me? crimson dream
the shades of black and red blur to oblivion
shapes fade and thoughts swell
vulcan winks and burning smells
effluviate my mind.
purple hair
and grisly stare
infection in the wind.
a deep red chair
invites my care
sucks me in
and surrounds my spine.
balloons and fire
nobody's eyes.
the key to your answer
the lock to a rhyme.
born of a wolf and a raven in a cave outside the fringes of fluxism
bringing a lack of perspective
and a container for elimination of thought.

what do you call the area around a sundial?
and what plays there?
birdmad the bright streaks as i tore into my flesh with the blade and soaked the pages of that_letter

i want to hate you
but i know i can't
Robin Its not enough for you
that I'm wounded
you need a novel, a history, a list
just to convince
So you're all the same
or I'm just redundant
everytime, every one
Its all the same to me
stay or leave
There will be another
conformed, molded to be just like you
late night apologies
crimson roses, faded kisses
diluted prose
and you're all here
to wear me through
to break me down
to the dust. . .
skg Who can tell me if we have heaven
Who can say the way it should be
Moonlight holly, the Sappho Comet
Angel's tears below a tree.

You talk of break of morning
As you view the new aurora
Cloud in crimson, the key of heaven
One love carved in acajou.

One told me of China Roses
One a thousand nights and one night
Earth's last picture, the end of evening
Hue of indigo and blue

A new moon leads me to
Woods of dreams and I follow
A new world waits for me;
My dream, my way.

I know that if I have heaven
there is nothing to desire.
Rain and river, a world of wonder
May be paradys to me.

I see the sun...
I see the stars... Enya

dls i am sorry...

and i love you.
unique butterfly and gray. my school colors. 010602
kerry her eyes pop out like ping-pongs
face ever-reddening crimson blush firehot
surfacing til i think she may explode in my face and burn off all my skin
and it's like
she could make my soul char and rub off in her fingertips...
if she screamed loud enough.
her fists clench like iron fingertips
and veins start to rise up too
squishy mudvein straws where her
fireblood runs through
there you go

thats my mother
whoknows and clover 011206
whoknows over and over 011206
tourist the other
a pilgrim's passing
into the ruddy realm
go I
ever dumbening tourist,

do you feel that is subtle enough for the clods not to notice? or do you want them to pass over? or maybe i am the clod?
a Pirate
ClairE menstrual blood 011213
ellen cherry charles lark's tongues in aspic 020127
daxle we notice in silence
and don't ask about the scars of others
freakizh lark's tongues in aspic! #1 is a hell of a song. awesome.

lilacair blood as it drips through my fingers
through the dark moonlight of my eyes
Rickster The crimson rains forth
It falls from the sky

It calls my name tonight
It reaches for me to die

It wants my blood
This time I lose

The ground beneath me
Consumes me wholey now

I watch my life
Through flasbacks seen dry

It's very dark now
The ground is nomore

I'm falling down far
There is no end

Screaming to hear nothing
I am closed away

Something has taken over
Where do I start

It no longer is
My choice to decide

Where the demons live
And when they reside

I lived my life
Alone in isolation's haste

I draw upon walls
The mural of life

It helps me realize
I cannot flee anymore

The ticket is here
It was never anywhere

The crimson bleeds now
Moreso then ever before

It has me pleading
Dying as I'm seeing

Where did it go
It was there before

I lost it again
It left me somehow

I praise it cometh
Back to my hands

Embrace it I will
Forever in my hands.
p2 twins
xamot and tomax
crimson I may not be, but crimson is beautiful on both sides. 030813
crimson that made very little sense.

i am a crackass
misstree an angry scarlet. 030817
shoccolo i am wearing red shorts today 030817
. and its friends . . and . w00t! we like da crimson! 030925
ninecat Like the blood from the open wound on your palm, that glowed and twisted like a strange fire, and formed atop itself a velvet thorny rose. 041126
sugar like the star in his dead eye 050919
stork daddy ric flair's wearing the crimson mask and you're eating breakfast with your brother in front of the tv. and you both want to be such a spectacle. 050919
misstree i remember tasting this once
but it's darkened to scarlet
and more black is bleeding in...
what's it to you?
who go