deb just stop it

stop the length of time between our talks

stop the condescending way you look at me when i tell you what i really mean

stop making me feel bad for wanting us to be happy

stop wishing we were back together and make it happen

stop trying to find the words that are on the tip of your heart

stop saying what your friends told you to, for they don't fit who you are

stop not writing me and not calling me
because you're afraid

stop being such a child and hold me like a man

stop it, dammit,
before i stop smiling again
FooLmOOn stop pulling at my heart, the strings may be made of steel but steel too can melt, it too can dissapear with heat.
i'd do anything for you, you know it, but stop, just stop pulling and pushing me. i will break, and my tears are a type of red acid, they will not only burn me, they will burn you too. and just a red and black stain will be left.
old hick Sometimes I feel like I should just 000121
marjorie look both ways. hold hands. use the buddy system. cross. 000124
looking at me
with that smile
or else

(or else)
I'll melt
marissa being stupid. tell me what you're talking about. stop being mean. stop making me cry. stop hurting my heart. stop making me feel worthless. stop closing me out. 001111
the conveyor toying with me

"Starve and Satiate"

no. stop it. I'm starved enough. If you starve me anymore, I'll move to another table.
kx21 something BAD.

stop passing
the bug, virus, shit, rumor, ... around.

stop telling me what to do!!!
valis best you can wish for is for things to slow down
long enough to admire the change
danielle stop saying you like me
stop saying you love me
im already with someone else
you know it already
stop it
go away
im gonna hide now
to stop all this bullshit...
ass facely nasal_sex 010222
vampers the madness that is over taking my mind, stop the insanity that is over taking my life, stop myself 010325
kx21 New beginning? 010828
kx21 or death_of_the_beginning? 010828
Mateo if what you are doing isnĀ“t any good (in life I mean) 020211
smiff stop being a stupid person
stop talking on the cell phone
stop driving slow in the fast lane
stop being ignorant
stop thinking you know everything
blown cherry Can't you just stop playing games, making me wonder "was that meant for me?"
Just say exactly what it is you mean and stop contradicting yourself all the bloody time.
Stop messing with me.
Stop breaking my heart every day.
Stop smiling.
Stop laughing.
Stop looking at me that way.
Stop touching me.
Stop being in my head.
Stop working where I work.
Stop being everywhere I think.
Stop being in my eyes.
Stop being in my chest.
Stop breathing in my mouth.
Stop breathing.
glenn stop and look at what you're doing, where you are, who you're with. start doing what you want to do, be where you want to be, be with who you want to be with 020310
ive given up don't_come_around_here_no_more

STOP! you tangle my emotions
little wonder formality formality formality
[stop it]
stop being so distant
what's happening to this
what is t h i s?
i don't like what it is
but is it any different than from what t h i s was before?
yes, i know it is
[not imagining things]
it's different
it changed so slowly
creeping up behind me
catching me off guard
maybe t h i s is better than what_could_have _been
but does [this]
lead to nothing?
does [this]
lead to the_end?
jim dog to smell the roses 020313
Too Hurt by Ryan making this hurt...Stop making me cry...its been an hour and youve already stopped thinking about me, i know Ima STOP thinkin about you 020317
thehappychimp Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.
kx21 Stop:-

A spark or an opportunity for Start...
Syrope my heart does this everytime im pushed closer to the realization that there is something wrong with my values. it's always a jerky horrified feeling, and i always try to cover it up before anyone else sees... 020422
birds addiction turn off that smokestack
and that

hum along with me...
blown cherry stop crying you stupid fuck!
.. would you please stop it? 021031
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
Syrope but don't. i mean, stop in time. no! we shouldn't do this at all., no, that was "please DON'T stop." but we should stop. stop. oh.. 021230
me stop wasting my time. I hate when you talk, you don't know anything and yet you continue to speak. Someone should silence you, someone will. 030417
right god? stop by the mall 030418
joe making sense. start making love. spank her if you have to. 030514
breaking plastic straws don't stop, keep going. If you stop you'll never be able to crimson off. 031009
Lemon_Soda Mind, stop hating my heart.
heart, stop hating my mind.
Hands, stop hating the pen.
Eyes, stop hating what you see.
sugar_drop stop making me fall in love with you
stop making me vulnerable to your pain
i've been hurt before i don't want to go through it again.
Stop making me love you, it's driving me insane.
thespacebetween STOP
just make up your mind
read the red sign
and stop
youve left me here
for almost a year
please my dear
just stop

oh yeah lemon soda
i like it...
cheetah home 031223
prophit like most things in life, when you can stop you shouldn't but when you CAN"T stop you MUST (alcoholism, drugs, etc etc) a sad bitter sorta way 040108
berzerker god is in my house pooping 040317
x twisted x itll never stop. it cant. one day we'll all open our eyes and realize that this is it. even when we die, it keeps going. its the unstoppable cycle of life. when someone dies...the earth still spins, and guess what, it doesnt wait for you to get back on. you have to catch up and hopefully you will..just in time, and then everything will be ok. but you have to jump back in there...its just a ride..and you have make the most out of your turn. dont stop...because life doesnt wait. 040412
MrMakeveli Please stop this pain. I beg of you... 040519
witchesrequiem R - Writing me and pretending it's a chore!
C - asking me if I'm ok to make yourself feel better you fuck!
T - pulling nets through a quiet pool. And stop crying over 5 year old shit!
W - grow some nuts and do what you feel, not what they want you too...
their misrable....
minnesota_chris blathes around midnight are so crabby and vague. I usually avoid the bottom of the 'today' list, I have enough vague and crabby people in my own house, thank you. 040521
x i can't take all these cyclical and redundant news postings anymore. i'm going to have to retreat for awhile. 040522
kx21 What's_next after stop?

minnesota_chris Only to an American. Otherwise, regroup or rethink is after stop. 040524
nighean_siofra stop changing
the world is moving too fast
you're moving too fast
so fast that everything starts to blur
lies turn into the truth
lovers become false
close friends drift away
and all we are left with
is but a fasade of what once was
who are you?
do i know you?
do i even know myself?
yesterday all seemed well
today it's like a living hell
me i dont think you want to know
what i am thinking, or how i feel
so stop asking
and stop assuming i dont care
i dont think you want to know
if i can hardly take it
what makes you think you're any stronger?

so please stop
"my shadow's the only one who walks beside me" and last time i tried to cry on a shadows shoulder, last time i tried to lean on a shadow, i fell, and i don't want tof all again. maybe you want me to. which i may or may not deserve. but please, for my sake, do not try to make me feel any worse. i cant take anymore, and although i may not look like i car,e i'm tearing myself up inside like no human has a right to do. please. stop. if you wanted me to suffer, you dont have to do anyting at all, i'm taking care of it myself. so stop beating a dead horse, and stop trying to make me feel bad.
Seraphmodel.03 IWAS being sarcastic and iiiiiiiiironic


someone who cares. perhaps too much. everything.
for a minute.

realize the girl who left you for your best friend was just a stepping stone on the path. the path is the art of living. there's an art to a well lived life.

you cannot punish yourself and every good woman that comes along. there's no art in that. not really. there's pretension there, but nothing real.

don't be afraid to dig in. it's only life.
kuffsleeve STOP right there MR.

this is a dangerous place to be.


i might become a Wikipedia Volunteer...
... reasearch topics etc. if only they would pay...
.. it would be a cool job... get paid to become more knowledgeable... become a walking humanpedia.

i wonder if there are any reasearch jobs like that where they pay you...

anyone know ?
kuffsleeve STOP right there MR.

this is a dangerous place to be.


i might become a Wikipedia Volunteer...
... reasearch topics etc. if only they would pay...
.. it would be a cool job... get paid to become more knowledgeable... become a walking humanpedia.

i wonder if there are any reasearch jobs like that where they pay you...

anyone know ?
stop you are damaging your self esteem 081023
stop you are making yourself feel bad 081023
dafremen : ) 081023
stop you are externalizing your emptiness 081023
birds addiction
Turn off that
And that
along with me...
along with the T.V
OH no!"
stop every time you do the wrong thing, you are eroding your own self worth 081023
o_caritas how does this stop?
these thoughts

push them out, i say
she does not think of you that way

but what if she does?

how does this stop?
what's it to you?
who go