i want an outside wedding
73. i want to quit college and work at the mall
74. i sing all the time
75. i'm slightly dyslexic
76. i love to have my back tickled
77. i'm kinda sad that this list is almost over
78. i have to get up in 5 hours
79. i keep having bad dreams
80. i'm going to spoil my friend's baby when she's born
81. i should've had a baby of my own to spoil
82. i made some bad decisions
83. i'm a very strong person
84. i will always cry when may 8th rolls around
85. december will always make me sad
86. i'm a jealous girlfriend
87. but i control it well
88. i do 100 situps almost every day
89. i hated the fact that my ex was so damn skinny
90. i was in chorus and band
91. i'm a geek and i love it
92. i collect smurfs and care bears
93. i sleep on my stomach
94. i don't sleep well without renzo
95. i detest salt
96. i used to lick the salt off the insides of popcorn bags
97. i want more than anything in the world to be loved
98. i have the worst feeling that i'm going to be hurt
99. i don't know if i should let him read this list or not
100. i'm going to go to bed now
101. i don't like following the rules
I am so far away 1. I play the guitar.
2. I used to smoke.
3. I drink sometimes, but only champagne.
4. I wake up at 7.30AM.
5. I seldom get tired.
6. I feel old.
7. I look old.
8. I am old.
9. I sing.
10. I cry a lot when no one's watching.
11. I'm fear abandonment.
12. I fake happiness.
13. I have bright blue eyes.
14. I say that I don't hold grudges, but reality has shown otherwise.
15. I love castles.
16. I love mystery.
17. I love you.
18. I love his voice; I pretend I don't.
19. I love the way things used to be.
20. I am not satisfied with my life, though I say I am.
21. I live in a far away land.
22. I do laundry a lot.
23. I go for long walks across meadows that few people have been to.
24. I wish I could be his friend again.
25. I wish I wasn't growing so old.
26. I wish my life weren't so cold.
27. I wonder if I'll ever run into him......in the supermarket.
28. I remember his fondness for oranges.
29. I used to eat oranges a lot.
30. I only eat apples these days.
31. I am not 'normal.'
32. I do not wish to be normal.
33. I am growing tired of the bullshit.
34. I am ending this list prematurely.
35. I wish to know if you wish to know me.
kerry 1. my name is Kerry
2. i live in Georgia
3. i live in one of those ugly brick ranch houses that were all the rage in 1940-1950... it's a curse.
4. my room is my fortress.
5. i am a pisces and very proud of it.
6. i am constantly trying to learn things about myself because i do not really feel like i have found myself yet.
7. i play guitar but i don't know if i am good at it because i never let anyone hear me play.
8. my guitar is white because i was hoping to cover it with stickers but now i am wishing i had decided to get blue or seafoam green.
9. i have been out of the country- Canada. Toronto, to be exact.
10. my dad is a real road-trip person. when i was in middle school, we drove from georgia to washington state and back, and utah and back, and Toronto and back, among other places but those are the farthest.
11. i have never been to california but i am dying to.
12. when i turn 17 i want to run away to california and live with my cousin for a week. i have never met him but i've heard he's nice.
13. i have a younger brother. his name is Peter. we don't get along much. i still love him, though.
14. i am allergic to cats.
15. i am an insomniac.
16. i used to be a hypochondriac.
17. people think i am shy.
18. lately i have not been very social. i am much more content to stay at home and write.
19. my best friends are Jackie, Nathalie, and... that's it. Other people just don't compare. But i think Johanna and Hollis are getting close.
20. i want to be in a band. i would write the lyrics. i can't sing to save my life.
21. i have heard i am pretty.
22. i have green eyes that are almost hazel and always look very sad, a nose that i consider on the big side but everyone assures me it's not, strawberry blond hair, and a cleft-chin. hehe.
23. i weigh 115 pounds. i am 5'3". i am short for my age.
24. music consumes me and my life. i cannot live without it. i am obsessed.
25. i want so badly to be a writer or an independent film-maker.
26. i have already written some novels. the first are horrible. i submitted a recent one to an english teacher at my school and she bragged about my writing abilities to one of her classes. it was flattering.
27. i like hearing people say good things about me but i feel uncomfortable talking about myself.
28. i think i am modest.
29. i am not as enthusiastic about many things as i used to be when i was little. ie holidays, family stuff, etc
30. i crave sleep.
31. food disgusts me. i am not anorexic but i just don't like food. i would like to be a plant and photosynthesize.
32. i became a vegetarian 3 months ago. i still eat seafood. my parents insist it's just a phase.
33. my mother says all teenagers are looking for true love. i am.
34. my first best friend was a boy named Turner who i still know. now i think about him all the time because he has just recently become extremely attractive.
35. i don't like snow or cold things.
36. i want a tattoo.
37. i just recently quit playing violin.
38. before that, i was playing flute. i hated that too.
39. school is boring but i don't mind it so much because the people are much cooler than they used to be.
40. i don't know if i am popular or not. i think i might be, sort of.
41. i'm not a prep or in that clique that people refer to as "the popular kids." my definition of popular is the real one, meaning well liked. i think i am well liked.
42. i am obsessed with weezer and everyone knows it.
43. other favorite bands are the get up kids, promise ring, and green day.
44. i want an emo boy to go out with.
45. my first kiss was in eighth grade. i was 13. it was not a "real" kiss... just a peck, but i consider it my first kiss because i was excited about it and i liked the person who it was with.
46. my first real kiss was exactly a year later (to the week, quite possibly), in ninth grade, with the same person. i hate him now but we made out in the hallway before class was over. i liked it a lot. i am addicted now.
47. of course, i am a virgin, and i look forward to having sex but don't think it will happen within the year... i don't necessarily want it to, now. i'm fine.
48. i can't dance worth shit.
49. i don't wear glasses.
50. i have never been stung by a bee or a hornet or wasp or anything.
51. my life is utterly boring.
52. my parents are still married.
53. i used to fight a lot with both of my parents. they were considering a divorce because i was making them so unhappy.
54. i want a boyfriend.
55. i love getting emails. i always write back.
56. potatoes are delicious. i eat them all the time.
57. i do 150 crunches every morning before school.
58. tv bores me now. there's nothing on.
59. i like shopping in funky places in little five points and buying old vintage jeans, funny maryjanes, and interesting tshirts.
60. i want to get my fortune told.
61. argumentative people bother me a lot.
62. cockiness is a complete turnoff for me.
63. i know i will think of more facts when i am done with this and then i will be pissed.
64. smart-alecks bother me.
65. i am sometimes too sensitive.
66. i have guy friends but i want more of them.
67. i have never been off of this continent.
68. when i was ten my mother and i flew to canada and we forgot birth certificates and they threatened to detain me if we couldn't prove we were related. our ears were the same so the man sympathized and let us through.
69. i can be very unfriendly if i am not in the mood to talk to people.
70. i love to read but i can't find any good books usually. right now i am reading "white oleander."
71. i play soccer but i hate it. i don't feel like i'm good at it and my mother is forcing me to do it to stay in shape.
72. i would like to do yoga.
73. i would like to be good at running and like it.
74. being short is okay now but will suck in college because people will think i am someone's little sister.
75. i would like to be able to play bass guitar so i can get into a band easier.
76. slugs creep me out and give me the chills.
77. ever since someone's older brother chased me around their house with a switchblade when i was about 10, i have been utterly terrified of knives.
78. i often feel vulnerable and frustrated and belittled.
79. i like to shop for myself.
80. i have bought over 50 cds in the past year.
81. death is intriguing to me. it interests me, maybe a little too much.
82. i write poems and things in a notebook and am such a pushover that i let anyone read them.
83. i have a great talent for accidentally losing jackets. one was "stolen" last week... it was expensive, which sucked.
84. boys confuse me terribly. i can never tell what they think of me or if i'm getting somewhere. i am clueless.
85. i often drift off and don't hear when people are speaking to me. they get frustrated a lot.
86. i also am often stuck in a dreamland. when i snap out of it, i can't tell what is real and what is not. my imagination is so much better than real life.
87. i think geeks are extremely sexy.
88. i took the purity test and if i remember correctly, i am about 74% pure... that is probably because i have never had sex.
89. i love indie films with good soundtracks.
90. i used to talk on the phone a lot but now i am mostly always on the internet.
91. my bra size is 34 B.
92. when i first had my period, i was 12, in 7th grade. it was before school in the morning. i was so mad, i really didn't want it, and i cried and cried. my mother let me stay home.
93. my friend Nathalie is from Australia and i would really like to go there.
94. i wish i was more outgoing.
95. i wish i was good at flirting.
96. i tend to be impatient... things must move fast for me to be happy.
97. photographs are beautiful to me. i love looking at them.
98. people trust me because i give good advice and i keep secrets.
99. i feel very inexperienced compared to a lot of you blatherers. but i still continue to blathe.
100. sorry if i bored you. that is me.

that makes me feel a little better.
Toxic_Kisses I don't expect anyone to read this I simply did it bc I was bored and had nothing better to do.
1.) I like to listen to Phantom Of the Opera, Jesus Christ Super Star, My Fair Lady and the such whenever Iím cleaning.
2.) I like Apple Butter jelly on my toast
3.) Iíve worn my 6 silver bangle bracelets on my right wrist since I was in 7th grade
4.) Iím a night person by nature
5.) When I was in school and had a hard time deciding something Iíd ask a complete stranger to answer Yes or No
6.) I like the smell of apple cinnamon
7.) I have a tattoo on my right above my right ankle and Iím going to get another one just below my belly button of a multi colored butterfly
8.) Whenever my nails are painted I always end up chipping it off.
9.) I find Marilyn Mansons hands ultra sexy
10.) I canít stand silence
11.) I donít much care for rap or gospel music
12.) Iíve been homeless 2ce in my life
13.) I wear a size 5 and a half shoe
14.) Out of all the colors Iíve done my hair pink is my fave.
15.) BC of my height I only look 14, although w/ make up I could pass as 16
16.) My Speech and Theater Arts teacher wanted me to join Debate bc of my natural ability to attack my opponent and persway ppl w/ my words, too bad I have a faulty memory other wise I would have joined
17.) I like it when a guy opens the door for me
18.) I once moved 7 times in one year
19.) Iíve got sheet burn on my elbows
20.) At age 11 accidentally learned that I have an older sister
21.) I want to die while parachuting
22.) I HatE going to expensive/fancy restaurants bc it makes me feel SO out of place.
23.) I use to read books as an escape from my RL situation when I was younger
24.) Books are always here for me, but ppl come and go
25.) My Bata fish named Kitty died right b4 X-mass
26.) My curiosity and lack of patience always seem to fuck up my life
27.) I think the songs ďSheís Always A WomanĒ by Billy Joel and ď She use to Be MineĒ by Michael Crawford describe me.
28.) Iíve had my ears pierced 3 times but the holes always close up on me
29.) I once asked a cute guy @ school that Iíd never met b4 if I could paint his fingernails Ė and he let me ^.^
30.) I donít like my natural hair color bc of my very pale skin it makes me look sickly
31.) I HaVe to have some sort of music or noise going on wherever I go
32.) I think Weird Al is attractive
33.) Come to think of it I donít have any female friends in RL
34.) I quit choir when I was younger bc I didnít think knowing how to sing was a necessity of life
35.) I enjoy being hugged ^.^
36.) According to my guy I glow in the dark bc Iím so pale
37.) Iím multi orgasmic
38.) I want to learn how to rollerblade someday
39.) I like to ride my exercise bike while watching TV
40.) I donít like diamonds bc their too flashy. Instead I prefer pearls bc their classy and elegant.
41.) I wish I knew how to dance
42.) Some times Iíll wear bracelets that are too big for my wrist on my ankles instead
43.) I think glasses make a guy look intelligent and sexy
44.) When I die I want my organs to be donated to others who need them, and than if theirs anything left of me I want it to be donated to science
45.) From grades 3-7th I was in choir off and on (Moving around so much some times by time I got to a school their choir program was full and so I couldnít join)
46.) I donít like clingy leach like ppl or stalkers for that matter
47.) I like being barefoot when I can get away w/ it (Tip of the day: Donít ever go barefoot in a homeless shelter, not even in their shower, you never know what kind of germs are about. Ware plastic sandals.)
48.) I grew up listening to oldies and classic rock
49.) I startle easily when approached from behind
50.) Iíve always wanted to make earth shattering soul quaking love in a church confessional
51.) I like milk
52.) I normally win @ monopoly
53.) I always lose @ Othello/Reversi but I love to play it any ways ^.^
54.) Iím horrible @ math
55.) I donít like my name
56.) I think flowers belong in the ground not some florist shop
57.) I own 4 dresses and none of them fit me
58.) I say actually, suppose and perhaps too much
59.) I love my two cyoot cuddly kitty cats
60.) I was born @ 5:46 on the morning of December 9th 1982
61.) I like it when my guy absent mindedly glides his fingers down my bare back
62.) I still like to color in coloring books every once in a while
63.) One of my fave books is Water Ship Down
64.) Peaches always make me think of His sticky sweet fingers
65.) I donít own any Sim games bc I know Iíd get addicted
66.) When Iím depressed Iíll wrap some strands of hair around my finger and pull on it bc it feels good
67.) I miss Frank E
68.) I like the band Heart
69.) I like the way sucking on cherry popsicles turns my lips an unnatural shade of red
70.) It greatly disturbs me that even nuns and popes can be corrupted
71.) I ran out of sleeping pills a while back and am now finding it hard to sleep.
72.) I want to buy a kite to go fly during our next full moon picnic
73.) I like my showers to be almost scolding hot
74.) I have a huge fear of roaches
75.) I miss being able to play in the mud like I use to when I was young
76.) My feet are VeRRy ticklish
77.) I dislike wearing high hills but I will if what Iím wearing requires it
78.) Iím part Irish, Scottish, Check, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish and though my father distantly related to the queen of England and one his descendants way back was one of the first ppl to cross over on the may flower.
79.) I look more like my Aunt than I do my mom
80.) I donít like the way I look when I smile
81.) My dream car is a Hummer w/ 36Ē tires
82.) Besides stain glass I think the most beautiful thing Iíve ever seen in my life is the way my crowns melted all over the pavement when I accidentally left them out once.
83.) Iím making a scrapbook and cutting out things of interest from magazines to put in it.
84.) I canít get on Blather when my guyís around and I find that fustrating
85.) I could never kill a spider (Unless itís poisonous)
86.) I can swim I just donít like to
87.) When I first learned how to ride a bike (@ age 9) I was afraid to turn for fear of losing balance so for a while their I kept running into walls and bushes and fences and what not.
88.) The first crush I ever had on a female was in kindergarten on my teacher Miss French.
89.) No one has ever called me Ivan
90.) Ever since me and my guy have been together Iíve had to keep my fingernails cut.
91.) I use to be a chat junky
92.) Its taken me 4 hours to make this list
93.) Music normally affects my mood
94.) When I was born my vocal cords werenít fully developed and so even my loudest cry was just barely above a whisper
95.) I donít like my food spicy
96.) I like dogs just as long as they donít slobber, drool and lick themselves while in my presents
97.) I use to own two ferrets, Buddy and Pal
98.) I dislike cold weather
99.) I like Far Side comics
100.) I don't like shopping @ the mall kuz I don't want to look like a carbon copy of every one else, so insted I shop @ second hand stors, and any way their more afordible.
cube ................................................................................
TK [Sagittarius]
Based on December 9th 1982, Texas. I choose Dallas as the city - which may throw it off a bit.

Your scout planet is Uranus. You view the world from an unusual perspective. You have a link to hidden forces, which gives you a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life. Unusual things happen to you, often very abruptly an unexpectedly. You have a unique way of getting things done, which causes people to think of you as eccentric.

Your Intellect:
Your mind is always looking for the patterns hidden in the things all around you. You care less about the facts than what they might mean. One way or another, you either invent or discover something.
There's a bunch more - all pretty positive. I also had a few minutes to kill :-)
Toxic_Kisses wow, I don't know what to say, heck even wow is quite an understatement here!
*Is pretty much speechless*
MollyCule 1. I went to my first college class ever yesterday.
2. I live in Ohio.
3. I know 2 other blatherers in the flesh, and never see either of them anymore.
4. I have very big feet.
5. So big that I only wear unisex shoes, like Docs and All-Stars.
6. Size 8 All-Stars, if you care.
7. My name is Molly, which should be pretty obvious.
8. I've been afraid for my life more than once.
9. I was raped at 15.
10. My last ex stalked me for 5 months.
11. I was in the hospital on New Year's Eve.
12. None of the people I love love me back as much.
13. Most of them would dispute this.
14. But I know it's true.
15. I have never even held a gun. Not even a BB gun.
16. When I was 3, I told my favorite aunt to "go eat sodaballs and die."
17. I still don't know what sodaballs are.
18. I am a fake redhead.
19. I sorta want to be a Muppeteer, you know, like the people that operate the Muppets.
20. I also sorta want to be an etymologist, which is words, not bugs as people often think.
21. I have been on 17 different crazy people drugs. One of them has worked.
22. I was bulimic for 3 years. And then on and off for another four.
23. I just lost 25 pounds.
24. I subscribe to both Jane magazine and Maxim magazine. I think this sums me up pretty well.
25. I almost never cry.
26. Only 5 people have ever made me cry, one of them being my mother.
27. I resent every one of those people a little.
28. My boyfriend is an asshole.
29. But I love him so much, and I want to marry him and adopt babies with him.
30. I have an extreme fear of becoming pregnant.
31. I know tons of useless facts.
32. I almost always mishear song lyrics.
33. I read the entire paper on Saturdays.
34. I've been spending more time at my parent's house than at my apartment.
35. They have cable.
36. I taught myself to read at age 2.
37. I wet the bed occasionally until I was 9.
38. My biggest pet peeves are -
- people who can't spell
- people who say "yinz"
- poeple who let their mouths hang open
39. I hate my job.
40. I have a mild speed problem a few years ago.
41. I'm a Leo.
42. I read the book The Velveteen Rabbit as a child, and it really fucked with my head.
43. I have an anxiety attack whenever I think too much about the Challenger explosion.
44. I'm a diabetic.
45. I'm slightly addicted to Diet Dr Pepper
46. My parents are potheads.
47. I have three cats - Chloe, Ed, and Jubilee. They are all girls.
48. I don't like washing my hair.
49. I own about a million different nail colors but my nails are almost never polished.
50. My favorite color is red.
51. I am a lip gloss addict.
52. I used to be wiccan. Now I'm nothing.
53. I'm slightly obssessive-compulsive.
54. I dropped out of high school at 15, and got me GED at 20.
55. I failed the road portion of the driver's test twice, but I did the manuverability right the first time.
56. I wrote 43 pages of a novel.
57. I'm not a virgin.
58. I had a dream wherin I was being chased by johhny Rzeznik of the Goo-Goo Dolls, and he was wearing a velvet cape thing, like in Phantom of the Opera.
59. I'm pretty sure that I'm not actually as tall as I think I am.
60. My lucky number is 137.
61. My main diet staple is cold canned pineapple chunks.
62. I like to read porn stories. I think I'm going to subscribe to Forum.
63. I cried during the last episode of Roseanne. And I do every time I see it.
64. I kick ass at Scrabble, Boggle, and Trivial Pursuit.
65. But I suck at cards.
66. I can sing.
67. I can read a 200-300 page novel in one night.
68. I'm a chronic insomniac.
69. I have a tendency to expect the best of people.
70. I'm frequently crushingly disappointed in people.
71. I've never been able to realy be friends with an ex.
72. I smoke Parliament menthol lights, a pack a day.
73. I got my license three months ago, at age 21.
74. I'm getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled next month.
75. I have a strange fondness for the movie Newsies.
76. I've worked at two different movie stores for a combined total of two and a half years. I know the plots to things I've never seen.
77. I don't watch movies made before 1971, except for Rosemarie's Baby (1968).
78. I'm disgustingly romantic at heart, but you'd never guess that if you knew me.
79. I sleep in nothing but panties.
80. I like people more than they like me usually.
81. I don't make friends very easily.
82. I'm not usually very comfortable around other girls.
83. I love gay men.
84. I live across the hall from a very eccentric old lady named Melba.
85. I am maybe a little too fond of Jeff_Buckley.
86. I hide things too much.
87. Like when my feelings are hurt. I always lie and say that I'm ok. I know how stupid this is.
88. I once drove to Michigan just so I could add it to the list of states I've been to.
89. I write somewhat bad poetry.
90. I miss a lot of people I've lost contact with.
91. I had the song "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac stuck in my head for three days last week.
92. I can't remember the last time I lied.
93. I have a very bad memory.
94. One of the best things in life is going to the drive-in in the summer.
95. Abortion should stay legal.
96. Hunting should be illegal, unless you have no other way to get food, which is extremely unlikely.
97. Going to college scares me, because it means I'll have to be an adult soon.
98. I probably haven't revealed anything very interesting or important.
99. I'm not a very interesting or important person.
100. But someone loves me.
little wonder 1. Everyone calls me Jessi, but I think it's cute when someone calls me Jess.
2. I'm a scorpio.
3. My full name is Jessica Rose, I sign everything with that.
4. I'm from Minnesota.
5. I've never been outside of the US, but that is supposed to change the end of this month. (Canada, here I come!)
6. I hate skiing, and I am going to Canada to ski.
7. I've bitten my nails since I was 6.
8. I was born on november 2 and I know someone who is exactly a year younger than me.
9. I hate shopping.
10. My mom is my best friend.
11. I look better with bangs.
12. I am going to get my nipples pierced before I go to college.
13. I've only had one job, and I still have it.
14. I work at a horse barn.
15. I have 3 horses.
16. My kitty ran away on 1/22 and I haven't found him yet.
17. My parents are seperated.
18. My mom slept in her new house last night for the first time.
19. My family is catholic.
20. My favourite colour is blue.
21. If I have cigarettes, I smoke them.
22. I have asthma.
23. I adore alcohol.
24. I'm going to the College of Saint Benedict next year.
25. I'm planning on majoring in psychology.
26. The head of the psych department is a priest.
27. I love to swim.
28. Water is sometimes the only thing that can relax me.
29. I have a younger brother and a younger sister.
30. I love being in plays.
31. I miss singing.
32. When I was 13 I tried to kill myself.
33. I'm afraid to get close to people.
34. I have empathy.
35. My IQ is 163.
36. I don't care.
37. It feels like this list should be coming to an end very soon.
38. I make jewelry.
39. I take pictures.
40. I love music.
41. I keep a lot inside.
42. I want to live on an organic farm this summer and work there for my room & board.
43. I could never be a vegetarian.
44. I am a diet_coke_drinker
45. My favourite book is the_catcher_in_the_rye.
46. I am reading Franny_and_Zooey by J.D. Salinger right now.
47. I hurt.
48. I want to yell and scream and cry as loud as I can but instead I'll just sit here quietly and let a few tears escape.
49. I go to "pretend school".
50. I am attracted to intelligent people.
51. Christian_Slater is the sexiest man alive.
52. I have an odd attraction to Kevin_Bacon.
53. I also am extremely attracted to David_Bowie and don't understand how anyone could not be.
54. I obsessively check my email.
55. My first pet was a goldfish that I named little red riding hood.
56. It was yellow.
57. I was 3.
58. I wish I could be 4 forever.
59. The Labyrinth has been my favourite movie for as long as I can remember.
60. The first funeral I remember was my friend Jackie's.
61. I was 12.
62. She had an aneurism.
63. I've been afraid of having an aneurism ever since.
64. Sometimes I'd like to not have to be the strong one.
65. My favourite foods are avocados and rice pudding [not together].
66. I lived in Connecticut for 4 years.
67. I'm glad I don't anymore.
68. I've had my kitty [not the missing kitty] for 12 years.
69. I shake a lot.
70. I'm afraid of spiders and sharks.
71. I hate talking on the phone to most people.
72. I like saying "rowr".
73. I've found that biting people is a good way to get them to leave you alone.
74. I live on a cliff.
75. I have parents who will spend $83 to save a damn chicken that cost them $3.
76. I'm obsessed with making lists.
77. I'm in love with Holden Caulfield.
78. I'm a knee model.
79. I've never been able to stay awake for more than 30 hours.
80. Sleep is wonderful.
81. I love hands.
82. My favourite cartoon is Invader Zim.
83. Comic books by Jhonen Vasquez and Roman Dirge are wonderful.
84. I played 90210 on the playground in 3rd grade.
85. I don't have a very exciting life.
86. I love writing.
87. I hate drawing fabric.
88. I hate people.
89. I get along better with people who generally feel the same.
90. I'm agnostic.
91. I'm sleepy already and it's not even midnight.
92. I really want to know about my past lives.
93. Whenever I have stage makeup on everyone tells me I look like a porcelain doll.
94. On a day-to-day basis I only wear mascara, and occasionally some eyeliner.
95. I used to be a dancer.
96. I hate watching people who have no dancing ability/talent dance.
97. I can't watch people chew on their shirts or any other material, it sends chills down my spine.
98. I'm addicted to chapstick and lotion.
99. I have 20/20 vision but I wear glasses because I like how they look.
100. I can't stand heat & humidity.
(curious) cube Hi lil' wonder.
What does #87 (drawing fabric) mean? Does it mean drawing on fabric with paints or is it something completely different?
little wonder Yesterday I had a drawing class for 3 hours, and for the last hour of it she set up random jackets and pieces of fabric as a crappy still life and we had to draw it.

It was the least fun drawing I've ever had, and if I can help it I will never do it again.
reitoei i dont think my best friend know 100 definite facts about me. 020210
bethany 1 i am hiding in my room
2 i hate taking the time to capitalise/punctuate things
3 i was born on oct 5, libra
4 my mom's birthday is exactly 6 months away from mine, aries
5 i have a tattoo of a g-clef on the tip of my spine, bout 6 in.
6 it burns all the time and it's 3 yers old
7 i have black hair
8 i dye it different every week
9 my house has 21 rooms in it
10 i was homeless once, lived in my car too
11 i ran away at almost 15
12 i came back home at almost 19
13 i have a sister, minnie
14 she is 13
15 every one of my mom's kids has ran away before 15
16 her real name is eliza
17 i used to sell pot
18 i obsess over boys that i think i want
19 i chew my nails, but never bite them off
20 i'm jewish by heritage
21 i went to catholic school coz it was the best thing around
22 i am an aspiring buhdist
23 i think my stupidity is sometimes coz i fried my brain
24 then i think that's propoganda
25 i like the band propogandi
26 i blame my absent mindedness on absent mindedness- i'm always thinking about something else
27 always and never are word i don't us elightly
28 i have a dog named jude
29 i have a cat named cat
30 i have green eyes
31 i have been 5'5" since i was in the 5th grade
32 i covered my eyes about 4 times during the 6th sense
33 i have a size 8 1/2 shoe
34 i cried in the dressing room when i had to go to double digit pants size
35 my best friend lives in CA i live in CT
36 we talk everyday, she's my therapist
37 sometimes i try to see my own face when i close my eyes and it frustrates me that i cant
38 i always have one friend to take care of me
39 i would be content being a well taken care of housewife
40 i want to travel the world
41 i want to be proposed to in an air balloon over the pyramids
42 the sound and touch and thought of cotton makes me cringe
43 same with cron starch, ick
44 i dream about asparagus
45 i will sleep until 5 pm if allowed
46 i'll stay up for days if allowed
47 i'm hungry but i dont want to seemy mother in the kitchen
48 i stare at myslef in the mirror
49 it takes me a while to notice that i look different because i am older
50 i am wearning jeans i've had since 8th grade
51 my favorite colors are green and magenta
52 i am painting my walls and it's taking me months
53 i can play/sing a 3 hour set but i've never done it in front of anyone
54 i collect elephants
55 i don't like talking aboutluck coz it's been good and i dont want to offend it
56 i danced for 15 years
57 i played flute for about 12 years
58 i used to drive 2 hours once a week for a 3 hour flute lesson with a 80 year old master
59 my mom would wait and listen to my lesson
60 it made me very nervous
61 i used to cry when i didnt win
62 now i just feel bad and justify
63 i think i have acute autisim
64 i've worked with mentally disabled people since i was 13
65 i used to live and work on angency grounds durning high school
66 i have no desire to go into that feild at all
67 insane people just make me feel so comfortable i just cant tear myslef away
68 i compulsively write down song lyrics
69 i have only done this once
70 i dont want to get into sex
71 i tried a year of celibacy
72 i lost my virginity on a beach in the riviera in a town called barcares, at about 5 am
73 he played some mean tennis
74 my favorate ride at disneyworld is the pirates
75 i kill jokes like it is my job
76 lactose intolerent/ ice cream addict
77 i am perplexed as to why my family is rich, my mom's a cop
78 i yell when i'm happy and get real quiet when i'm mad
79 i never flush the toilet
80 i'm really bad at fake-liking a gift
81 i think about h