dallas over and over, around and around, side by side, one more time, never before or ever... 980826
[marissa] i see it again. that reflection. in the silver sable mirror. black splotchy spots all over the pewter handle.

again and again

my face ten times repeated by the glass. and i cringe. to see these eyes. again. to gaze upon my infinite solitude.
adam you left again.

(marissa never ceases to amaze me, she's brilliant).
josh two times to the boy in the front row with peppermint breath and a peppermint tear
again and again to the one with the smile two takes take a while
daxle I got lost again. I couldn't turn around until I got to kensington again. I was late again. I ate alone again. I left early again. I'm blathering when I should be doing other things again. 990421
sillyelly again? how can you say that again? as if it didn't hurt enough the first time around. 990505
Quintessensual it is very nice to see
our ever lovin' amy
came round and found
more sound hard ground
to share her insightful
wisdom here with frightful
us, as again
so long it's been
since she's visited
lotusflower if it feels good the first time. 000213
girl they left again. there is always a they and they always leave. 000326
WoNDERGIRL And he says, again, while unbuttoning his pants, "do you want to again?"

And of course, again, I tell him he asks stupid questions.
al we are going to try it again. i hope it works this time, for i love you more than anything. and i think thats the reason why.... this might just work. i hope it does. 000712
kim i'm sitting in front of this blather
again and i can't stop again
Chrity go to:
do you have cevices in your life?? 010720
do you have crevices in your life?? 010720
do you have crevice in your life?? 010720
ellen cherry charles again, my lips are perpetually chapped 020106
End Is Forever crimson and clover, over and over... 020106
iheartyou FUCK YEAH over and over!!!
again I go unnoticed.

i'm behind again
i'm sick again
i have scar tissue on my tongue again
i have a test tomorrow again
i am anonymous again
i don't want to be this time
HeatherBrock to me and to you, never and always, forever and one minute, forgiving and erring. 020507
Sintina Again...
I fail to hold you

I piss myself off.
Because I shouldn't be like this.
I should be excited and happy like I was yesterday morning, but You and Mommy and Matt have sucked it out of me.
Imajika Here we are again. Wondering why we never learn and why we keep repeating ourselves. 030905
nick "Hey, you had time to think it out, yeah
Hey, Your weak will won't help her heal her heart
Hey, I'll bet it really eats you up"

-Alice in Chains

again and again and again and again and again.

ontherocks i wonder what to do to make it right 031026
emily again and agin i kiss him, kiss his body, all over again, and again 040201
pete here we are i see the sign,
here we stand
against these trees.
forward onwards
again i believe
the stars light the sky
my eyes begin to read
life grows a new
becomes so old
forever is in never
as much as i know.
and again
the world turns
passing more
again again
here we walk
alone with you
eachother and together.
life grows
again again
see the trees
shed your tears
life blossoms
death stays close
please again
again again.
the wheel turns
the world disolutes
siva dances,
the world anew.
again again
here we stand
i feel the voices
within again.
naive artist New and improved,
All it is is the same thing,
Packaged differently
And offered to the public,
kx21 Good_Point(s)... 040618
. iLink:- Cut_and_Paste 040618
. or Copy_and_Paste... 040618
mona loves you not again
it hurts too much
please, not again
Oops... OH__no_not_Again___ 040923
t.r who could have known that you are able to break a broken heart again? 041006
Syrope i sort of know what you're saying, but only sort of. i still think you've managed to skirt your entire contribution to this affair. for the first time last night i felt the same distaste that i hate you for feeling, and it almost made me miss out on a fantastic night...

and today, again, i find myself in this with you. i guess i should be supportive and "nice" and happy, but why should i? it's not my fault that you're so afraid of change that you've been in this job you hate forever. you like it, secretly, the security. i can't blame you for it, but i can blame you for trying to deny it. if this weren't your first time going for something you might not get (heaven forbid you actually challenge yourself), you wouldn't be so needy, and i wouldn't feel like such shit for not being there for you.
kim it's me again...i'm back again...blathe again?...sure why not do it again 050503
olivia again, im not getting anything done and, again, i am confused by the nonsence of this website 050504
*Amy* again, I fall in love with you, but love with and for you is non sense, waste of time, but again I can help it and I fall again 050504
Staind_And_Souless I post on the same words again and again
Thinking that way you won't see them
Wishign you wrote now what you did then
x twisted x "What do you do with such facts? Scream them out? Thumb-tack them onto an imaginary bulletin board next to your heart? Find a refrigerator and some magnets--post them all over, up and down, then never eat again?" 051005
manny_madness again I go un-noticed.
again I let it go
again again again
I wish for something more
for the world to make sense again
for that moment to replay itself
once more
for your arm around me and your lips on my forehead
for me to realize then that its where I belong
once more
for me to feel you let go, when you start to let go
not years after you're really really gone
and again
I break down and I don't let go of any of it.
once more
I let too much out this time, instead of holding too much back.
When did I change into that person.
when did I change
ofsuch here we go again, motherfuckers 110916
what's it to you?
who go