nameless some-where. dont know where but it must have a where so it "some" no commitment, just "some". some-how, how? some what? some where? why there is no somewhy? 991218
riot "It's over that rainbow, baby." 000113
maccie but not here, i can assure you 000626
tourist some wear.What or bodies all show if we breathe long enough. 001027
dB anywhere. away. gone. never-more. 010211
ladybird out there 010517
noole other than here 011105
Rowergirl Someone, somewhere dreams of your smile,

and when thinking of you says life is worth while.

So when you are lonely, remember its true....

... someone, somewhere is thinking of you.
me amor:
alas rotas
"pourquoi pleures-tu?"
"il pleut."
"je ne comprends."
"je suis fatigue."
me *subconsciente 030204
krimilda *est├║pido 030204
User24 somewhere there's a reason 030406
sylphide There's a place for us, somewhere a place for us. Peace and quiet and open air, wait for us, somewhere. 030407
endless desire im somewhere between

loving you with everything that i have
weak at the knees
puddy on the ground
clay for molding
wrapped around you finger
head over heals
everything that you ever wanted


hating you with everything i've ever had
or felt or dreamed.
wishing for nothing more but to rid myself of every possible memory of you
and every word you ever said to me
and every kiss we ever shared.
and starting my own island.
my own fing island
of anger
of hatred
and me.

somewhere between love and loathing. and im not sure which is which. while they seem so entirely different, they are exactly the same.
somewhere why i think i can rely on myself and my methods. somewhere were i feed off of another. relationship solves my problems. feeling thinking dancing living crying speaking pondering confusing breathing dear god it just goes around. it's all too much for me to keep living and still wonder if i should love you. i can't love you. i shouldn't love you. it will only bring hurt and tears and troubles and sneaking and things i put away. a long time ago. put away. i can't love you. i won't love you. but why should i shut off my heart?

oh hell why am i writing about love?
i love my family.
i love my friends.
but i will not love men. not now at least.
x twisted x somewhere...
theres peace..
theres silence..
theres love..
theres truth..
theres true friendship..
xtr8ng3r i wanna go somewhere, anywhere but here.. 041202
Bluish Belle snort the travel time away 'til i reach that somewhere. 050630
Nitram Wherever you go, there we are too. There's no escapade.

A funny noise overhead. If you're not scared of heights, you might just be a bird.

Meanwhile, there's a hole in my soup.
auburn Your happiness and contentment stings and nauseates in all the wrong places. 090114
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