Kami Khazay hey, i finally figure out how this damn thing, you gotta do a check to see if the page exists correct, and if it does, then you gotta delete it and re-write it to make it exist...and the's simple, you loop through each string to see if it's there, and if it is there, then you replace it with a link to the definition.

only one database, and about 3 or 4 different cf scripts or so. hot part about one database is that you only gotta query one thing, y'know?

man, i gotta use this thing someday...i think i'm gonna make a digtionary. but nobody will care, and it won't be like anybody else will come over to read...but, i'll have it for me. and that will make it cool.

i figured it out!!
youla yeah... i want one too. 000602
TalviFatin Mine sucks. I want a new one. This hourglass figure just isnt easy. Why must i suffer excessive curves?? 010724
zulu a perfect figure eight!

The crowd goes wild as she wins the gold medal, for what? A figure eight? They obviously don't highly value that which is the art of figure skating.

marjorie go figure.
it figures.
oh i figured as much
so, yeah.
Whitechocolatewalrus I figure that it doesn't really matter too much, but that's okay, because I really don't have anything else to think about. I figure that someday I can forget that it ever happened. 031109
Teardrop in the fire 40 25 36 and 5'10" 061116
me trying to figure you out

because I know that what you show is far from all there is to it. something is in the way. I want you to be okay.
what's it to you?
who go