haldan when we're apart
i go throw darts
at the local bar
where i fell in the tar
when you should be loving
indtead there is nothing
that didn't really rhyme
because i don't have the time
lee I will say it simply:
The leaf dies without its root (my heart when your beat goes).
TheLove Constantly, and you're cool with that. Well guess fucking what? I'M NOT. You hear me? I'm NOT COOL WITH you being somewhere else ALWAYS! I'm not cool with you thinking of me as just a friend. I'm not cool with that bitch waltzing in and out of your life, fucking you up and me too. I almost die with the stress sometimes, because I know you're not stable... or are you just pretending? Which proves you're unstable, honey. Let me help. 001220
psychobabe you tear this all apart from me, all this love i feel, you make this all go away and i'm down to just one thing and i'm starting to scare myself!!!!!! 010501
blown cherry A consequence of your choice.
A system of priorities that finds me further down than I would like.
I will not be at your beck and call,
I have to put myself, my body, first to avoid hitting the wall, running to the ground.
Your multitude of solitude must be crucial, the multitude far out weighing the small portion of free time I have.

I'll stand as long as my legs can hold me.
Until they decide to walk on.
carebare parting is hard on the inside, easy on the outside. So it seems to the people watcher. Veilings of shades, beyond the rendered rip. 030919
lou_la_belle i am
from you,
a part
of me
is missing.
one that
i dearly
and desperatly
want back.
witchesrequiem scary thought. (see together) 040601
unhinged i can't even think of what it would feel like 090707
*Amy* Life can make sense until I remember that u still live in this world and everything falls apart 090707
unhinged the loneliness, sadness comes back
but then i think of the way my lips reached for yours
and yours for mine
and even just the memory of it
is enough
In_Bloom What's the point when I can only sleep well if nestled into open arms? 090925
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