typhoid ten in spanish
but other things in english.
i have this conception
that i'm going to die in my sleep
but i'm not going to be totally unaware of it.
it's like i'm going to watch my body decay from this little trapped viewpoint
and not be able to do anything about it..
can't keep the lungs going
can't keep the heart going
i'm almost afraid.
zavyman That final breath
Flows out in one heavy sigh
Content at last
To let the world take control
amy i remember that, feeling like i was dying everytime i went to sleep. it took me a couple months to shake it. i was tense, i was worried. and now i fall asleep too easily. death is not a bad card in tarot, it means change. 000808
el chorizon esa palabra esta' alitreada
actualmente (con el accento sobre la "i") para significar el numero 10
el chorizon the s / z thing is variable depending on usage, if you are naming a number from fifteen to nineteen it is "dies y..." so neither is wrong...

just thought i'd throw that in
abraham lincoln Esta verdad chorizon...Va Diez! 010804
girl_jane falls to the floor

lands in front of my left foot

splatters blood on my little toe
francois we will die. this is the only thing that is sure in live. i am waiting for it. understand me right:waiting for death doesn´t mean searching it...
but...if you looking on the death from the right view, for one moment dying is even bigger then live. i love seeing people die.
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