emma when used toward an adult male, this term generally denotes that he is being viewed as a sex object. methinks. 990417
emma not that there's anything wrong with that, by the way. 990417
Perhaps as a sex object... but I also like to think of it as the simpler side of things... like back in the days when we were all called boys and girls, life was simpler... relationships were simpler... everything was just a big flow. By using those terms, we can try to remove the stigmas associated with adult relationships. Maybe I'm just being silly, though.
emsie I agree with you, dallas. I miss those times when life was not as complicated as it seems to be right now. That word invokes the emotions of simpler, easier times. I miss those times. 990620
emsie ...but even though I miss those times, I like these times better, I think. Some of the complications make me happy, and I don't think I could go back. 990620
OTK Nothing more than a derogatory and dimunitive term, whether you're horny or not . . . GIRL! 990723
Bono A Blue Eyed Boy meets a brown-eyed girl.
Whoa-oh-oh the sweetest thing.
andrea what i used to like
only now i'm not so sure...
andrea I held a tearful child at my daycare one day this summer. Wiped away his tears and comforted his pain. He looked deep into my eyes, and saw I was one to be trusted; unlike those who made him cry. The lost game of checkers was merely
a cover-up to let out the frustration he held at being so out of control and helpless and unable to change things. Little does he know, I would gladly turn his world upside down and shake out the sticks and stones that have bruised and broken his bones. Would offer him a
gentle touch and loving words that would never harm him. Being told so often he is worthless makes him disbelieve me when I say his artwork is worth putting up on the wall. He does not understand why I, a virtual stranger, should choose to compliment him. Few have been kind
and it shows in him. Birds of a feather-that’s what we are. I can see the same shine in his eyes that once blinded me to the truth of wrong and right. All I can do is hold him. Hold him and give him nothing but all the kindness in my being in hopes he will come out all right. I pray that God will make him safe and one day be able
to reach his little hand out to ask for help.

copyright 1999
mad madame mim

Toward another
he has gone
to breathe an air
beyond his own
toward a wisdom
beyond the shelf
toward a dream
that dreams itself

about a boy
beyond it all
about a boy
beyond it all

from the forest
from the foam
from the field
that he had
toward a river
twice as blessed
toward the inn
of happiness

about a boy
beyond it all
about a boy
beyond it all

from a chaos
raging sweet
from the deep
and dismal street
toward another
kind of peace
toward the great

about a boy
beyond it all
about a boy
beyond it all

[ ]
I stood among them
I stood alone
boy boy
just a boy
just a little boy
[ ]
just a little boy
who will never grow
BoofPixie sometimes when they smell good, i forget that they have bony little chins that dig into my shoulder. 000311
girl i have one and im never gonna let him go 000328
Katie Rose I've seen pictures of the beautiful boy who is now the wonderful man that I love. His mother shines through his eyes and smile in those old photos and with time he's transformed with his fathers features. My heart smiles every time I see him. I love being in love! 000619
amy somebody deliver me a nice boy, to hang out with me and call me names, and who isn't that dumb, and isn't just like Josh, and lives close to me, and is my age, and likes to joke. and i'll promise not to be frigid. 000803
memememexo a boy died. once. twice. over and over. i watch them. die. i try to stop them. grab them. hold on. take them into my woumb. give them something. something worth living for. no. the call to death is stronger. so i kiss them goodbye without even knowing it. read their obituaries in tomorrows papers. goodbye. 001002
josie I have been watching as three beautiful boys fall further to their demise. And I am not one to try to *change* the world for the better, for that is certainly not my part. I merely offered my opinion, strong at that, so perhaps they could allow themselves the freedom of thought to actually see & understand what they were doing to themselves.

::Living without air::

::Living without water::

::Living without space::

Beaten down, I sit stood up and walked away from those boys, THOSE BOYS, everyone knows those boys will never stop, those boys say it's just a phase.. that's lasted 3 yrs. Trying to become men while deliberately inhibiting their minds from it for the fix of that supreme atomosphere and passionate melody. Convinced they never have to leave, the boys simply dance onward towards the green light.. in hope that the next high will be greater than the last.. and I sit here crying, for I haven't seemed to move the souls at all of the three most tender boys I've somehow fallen in love with.
josie ::but I'm still dreaming:: 001108
Rhonda Boys lie
no matter what they tell you
And don't ever forget it!

aj you make me want to put on my sweater 010215
p. i am one 010227
. fucking capital letter are annoying 010228
Tank once upon a time this was a really cool clothing store... 010228
rudhaen running in the rain
fighting the bad guys
growing until indistinguishable
until they sleep
then silent eyes
tell all
alegra i know a boy who notices things. i notice that he notices. and sometimes we both notice each other. i like it when that happens. 010411
florescent light I met a boy
we took a drive
we didn't hit it off
we didn't have anything in common
but when I look at him I see someone real
he doesn't try
he's himself
when it was time to go home
I felt surpringly sad
I still feel sad
don't know why
we didn't kiss
or even hug
maybe I would have liked a kiss
but that would be a sign that he liked me
if I knew he liked me, I wouldn't want him anymore
yummyC I stick to the term "guy"
most males I am associated with
are too ...something...
to be called men.

and too old to be called boys.
birdmad with the thorn in his side 010718
stars Every man is still a boy in his own way.. everyone is still small. It's the little things in life that age you. The loss of a loved one.. a friend. But what if you've lost youself.. how old do you get then.. 010929
Fire&Roses I love you boy. 010930
kim immature male 020114
cabinfever what i was and what i am,
but i dont have anything to say other than why did it happen
and why does it work
when will we go

amnesis of a lifethread
sp0rkf00 So yeah. I miss him. Sue me. And its only taken me a week to figure out that's why I'm in this funk. I miss the Boy. Now admittedly, as suspected, any sexual tension that may have been shared between us was totally obliterated once the idea was consumated (Yes. I said that. It was consumated. I know, spare me the lecture). But in the aftermath, we got to be really close friends, and pretty much on the sly, because neither of us really wanted to deal with the Drama.

Very rarely do I find people that I connect with on the level the two of us found ourselves. I had forgotten it could happen. I had also forgotten how great it is to talk to someone Who Knows Things. He reminded me how much I love History. He reminded me that I was smart. A thinker. And educated even. He made me remember just a little bit more of who I am.

But here's the thing. I saw myself getting close to making the same disasterous mistakes I've made before. I saw so much of the Good Things I loved about the x-Boy. Dare I say even the Evil Boy. And even some traits that I wished them both to have so badly. But when it all came down to It, it just wasn't there. It never was. It hurts you know. I still feel like I'm a complete failure as a heterosexual. I still look at the whole thing in that light. I know, this isn't all that great for the self-esteem, and I'm really trying to work past it all. Or better yet, stop trying to work so hard. And just be.
girl_jane What's behind his eyes? 020301
lycanthrope boys cry sometimes,
boys want things blindly,
but boys don't have to know
and boys don't have to be the best
and boys can forget to keep score
and boys can play,
and find their niche in a cloud's
changing form
or in the way the wind makes
a dandilions pedals its own.
And boys know that they caused
all of it. That they are the center
of a world too large to ever know completely, the justification of so much beauty.
And they keep it behind eyes innocent except for the traces of hunger, which sometimes go wrong.
sad girl when i first meet a boy that i like my roommate and my father (the two men who are the most protective of me) always refer to the new boy as "boy" rather than his name. i think they hope that it would be a passing fling and that it wont last long enough for them to have to learn his name. sometimes it is and sometimes it isnt.

i call the guys that i date or are friends with and hang out with boys because the word is less scarey than men. the word man makes me think of hairy people that are my dad's age. men with careers and wives and kids. i go after boys- boys in their 20's.
men are scarey. boys i can handle.
basketcase He'll leave too. The good ones always do. 020520
not an angry girl i told myself i'd never go for a boy again. because they were too young because they were too much of everything that hurt me. lies and toys and promises that were always broken. so i gave up on boys. and i found a man. a good man a nice man a man who works hard. but i realized that a man is still a boy. a boy in the body of man. who still plays with lies and toys and promises that were always broken.
and one after another it hurts. and one after another i ask myself what is wrong with me. and then i wake up and say it's a new day and i'll be fine. and i'll find someone someday i will.
there's this new boy. not yet covered in the body of a man. with curious eyes and soft hair and a pretty smile. skin soft and warm. and i'm afraid to let him in. because i know what happens when you fall in love with a boy.
niska giving me the shifty eyes
walk away, I'm not surprised
you had to know;
I told you so
Why you acting like I lied?

boy, you know I'm sorry...
pulp_frizzniction Boy

you'll be a woman soon
stina Theres this boy. the most important thing in the world to me. Please god. 030826
a girl with nothing to say boys are very important in a girls life i mean with out boys what would we do all i have to say is i love boys 031017
cupcake boys my age are crazy! girls my age are crazy too but they make sense but with boys i feel like their aliens but at the same time i want to kiss them! isn't that weird? 031017
charlie I won't forget when Peter Pan came to my house, took my hand
I said I was a boy; I'm glad he didn't check.
I learned to fly, I learned to fight
I lived a whole life in one night
We saved each other's lives out on the pirate's deck.
And I remember that night
When I'm leaving a late night with some friends
And I hear somebody tell me it's not safe, someone should help me
I need to find a nice man to walk me home.
When I was a boy, I scared the pants off of my mom,
Climbed what I could climb upon
And I don't know how I survived,
I guess I knew the tricks that all boys knew.
And you can walk me home, but I was a boy, too.
I was a kid that you would like, just a small boy on her bike
Riding topless, yeah, I never cared who saw.
My neighbor come outside to say, "Get your shirt,"
I said "No way, it's the last time I'm not breaking any law."
And now I'm in a clothing store, and the sign says less is more
More that's tight means more to see, more for them, not more for me
That can't help me climb a tree in ten seconds flat
When I was a boy, see that picture? That was me
Grass-stained shirt and dusty knees
And I know things have gotta change,
They got pills to sell, they've got implants to put in, they've got implants to remove
But I am not forgetting
That I was a boy too
And like the woods where I would creep, it's a secret I can keep
Except when I'm tired, except when I'm being caught off guard
I've had a lonesome awful day, the conversation finds its way
To catching fire-flies out in the backyard.
And I tell the man I'm with about the other life I lived
And I say now you're top gun, I have lost and you have won
And he says, "Oh no, no, can't you see
When I was a girl, my mom and I we always talked
And I picked flowers everywhere that I walked.
And I could always cry, now even when I'm alone I seldom do
And I have lost some kindness
But I was a girl too.
And you were just like me, and I was just like you.
Peens Goddamit guys I am a boy, i swear to god i am. It aint that bad. 040211
sara i wish i had the boy i want.
if i had the boy i want.
my life would be perfect.
because if the boy i want was mine, i'd have not a care in the world besides him and myself. i want him to care for me the way i care for him. hes my boy, my baby boy, and will always will be even if he loses all affection for me.
i'll forgive him, because i love him.
nemo heroin 040323
xXx ...I Love The Boy. 040702
Briar The boy i love loves some one else, now hes pushing me away and i dont know why. 040806
peppy you know why, you just revealed that he loves someone else 040806
villain daydream Boy, we started calling him, and he takes it from us. He loves us. He is Our Boy. But what does that mean? Where does that go? Am I sabotaging myself? I love our Boy. He's one third of my world. No. That makes my world too small. I'm rambling. Starting to get caught up in this. Just rambling. 041119
briar that boy broke my heart. i thought he wouldn't when he turned me down but he did. now i'm going back to my old feelings of self harm and suicide all because of this beautiful goth boy. 041119
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
Kal-el hoooba joooba 050419
concha somwhere along the way my brother became 'the boy'
then there's 'the boys' in the plural to refer to them and also their house, that house that i joked was wasted on them but is entirely a physical manifestation of who they are.
then there's the boy. that other boy. that other beautiful boy.
me I feel guilty for watching you.
You are so beautiful it makes me shiver.
me yes me Sitting next to you my mind is peaceful.

There is nothing in you that seems akin to the men I've known. You are pure. beautiful. alive. real.

God, beautiful, beautiful boy. Don't ever change. Don't become like the cynical old men that plague this earth. Don't become like the try hard young lads on the fast road to old and sour so far before their time. Stay as you are. Be honest. Be real. Be you. All the way through.

I love you .
I shouldn't.

I don't want to.

I don't want to trample all over my picture of pristine new snow.
auburn I want a man. 071016
skie Boy
A child so small, so helpless
born to a girl, not a woman
who takes advantage of life.
She beat and threw him down
in pungent refuse he nearly drown.
A wound, future scar, she branded him
with the mark of Ugly Reality.
How did you survive, how did I get so lucky?
An angel, a woman
with a heart to big for her chest.
It pounded with the fury of guns blazing,
the pressure built up
and then a steam whistle
that sounded from her core
signaled her coming destiny.
Her eyes glued to his fragile body,
the moment she re-found love.
Her heart, pounded with the dazzle of fireworks
Mother found child.
A man, grown now
far too old in his mind,
but still too young at heart,
takes on the weight of his world,
the one the angel made beautiful again.
Scars that were once wounds
were easily concealed,
till another angel fell in,
she was caught by the arms of the man,
and revealed the scars of the boy.
That angel was me.
How did you survive, how did I get so lucky?
Angel met boy, boy met angel.
Mother found child, child found mother.
Man saved an angel, an angel saved man.
Two angels looked into the eyes of a boy, a child, a man,
and two angels found a savior.
He thanked God that He sent His angels to save him,
but God sent the man to save the angels.
How did you survive, how did we get so lucky, to be the ones to receive you?
Sapp *Beautiful boy

can You see this?

will You marry *me?

*I would follow You to the ends of the EARTH

if we ever got a chance

I will love
You Forever

twenty-three You are not a boy, and this frightens me. 100915
puffle who's penny robinson? 100915
what's it to you?
who go