dallas do you honestly feel like you should have all the things you have? 980827
cold tea I deserve water chestnuts, a bottle of rum and a Sunday nap. Why? I fought in all the wars, I never listened to New Kids, and I almost always recycle. 990212
daxle she pulls on me constantly about acting like I don't deserve anything.
she thinks I don't deserve to feel that way.
gee, I wonder how I got to feeling that way!
marjorie deserve nothing. but look how much we get. but don't choke on all your thankfulness. it can get in the way. 991203
silentbob All i want is the love she has to give and she tells me i deserve her and i smile a little more 000613
fran "What did I ever do to deserve you?"

"Usually that line is screamed at me by someone running out the door, not by someone standing in front of me and staying. It makes for a nice change."
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Alexander Beetle I feel I have done nothing to earn what I have. I live in fear, I live in hope, of the day someone comes to take it all away from me. 010610
sphinxradio he can be an ass sometimes,
but then, i'm not exactly easy to be around some of the time, either,
so it works out, i think.
Saphfire You deserve better than him. Someone who will show you just how much he loves you. I know that's not what you want to hear, but all of our friendship I have tried to tell you that you deserve so much better. Because you do! 030701
Staind_and_Souless Who does deserve anything they get out of life? Who will ever?
I loved her. She doesn't want me any more.
emmi he never deserved to be loved by me. it's just that simple

and i know he likes to think that it just didn't work, but...
i treated him good
i never lied to him
i tried my hardest to accept and understand him as he is
i went to extremes to sacrifice my own happiness for his sake
i never truly gave up, even if it was more for his sake than my own.

what did i get in return? lies, betrayal, a broken heart. and he never did try to really understand me, all he did was undermine and criticize my feelings. and in the end, ironically, he's the one who gave up and left me with nothing.

oh how stupid of me to waste so much energy on someone who never even really appreciated it...or deserved it, for that matter.
phil this cake is so cool 051024
uyanga he owes me so much money! why did i let him off so easily?
I like cake.
unhinged i did something
at some point
in one of my lives
to deserve
exactly what i'm getting
Risen When I was a child, the manager of the England football team (Glen Hoddle) caused a stir in the media by saying that disabled people were being punished for their sins in a former life.

Incredible as it may sound, and as contrary to common sense as it may seem, a part of me believes something very similar.

Every time something bad happens to me, every time I feel pain, every time I go through things... I feel like I deserve it. In some way or another.

Maybe that's why I played the villain when I was younger. Doing things to deserve my pain.

Child abuse, abandonment, 36 broken bones, half a dozen surgeries and a laundry list of problems both physical and personal. All my own fault.

Only I know I don't really deserve it. I know that I'm a good person, a kind person, a thoughtful person.

So why do I feel like I deserve nothing but pain?
unhinged 'you don't deserve that'
'you deserve better'

or maybe
i deserve exactly what i get
what's it to you?
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