michael a limitless being accessing time through your brain. 980922
emma do you mind? 990402
daxle my mind's a two way projector 990414
N.A.T.O. I think that the mind is a beautiful creation. I is our central function of life. Although it is so beautiful, it is a weapon. It is a weapon of self destruction, and a weapon against others. We must use our minds carefully, ttreating them like cocked guns. They will destroy us if we do not put on the safety. What is that safety? It's our temper which we control with our minds. dangerous, but reality. 990416
betty my mind's eye 990416
ceorl what I'd least like to lose
though I might not even miss it
perhaps it's a worm in my head
repeating "you need me, you need me"
daxle did I really type that? what the hell does that mean? 990426
allie of all the things i've lost i miss it the most 990501
mareberry All that remains in the mind of the lost are words, meaningless words. They become tears on a page of endless sorrow, endless regret. All we see is a wall protecting the precious mind, the words, the words that mean nothing. 990505
fireboy The mouth is where the mind comes out into the open.
mind what you say.
me? nevermind, nevermore 991110
marjorie I am your mind
I speak for you
Or you speak for me
We lie to each other
We dream when you are not asleep
And I cause the doubt
I cause the pain
I cause the convulsions
That you think are just normal problems
I speak so loud
And I know you have to listen
And you will not cry
Because I told you not to
You are mine
You are mine
You are mine
camille the central box that releases thought to work with heart and soul for creation 000104
Q is the matter 000104
old hick Do you mind !?!

power through passion sometimes mine wishes it lived on some other earth 000220
Bob None but our self can free our mind. 000408
merrimill mine mind so different. 000413
The Flying SuperPetis my mind is but a stormcloud,
from which lightening is to fall.
but just before my thunder,
comes absolutely nothing. nothing at all.
iLL-usion My third eyes is clouded as if I was blinded by some past incidant...or is it a manifestation of birth. Why am I clouded with confusion? I've tranformed from a "happy" child to a paranoid slave of society and frankly, I won't stand for it. But I can't findout how to clear things here in my mind. So for now I must stand for it...even if it destroys me and deteriorates my soul. I can't beat my own mind, it teases me...then takes the happiness away only to leave me in a state of depression and then the paranoia sets in...an I can't determine wether my friends are jus chatting amongst eachother or plotting my death. Who would of thuoght I was having an anxiety attack? Certainly not I. Time in this town has ruined me, Maybe the town itself has burrowed in my mind controling me and my every paranoid thought. 000430
josie iLL-usion... your mind may be weapon of self-destruction but it is also your only weapon against grasping the heaven you're reaching for. 000628
tivenan whoever said mind was thoughts and memories and emotions forgot about trees grasses and fenceposts all being manifestations of mind as well..mind is its objects..dogen 000801
sleepless Somebody I thought knew me better told me that I was really speaking my mind. I told them that such a thing was impossible, because the words and thoughts simply don't exist that could put what is in one's mind into a recognisable form. Even the mind's output - thoughts and dreams - are relatively linear and understandable.

If you're told that you're "losing your mind", "going out of your mind" and other such banal phrases - the chances are that all you're doing is actually getting closer to your mind, in all its wondrous chaos and confusion. Maybe you should run with it for a while . . .
psycho insomniac
I lay awake in bed
Trying to ignore all the demons in my head
Going insane with all the pain I face
Wishing I could just get up and leave this place
This place called my mind.
Missing all the happiness that I wish I could find
I struggle to free the soul in me that has been confined.
Spirits fill my room,
The evil, dark spirits that symbolize all the doom.
So I cover my eyes with my trembling hands and hide my face,
But I wake to realize I’ve finally gone out of this place---
This place called my mind
daxle exhibit A, previous lack of dialogue in blather 010118
hoodrat mind wonders endlessly
inherent lack of understanding within myself
would rather dream
Quiggz I don't 010123
suzy mind the gap mind the gap in the mind that vaguely searches for a magazine to massage that squishy pink blob in your skull. 010217
constance briefly i need to trim my moustache 010218
GoblinRedEyes Don't mind me, I talk too much 010303
god i need to trim my moustache. 010303
jesus my mind is fucked, i am stuck inside and have no escape. i am going mental. i have tried 2 slit my wrists. it didnt work. never mind. 010714
jillian my mind is moving much faster than my body because im really stoned 420 010807
kx21 Nothing has no form, no structure, no pattern, no trace, ...

Does this imply that Nothing is imperceptive by Human's Mind?
RAH im out of my mind.. i think i left in on the plane on the way back from bali... so well its jet setting round the skies and im sitting here going crazy.

i tell you gotta keep your mind on a leash or youll loose it
birdmad i don't let mine wander anymore

it's too lttle to be left on its own
oh yes it's fun
to confuse the mind
with drugs
fish in my head, perpetual strings of words and colours and images and confusion all knotting together (to get her) whenever my mouth opens.. but then, it would all be meaningless once said, now wouldn't it?

'..oh..' she said... 'nevermind.'
warnika my mind
is so loud
that it is consuming itself
i can't ever stop thinking
about things i don't want to think about
and i feel like its driving me mad
i can only sedate it with drugs
and that gets tiresome
especially after you realize
that that's why you are using them
then it's not so fun anymore
shhiva I don't try anymore to make the things that worry mind disapear, with the help of drugs (like hash).
It doesn't work.
The problems just start floating in my head and I end seeing more problems behind the ones I had.

I don´t think either that using more powerful drugs, to make the problems in my mind go away, could work. They could make my problems vanish and give me a feelling of hapiness, but it would be just an illusion.
And the problems would come back, maybe even worse, and then I would need to be always stoned to runway from reality.

Smokin' a joint can help me to see better the problems I have, but it never makes them disapear.
ClairE No, I don't mind. Don't worry, baby.

Just because I'm easily upset doesn't mean I'm not strong.
angie sometimes i dont have the mindset to play chess...it just takes so much thought
its very challenging
i enjoy it, however
i see chess in everything
but i suck at it
so maybe i suck at everything...
Mateo Do you mind, I´m trying to tune turttles into asking political questions. 020207
...ooo... where is my mind? 020213
hyena A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
My mind is a terrible thing.
little wonder i was just looking at a boy's sketch book.
he is one of the most talented people i've ever seen.
it was at least 3/4 full, every page, all of these bodies and faces and words ...
it was amazing.
silentbob your most valueable posession 020305
sideburns falls asleep in calculus 4th hour 020316
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY minds are so impressionable i dont
people understand what they are doin
they say n-e-thing. its like when your
dont like something that something
an object that you dont like even
you liked in the first place.
no not me i will never fall to
perception and from what ive
from you guys it looks like you
not lost either for we are
of a much higher archy.
poeticmisfit i am locked inside this hell people call "mind"
and i can't get out.
kx21 The Species of M_matter... 020814
~gez~ filled with bollocks school tells me. thinks about non of it. knows a relativly small amount about her, never stops thinking about what could be. a gift, mine is a curse 020822
Jyuh32 The mind and body are one and the same. 021004
Qazual my mind isnt mine 021110
p2 a mind
is a terrible thing
to taste
k-zoo another diagnosis from my psychiatrist.........

neurosis is living life to the fullest.....
spades41 what is going on in your mind? 021116
Reverend Lough Suicidal snowflakes
Dusting the landscapes of my mind.
I wish I could find
My release.
Don't know which door
To enter,
Or exit.

The soft sounds of
Heavy melancholy.
Finely tuned and orchestrated
Episodes of a
Breakdown divine.
The battle behind the walls.
This struggle

Copyright 2002
Square_06 Sit down. PLace your ticket into the ticket holder. Accelerate. Breathe deep. Exhale. Enjoy the mind vacation. 021219
mike Mind over matter, matter is perception of mind 030224
phil nah 030224
novice if mind and matter are 2 distinct things, how can one affect the other? people who think they are different do so not through reason or proof, but through fear of material decay. 030417
Novice Ok, this is novice again, if someone is reading what was previously written I didn't write that, someone is using my name. So if that person is reading this could you stop? please?? 030426
Scorshie Sometimes people ask you f you'd mind something, and when you say no, they think you mean you'd mind it.

Now THATS a blather.
So beautifully incoherent
me side ways freeways right and downside up, left down up right underscoring monk 030601
makeda mind of my mind - piece of my plasmic fabric for all eternity - i birthed u - but not vaginally - clinging to the recessess of my consciousness for 7 years and 7 days - on the 8th u burst forth - pouring from the portal that is my soul - words were my gift to u - the shape of your ideas arouse me - i want to crawl inside that which is u - learn the language of your heart and become it - be the blood that gives u life 030612
boy2003 The great machine travelling through time perceiving the world that is reality or unreality.Does our mind only perceive only what we call 'reality', not 'unreality'? 030612
?? i mind 030625
me do not think of your mind as being located within your brain...rather think that your body is located within your mind...then 'mind over matter' will make sense 030628
me 'you are what you think' ...does it make sense now? 030628
a thimble in time the limits of the himan mind are wherever we place the boundaries 030629
ashmanzhou mind
what makes us real
never can exist but in a hope
what we feel and what we see
shown in time and space
so now-we dream?
do we hope more for it all?
are our minds ticking away making new realities to fill our nonexistant emptiness
or are we all just dead and living on a hope
Mac how do you know that your mind cannot be used to do anything you want(move and object, kill someone with a glance), unless you spend every second of your life trying to make it? 030722
quicksilver21166 What is your mind made of.
mine is a little ball of hate.
I find rage and death exciting almost as fun as sex.

I never show my rage, only in my words on paper does it show that I have a problem with my mind.

For the haunting of a wretched mind is a destarous palce to be.
For illusions of war and carnage uis all you see.

I may be insaine, or i may be the only one sain.
But i find pleasure in pain,which makes me SICK.

Sick in the mind, mentaly ill is what they call me.
I am not sick I am NOT ILL.
I am me and god made me the way I am.
SO to call me ILL is to call gods work falwed. So tell him not me.
bob is what you have but dont use

on second thought

my mind is screwed i cant think straight i want what i cant have and im losing what i have because i cant tell that fucked up mind of mine that the one girl i ever really loved will never be mine
bob is what you have but dont use

on second thought

my mind is screwed i cant think straight i want what i cant have and im losing what i have because i cant tell that fucked up mind of mine that the one girl i ever really loved will never be mine
River Both my greatest asset and my most fiendish enemy... 030923
Ni the only thing that holds me back 030925
JuLeZ everyone always ask me how "he" is doing.... "has he really lost his mind?"
i just answer no... but they dont know i've lost mine...
seeker my mind is a maze
that never ends

these words are the map
unto my soul

doesnt anyone wonder
or wish to know
april it should always be beautiful. 040128
hsgatincamail as you read these words and i transfer my thoughts to you, diseasing your mind and
fucking your serenity, your perception and my suggestion together form a greater picture
like a map for a new strand of DNA.
hsgatincamail http://pub82.ezboard.com/fproanasuicidesocietyfrm4.showMessage?topicID=839.topic 040409
_alone & lost_ I never am truly alone
I always have this heavy burden
The huge bag I have to carry around
It's my mind.
My mind is elusive and has a plan, behind consiousness.
A plan that I will never know.
my mind is deceptive
it throws lies at me
Gives me false clues and ideas
I wish I had my head back
It has been taken over by an army of laughing monsters, pointing out my mistakes, and always putting me down.
My mind has split away from me
Focus- gone.
Emotions- gone.
Love- gone.
Belonging- gone.
Maybe my mind hasn't split away.
Maybe I have split away from my mind.
Maybe I have betrayed it somehow, and now i have to figure out how to live without it.
My mind is an evil swarm of randomization
All my normal, rational, thoughts have died, and they never occur anymore.

and Evil

My mind
My mind.
gwendy where am i? 040520
pete you are neverwhere 040520
nib intricately plotting it's tangled web of truths around you, twisting you into its lies...beware my mind. 040601
hsgatincamail one 040604
kx21 M - "Mind" over Matter(s)... 040604
kx21 For instance,


The "Frame_of_mind" of Bush and its



Copyright 2004 kx21.com
CowsAndMoosesRule As the leaking, the empting, sounds far into space;
Death engulfs the grueling slur of darknesses.
As a flower it gave beauty,
As a rock, patience
As a mind, death.
But now sleepiness orbits this hovering,
Spinning being.
Yet even as its soul dies in its chaos
The beating hearts of forgotten ghosts in my mind;
Swirling, diving, screaming into the darkness of OUR soul; they intertwine their thoughts with it. Our minds unite, spewing Black Death across the barren wastelands of the dying suffrage in which we embody.
Twirling the wheels of the world which is implanted in our brain,
In all brains,
Makes him yearn for the mandibles of death in which evil is engulfing, and one’s pain is his only companion.
Ahh, pain. He’s acquaintance with it was more than he knew
Lives ago, millennia upon eons upon the very fabric of time itself, when pain was not an abysmal depressant of everyday life,
or should he say death?
He laughs, driving me on like a hell hound of agony. For I, too, am accustomed to pain. Hunting, killing, feasting pain.
Satisfied with his torture, he eases up and releases me.
Without a sound, they vanish into the pools of life and misery.
Left alone
We begin our metamorphosis.
This shell, old and forgotten, must continue to force us to rot.
As the Day of Reckoning slowly approaches,
He knows of his time.
Knifes, and
Carving, slicing, chopping
In the skin of falsehood, writing lines of loathing of his skin in red ink.
Muscles relaxing
Breathe leaving
A time to leave this world behind,
The Death of a Partial Mind
Ruby apparently i think too much 041218
tr mindgames 041219
billyblack use it or lose it 050205
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

The tumult of thinking with the mind disturbs
The serenity of right perception.
Since stirring thoughts are most hard to eradicate

intellect serve to achieve perfection?
frozensunshine your mind can tell you lies.
your mind can be decieving. it can twist your soul and bring you down, your mind can leave you grieving.
what good is it to grieve when there is nothing you can do?
regret is loosing control and failing to notice that there is something you can learn, something of importance. your mind will cause regret. y
our mind will will cause the fear that only brings doubt and paranoia to appear.
your mind can tell you lies.
if you will trust yourself,
trust your heart and speak outloud for what your heart has to tell.
hsg1437 layers 050627
al the engine
is racing
chasing time
lost wheels spin off
into the night
gears scream
and the black tarmac
sings rolled out years

the road twists
lights stick in patches
mostly hiding
what we must not see
because too much of anything
can hurt
do I mind?
mind I do?
Do I/
bizun non-somatic illness of body. 051230
Maple Tree my mind is killing me. i am seriously going insane. please please please please i am so pathetic but please just once? 060219
*SuPeR^ChIcK* your's and mine both. I can't seem to get this one man off my mind. I have been praying for two days now, that if this is the evil one at work for God to take it all away. 060219
Barefoot Revolutionary i hate cheese. unless its melted. children frighten me, and cause me to also dislike them. i love my cat, no matter how annoying he gets. furry things melt my heart. im always tired. i think i have a disease. i dont want to ever got o the doctor to find out. i dont know if im straight or gay or what. i miss my mother although i doubt she misses me. i want my father to hug me and tell me itll all be ok. im afraid of the future. i think its easier to let go now, and not have to face it. i want blue eyes. i dont care to be thin, yet it seems like thats how i should want to be. i think i have beautiful shoulders. i dont know if im in love with her the way i yearned so badly forhim. it still hurts when i see his face. theres never any food in this house. im never all that hungry. mind over matter. 060925
Oiseau can be a playground or a dungeon. it all depends on the people you associate with and the amount of television you watch. 070110
me It would be good if I could read minds
If I could I would read his
and then I would know a few things that I don't know now.

I can't. oh well.
wind of though... 120405
wind of thought... 120405
.flowerock Mind is... melting, cracking, shattering, screaming, giggling... 170209
.flowerock glittering 170209
what's it to you?
who go