dallas What do you want from me? I can't just give you everything you ask for! What would be the fun in that? 980901
adam anything is so open, so open-minded and free...really easy going. like honey...flowing any and everywhere and doing it very slowly 990211
cold tea I need nothing, just underlined words. 990212
emsie anything is everything. So much hard to choose... 990608
valis better than nothing, right? 000123
Zaphod whereever u go, thats where u r. 000125
marjorie you will give your life for anything.
you do not realize it
but you will
when given enough reason
even if you did not believe that reason to begin with.
given enough time, you will be given enough reason.
given enough reason you will realize it.
realize it and you give in.
give in.
and you are nothing.
but at anything goes.
Kimyla No nothing is anything
and in that you will find
that the mind is anything
and yet nothing at all.
Blather be not thy name.
My mind be anything
And one with yours.
deluxe It's everything and nothing. 000405
For sure! It's only once we've lost everything that we're free to do anything. I've not lost everything ..... yet. 000713
birdmad dramarama

"Okay, what is it tonight?
please just tell me
what the hell is wrong
Do you wanna eat
Do you wanna sleep
Do you wanna drown?
just settle down
settle down settle down

i'll give you candy
give you diamonds
give you pills
give you anything you want
hundred dollar bills
i even let you watch
the shows you wanna see
just marry me
marry me, marry me

i'm so sick of you tonight
you never stay awake
when i get home
is something wrong with me?
is something wrong with you?
i really wish i knew
wish i knew
wish i knew
i'd give you candy
give you diamonds
give you pills
give you anything you want
hundred dollar bills
i even let you hear
the songs i wanna sing
because you married me
married me, married me

when i was young
i learned a game
that love and happiness were(n't?) the same
now i'm older
and i don't play
i found out
the hardest way

i got wasted
she got mad
called me names
then she called her dad
he got crazy
and i did too
wonder what i did to you?

i'd give you candy
give you diamonds
give you pills
give you anything you want
hundred dollar bills
i'd even let you sing
the songs you wanna sing
i'd give you
i'd give you anything"

(c) 1986
splinken who wrote that?

it's making my head hurt. cause everything does. especially the good things. like that.
birdmad one of the few holes in my near encyclopedic memory

the band was called dramarama, the song is called "anything anything"

first place i heard it was one of the Nightmare on Elm Street Sequels...part IV, i think
kx21 *ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss*


The common Fault among You, U and everyone else or EVERBODY is that:

When you got nothing, you want something.

When you got something, you want anything.

When you got anything, you want everything.

When you got EVERYTHING, you still want SOMETHING.

And finally, you lose almost EVERYTHING or YOU ended up with NOTHING.

Isn't this the beauty of the UNIVERSE or a vicious cycle to fool and trap every man and woman in the UNIVERSE?

Copyright 2000.
Quiggz Does anything exist? I doubt it... but if nothing exists, then something (nothing) does exist, meaning that it's not true that nothing exists, meaning it's possible for nothing to exist.. maybe 010101
Chrity go to:
ladybird anything will do

alcoholic and strong and drinkable

strong and meaningless and fuckable

meaningless and loud and danceable

just once it saves me from thinking about you
babygirl anything. but this. 011101
Mateo Anything as a way of life, seriousky hazardous, but such fun 020207
carne de metal you can do I can do better, sooner or later I'm better than you. 020207
ClairE Would you tie my shoe? 020207
kirstie i juat want anything 020428
lex i doubt that....
feelings count...
look inside...
phil A little bit of red
splash...there we are.
push the paint on the end
to make that glassy surface
brush and slide it down the paper...
same for the sky too....
flutter flutter
now pull across....
now then, take a dry 2" brush and (voice muffled under heavy canvas sounds)
Some happy little trees,
and there we go
ah there... good
...just happy accidents happening
You know me... like those big trees
Ok, let's go back to the big brush.....fluffing upwards and
blending hori..
(voice once again overpowered by heavy canvas noise)
shhik shiik some mountains....
paint off like this...
until you are satisfied
now mix titanium white and the same prussian blue th....
(credits begin to role over Bob painting and rambling about squirrels, he fails to notice)

"Mountain Serenity"
A Bob Ross
"wet on wet"..hmm?
painting project

Bob Ross Tools:
2" Brush * 1" Brush * #6 Fan Brush * Large Knife * #2 Script Liner * Liquid White * 18x24 Canvas * Odorless Thinner

Bob Ross Oil Colors:
Titanium White * Phthalo Green * Phthalo Blue * Prussian Blue * Midnight Black * Dark Sienna * Van Dyke Brown * Alizarin Crimson * Sap Green * Cadmium Yellow * Yellow Ochre * Indian Yellow * Bright Red

NOTE: a small diliberatly high speed text wooshes across the bottom of the screen.

"...and god bless my friend."
jessicafletcher i will give you anything. anything to be loved is everything. i will give you everything. i will give you love. 020520
josie i_could_give_you_anything_right_now 020920
kmontso is better than going back to school. 021001
when darkness falls to see you again 031031
whitechocolatewalrus anything you could want, i probably don't have. 031216
reckless poet id do anything
just do hold u in my arms
try to make u laff
cuz somehow i cant put you in the past
micky jo "You're not a nothing, you are an anything.
How high you learn to fly is how wide you spread your wings...
The world is out there waiting now to hear the song you sing"

Anybody Else Rememeber Teddy Rupskin?
It Is Cheesy Now But At Five Years Old That Was My Theme Song. My Parents Should Have Seen It Coming.
laney teddy rupskin!! holy crap! i used to have that thing... that is crazy baby

i think im crazy baby let you off the hook to easy... if you were a telephone, you'd still be off the hook...
white_wave you're dumped bitch!!!! 040330
the real white_wave ONCE AGAIN, I DID NOT WRITE THAT! 040330
skalix just anything... take it. 040606
ofsuch anything you want
anything the world has to offer
i can give you
if you just reach out to me
take my hand
everything a kiss cannot bring
i will give you
if you just say you will

and it's freedom
in my arms
and it's freedom in my arms
in my arms
in my arms
in my arms
anything you want
anything this world has to offer
i can give you
all this world and his glories
i will give it all to you
take my hand
if you just say you will

anything you want
it's in my arms
anything you need
it's in my arms
anything you want it's in my arms
anything you need it's in my
loving arms
in my arms
in my arms
in my arms

thank you my love, this song has been playing on my soul since you traveled on.
wegjseioprjgwejig ______________________8888__8888888
________888 8OO888888OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO88888888888___888
__888__MOOOOOOOOOOOOM8888O888888888888OOOOmOOMm88888 888888___8888
___88__MOOOOOOOOOOOO8888O88888888888888888OOOOOOMm8 88888___888
Maaaaaaaaartin anything is hell 041109
fritz Anything is what you ask for when you have nothing left. 041130
Kimyla Don't you have anything to say
Anything at all
Why must I poke, pull, prod
just to get you to call
To get you to speak
To share anything with me
Open your heart
Set your spirit free
Ryo Kimball Anything to say to pass the time away?
I don't think so; let's make something up, though.
Risen And she said "Blather if you need anything"

She said that, and within seconds my mind was full to the brink with words and thoughts, and there they were, clawing at the back of my throat, itching at my fingertips, begging to be let out, to be allowed to roam free.

All those words and all those thoughts, and all the things I could say, and would say, and should say...

And I thought "I could write a fucking dissertation on THAT subject".

Instead, I sit here, and I write...

"I could never be that selfish"
Iren3_adler Write it.

I need to hear it.
what's it to you?
who go