deb finally it struck me
that if i don't wish to see
someone's name upon my list
all i have to do

wow. what logic, deb.
silentbob day fades into night
night fades into years
kisses fade into fights
fights fade into tears
i was always that lonely hopeless_romantic
who saw his own situation as tragic
but looking abck...the looking forward
it all deprens on your goals
your drive. your motives.
she was never someone i thought twice about. someone i just considered nice
but i always thought she wouldn't like me
and all my expectations backfire these days
so i have decided to flush all that nonsense down the toilet
and expect the unexpected
i'll get everything i want.
stan finally, (caught the flu again) okay now 000805
Mika Finally, the drip's stopped dripping
And the rust has begun to gather
well I've waiting long enough
my voice is rusted like the waterpipes
from lack of use
and my tears have run till they won't run any more
I'm tired
and finally i can sleep
twiggie everyone is finally gone. 001225
Chrity go to:
velvet spasm 010424
string don't go to I_have_words, chrity lives there and she wants your soul. Go to the_temple_of_string instead, we just want you to love string. 010511
god bow to string 010511
just a guy im finally with him and it's everything i could have imagined 010917
Shugarhi Finally a day to prove you don't hate me, but at the same time, it proves you do, or, at least, you are annoyed by me. But maybe we can make something of this. Maybe it's in the way you look at me that causes you to see into my mind. Maybe it's the love you see in my eyes. Maybe you're just bored with everything. All I know is I love you. 010920
Syrope *there are nights i dont cry
*i can admit to myself that i will always love you even if i'm not IN LOVE with you
rubydee she goes to sleep

then i miss her.
Fierce I am dead inside
I wish I could return
To the way it was
To the simple state of mind
But everything has revolved
But nothing has spun
Into anything worthwhile
Into anything at all
me finally i think i did find out what this shit is and i was right its a fuckin dictionary with a bunch of idiots writing sentences with a certain word in if you dont like what i put then email me even though what i put is not my email address and i dont know whos it is and i dont care
you all suck

GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love & hate Finally, she will speak to me,
finally, she will love me,
finally, she will take me back,
finally, she will forgive me,
finally, she will love me and we will be together forever,
finally, once she starts talking to me again, once she speaks to me, once she loves me, once she takes me back, once she forgives me.
Only after that, will i finally be happy and never want anything else in this world, but her.
Barefoot Revolutionary finally the storm clouds have parted and i can finally see the sky. the stars. i can finally smile a true smile. i can hear her voice and it touches me. im finally happy again. i need nothing more than to be with her. finally i can tell everyone what this is and who it is i love. and i can finally be proud to say it, and mean it. i love her. he was the mistake. she is my refuge. 060606
unhinged i'm okay with how tarnished we are; ready to leave it behind. 060606
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