typhoid so we're driving around novato bored out of our minds, my little bro saint_joe and i
pops into my head, instead we should find a car to follow, it'll be sure to take us somewhere interesting. first few (few!) all take us to the bit'o'honey, the only bar in town.. so we go off into the boonies. bahia. yelling at how useless this place is, it's a suburb to a suburb. ah, a hapless (well, soon to be) hapless driver. goin the other way. so we pull a u in the intersecion, go on after it. she saw us, no nono, and is not goin to let us follow us to where she goin. turns off left to ditch us, yeah? cuz you can't follow someone to nowhere if you don't want them to know you are following them. haha. you cant escape, though! so go gogo, to that place in the road
where it splits
and therz this little
perfect spot
in between, a little patch of road connecting the two one ways. so we put the car behind a sign, and, sure enough, she comes tumblin by down so fast, can't see us we're behind this bush! and where would you go anyway? and so we start the car up again (it was off), it pretends it doesn't want to (cookie, yur psychic!) but does still, we go gogo after the car, yeah, but we dont want to follow it cuz we are gonna take joe home. hehe. it pulls around the bend and we see it go hide in another dead end trackhouse road, we go the other way anyway. haha, fool you! and we take joe home. but, but, as we come down the hill, we see they have turned around and seem to be tryin to follow us, but they didn't see us and we go gogo out of there. heh.
typhoid and all this while listnin to captain_beefheart and his magic band, beetle bones and smokin stones... hehe yah. great music ;) 000702
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