nameless sometimes i say that i dont care only because i dont want to care 991217
fucked no. i don't. i can't anymore. 000220
girl only for him and me
no one else

not now
daxle I wish I knew how to care about everything less
I wish I knew how to let things go
I'm tired of caring about every little thing you do
I'm tired of caring what people think about me when I know they just hate that I'm not like them and I don't want to be like them
I'm tired of caring about making my mom think I appreciate her
I'm tired of caring about the environment being destroyed by the hands of the careless
I'm tired of things mattering much more to me than they do to others
I'm tired of caring about my grades
shiva i care about her, i really do, 'ever so much'.

it's the 'l' word i have trouble saying...
Meara He told me, "I care about you," but he was lying. He's a good actor and a smooth talker, so I never know if he's telling me the truth, or if he's just saying things he doesn't mean. But I believed him that time, which was a mistake. Because it wasn't true. He doesn't care, and he never did. I trusted him with my heart, and he broke it. I hate when people do that. 001201
... poor meara. we're in the same boat. if people don't genuinely care, they need to tell one another. never breathe words that you don't mean. have you ever felt emotional pain from someone lying about how they felt about you? imagine feeling that. but not just that. the betrayal. trust broken. what's a broken heart to do? not all of them keep beating. 010121
*Colleen* He is the #1 top priority in my life. Being near him makes me happy. Everything I do, I do for him. My life has become centered by him. Ive never love our cared for anyone the way I do for him. My first TRUE love. Ofcoarse I thought I was in love before, but this feeling, it is completely new. At times, he treats me like a princess. Even his flaws are perfect. I base my self worth, my everything on him. He claims he feels the same. I only wish it was true... 010129
bluedaisy33 if you care please don't show me because your one more person i'm hurting when i slip:::... 010403
crazyenglishman too late.. i care.. bugger 010404
bluedaisy33 me??? 010404
EuroBrew Something only 3 people can make me do anymore. 010419
katie i care,
she tells me.
carving it into my skin.
beading red, bleeding.
i care.
and i laugh hysterically.
what exquisite, painful beauty.
i care.
tit i wish i didnt.
why should i?
if only about the wrong ones.
the thoughtless ones.
the ones who dont.
yummychuckle i do to fucking care about him
cant friends care about eachother? but i'm not his friend or something. it all depends on how you look at it. and i can see from his point of view, but my point of view is so much better.
So, based on his thinking, 3 other people i consider friends don't care about me, and I can't care about them.
he doesn't care about me, i don't care about him. apparently.

fine fuck it
Persona somebody will care..someone always does
but what can you do?
Casey Once I met these winny little bastard bears. Who scared the crap out of me. They were from the clouds or something. They were like all different colors. And they each had like a cult symbol or something like that on the stomaches.

They came up to me is these stipid looking cloud cars that flew. They told me to care more and stuff like that. Then they tried to give me a hug. So I took out my magnum and popped each one of those freaky things in the head.

They could have actually been planning to cast an evil spell on me or something. You can never be to careful
me i just dont 010724
MIXerup the time to care is the time to know what is the time to care its not when your are old and dieing it is feeling for life 010724
killea the popular people care how they look 010806
firsttimeblatherer if you dont care, then why do you bother 011123
FreakFly or should it be... Why do you blather? 011123
ClairE This word marks the boundary. A thick red line. I'm pretty clumsy; better not trip over. 020107
*colleen* My constant Pathetic need for you to care has made me miserable. Sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for you to feel the way that I did. Much too long, I waited, wondering how you felt, or if you felt at all. Much too long, I cried, crying for what Id like you to be, or what I wished you would understand. Canceling plans, sitting at home, waiting, thinking. What did this do for me? It made me alone. And now, finally, I am the one who doesnt care, when you dont show up, I am not upset. I have a life of my own. And from now on, you will not effect my self-worth. It isnt because I dont love you, but simply because I am beginning to love myself. 020313
doownosiop .yad s'enoemos ekam ot tuo gnihcaer 020909
Qazual All Im saying is dont act like you care if you really dont. I know you expect that from me and I cant care anymore... 020918
Qazual All Im saying is dont act like you care if you really dont. I know you and what to expect from you and I cant care anymore... 020918
Karriana I want to hate him so bad.. I want to think of him as shit like all my friends do but i cant.. I dont wanna care anymore.. it seems like i dont even care about the shit he put my through.. and i dont kno why I want him to like me again if i had the chance to be with him again i wouldnt take it so why do i want him so bad? 030412
niska because you still need answers.
you'r obsessed. it's not a bad thing, unless you stop eating or start calling & hanging up...

but it'll pass in due time. once you have the answers to your questions, ou won't care. you won't want him back. he's not yours to have anyway.

start with that..
karriana maybe i am obsessed with him.. i remember when he stopped liking me i cried for two straight days but after that id cry once in awhile.. i remember i used to sit by the phone and wait for him to come.. i still do it sometimes and its been almost 3 months since what happend.. and i do want answers.. i want to kno why he stopped liking me.. hes always in my thoughts and im so sick of it.. i blocked him and im trying to take away all sources of contact for a week.. so things will be easier on me.. but now i just feel like im punishing him or the friendship because he doesnt like me the way i want him to.. it might be i want more attention from him.. the last time i told him i couldnt talk to him i remeber how much he missed me because i am his bestfriend.. but "with advantages" and i dont want that anymore its just so confusing on my part.. it hurts everytime i talk to him.. or every time he talks about another girl.. everything i do reminds me of him.. I always think of how he talked shit about me after we werent "together" anymore.. it seems like im always trying to forget it when all i want to so is remember it so i will hate him.. i just want him out of my life.. and i never want to think of him again...... 030413
god the mall 030413
niska karriana, this guy is a dick.

he treats you like shit. there's not such thing as best friends with 'advantages'.

friends don't exploit each other.

salvage the dignity you have and stop being affected by some stupid boy's assumption of your worth. you do not have to feel this way. understand that people get used, hearts get broken and this was never a friendship.

and christ, don't go out of your way to be a sucker any further. be a friendly human being, but don't be a pushover. it's not how you want to be treated, really...

you could be missing out on all the people who DO care about you, while your stuck in this funk. what is there to like about someone who lies, betrays and hurts you?
karriana I think your right maybe he never was a friend to me. My sister says its because i can't have him and thats why i want him. Your advice helps me alot. Thank you. What can i do to avoid thinking about him? 030414
hahaha do i care about you? i can't. i won't. i told myself i couldn't. i'm on my own now. i don't need to care about anybody but myself. you're just there, that doesn't mean i have to care about you. maybe i don't, this is just late-night rambling. it's just fun, it's just summer, i don't care. but if i don't care, then how can i do this? this isn't me, i'm not that kind of girl. maybe i am, things have been changing a lot lately. i can be whoever i want, whatever kind of girl i want. i can go home with him, i did go home with him. nothing happened, but still, i can. and not care. i don't care.

but what about you?? i know i still care about you. do i love you? who knows. i guess i won't know until i see you again, but when will that be? august? who knows. things change. you changed. why her? why are you lying to me? you get mad at me, but then i'm not supposed to care? you don't even know half of it. you care about her, but you still care about me and that means i'm not supposed to care, even though that's because you want me to? i don't get it. i care, but i want to care just as a friend...i want you as my best friend. i miss you.

and you still care about me? i missed you...i guess i still miss you. but not in that way, at least not now. you care about her, and that's sad. you deserve so much better. no, you don't deserve me. you deserve better than me, or at least different for the moment. you deserve someone who won't break your heart, and right now i would. i can't let myself care that much. 2 more months, that's not enough. it would be worse than last summer. i care about you possibly more than i care about anyone else in the world, but not that much. i love you, don't let her screw things up for you. you deserve better.
pobodys nerfect A word that's in the pronunciation of my name, and what people sometimes call me instead of saying my whole name. I always thought my name was well suited for me because I always did seem to care about things,probably more than I should. I worry about hurting people's feelings(even though the rational part of me knows I can't please everyone). I even feel bad about treating someone like crap--even if they've caused me ten times the amount of grief and deserve everything they get. I just can't bring myself to NOT care,and there are days when I REALLY wish I could do that. 030617
Whitechocolatewalrus I really just wish that someone cared about me. I don't want them to care about their wishes for me, I want them to realize that their wishes are not neccessarily my wishes, there dreams not my dreams. Why can't they just realize that I am a person too, with thoughts and feelings of my own? Is it so hard to understand that I don't care if they don't care about what happens to me but that I do care that they care about my well being and my happiness, which would constitute caring about me and not just about what they think I want. 031115
lokkust The Care Me Nots 031206
indifferent it seems i have forgotten how to care about me
it seems i don't care about caring anymore
she seems to care though
he seems to care
about me they think
doesn't she care?
no, i don't.
BitterSweetDream Do you care for me anymore? Or am I just a reserve? I love you. Why won't you accept that? You just take advantage of it. It hurts. My hearts left in the gutters, bleeding, bruised and battered 040418
rage i'm so lame. I want people to care about me, so i make stuff up for them to care about, or i exagerrate and twist the truth to make my life sound like a tragedy. As if my problems are any bigger than anyone else's.
My only problem is myself.
ofsuch i care for you

i care about you

i care

trust and believe in me

i wont hurt you
Staind_And_Souless I still care.
I still love you.
BitterSweetDream That applies to so many. One with so many ex's - So many lovers, can surely care for them all. 041025
David God, why do I care?
What does it matter whether or not you feel anything?
I know it's over.

I try to show you nothing of what I'm feeling.
And when you explode at me, I hope that maybe you still feel something.
no reason i know that i care for you ridiculously, but i haven't quite been able put a label on it. however i know that when i hear about you with others, and hurt by others, my legs get shaky and numb and my chest closes up. 050725
erg. able TO. 050725
Barefoot Revolutionary why is it that some people can care so fucking much, then others can't even open their eyes? Why do i have to care about him? About who he talks to or why this happened again. Why can't i stop caring about the last 5 years, and just let him go? four letter words. just made up words, hope for the "hopeless romantic" i guess. never really existed did it? or he would hurt as badly as i do. maybe. maybe not. 060313
emmi it's like a competition... who can stop caring first.
once again i triumph.
jio jio 100215
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