amy could break your skin very easily, but they probably won't bother. 980906
blind everyone breaks steals someone's heart away 980928
emma who, me? 981003
caty Yes. Me, you, everyone. Anyone. All the time. An infinite number of times.
dallas somewhere, sometime, remind me why I am and why I want to be. 981027
adam had to do something that no one named me will ever not get over and never forget. 990228
nice dream told me i was last to know... 990309
emsie changed the way I think of guys and made me hate him. broke my heart. made me too sad for words. changed me. 990630
megan special, someone sweet 990902
robin someone has done some awful things and someone is spilling the beans
someone to love
but most likely someone to hate
valis someone is thinking of you right about now.

trust me on this.
deb someone should have called me today

after endless "oh, i miss your voices"

the phone remains


and here i stay

alone except for tears
coolM being someone means not to be no-one 991220
bee the person you can see straight through.
the one who asks you out.
the one who talks a lot of shit
the one you can't be without.
emily i am so many someones--
i am the student
and i am the teacher,
i am the reader
and i am the writer,
i am the weeper
and i am the joker too
SilentBob came into my life. They told me i was special. They told me i was unique. They allowed me into their world and ever since then my life has NEVER been the same. Love. I am in love. And i'm never coming back. Though I tell myself to never say never. And to never say forever. Someone is thinking about me right now. I hope. 000601
Mimi someone lies next to me each night and the only thing they ask is for me to love them as much as they love me.....I try 000620
zavyman Takes on different names
Wanders around
Seemingly everywhere
But never anyone you know
Just a person
Without a name
marisssa made me feel really bad.
they told me if they were young they wouldnt hang around with me.
they told me i am selfish and rude.
that i am so skinny it makes them sick.
that i dont spend enough time with them.
someone hurt me.
penis flying Someone's in the kitchen with someone
Someone's in the kitchen with someone
Someone's in the kitchen with someone
Gettin' naked 'gainst the wall
Swift I'm just on the look out for someone who looks like you, talks like you, acts like you. 010329
unhinged if i could just get up the courage to ask someone if they like me...we seem to have fun. we could have fun. we. i kinda like that word all by itself.

Chrity go to:
Sol there is someone, i just have to find her, i know who she i si know where to find her, i feel that i must find myself before i can find her, i she is by some bizzarre chance here, please call me, you may recognise my name, thankyou
wierdgrrrl out there, miles from me, yet here to my heart he lies...his place was made before
I ever knew he existed...
A dream I only had that one day he'd come.
Now I pray I stay asleep.
your mother i like to fuck goats 010514
yummychuckle he is sitting at his dads house right now, either depressed as hell, or thinking about meeting me. 010601
Cutie hippie/speechie- take your pick someone gave me a hug today. Today a graduation day for him and a day of patience for me. Tonight at 8:18, June 12th 2001 outside the Forest Grove Pool. This same day this same morning I lost a hug from someone who was out of my arms reach. Regret with hope, someone amongst everyone. Goodbye my travis and my kyle. Let me in on your secret sometime, you both know I'll keep it for someone else to share with me. For all that you are- be my someone? 010612
black-dyed gel product Someone had to cast those people for the new Tool video. That must have been a strange audition. 010612
kingsuperspecial usually,
someone farted -
they're just not claiming it.

like we'll all just believe the smell
magically appeared out of nowhere.


shiver I wil torture you 010817
ClairE is hurting someone else.
is giving birth.
is blathing.

I wonder how the figures compare.
ellen cherry charles i always think im searching for someone--*the* someone.
how will i ever know?
searching for someone sounds so impersonal though.
maybe i should give them an arbitrary name, and then search for them.
"I'm looking for Armand"
or something like that.
Random Dan you either have or need 020421
clarissa is hurting while they laugh. 020423
Syrope is wishing he never met me... 020424
unreal i never expect anything from people, but there´s always someone who´s ready to judge what you do or what you believe,
there´s always someone who´s gonna tell you how dissapointed is, after all your will to satisfy. i dont understand why dont they see theirselves. this person dont even look itself like identity. not real eyes, there´s no bottom in there, im just a reflex in those mirrors, asking myself so many times why it seems to be im the only one unreal-. they dont see me ever.
the one once told me that love was worth everything. I know that now but someone should have warned me. about the way it feels to think you might not have them forever...and then you lose everything. 020721
Perspective_Of_Soul How wonderful it must be to be in love.How incredible it must be to look into anothers eyes and see your hopes and dreams reflected in them and how perfect it must be for them to do the same.
The quote by Robert A.Heinlein (1961) that says 'Love is that condition where the happiness of another person is essential to your own' still reads true over forty years later.It is hard to describe the things that words cannot do justice.I see people everyday walking down my street holding hands and hugging each other and i hope that they are aware of just how lucky they are.I have heard on several occasions that people refer to 'Single Life' as Freedom.I cannot think of anything more confining than not having a person that loves you for who you are.My freedom would be having just that.Being able to share my life and thoughts with somebody who does the same.I would be very happy to have somebody like that.
While i feel somewhat unworthy of any emotion that results in happiness, i cannot help but dream about it.Wishing that the life i have was not had alone, that a person could love me and think about me through the nights and days.Hoping that one day my soul shall be dancing with another and never letting go.
Needing to have somebodies love all to my own.
Nathan88 to call someone someonejust for the sake of having a someone...why? so u dont care about them but its not that that hurts but the fact they dont care bout u hurts to be alone but doesnt it hurt more with a someone who is empty of any feeling who fronts like they care but in the end only want to use you? ive been used...ive been the someone**na**whether it be just for a weekend or a string of hurtz...i am completley and honestly dumbfounded by why anyone would want to do this to themselves, to others ...perhaps a false sense of security? i dont know for i have never done that to anyone nor will i ever do it about people as much as you would like them to care about you, it feels great...eventually everyone will find their true soulmate, whether in this life or the many to come...maybe the meaning of life is for everyone to find their soul-mate, for the heavenly feeling you get when you do find your soulmate, everyone will have..perhaps heaven on earth? who just glad i have found mine 021228
zander Someone...someone...I`m always looking for someone. I don`t know who they are, I don`t know what they look like, I don`t know why I`m looking for them and I don`t know where I`ll find them. All I know is I need them, I need that someone...someone... 030101
ryan will always love you 030130
she looks at the same stars i do and wonders is someone else looking at the same stars i do 030312
Fire&Roses who has seen High Fidelity and read Hitchhiker's Guide. Someone who knows all the words to thousands of songs, but none of the names or artists. Someone who likes cats, and thunderstorms. An idependent person, one who likes company. Someone who won't make fun of the fact that I daydream, and who appreciates chinese food. Someone who likes to touch, and to be touched. Someone who likes to visit far away places, but loves to come home. Someone to stay in bed with on rainy days. Someone to stay up late talking to... or holding... or sitting doing nothing. Someone who doesn't need me, but wants me anyway. Someone who understands when I need to be alone and who cares when I don't want to. Someone who gets it... 030707
LadySin what i need. 030804
queen of darkness someone is crying right now
who's gonna help this person, someone...

who is someone?
someone is me
i am crying
queen of darkness someone is crying right now
who's gonna help this person, someone...

who is someone?
someone is me
i am crying
no help for you.
bad monkey.
quit whining.
metamantrg someone so special thats in my life
my mind goes crazy when were together
but she's gone away on a trip searching for herself and goals too acomplish in life I sit and wait for her to make a dision for it's only been a month but seems like eternity

how long can one wait for the this person to take her own steps to commit
for me I'll what for that's true love
and that's the way it sould be
exsists wishing someone
besides god
go is everyone, in everything
I love him
he loves me more than anything
wishing doesn't get you anywhere
even if praying does
are anywhere and nowhere
the same?
why don't humans ever have enough time?
why do I bother
going on with this rhyme?
because i have secrets to
in the back of my mind
don't you?
neveris always ~ is listening
~ cares
~ is out there
~ is...
They have to be...
Aren't they?
Fierce someone will hate you.
someone will rip you.
Chew you.
Spit you.
Walk you.
Tear you.
Someone is out there.
Just waiting
eXscape save me 040307
x twisted x is there really someone out there for everyone? or is this just a hopeless journey of searching and disappointment? 040412
broken we are nobodies that want to be sombodies 040512
ethereal I am happily nobody:)and everyone all at once... 040512
pete some one smiled and nodded as i passed him on the street. who is he? who was he? why does this happen atleast once a month? maybe he was a random person, who thought my regular zig-zag (not straight) walking made way for him on the sidewalk. maybe he was happy that someone stopped and talked to the beggar, giving her a looney and asking her to enjoy the warmth. maybe he was just having a good day and was smiling and nodding at everyone. well, it feels good to be noticed, even by a stranger 040512
tr someone out there means the world to me and so its wrong to say someone, i say... you 040603
laced there are no worries for 040904
patience that's me. i'm someone. i think. 050315
andru235 i await not just anyone

i'll find you! if it takes me another fucking million lives, i'll find you again!

*sob* why aren't you trying to find me?
the one Someone please make this go away someone please make Kassia stay
I want back my little sista,
my punk rock princess
where are you now Kash-a-bowl?
I miss you so much. The music reminds me of you. your Punk Rock ass will never die. I wont let you little girl. Your so perfect I need you now. All the signs are pointing to you. Do you know how much we love you? Do you know how much we need you?
sleepless not just anyone
just a little bit of one
not all the time
just once in a while
some time
some place
some 1
bob adding to some crazyass shit 060604
z i did not post any of the above blathes. 070604
Risen I am someone I don't even recognise anymore.

I feel like I'm no longer in my own story. I feel like I'm in some weird alternate reality. No, that's not it. I feel like I am in purgatory.

Endless days which bleed into each other, no sleep, can't eat, constant pain, constant surveillance and observation.

Killing time on death row, as it were.

I am an introvert, and I'm proud of that, and I have never felt lonely, until now. I have never felt this completely alone. Yet I cannot bring myself to talk to anyone on the phone, let alone see them in real life.

I feel like I am fading away, and one day I'll just disappear. Sink beneath the surface of the waves. Stop waving and just allow myself to give in to the constant waves of sadness. There's this point when things stop being sad or unfortunate or unlucky, and start just being ridiculous. Over the top and entirely unbelievable. I'm the butt of a giant cosmic joke. A bad punch line which leaves the audience looking uncomfortable and silent.

I am not someone. I am not someone I recognise. I am not someone.
unhinged mantra_of_the_year

it's the nature of the ocean to have waves. sometimes the power of those waves is so vicious and overpowering that we cower before them. my brother was an avid surfer when he lived in hawaii and his experiential wisdom on the topic hit me over the head 'the waves can pull you down, but if you don't fight them, they will always spit you back out' (sic)
f Not sure what the answers are
I only know
you aren't safe
even if you Iook

someone wiII
Iisten maybe
they might
give you
a chance
to someone eIse
that your mental
isnt doing you
any favours

not at
this time

you might be caught up in something
and nobody wiII
heIp you
because you Iook Iike a
part of the bad

I can't explain any further
because the
truth it seIf
is quite far
away from it being
to being the truth.
what's it to you?
who go