typhoid one life ends. another begins. and all thats in between is just a dream. 000402
valis my doors are closed at night
open in the day
shut against the robbers
letting in the strays
marissa is your mind.
i can feel it happening again.
slowly, but surely.
it makes me sad.
what are you so afraid of?
I never did a thing to betray your trust.
I never did anything to make you not love me.
melvinwang i think i agree with marissa 010504
florescent light I have managed to close myself off from practically everybody.
I do not take phone calls, I will not return phone calls, if I made plans with you- I will break them, as black-dyed-gel-prodcut can attest. I did it to him, how many?, 3 to 4 times, at least. and I am so so sorry.
maybe you should call me and try to get me to talk about it. no, that won't work. try inviting me to coffee, and drag me out if I won't go. make me promise- I'll never break a promise.
I haven't spoken with my best friend in almost a month. She doesn't even know I found a job, which she helped me find. I don't even know how she is doing.
what kind of a person have I become?
my actions are inexcusable.

Sheryl is closed.
Lisa closed...chose to hide from life, from everyone...from people who actually mean much to me.
it's the way I am today...a role I've chosen long it's to late to get out of it anymore...

is it a pity...?
is it fate...?
no, it's just me...
etoile living is easy with eyes closed... 020208
me when one door closes, another one opens. but we look at the closed door for so long that we dont notice when another one opens. 021221
what's it to you?
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