I think thats good. Protecting the Swedish Fish population from decimation by eateration.

It was the

George Bush
Makes up words

They show clips

Saying something


Best to finish it.

Fan in the window.

I don't know what time it is.

It si.

It yes! It yes! EEEE!!!!

No, not cool, you just can't do that. Ye-ye-ye-ye-ye-yejust can't do that man, dude, fish, finding Nemo!

Laughter in the wings



Is sitting on my left opposite.
I'm on my left.

They were talking about how he didn't want Thanksgiving. Eatering! Oh! And they had this one where they caught Saddam and they wanted to try him the way the Iraqis wanted to. Mumble. Umm, umm, a way, to...... TRY... Mister, um, Hussein for his evil..... Um... Deeds.

Thank you very much.
MrMakeveli I will protect you, my love. You are beauty, and I will never let you down. Trust in me, and I in you, and we will live forever, and ever. You will be my soul, and I yours. Forever. 040505
autumn Please don't try and protect me.
Be honest.
The truth hurts less than the lie.
f yes, how do you doubt? 041012
marjorie when the wolves come and demand to tear you limb from limb
i will throw rocks at them
and i will throw cans of soup if i have to.
there will be a terrible racket
but you will be safe
pSyche protect...
not die for...



I can't be held accountable...

what's it to you?
who go