andrew@benicetobears.com to your mother 980819
dallas that part of a sentence between all the spaces and the puntuation. 980901
who will not the blather pivot 980903
sarah jane concrete symbol for an abstract idea 981014
Pacia a darling mode of transport. 981107
megan i like it when he says it repeatedly on the phone.. the way it comes across all hurried and excited -- makes me smile. everything is "I act like such a fuckin' rock star".. "I got this fuckin' rad guitar. I'm gonna fuckin' rock out.".. "I've got all this stress.. fuckin' uhh.."
It ceases to be a bad word.
adam the one thing my entire life is supported by, the all-powerful word. 990303
ceorl conceptual unit, variable by context 990420
obvious ubiquitous Microsoft program 990530
jeff ...knows? 990828
Ka texts need words to grow, like trees earth ... 991108
valis there's things there are no words for. if you're smart, you'll keep 'em that way. 991207
clundicus my favorite word is simulacrum

i am a big geek, and i like it that way
gaudior sound word phrase sentence paragraph book library

and the foundation of our success as a species.
dizzy why are there alot of letters in a word, but yet you turn around and have alot of words in a letter? i find this very munipulative,,,should i sue? 000219
Brad A pallindrome is a word or sentence spelled the same backwards and forwards. How you like me now Molly... not only is it circular, but it leads somewhere else, too... 000310
Equin0x The blather page for 'word' is the most meta page on the Internet. I am ashamed to be a part of something so trendy. 000524
roXy hey! yeah you.
get that shit eating grin off your face.
who exactly do you think you are?
meet me at the club at 10:00, he said.
but where were you?
i waited and waited.
You should be in the back of my mind by now
But instead, I can't get your face out of my damn head.
nf There is a large cock, yes, yes. 000807
snorri bullshit 010103
kx21 w1) What is the most beautiful word in the UNIVERSE? 010103
vinny you are the one. Dony lie... Vinny...
The one who, the one speekin is the one who looks apon the screen. You however are the guilty party who incriminated two of which one me who did nothing wrong. Dont spread rumors as@#ole
carey that is worthless now 010205
jamie Jolie 010518
Tank it so happens that at this moment in my life i have come to have to ask people for their word.

some, it seems, are full of promise, others aren't worth shit.

thanks for the $500, i wish i could afford to refuse it. but the hollow echo that is the breaking of your promise has more far reaching implications than your money...
galiem W's
Words with woven wetness
Willfully watch women webheads
Why will we wipe weapons wiggling
Were white whinos whimpering
What William Wallace wrote
Was without wondering wicker wickens
Within wimbledon's wretched whisp
Workers win winter wackiness
Woot whispered william wipe
)-( i can get what i came for with one of those 011010
Toxic_Kisses w/o words I'd have to take up miming in order to express myself 011010
Inanna Word up...
is the code word...daaaaa
ty to your mama 011104
ClairE to your mother. Vanilla Ice, Ice BABy...

I like the word "word". Yum. Bite-sized and the love of my life.

It's more bread than wine.
Paramour One half are lies....the other half are untold. 020103
optic discretion Word ... what's in a word? Words describe emotions ... they are the difference between life and death, joy and sorrow, the medium of all things. Without words, expression would be left only to gestures ... gestures which only leave us to ponder and wonder.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a word is the balance in the scale of life.
(profound) cube 16 bits, 4 nibbles, 2 bytes, 1 word...
phil yo 020127
J people that say "worrrd" after u say somethin are fuggin idiotz 020227
pat sajaks ghost lesbian is a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-eastern connotations for me, it's like someone says, "hi, im a lesbian" and i start smelling incense and seeing turbans and camels or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me. 020606
PEACELOVESHEEP its only words
and words are all i have
to take your heart away.
Damn, but i hate the BeeGees.
And its a raw, powerful hate that makes me want to just... like, pound them into the ground where they'll live eternally in anguished highh-pitched harmony.
god you should be dancin'
~gez~ ring
what does this word mean to me? well, find out. click on the link
megan ...ya heard! 021117
Reverend Lough the greatest collection of words, the greatest philosophical renderings, words that are so deeply profound that they can instantaneously change your life.........why, they come from "Calvin and Hobbes". 021227
me the dictionary is very useful 030107
CaptainLinger The Funniest word is Kittywhompus

or Turd

or Ohio
cube Couldn't find your "Kittywhompus" in my dictionary. I'll bet it has something to do with that "Turd" in "Ohio", right?
samael Words are just a way for people to express themselves without body language,
and that is why my best friend is mashed potatoes
Samael Kittywampus is like kittycorner you tard
and that is why the elephant flys like a pig with wings
eViLrOdEnT chicken is a word

toast is a word

we are all gonna die is a phrase consisting of words
pepperdrinks i ran out of words to say a long time ago. i've been stuggling ever since to develop phrases that make sense or to have an original thought, but in 2003, there is nothing original in me, nothing i can say or do or feel or be that hasn't been breached before by someone smarter than me. 030416
god moose 030417
ferret if words were like water, i could drink them in, use the ones i needed, and get rid of the rest, but unfortunately they're not, all the words you've given me, good and bad, and all the words i've given you, good and bad, will stay with us forever, a constant battle between memories good and bad. 030417
Dafremen "FACETIOUS" because of the cool vowels in alphabetical order thing. "US" because it's a very simple but appealing combination of letters that are very soft and inviting. One consonant, one vowel, all gentle curves, not pointy stabbing lines like "ME", "I", "YOU". Yes, "us" is a very attractive word. 030418
god word is a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-eastern connotations for me, it's like someone says, "my word" and i start smelling incense and seeing turbans and camels or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me. 030530
Jason Reed Consider Yourself Ignored 031010
Clork Seduce subconscious seedlings
Fertilize with tempestuous flair
Slithering, seething, celestial serenades
Compare lust to flowering thin air

Mirror my imagination
Provocative piercing of the palm
Soothing, sleazy, starry symphonies
Mean calm to my ocean storm

Dream desert, dessert delicacy
Barely barren, barely bare
Sleep soundly soundless pshyche
Subconscious ceases to stare


Every day.
seeker amaze me
a sound that captures the emotions coliding in my head
an attempt at making something abstract
i once told you that i wish my head was a computer and that i could give you a disc so that you could see these thoughts inside my head
but instead i will vocalize them to you with the power of words
if you still wish to listen
pansy sharp words
cut my heart
precisely into perfect pieces
hot oil of
your eyes
fries them almost immediately
this is the way
you prepare
your meal
you start eating it
having me as an
of your bloody feast
and I am left with nothing
but you are still hungry
pansy I won’t loose even one your word
I will patiently put in a novel written
with silver letters in my heart,
touching my soul and deepest regions of my mind.
mr tumnus Kittywampus is our friend. Check him out here: http://www.sewerduck.com/story6.html 040307
oldephebe that's a really impressive exhibition of alliteration uh...Clork..seriously 040308
oldephebe did anyone mention the early 80's hip-hop term which clearly served as an under score, "yo man why don't you stop fessin?" and the obligatory interjection by a side kick "Word!" which seems to convey agreement and an implied threat or intimidation or something. 040308
kamiwhodoesntmatter pawns, bullets, pills
cheap (or expensive) thrills

and sometimes...
a word that kills.
you i hate you 040414
anniemo23@hotmail.com next time i go to a starFucks, durning morning time im gonna walk up to the counter and look as if im considering what soy fat free milk latte with a pinch of nutmeg on it I want for the day...im gonna yell:

do not confront me with my failures
I have not forgotten them.

as I count the seconds away with every two days gone
everyday two days gone is another useless fact

typing fingers while typing the people I see go by
the people I see go by really do go bye.

what do you know?
what do you know that I already don’t know?

taking my aggression out on my lonely unfailing thoughts
as if they had something to do with this position I’m currently in.

I just get in their way, always asking them
always not letting them go

but I know you can show me something
something in a different tone or light

I want to feel your embarrassments
I want to feel your failures
I want to hear your dark dirty little secrets
I want you to show& tell your self unselfishly

and then,
I want to love you for all of it.
I want to love you. honestly and openly.

and then,
I will tell you none of mine.
to see if you can love me still.

cuz, you see, I have been tainted.
I am dirty, beyond the point of still
having that last thought of a cleansing
shower. I can not be cleaned, only looked at
and felt. to get you dirty a little..
Tainted by rough hard love- calloused .
Tainted by strong winds and sand in my face.
tainted by truth and lies and ignorance.
I’ve got no where to hide anymore. I’ve been
kicked out of my hiding places- I’ve been voting off the island.
I did eat the apple. I did start the fire, I’ve got the burn marks.
I have treated lovers with anger and hatred when all they wanted
was to help me. Funny how we only notice that motive after the inertia
has long let down and has blown far far away. I took those cloths and these surroundings and put them in my bag and ran off laughing at the man on the moon. Destination: Anywhere but here, that was my motto even when I first arrived somewhere. bad company with loose guitar strings and messy hair and dirty finger nails. I told you I wanted to feel what love is and you said you could show me, you could show you told me with your swollen eyes and aching libido…. and I again, laughed without looking at you as I studied the scars on my hands. Remembering this one scar was from smashing a Guinness bottle over a cement bench and watching the dark maroon blood pour out and letting it run on my pant leg, noticing the bone pecking out. zapping back to present time and watching myself in the hotel mirror and seeing you sitting next to me as I wondered who I was and what you were doing there, there with that look of wanting me to just let go and surrender to your arms and warmth. with about 22 dollars and a passport I consider it. Consider driving on down Mexico to have another go. everyone seems to know me and I wonder howhow when I don’t give you anything. Not much history I tell, not much personal lubrication I let out in order to make the wheels turns. In order to make something work. I do see failure within all my relationships even before I have them. I am that interruption. I am that alarm clock while you are having the most blissful and peaceful dream. I am that pink slip after working 20years with in the company. I seem to be the rain at the funeral just to make shit worse, for you. and for you I am sorry, but not for myself. It’s hard to blame travesty on natural disasters, hurricanes that blow homes away. There’s really nothing tangible to blame that destruction on. the slinky that is bent and wont close like it used to. the brand new car without a tire. the can of food without a can opener. the door without a key. its hard to change when all I do is change. never an absolute thought. always wandering without wondering only going until I can’t go no more, anywhere, somewhere- nowhere. and here’s me again crying about all this shit. All this stupid shit and I know what my problems and wrongs are and yet I don’t change this shit around. do I like this? yes. no. maybe. I forget what my last answer was. I am not one to tell a closing answer with my questions, the questions I ask you, maybe while on a bed. questions like… “do you understand that you are on a planet?” shake em up shake em up shake em. Shake them off with the seemingly easy questions but then you fiddle the riddle and I laugh at your answers. Making you feel like a kid trying to speak a different language. With eternal eyes and terminal body you see me in colors and talk to me in waves. Which is cool. Which it natural. I hear my self destruction ticking away. You tell me about the energy field and the time you ate a bird alive. A caged bird. You tell me such exotic stories as you smoke your cigarette while laying on your back on this whore filled hotel room bed. You told me about the time you spoke to god and you don’t tell me what was said, perhaps because I didn’t ask maybe because I don’t care to ask. You speak in a slow knowing voice with intricate pauses and sighs as you laugh about the hearts you’ve broken and mended. The game of love, the game of pure lustrous adventures and hypnotic twists making me a bit lazy minded and turned on, and we both notice this as you eye me from the corner of your eyes- knowing, always knowing. Your stories are your trap for the birds you wish to capture and pet. I ask you to tell the time you fell in love again. You hesitate, because this story hurts you and I want to see that pain in your eyes and in your voice as you struggle to make sense of it. Forget it, tell me about the time you swam in the Caribbean with little fish nipping you leg hairs and animals following you, tell me how warm the water was and how you made her feel when you first entered her. The first for her, tell me how her eyes looked, surprised? weakened? confused hunger? young love. the sweetest of the sweet.

Writing your name on my hand, this way you think I’ll remember it. You wear a smile for me while you watch me undress and as I throw this shit together again for one more rehearsal, for one more body crush, for one more touch and retouch. I’m not stingy with my bodily love, this…you can have. And you partake with a haste that makes me giggle as you flip me over. Oh!... but the days and minutes spent with you is long over, the reactor never really started. I tell you lies and half truths as I pack my belongings in my green back pack and plastic bags. 22 dollars and a passport, what more could I want? I’ll drive you to the moon, to drop you off and tell yaI’ll be back.”

You tell me my face is dirty and I don’t listen to you I don’t care as I brush the you off of my baggy board shorts. I’m not quite a girl I’m not quite a tomboy. I’ve been told.. As we listen to the Beatles, come together. He shoot coca cola he said I know you know me, one thing I can tell you is you’ve got to be free. Over me.

oh! what a way to be with you. What a way to leave you.
The damage is done
And as I leave you I tell you my little saying:
Disappointed? You can be fulfilled
Hungry? You can be satiated.
Defeated? You can be victorious.
ailbhe Peach 040617
f agonise 040618
Thalia Mangled Angles Dangle and Strangle, Entangle, My thoughts in Webs,as They Ebb, in Waves, and Behave in Ways of Play that Enslave Me.. I Can't Escape the Mental Rape, It Shapes My World as I'm Hurled, Whirled, Further and Further into a Blur of Words to be Heard, Transferred, It's Absurd. Spread the WORD. 040721
woom when you click on a word, this displays all the blather associated with it 040731
kim caterpillar 050309
captain_subtext once word frightened me a lot oh yes
when scholars claimed that all we think and imagine are actually words in our brains, they said
so, according to this piece of infortmation,
when one thinks that heshe imagines a rose, heshe actually imagines the word "rose"
this can be reversed by trying to see all the objects as bunch of words positioned in the room or scattered around..

now now, this can be a little scary when u keep in mind that we are a generation of young people turned on by words

anyway, it was already spring again, so..
god word out with yer bird out. 050309
krftwrk word virus virii we must concentrate on the meanings it runs in our heads competitive different alloys broadcasting torture 050326
name entry 050707
who entry 050707
who entry 050707
who last test i promise 050707
sevenmorethaneight this site muy fun 051005
Snook I said WORD 051101
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. I can't believe I'm finally getting to meet Milhouse... 061108
found it! aha. here is where "god" blathed it. it appears "adam" got to it first, on the "would" page... 070224
sdfgsdfgsdfg the word of the day.... sabloomingloft 070531
asdfgasdfndlfkgnklasjgnkabngksabnfklnnjagjknknsdak songalongadongabonga 070601
. Oh yes, word indeed. 081124
words words 090416
you here. the same way you never knew me. new me. since i was 16. stalking,reading,sometimes writing, a name, like yours, forgotten in the blue. 10 years old. 16. 25. this year 26. infamous. a. non. a. mouse. caught up in our own preferences, choices,mistakes, coma, coma, blatherings, bumblings, forgettings, terrible mistakings. over and over. others here remind us we are not a lone and completely all one. join me as I destroy me, you, us. as we discover me, you, us, a must. 110126
what's it to you?
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