daxle you
what I mean
the chance
bfnh polite term for bitch 990708
elimeny if you say "i miss you" to someone, is that basically the same thing as saying "ive missed you"? so does that mean that when you are away from someone, and wishing you could see them, its the same as if they had passed by your front door, and you just werent there when they called upon you? Does that mean that if you "miss" them, it's like it's your fault, because you weren't there when they were? Is this why long-distance relationships are so difficult? Because you "miss" me? Because you "missed" me? Well then, that's your own damn fault. so there. 991207
elimeny and i miss you
and i know i won't have you again
but i'll never understand why....
and i beg for answers from those uninvolved
and they give feeble answers
and you don't call
and you don't talk
and you don't visit
and i really miss you
and it's like you turned away from me
with your arms crossed
and as i cry and say "i miss you"
because i do
you say "well, you aint gonna have me no more.
so there."

elimeny like a box with a hole
and you reach your hands inside
and feel a velvet-like surface....
something surreal....
something intricate yet simple....
something that wrenches your heart with wont...
and you decide you want it,
you want him,
but then it's RIPPED away from you....
and you cling...
and you grab...
and you reach...
but it's gone.
and you keep thinking,
"what if I had explored its entire surface?
what if i had known all of it?
what if he had let me...."
but it is lost
it is pulled away
How can you just change your mind?
So fickle?
So capricious?


But I'm scared too, but I let you grace me with your presence with no regrets...
I swallowed my fear....
and my pride...

Where are you?
Why did you leave?
Why did you pull away?
You say you don't know why...
Likewise, I'm sure.

I miss you.
I missed you.
And I don't understand....
And you don't understand...
I don't WANT anybody else...
you were my epitome...
you were
Nobody else will do.
No one.
So there.
valis i missed my chance. she was only here for the few weeks anyway, so what was i going to do? i'd still like to have the chance to see. always with the right person at the wrong time ...

fuck people. people are complicated.
ikon like running through the night, or emerging out of a thick fog, or the light that shines through you....i'm soo close... 000116
Joana. I miss you...
decoy une seul `etre vous monque et tout est depeuple`. - Lamartine

(One person is missing and the world becomes empty.)
marjorie Beware small children
They wandered here
With bare feet on concrete
And skinned knees
Bruised shins and elbows
Battle scars to show their worth
Nobody else noticed.
Until they were gone.
Now we all miss them.
Look what we've become.
girl i miss my adam. 000328
elise what's the point?
It's not as if time's going to stand still for me anyway.
girl i walk around town and i see ghosts.
everywhere i go there is at least one floating around the atmosphere and i creeps into my eyes and i see us smiling back when we took being together for granted back when touching you was an everyday occurence
i see our friends i see the parties and the shows i see the movies i see the all nighters where we all just sat around and talked and smoked i hear the conversations i hear your voice sweet and pure in my ear and feel your warm breath
the ghosts are all thats left here they still haunt me sometimes because i cant believe how fast everything happened how fast i lost everything but your love. it stings a little sometimes
but im glad it turned out this way. im glad i still have your love and devotion and you still have mine and soon we'll be together again and i just know the ghosts will leave me alone.
emily i miss the way you used to look at me
like i meant everything to you,
i miss how you used to hold me
and make me think it was all okay,
i miss the way you smelled,
when i breathed deeply with my face so close to your neck,
i miss you
i miss us
Matthew False dawn slowly leaking into the horizon in the wrong directon, so that you are facing away from the true light. The echo of the rock falling pricks your ear and you listen to the wrong noise. Salt water stinging in your eyes as the waves pull you toward the rocks. A shot in the dark. A ghost lie. An empty well. You swing by your goal and miss. Going on forever, kicking and screaming towards infinity. 000624
Matthew That moment when you know that you can take that step, when you can reach out to her and make a change in your lives, do the wrong thing that isnt the wrong thing but it sure isnt the right thing that you did before but cant be the wrong thing. You live in the moment for a few short moments and something comes and steals it away. And you are left to create it anew, or forever wish you had acted. Missed. 000624
silentbob it was torture not seeing you tonight
not conversing with your expanded mind
and i knew that if i didn't soon
that i'd better do it a different time
i miss you when i can't see you
and hate not seeing your voice
i die a hundred thousand times
and it is never out own choice
if i could touch that intricate mind
i would fear that i would break
and i'd probably end up living 1 million years
to eternally play out that mistake.
kenric the bus.
whenever it's time to go to work.
kim i miss you
i miss the JEEP
i miss ketchup on macaroni
i miss that high pitched laugh
i miss wrestling practice
and matches and tournaments
i miss going to raleigh when there was
nothing else to do
i miss myrtle beach
i miss sitting in your room
i miss Beau
i miss going to the sports center to
watch you sweat
i miss your eyes that were the same as
i miss your chicken scratch handwriting
that wrote me stupid little notes
i miss the eyebrows that you liked me
to pluck
i miss your mom
i miss your arms, they were huge
i miss cheesecake
i miss gatorade
i miss scratching your back
i miss what you never had
i miss our last words
i miss your voice touch look
all too too much
Zoe i miss the way you used to look at me for hours. we didn't even have to talk. you always knew what i wanted, sometimes even before i did.
i miss the way you kissed me as i would cry in your arms.
i miss the way you got so mad every time i had a new cut on my wrist.
i miss you hiding all of the knives and scissors from me.
i miss sneaking out of the house and watching you pull into the driveway with your lights off.
i miss you touching me. you made every touch feel like it was forbidded and passionate.
God damn it, i miss you!
domingokim I need to like a friend because I want to talk to someone but I don't have friends...in school I have a lot...In my hometown I don't have any more...
Please help me
Oh! My name is domingo kim...
I have funny stories and I have to talk to you a lot...
sarpedon It is the strong nostolgia of some desirable emotions that cannot be conjured up without assistance. 000911
MollyCule "the worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right next to them and know that you can never have them" - Dave Matthews 001016
misstree a hole
that once was whole.

a tooth gone,
raw and uncomfortable
and sad.

a lack, a need, a want,
even worse
when you know it will never again be filled.
like rain. it's twenty-five minutes past the latest hour that i could call her. i regret staying away from the phone.

at the same time, there is nothing left to say. she does not want to hear of my fear and it has swelled so that it stops up my throat.

i feel like such a fucking moron.
Josef maybe you are one. 010511
bono in lingerie Hey! No need for accusations, man. Love is the word.
Have no worry!
Have no fear!
Bono loves you!
He ain't queer!
Theodore My name is Theodore Sideris.
I am a chemistry student from Greece, searching for amylase and I just found your site.
I do not have the time now to discover more, but I would like to hear from you. I think you have a very nice site.
As for the word 'miss'...it says it all by itself, I think.
marjorie i miss you when i'm happy
because i know that's when you belong here most.
nemo i miss you
i miss what we had
i miss what we didnt
i miss the nothing
i miss the everything
i miss details
i miss life
i miss being happy
i miss being me
i miss seeing you
i miss how beautiful you are
i miss how you smile
i miss how you laugh
i miss how you cry
i miss being there for you
i miss seeing you there for me
i miss the scars
i miss the track marks
i miss the sadness
i miss crying over you
i miss being jealous
i miss your hugs
i miss you
i hate knowing that i did this and its only been 7 hours since i talked to you last and i allready cant stand to know i'll always be without you because i am stuch a stupid bitch and then it makes me realize o gee i sure relied on him for alot in my life, but i loved it that way. its not over, but at the moment it is and i dont know what to do...
kinkazoid i miss my bf already i just left his house but i miss him because i know i cant see him tomorrow, and he told me he is gonna hang out with his friends the day after tomorrow, so thats 2 days with out seeing him, i cant go through this. 010612
kinkazoid he worst way to miss someone is to have them right beside you and know that you can never have them. 010612
BarWench i miss nothing, new is always better if you make it so 010822
ClairE The word scares me.

I think I'm going to cry.

What is my life without this word right now?

I'm crumbling.
lyst i spent so much time, so much effort, missing you... sometimes it hurt so bad, i prayed to cry myself to sleep, but only managed to choke on the air that wouldn't fill my lungs... in no way am i healed, nor do i ever expect... but i've moved on, to miss missing you... sometimes i don't know which is worse... 011205
Toxic_Kisses As in I really really miss you but I'm glad we're apart bc O now suddenly appreciate you so much more than before I left 011222
Remorseful I miss the way it used to be
When we were young
And everything was simple
Casey I missed my chance at you and getting to know you. Now I have to watch you walk down the street with him and see your car in his drive way. That's ok though. I still enjoy having you be my friend. And it's great fun when we talk. You like to talk a lot about how much of a jerk he's been lately. But it's still great fun. 020120
shadow i wish i had someone to miss... 020120
ellen cherry charles i miss the fact that i will never be able to live out certain futures that iused to muse about.
i like to have options.

i also miss a silly raptor.
lyst i miss being excited about the new... i miss being hurt by the pain... i miss being restless... 020402
underneath "You say you wonder if anyone noticed
you were gone..."

Tears shining in her stormy eyes

"I did," she told him. "I noticed. I missed you every minute
of every day for the last six months."

He didn't know what to say to that. All the words that had
been pushing and shoving inside his mouth in their rush to
be spoken had seemingly already been voiced.

"Seven years we've been together. For seven years, you've been my best friend," she continued quietly. "I've
worked beside you, fought for you and with you, covering
your back the same way you covered mine. We were a team."

She continued on.

"I'm not sorry we've got you here safe and secure. You're back. Finally. That's what's important
to me. And if having that means I've got to put up with a
few temper tantrums along the way...well, if you could
remember anything about us, you'd know I've been through
a hell of a lot worse."
no logic to feeling The angels know i need you! 021124
me Miss Petite Square
Miss Mia
Miss Mommy
Miss May
Miss cool
Miss Perfect
Miss Queen of Sheba
Miss me miss me miss me!
Too many misses to remember!
miss me My Bella!
Glory Box we learn not to say goodbye because the world seems to keep throwing us together.

i miss you in the sweet length of summer afternoons, when the breeze hits the treetops and the sigh fills my ears.

i said it i'll say it again.

you are my summertime and i put all of myself into the song, filled with vibrato and sealed longing.

you can't use words like love around me.

when you get tired of running you know where to find me.
misstree tree! 030818
David I miss the way you used to walk down my stairs with your hair up in a bun wearing my favorite shirt.
I miss the scars from your late night scratches in the dark.
I miss the way our fingers would play when we held hands.
I miss your smile and the taste of your lips.
I miss the four hour conversations about nothing at all.
I miss the times I never even had to think about losing you.
I'm scared that you're the one that got away.
mysticspiral I miss you Jordan, but no one can know
Can it be out little secret
I'd love to have another secret with you
Another secret you could tell any and all who wanted to know
Another secret you could share as if knowing it somehow gave you insight into my heart
You never knew me
You didn't know the first thing about me, or my heart, or my soul
You never knew or cared

You insolent little prick
Why do I still miss you
You couldn't possibly miss me
You don't know who I am beyond by skin and mouth
You don't know my mind beyond endless months of mindless small talk
So why do I miss you still?

It's our little secret though dear
No one can ever know, that me, inundated with apathy
Still misses you
So let's mask this in humor
And never let on
That at four-thirty in the morning my brain is packed with thoughts of you
I'll never speak your name
Or look you in the eye
But I miss you, I miss us
I miss jordan
Lemon_Soda to contemplate that which may be or was but is not now. 031020
Death of a Rose missed me, need to aim better. 031020
a girl with nothing to say I miss you and your stupid notes you used to write to me in class
I miss the way you used to hold me when I was sad
I miss the way you always knew what to say
I miss being jealous when you talked to other girls
I miss your baggy pants
I miss crying over you
I miss hanging at your house after school
I miss those late night phone calls
I miss the way you smelt
I miss the way you used to smile at me
I miss kissing your soft lips
I miss the way you wouldn?t push me to do anything
I miss everything about you?..
josef is how, I feel, longing for people/perons I'm not going to see long, however, I feel its incongruable that we all love to hate what we fear. 031205
Lia I miss them so much. College took them away from me. Why did all the people I love the most have to be older than I am? Now all but one of them are gone. Next year they'll all be gone. Fuck this shit. 031207
Twilight *love* its gone temporarily? forever? for awhile? doesnt matter. something you like...loved...had no connection to til now? it can be anything gone.

My love, hed never leave me for long. but then an hour is long to me, but I know its worth the wait. Always together, except when we're apart.

it makes perfect sense to miss your everything
open up your eyes i miss you more than i ever want to admit 040307
open youreyes more than i ever want to admit. 040307
open youreyes more than i ever want to admit. 040307
Nell* nothing compares 040310
me i-miss-you 040310
Broken I miss you, I miss you. Where are you and im so sorry, i cannot sleep i cannot dream tonight i need somebody and always this sick strange dark ess comes creeping on so haunting everytime....Dont waste your time on me your already a voice inside my head. 040311
Max512 Miss like love is good word. You can miss a person and you can miss a object. Just like you can love a person and love a friend. To diffrent levels of two diffrent words 040414
misunderstood so many things..so many times 040425
pete it feels like its been so long. how long has it been? three or four days? i miss you already (i could have said this after one day). i hope you are remembering to wake 040425
her royal highness the quirk "I miss my friend" 040425
Bespeckled I miss one word blathes. 040605
hsgatincamail one 040614
naive artist It seems like so many words for a simple concept. I miss you. 040618
witchesrequiem MISS.....High School.......I said it..A time of no bills..just play, work, and sex..

MISS...Keith sleeping through art with me, and still making better grades then anyone...

Miss...the stupid shit we did at 18...yelling threw the tunnel, skateboarding in the hopital garage getting in trouble everyday.. telling off freshmen girls I never met to set my male friends at ease..

Miss....laying on the stage, skipping P.E. ..deciding what lights too install, writing music for Odium and Hypnotic distortion,.......Hiding behind the curtains from the monitors...

Miss...Walking through the French Quarter with Todd everyday after rehersal, getting baked by the sun..

Most of all I miss my optimism toward.......... this all!
lacunas coil I think that I miss home, but if I was there I would want to be away.

I think that I miss silence, but I am surrounded by it all the time.

I think that I miss spare time, but when I have it I want to do something.

I think that I miss love, but when I love I always wander and am hurt.

I think that I miss you, but really what I miss is the base that you provided.
laced we might as well be strangers 040626
luvvy you used me
crushed me
took advantage of me...
but i miss everything about you
kait that boy with the jewfro.
my camp, dorky as that sounds.
having long hair, but only sometimes
because apparently
i looked like a hobo.
my cd's
but everything leaves for a reason
and i found it.
playing Dungeons_and_Dragons with Chuck
and yes
i know only nerds play it.
not being interested in them.
Fudge miss you. 041001
hardcore I miss you So much. When you left this morning I instantly felt sad even though i will see you in two days. But thats what you do to me james. You're a great great man, and he man of my dreams 041130
j i l l i a n sometimes i get pains in my stomach because i miss things so much. i think i rely too much on the past. i cant stand change. i cant stand to miss my past. 050115
palm Oh you miss me? how kind.

wish I could plaster my face with plastic and say the exact same damn thing.
aaron For the first few days,
it did not really occur to me
that you were so far away.

I go about my daily routine,
scratching entries off of my
to-do lists...
until it is the time
that I would normally call you.

I look at the phone, knowing
that if I called at this very
moment, you would not be there to answer.
sometimes this makes me feel sort of alone.

I try to read a book, or watch some television
and find that I cannot concentrate.

In a typical week,
we spend probably three or
four days at a time apart, yet...

Knowing you are so far way
it seems different.
as if when you were (only) thirty miles away
it brought me comfort,
to know that if I wanted to see you all I had to do was ask.

Now, we areon different shores,
and with all of these states between us...
it seems like a lot of empty space.

Now that you are not just around the corner,
I realize that the simplicity of your closeness
is something I may have taken for granted for a long time.

I miss you.
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laurah i miss-
oh god

if i could remove those two words from my vocabulary

what would i give, what would i give.

do you realise that happiness makes you cry?
laurah there is "i miss you"
as in, "i wish you were here. i wish i could see you every day."

and then, there is "i miss you"
as in
i hate seeing you every day. the laugh and the crinkly brown eyes breezy long hair hands that should not touch that jingle-bell belt of hers
pete it feels good to know that when i missed her it was requited in turn. 051104
Karli not being able to let go of a person. Because of who they are...wonderful creatures. Not being able to say goodbye to someone. Thinking of them every moment of everyday. Hoping inside the best they could ever imagine, and not being able to tell them. I miss my brother, Kameron 060116
charmeuse all the blather greats.

no order.

marjorie miss marjie.
it's what i call myself.
as though i have identity.
as though my heart is in it

bunnies? it must be bunnies...
lu you so much 060318
hax0r pwned 060711
goddamn spammers everytime i see viagra spam, i wish the spammer would come over here and bend over, then you'll find out how unnecessary their viagra ads are

in fact...i wanna gouge a spammer's eyes out with my cock and skullfuck their ruined ocular sockets, that's how much nobody here needs their shit.
Lemon_Soda me 060722
really i do. 060722
everything but the girl and i miss you
like the deserts miss the rain
asdfsd i miss my insomnia 060808
asdfsdf insomnia god i miss it 060808
uyanga I miss these ads not being here. 060821
u24 blather_spam 061012
endless desire fuck you fuck you fuck you

why the hell do you have ruin a good place?

go to hell you pervert.
nineteen Pants 061014
Dallas A little better? 061024
Risen Last blathe as a Miss needed to be done (this is a fun bucket list) 220912
what's it to you?
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