schroedinger just beyond reach
never quite complete
it lies
somewhere between what I know
and what I could never imagine
just beyond reality
but so close
why can't I go there?
I hate it here
~gez~ I close my eyes and I can see
the beauty of your smile shining at me
The touch of your hands against my face,
stroking softly as we embrace
words cant explain what i feel
its frustrating
I open my eyes to find the lie,
that once again ive daydreamt, of you and I
Erin Some say daydreaming is for all the lazy minded fools.....I think its for the crazed. 030130
trixie Always a time I used to mentally come on to my teachers who were rigidly pias Catholic people (or gay) but my extream sexuality would win them over in an almost dibilitating way every time. It was as if Mother Mary had appeared to them. Ah... the diluded and incredibly supressed days of going to an all girls Catholic high school. 030430
endless desire i live half my life or even more in a daydream. and sometimes it all becomes a blurr where the day and the dream and the sleep and the dream and the life im trully living all become indecipherable. then im stuck wondering what ive done, where ive been, and where im going. but before i can do much, im trapped once again in the daydream of my life where i do everything im too tired to do because that emotion overwhelms so often. i run to a land where anything can happen, most usually the unpleasant.
unless its you. if only there were more about you.
scifininja i daydream about puppy until i fall asleep. i have the most wonderful dreams. 030720
realistic optimist torn to shreds by the complacency i see in others' actions because i loathe it in myself, i thrust myself upon the inflatable lover of work and pursuit of the american daydream. lost as everyone else, i try to squeeze passion from my plastic lover, and try to find love in my soul for such an inanimate mate. as i feast upon the cotton candy brains of the wayward souls i coax into the alleyway, i play their sick, twisted game so that i can succeed, so i can be the big rat and eat the big cheese. but every time i take a bite, i get shocked. you would think this would deter me, but of course all i want is the cheese, all i see is the cheese. before long, i find myself degrading my plastic lover, forcing her to deflate herself because i fear not being king rat, and although i feel emptier, i do feel better somehow. please tell me this will end, please tell me there is something that matters. dammit, look into my eyes when you lie to me! clutch my arm when you deceive me! give me a reassuring pat on the back when you tell me it's going to be ok, even as you plot to fuck my girlfriend. because these are the only times you will show me your true nature and i want you to accent it with a human touch. i want the social connection to ring throughout my several billion selves. maybe then i can stop daydreaming and start to lucid dream? 031218
kookaburra in my daydream everything is possible
i'm the girl that everybody knows.
i'm the girl that everybody loves.
i'm the girl that everybody chose
to the homecoming queen
best smile.
i'm surrounded by friends wherever i go.
i'm never alone.

in my daydream everything is possible
i'm the crazy one with the wild eyes.
i'm the one dancin on the edge
i'm the one flyin, flyin high
everyone looks at me,
tries to figure me out.
but they can't.
i dart away past their curious eyes

in my daydream everything is possible
i'm the dancer light upon her toes.
i'm the one who soars above the floor
fightin gravity for all i'm worth.
i'm the one whose each pose is stunning,
every jump incredible
every move mysterious.
i'm emotion in a human body

in my daydream everything is possible
i'm the one with the smoky grey eyes
i'm the one with the darkest ebony skin
i'm the one with the elegant long legs
or maybe i'm the light borwn one
with the big curvy figure
and the warm smile
and the long, long, long braided hair.

in my daydream everything is possible
i'm the one who never does the same thing twice
i'm the one with the dark past
that left me broken, angry, crazy
but beautiful in a strange kind of way

in my daydream everything is possible
i'm the one no one can forget
Lemon_Soda As prominant as any other experience, and usually twice as memorable. When the world is yours, you must be careful what you dwell upon. 040415
Breakfast of Champions kookaburra:

This is just a random statement, meant in no way to enrage or sadden you in any way. I read your posts to both this and kermits_blog. Hmmm....I can offer sympathy in that many of us here have just reached out to the many strangers here, hoping for maybe praise or just interaction. Self esteem issues. I have although, come to realize, that while it is heartening to hear words of flattery from this blue ether, it can't take the place of the 'real world' (which I use in the most despicable manner possible...hehe). My words of advice are to continue to explore and write. Each forward passing of a mind leaking is okay. Don't escape into false realities concerning beauty, projected image, inner need for acceptance.

Take this how you will.
kookaburra i was scared that someone would read both. :P 040415
Strideo I lived in a hole in that tooth with my cat Fred who was fond of wearing a monocle and his favorite red vest. We played chess together, read books, and had long philosophical discussions in our little tooth house.
czmember hehe. 040905
Bespeckled Some people my age (19- and 20-year-olds) consciously and actively think about having children someday, wanting them and looking forward to have them.

Marriage is fine by me; marriage is great.

But I really don't think I want to have kids. I've been thinking of a couple of names that I'd like to give to my daughters (Lucia and/or Lucinda), and I like seeing like infant-sized clothes at Macy's. But I regard these "potential" children more as dolls to name, dress up, and stroll around in public than children that I love. Can a 20-year-old already love the child she will have when she's 35? I think my roommate does.

When it comes to children, I'd only want mine to be female. And beautiful.

The rest can stay on a hilltop in Sparta, and I'll give the cute clothes and toys to Lucia. Or Lucinda.
Strideo Man, wouldn't it be cool to visit Dairy_Queen_Land? Chocolate muontains and rivers. Why doesn't DQ land ever spoil? Um, yeah, I know its just a commercial . . .

paste! the power to end or enhance all life
sits in a portable refrigerator in my arms.
if i open it, i don't know, it's bright
a child watches from a couch shielding her eyes
what do i do? it's a trick!
snap out of it.
In_Bloom A morning out at the shooting range followed by breakfast and the Huntington Gardens. We're taking notes and pictures, bumping shoulders as we walk. Sitting down to unwrap Neopolitan ice cream bars, Neopolitan ice cream bar... I'm there by myself and you are half a world away. 090424
unhinged dreams_die 090424
f i feel like i have been left behind in a big way. I bet a lot of people feel like that. so many opportunities cut off.. why should everything be about knowing the right people being born into a certain family or having money... is that what humans are all about? I know you can't give to everyone but at least you can have just a tiny bit of compassion at least?

Clark Gable is gorgeous!don't you think?
f "He was as masculine as any man I've ever known, and as much a little boy as a grown man could beit was this combination that had such a devastating effect on women."

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what's it to you?
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