jennifer I can't force the tears anymore
they came when I wasn't yet ready
and now they feel as in vain
so I keep it all inside
patiently waiting
for the right moment
but I feel, I fear they will burst
at the wrong time
and they will hurt someone
and I don't want to lose this again
like I almost did
(I did)
but I feel I am screaming
at the raging sea
and my screams are drowned out by
some unseen force
more powerful
and nothing I do can bring you back
(like you were)
so deep inside I scream
and hate
but for fear of showing any emotion
other than the acceptable ones
I just keep it to myself
and pretend that nothing's
unhinged just bottle it up baby

it all works out in the end...when somebody pops your top off and there are twenty people dead at the local post office
Norm Bottleing it up isn't good. My bottle empties everytime I drink. I drink often so it never gets to full. So many people are thankful for that. 010826
test insert coin here 041122
tre bottle of air

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Forming Mind the sound of cork. crisp opening. damp wet, craving liquid falls on starving lips. tongue's bliss of sweet taste. supplying the wants and needs. And capturing the truth of the bubbles that scream as they pop. Bubbles of carbination. Carbination trapped in our closed arena of labels and formation. 041212
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