psyki now i am torn.
i can't trust myself again.
my picture is torn.
be my friend.
deb i am just a
butterfly with torn wings
fluttering in pain
falling fast
to broken ground
willing it to tear me
to shreds
for it must surpass
this sunken hole
my heart has
swollen and deflated
to become

i love
but what of that-?
nothing seems to
as it is
no matter how high
my hopes may fly
birdmad like an old sweater 000427
miniver Eight-billion roads diverged in a yellow wood. 000427
doggy Dear god (and santa claus and enya)
Thank you.
Thank you: for there are no Natalie Imbruglia lyrics here.
deb how can my heart be
so cruel
so cold
to those i love;
how can it be i am pulled so
between two jewels,
each bright in its own strength,
reaching for me to hold and make
all the brighter-?
one loves wholly, truely,
the other needs, but cowers in the
dark sadness of that which he threw away.
one close, one far; both equal
in distance of the heart.

-both lost-

i long to pull the two
who would hate each other
from within their own musty hearts-
-i long to embrace and grow
something glorious
with each,
there can be only one.

-how do i choose who to hurt like that-?
misstree the shirts are a bit tattered at the sleeves,
these days...
all the costumes fading, falling into the past,
being left on the side of the road.
i never want to let them go,
but just like you, and you, and oh god you,
they all
just fade,
and memories fray,
and eventually
they'll all end up
somewhere else,
somewhere but here,
somewhere but slung around my body,
my armor, my costume, my home, my life.
silentbob i want to stay and experience every molecule of you.
but you don't want me to.
so i want to move three or four hours away where i can forget my own name again.
but your face just feels like home.
muwahahahaaa natalie_imbruglia 020804
slothisily torn in half
my insides are bursting
i can't decide
what is most
misstree oh my words, my children, seeing you creep out of the shadows in drink's haze breaks my heart, but the mundane calls in callous growls and snores, but poppa needs dinner, but the world and its calloused edges waits to call me back into the cradle.

but just one night, just for a few moments, we danced, even as i question_everything 'd, even as i dove deep into murky warm saline, we danced the way we once did, and there was never a dance as pure as yours, as selfish and as sweet as yours, i'll never love someone like you and i swear that whatever blistering tides and searing floods come, i will always worship what you are to me.

words, i love you as i love my soul. it wrecks me to say goodnight.

misstree and i wonder
what i did
to wound its heart so bad

as i answer
sleep, no Sleep
's call.

forgive me,
my love.
Purgatorii Where am I to go from here?
What am I to do?
Caught in a battle between heart and mind,
And time is running out..
what's it to you?
who go