Josh what keeps your butt together. 991129
For sure! i just heard a crack
it came from somewhere near my back
i hope it wasn't those glasses
those glasses wanted by the masses
they're mine...until i get new ones
what about the nuns?
*CatMeow* whore 001207
daanuh my boyfriend came over. he has a very nice car. we sat down for dinner with my parents. my dad asked him where he got such a nice car from. my dad asked where he got so much money from. he asked my new boyfriend if he DEALT CRACK TO BUY A NEW CAR.

jesus christ. what was he thinking?
peyton if I were going to describe my girlfriend.. I would never want to say, she has a nice car

I'd sound shallow
tourist I can't help but think that if marijuana had been legalized back in the sixties, that we would never have been subjected to the crack cocaine epidemic. The war on drugs drove the pot prices up, while making it increacingly more difficult on the growers and smugglers. Eventually pure capitalism made the cocaine the more profitable product. 010227
kinkazoid i smoked crack one time, i didnt know what it was they told me it was marijuana and i wouldnt have dont it if i knew what it was. i shouldnt trust people. 010608
nocturnal "I might act crazy, but I don't smoke crack" 010609
demitria monde thraam it's a seller's dream and a buyer's nightmare...a microcosm of consumer culture where one constantly needs more, more, more, more, more moremoremoremore. Never any satisfaction. Just the brink of it, and then a feeling that if you could just, if you could just, if you could JUST HAVE ONE MORE HIT, you'd do ANYTHING.

Goes away after about 30 minutes, though. And a crack addiction evaporates after about three to five days completely if you don't re-expose yourself.

Damned media, it exaggerates everything. But crack is still the one drug I've ever had exoperience with that I'd say has not enough redeeming value to be even half worth the trouble it will be to deal with.
girl a friend of mine smoked crack once and we have ever since given him shit about it and called him a crack head.
its the old saying: you could build wonderful houses all your life and then smoke crack one time.....
Piso Mojado is not good for children and other living things 011108
nmb oh my, how is it that a smart, well-educated young woman with a good job and a great life and lots of friends and maybe a bit of a drinking problem but a lot of love and happiness can become
a twice convicted felon, living in a shit-hole apartment with no gas or electricty, lots of roaches and mice, sometimes beating her boyfriend, sometimes getting raped, weighing only slightly more than a small child, losing all her hair, stealing for a living, self-hating, can't quite die but keeps on trying??
Just one answer...CRACK.

'course, I got over it, but it took four years...
TalviFatin I had the strangest dream. I was visiting a college...and I seen Heather (the Heather Aimee despizes), Damon, and Adam. Damon and Adam were back from the Army, and I was laying on Adam's chest...brushing off dirt and leaves...asking him how it was. He just stared blankly at the ceiling and answered very quietly what I wanted to know. Damon was talking about yeast infections like always...and I made a snide comment about his crack. 011108
plest I'm full of crack 030211
denis leary "hey man, want some crack?"

"no thanks i already got one!!
gonna stick with the single crackola thank you!!"
beorn ShÏT**!$**ŴΉäçĶ 030513
phil you told me not to smoke crack

and I did
but I lived through it

and still
the only problem I see from it

is you
because your schedule won't allow me

to sit

and watch

the clock

and die

for lunch
because you need everything about me
for yourself

and everything I care about is dying

that's fine

don't cry

oh well
when nothing you care about is me

that's cruel


I'll be living with you now a couple years

your house

my kids
and everything you ever said was this

you care

for me
but everything you said turned into this

you lied

to us
and everything got blamed on me

I stopped

the tracks
and you don't think I could have kept it going like it was


it's this

so long

I did
white_wave why did someone send me here? 040221
ofsuch don't smoke crack.

don't become a crackwhore
mood ring Last night i dreamed about crack
what would freud say to that?
i found a bag of powder,
it was white and flawless,
(in my school of all places, this is gds!)
But anyways i found the baggy, underneath some teenage mess,
and before each of my classes, i would take a nice sniffette.

so there was the bag ready for the sniffin
and everyday i was just sittin there and wishin
so finally, i stole it, at a quarter o' nine
i took the bag of crack home and then it was mine.

so i took a little taste yea i put it on my tongue,
and i waited for the high, but i knew something was wrong,
and so i sniffed a little bit and then, Jesus!, that did the trick!
but i wondered what would happen if i took another lick.

well in a little while i got my answer quick,
i was reelin off the ceilin from that second little lick,
then i sat down at my computer and i typed the whole night long,
and it was only in the mornin that i realized something was wrong.

where will i hide the crack,(i thought of this anew)
i cannot leave it sitting there, (i hadn't thought this through)
so to hide it from my mother i knew exactly what to do,
i took my bag of wonders and i hid it in a shoe.

but finally i realized i just couldn't leave it there,
i feel it, i could sense it, it's presence was in the air.
and it wouldnt be too long for mother dear could sense it too,
so i hopped aboard the bus and brought the baggy back to school.

well thats the end of my story, thats all i can relate to you,
my dream of druggie tendencies is left for you to chew,
but i have one last question about my dream of crack,
all i want to know is what would old freud say to that?
Dave Chappelle as Tyrell Biggums "It's so EEEEASY to make!

you just cook up some cocaine and some baking soda!"
dave shappell "YEEEEEAAAAAHH!" 040701
kookaburra did you mean dave chapelle?
like the one with the show???
Dave Chapelle as Lil Jon YEE-EEAAAH

acidshank crack weed is the best. or if its laced with coke. thats the stuff i have been smoking :) its excellently hyper making. 041125
ssssss ssssssssss 070309
;-) that mans Kuffuffled that you changed his logo.. 070309
hsg in a mountain filz w h2o. h2o freezes & expands d crack, as it makes itself comfy in its new home. 070310
gja something to be avoided on the footpath 070311
rammmmmy OH MY! I have one in my floor! 070603
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