Q and the plain clouds yielded
ten inches I understand
Barrett "Like a drive
through Estes Park,
we savor the sun
and we the clouds come
make animals"

cali j (5yrs old)The fluffiest softess beds i ever saw......wished i had a ladder to reach them.. thought it would be the best jumpfest ever! 010620
paste! (today) boing, boing, boing...we don't need no stinkin' hi-tech shoes! 010620
cali j Yah but our toes might get cold..I'll go buy us some jumpin' socks...the rainbow kind with the toe thing going on 010622
paste! (tomorrow) boing, boing, boing...c'mon, it doesn't matter! 010622
LeVi just like smoke. 011121
zenfishsticks at night the grey clouds were feathered around the moon, like the wings of ten thousand angels. 020113
Rhin my opinion, are so much more beautiful when you are looking down upon them. 021224
braulio clouds dripping blood
clouds dripping gold
I´m at my swimming pool
gettin´ it all till i`m old
xyz curtain infinity 040211
kudos all around the circle 050225
Christine Constantly transforming.
They seem to emulate emotion.
pSyche I'll be perfectly happy
if you let me keep my head here
right here
in the middle of the clouds
three words former container clouds 051009
sarah so unique
i love clouds
sisyphus i see clouds in the sky and the moon like two eyes and the sense that all things in heaven and earth are buzzing. 060903
Zsiga God paints in clouds
Brush strokes of white
Perfection placed with care
Across an infinite canvas
Of blue eternity
The clouds of innocence
Darken into charcoal
Masses of liquid
Yet unseen thru
The long winter
I wait patiently
In the desert
A host for fire and destruction
Perhaps He forgot
Leaving us dry
Then it comes in glory
God weeps for us
And our rebellion
Pouring out rain
Drenching our skin
Awakening our souls
To His love
The colors will bloom
In the vivid light
Of April salvation
flowerock the clouds here don't bother having shapes, they rest comfortably atop the hill. If we hike up the hill we can be inside them, see them dance in the barely tangible air currents, wet from their deoplets that aren't quite rain... well it's raining now, supposed to rain all week... excet monday, monday's forcast is "fog" I have never lived anywhere that "fog" was a weather forcast... I went running one night here that it was foggy... I got nervous and ran back home when even my flashlight could not gain me more than a foot of sight, if that... all Icould see was white swirling patterns of water particles... and I could only think of the mountain lions that might be in the trees or racoon that might bump into me and scare a little scream out of me... the clouds here are not shy this is their land. 140228
Sagrad it's easy to forget about the clouds.
when we are so busy running around and riding the subway all day. up and down the stairs, going fast - I don't want to miss this bus and be late for work again.
on the way back it's dark and I'm hungry and tired. Everyone seems hungry and tired, and nearly all are looking down to their phones. And suddenly it hits me: the clouds.
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