borderline pieces fall to the sky, raising the notch yet another point. Worrying that the next one might be the last. 981016
adam one just did it again, another time that another girl had to break another heart that i never had in the first place. 990228
miniver And, now, Samson will entertain the evening people
with great misrepresentation of life
and unfortunate punctuation...
valis one sunrise is pretty much the same as another
to those who aren't up to see 'em
Silent Bob Another Night.
Another Day.
Another kiss before i have to leave you for another week.
Another gaze into your eyes, how i wish i could swim inside them.
Another holding of your hand.
Another sexy smile.
Another time your hand finds its way into my back pocket.
How I wish i could steal you away from your life and bring you into mine. Once and for all.
feelicks another day

another day gone by
another girl who wants another guy
another place i won't see again
my dreams won't ever happen

the girl who'll never care
the love we'll never share
my heart, they'll always tear

alone, in the dark
memories of a walk through a park
but she lied to say
she didn't love me that day
Jon If only there was another way, to be, us. But there's not. Another time, Another religion. But there's not. I'm always ther for you 001005
Meg Another crack in my heart, another picture on the wall, another way to spend an evening when theres noone there at all. Another kiss to say goodbye, another cross upon the chart, another suitcase at the door, another crack in my heart. 001123
focus another night, another call. long distance...just to hear her voice. just to make sure she's okay, once more night to sit and worry myself sick. 010320
Chrity go to:
einstein tonya had a weird_pain 010417
the repeater tourist sed

at 18 there is no way of knowing how fast the next 20 years will fly by.
if I had I might have done a hitch in the navy or something, so I'd have pension money rolling in all the time while I was still young enough to enjoy it. Instead I am still just another wage slave, with one less possibility of telling them all to shove it.
38 was unimaginable, more than a lifetime at 18. how could I know?
how can any of you know.
You are about to become airborne.
Escape velocity is right up ahead. 001020
ClairE That's just what I am.

We girls play some dangerous games.
NearPerfecTheory It's amazing to understand it. To try and see it. Another. To See more then I know. How could I then? It's amazing. For now. I have... Another season in life. there's always more. 020307
josie another_day 020920
Sensory should we really be that greedy and ask for another when one should be satisfied with what they have? 021011
will once life slips through the cracks of time and you realize what life could have been its too late wish for another. So live, don't just exist. 021228
Black Argonaut Another piece of cotton, drowning out the semiconductive thoughts of a sad japanese man, rocking to and fro in a shanty made of pinto beans and broken dreams, all for the sake of a love long lost to a sea of destitute misery. Pity the sad japanese man, for there is nothing sadder... 030122
bluten another broken generation
just enough to keep the faith
call the lonely piper onwards
to where his golden stairway waits
Al day here, just believe 040710
Syrope looking at you
i think maybe i should just change who i am
instead of changing how i feel

another great disappointment
the typist formerly know as me Another without any word behind it really just means hope. Hope that there is another day that might not suck hairy balls the way the one before it did.Another can also mean(depending on my mood), why am I still alive? I wish that there wasn't another mast days. That's sad. People should be happy. Well goddamn, I must not be a people. 050118
~*~lizzy~*~ trip to this place...

never... thought i'd be gone so long...
freeasharold hes just another option
shes just another check mark.

god damn dear.
Superfluous another beer?

i might just be making this all up anyway
what's it to you?
who go