jennifer guided shooting independent
Friday 12 May 2000
12:42 PM
no reload
allaboutme I have always long-term planned. I am in touch with my animal instincts, but I have always overruled their suggestions with logic. I have big plans for the near and distant futures. 001223
Marjorie I do not have many plans.
I am supposed to though.
I am supposed to be deciding.
I am supposed to be satisfying a certain role.
I am supposed to be playing my part.
And I am supposed to be doing it well.
And I am trying.
But my heart, my heart just isn't in it.
Casey I can't stay here...I got plans...I'm supposed ta become a short stop for the New York Yankees damn it!!! 010625
amys time has become molassus-like i figured out today that i wouldn't be able to start waldorf teaching (if i do indeed want to do that) for another 10 years, about. i also figured i could move back to southern California in about 5 years. i could maybe get to Colorado by my 60s, if i indeed want to do that.

it seems to me a virtue to have fixed dreams, to be able to say "i always wanted to _______" and then to either do that, or to know why you didn't, or to have something equally as good to divert you. to have that curiosity, but then to surrender to whatever happens, or if life will allow it, to be able to achieve the unknown, but desired. although i do have plan A, B, C, etc. just to not be too overly driven and stuff.
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