a-team I don't like school. I know people that like school. I don't like those people. 990224
daxle I like learning interesting things and I like being treated like a human being
Conversely, I hate school
OTK Organised

Colleen My books are held close as I stare at the gilded upper class of secondary school. I am part of the other gang (those damned to discount department stores and cut-rate clothes). That smug clique glares back at me and with all the tormented sass they can muster, Amy jingles the keys to her new luxury car in my bus-riding face. She turns and laughs aloud with her friends behind sunglasses and unnatural make-up, barely concealing one helluva black eye. 991111
emily b i hate school. it's sunday night and i'm sitting here dreading school... everyone at my hates it. we ride to school in the morning and hope the bus will get hopelessly lost, because we'd rather drive around forever than get there. isnt there some problem when every kid i know hates school more than anything? 991212
nameless of course there is a problem! its BORING! i gotta go to school in like an hour...... i wish i could stay here and blather forever..... 000116
who me? no recess! 000119
purple tzar if only you were here
I'd yell at you
I was wrong
I was so wrong
Why the fuck did you leave
and I would start to lose steam
and the gears in my mouth would slow down and the words would go
from livid
to angry
to dead and without feeling
until your absence at the institution
would stoke the fires once again.

Yes, yes, I know.
oodles You may all hate school, but I adore it. I believe that knowledge is key, and once you stop learning, you stop living. But school isn't just about learning academically, I've learned so much more than you could find in any book. I've made wonderful memories and amazing friends. And I can't believe so many people who claim to be intelligent and profound look at school with such a negative light. 000129
fucked a usless insitution filled with usless people that subject poor, innocent, naive children to unkown brainwashings and conditioning. 000221
marjorie it's that sickly feeling
of wasting life
in 70 minute incriments
with a tapping pencil
and a tapping foot
and a window that catches your eye
Mary (If you want more info ask me.) Hey, read this before you go on to the next one! I have something important to say! Slowly but surely, school destroys your childhood...don't lose it! Who are the happiest people on this earth? Kids!
So don't grow up...I'm 16 and I haven't!
And I'm happy, man...You may disregard my words, but when you're 80 years will wish that you held on to YOUR childhood. Trust me.
Brad Mary had a little lamb.... followed her to school one day... broke the teacher's rules. Makes incredible sense. 000711
kim i'm sorry...
but school and learning are not the same
thing. you don't need school to learn
all you need is life.
we go to school for that piece of paper
that is SUPPOSED to bring us our future.
that's all
Zoe i don't mind school. actually it is the summer so i can say that, but seriously. i hate going to school so early, and i don't like doing pointless work, but i really don't mind it. i think that if i didn't go to school i wouldn't have met my best friends. that would be hell! 000719
guitar_freak My school is like a prison. There are NO windows is the whole building. I have 4 hours of homework each night. All the money is put into sports, education doesn't seem to matter very much anymore. I can't go down the hall without the jeers of my peers. Just for being different. People wonder why I am depressed. 001013
Barrett Everyone is "different" it's just a question of if they want to believe it or not.
And in six years, half of them will be:
Or just as stupid as they are today.

You, will be a rock star, and if not.
JBauer If you ask me... The reason so many of us hate our schools is that it simply starts too early robbing us of the most precious thing in most of our days... sleep. Sleep deprivation was used as a form of torture in the Korean war to lessen the resistance of certain American Pilots. But without at least some schooling I fear that the entire country would be dumber than they are today... hard to belive isn't it. 001207
guitar_freak If everyone didn't seperate themselves everything would be so much better. The only reason people are popular is because everyone else LETS them be. If so much of the school dislikes them, why do people let them walk all over your self-esteem? You don't have to. Who cares if a person doesn't get their clothes from the Gap and Old Navy? Who cares if they do? They are just clothes and one can't let themselves be put into catagories. The best friends are the ones who are not corrupted by the politics of popularity. Even if I go to school every day with the glares of the "popular" who used to be my friends, I realizes that I have something they never will. Individuality. I would rather have that then have all the friends in the world. 001218
twiggie freshman year i went to a catholic school. i hated most of the people there, but i found a group of friends that kept me sane. (and surprise, the catholic group still remains to be my best friends). sophmore year i went to a public school, thinking it'd be better than the catholic one. i was so wrong. i can't imagine staying there longer than i did. i hated everything about it. the principal was an ass, most of the teachers didn't like me, and why? because i didn't shop at american eagle or the gap. i thought how pathetic the "popular" people were, to think that they were better than everyone. to think that they could talk to me as if i were lower than them.

i love the school i'm at now though. it's an art school. what you wear is the least of everyone's concern. there'll always be the people who believe they are better than me, but i've learned to push that aside.
*spoons* school sucks but im happy cuz today the man inside my radio said school is stupid so they closed it. but the rumor is the roads are icy 010129
cyb Good thing we arent students in japan or korea where the student suicide rate is the highest in this universe....I think pub schools should have uniforms and dresscodes AND if your score is a D or F then you should get booted.....I always thought free education shouldnt be for EVERYONE...Its a privilige not a prison sentence....Take it or leave it and see where you end up. 010129
*spoons* dude uniforms and dress codes why thats fucking dumb because if people think they are better by how they dress now they can still show it in every fucking way like by the name brand of there pens! there jewely there hair they can show it down to there fucking socks no matter what you do you cant stop people from expressing them selves you couldnt lock each of us in a bubble and call us equal. What ever happened to the freedom to express ourselves and if you got booted for d's and f's that wouldnt be a public school and its not mandatory you do well its an offer you either realize what its there for or you fuck around and end up screwed later on. as for the japan and korea those are the places that have the strict dress codes and they arent allowed to express themselves as much as we are and every one has to have there hair cut a certain way. Im glad we dont have uniforms because its more money you have to spend on clothes you dont want Part of public schools is that you get to express your self in most ways and there are plenty of stuck up private schools for the rest 010129
guitar_freak so yes school should be voluntary, but UNIFORMS?!??!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING!!!!!! Forced to wear dumb ass clothes and be just like everyone else. a fuckin drone. Japan and Korea are forced to wear uniforms and have their hair a certain was. NO WONDER the suicide rate is the highest. Ever think there is a fucking REASON for that? Sorry, don't mean to stomp all over your opinions, but i enjoy thinking for myself. wearing specific clothes.ahg 010129
cb Well if there are other ways to express yourself than why not go with uniforms.....Im just saying that after reading all the previous opinions about status based on clothes from the nearest GAP, I thought that dress code will eliminate all the status problems and that way students can focus on learning and not what she or he dared to wear or not to wear. And about the korean and jap students i forgot to mention the amount of hours that stufdents spend on their academics....(at least 14 hours a day, enough time to get ready for school&bed,and sleep)That is why their suicide rate is the highest...... 010129
cyb Well if there are other ways to express yourself than why not go with uniforms.....Im just saying that after reading all the previous opinions about status based on clothes from the nearest GAP, I thought that dress code will eliminate all the status problems and that way students can focus on learning and not what she or he dared to wear or not to wear. And about the korean and jap students i forgot to mention the amount of hours that stufdents spend on their academics....(at least 14 hours a day, enough time to get ready for school&bed,and sleep)That is why their suicide rate is the highest...... 010129
twiggie i've been to a school with a dress code.
they didn't have it so everyone would look the same, or so that people couldn't express themselves (although it sometimes felt like it).
they had it so the school looked neat, and everyone had a clean appearance. althought that is even futile, because if you aren't a neat clean person it's going to show no matter what.
just by taking a glance around you can tell who shops where, who has money, and who tries to step around the dresscode in every which way.
while i hated the dresscode, i'm just glad there weren't uniforms. i've had enough of those for a lifetime.
god wear out the knees of your pants, so you can look your friends in the eye. learn to do the OTS dance...
somethin' somethin'
__DaB0mB__ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! 010206
Chrity go to:
DannyH the fat child was chewing his fingers in a snotty red-faced blob in the corner. The playground had been long empty and he knew the teachers would be out looking for him by now.
"One of you must know what happened."
CinnamonGirl I'm in highschool again... 010604
Dafremen We leave our home rooms and stand outside waiting for the bus to take us home. Boarding the bus our family waves and smiles, we wave back and climb aboard with them. Soon we'll be home again. Home with all of those who care for us and who we care for. Home where the rules are clear if stupid and the consequences consistent. To think, 2 more years til graduation then time to leave home. No more buses home, just stuck in mom & dad's house again. Sigh.

Almost forgot about college! Yiipppeee! Home Sweet Home! (Hey home is where the heart is right?)
kronoman School sucks. But it's moe fun than boot camp. trust me. 010621
kronoman And high school should have some kinda anti-teen pregnancy program 010621
distorted tendencies Sitting here at the school lab. Finished my work for the first part of the hour and waiting to get out. I have a headache and I'm tired. 011018
psychobabe hehe its always fun to check blather during school, even tho thats against the fucking rules *rolls eyes* 011115
Tom Servo The worst part of it would definitely have to be perspectives class. Literally half the time I just sit there writing down self-affirmations and the other half I get to learn about... sex *gasp*. I swear that a real life Stuart Smalley was the one who created this class. 011115
Claire school is nothing 011126
bit I'm failling agian,
I'm guilty as sin,
But is it my fault?
for Algebraic asult?
After death is there life?
Would you take yours w/ a knife?
Is there life after?
Ask the advice of a dove.
Is there life after school?
or only time for a rambling fool?
All I know is I hate this damn class
and you can all kiss my ass.
ilovepatsajak the flourescent lighting makes me sick. they fill your head with so much information that it's hard to think anymore. 011210
cube all you need to take with you from school is the ability to learn. i believe everybody has their own 'best method' of learning in the same way that no two people have exactly the same biological metabolism. develop that and you'll have the school thing beaten... 011210
Motomu teaching at a high school sucks LIKE HELL 011218
ClairE 's out for summer
Alec I leave too late for school and I arrive on time, I just rush and don't think. I leave on time and I'm usually late, I stare at shops and walk in zigzag. I leave too early and I never arrive. I have time to change my mind and go someplace else. 020131
reitoei administrators wonder whats wrong with students, why they hate school. they never question the schools perfection.
its this kind of short sighted narrow mentality taht makes school hell. there's only room for one viewpoint and that's an A. free thought and curiosity is failure
kodachi It swallows me in its blandness ... I'm so alone alone alone 020131
glenn supposed to be the best days of our lives. doesnt feel like it. if in the future, my life isnt better than it is now, i'll be disappointed. 020310
bit highschool perpares you for college and college prepares you for your career.. eeww career is a word that should be considered profanity 020410
silentbob it doesn't do a very good job, however 020410
Fire & Roses Zoe turned on her computer and logged into her mailbox. The e-mails from her teachers outlining that weeks work had already piled up. Grabbing her car keys she headoff to the school. Jesse and Caryn were in the library already and they helped her with her trig homework. Waving to Geoff and Mandy in the hall she made her way to the science labs to do her lab. She had a test in history on Wednesday at 11 am and so she and her friends went to one of the class rooms to study, ocasionally paging a tutor in their motorized cart to help them. But at last the day was over... Zoe thought to herself I'd rather be at school. 020415
brandi As I sit here
Finished with my test
I long
for something I can grasp
I tell myself I must go home and study
So I can understand
but how can I
if I don't even care?
IT is my nature
If I don't grasp it right off
I'll never take the time
to find out if I know the answers.

(Needless to say, I failed this algebra class.)
optic discretion a painful routine i go through each day
from 6 in the morning to infinity.

if it weren't for friends, i'd absolutely detest school.
blue star today was my last official day as a student at Lourdes High School.

Finals are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

And then I'm getting the hell outta Dodge.
theunchosenone iam thinking about going back to get a MS in social science. sounds boring but i need break from work and cinco de miao is past for this year. any blathery impressions welcome. 020518
radioactive talking parrot i wanna cry 020729
Melissa I don't mind school. Well maybe I do, but anyway I know If i want to be a success in life I need an education, and actually learn something.
If you know it or not, school realy is important to everyone. And maybe some of that stuff you learn, you may never see it again, but its nice to know, so you dont walk through life with only street smarts, you need intelligence. It's good to know what your talking about. A persons brain can hold an infinant amount of information, the possibilities are endless, so make use of it. Once some of you actually graduate high school, and maybe go on to college, you will know what I am trying to say.
Ahmad Aint it weird how when ur at school, u want the holidays sooo bad, but by the end of the holidays, ur knda glad that school is comin back

aint it??

i supose its just human, u always want what u cant have. thats a bitch
oppressed_youth It's better than getting shot in the face.

But then, I think a lot of things are.
blue star I've got 16 days left of Rochester....

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself.
kelkel A place to daydream
To sleep
To sneak away from
Some people take it way to seriously
Life is a better teacher
Sometimes the teachers don't even care, why should I
phil When school is over, the learning begins.
School is:
A set of beliefs and a system of social judgment we were forced to attend.
The ignorance of my entire school life.
Strong children are humiliated.
Math descends into irony.
Gym takes time away from life.
phil The only reason a person would want to go back to school, is because they realize there is nothing else for them. 030128
not an angry girl "school is a battlefield for the heart." -MSCL

"my parents always ask how school was. it's like saying, 'how was that drive-by shooting?' you're lucky to get out alive..." -MSCL
xavier i don't like school... nope not a bit. infact i can't think of a single person who hates school more than I. and if i could drop out and get a real life, i would so fast it would make your head spin. but if i did, i would leave alot of negative energy in my wake. most of the people who i care about tell me that they will be very upset if i drop out. but everyday is one more day till the day i die, and i feel that i cannot waste any more time with this meaningless institution. i want to live my life while i still have the security of adolecence. what's a boy to do? 030202
xavier people say i'd make a good teacheor school couceor... hee hee 030202
*nat* i can put up with it, but SOO glad that I might be switchin for AS.

apparently i'm gonna be the "really cool girl that everyone wants to know"

Pah. Yeah Right
Nichole SCHOOL IS FUN 030303
niska the truth about school: there's no such thing as a permanent record.

Once you're done all of it, and have to WORK for a living, no one will even care what was on your college transcript. You could have an F in the thing you do better than anyone else (like me) and who's ever going to know? it's experience that matters in the 'real world'.

School is a socialization process. So don't waste it with your head always in the books, OR the clouds. You must find a happy medium.

if you were home-schooled, you'd learn just as much, the only differnce would be you'd miss the prom. and probably have no friends... and never meet any cute boys...

So, stay in school, even if it sucks.
jolie only an hour left to go....but my eyeballs are melting out alittle early today....I can usually get out of here before they liquify, but today was a particular horrifying waking up the morning after a party and you underwear are on iside out but you don't remember a thing. You don't know whether its a good thing or a bad thing. It depends on how you look at it....DUDE! I got laid!...then it would be good...I have no idea who they were, if there was a condom, or if they had diseases ..... then its bad....
Yep, thats what school's like my senior year....thank god I'm almost out....I won't miss the expierence.... only the times I fucked up....cuz most of the time thats when I had the most isn't easy to be a girl who runs with the boys and keep up....but I did it and it was a damn good time.
x i don't wanna go!!!!!! 030324
jolie today has been a piece or shit. 030326
Kottonmouth king School sucks.

Smoke a J
/anon Prophets tell of a place of unspeakable horror. Where children are tortured and forced to endure unimaginable pain. This realm is worse then any hell. Demons walk the cordors with evil smirks across their shadowed face. They are the henchmen of Him. That which none can comprehend the power of and the evil with which he uses it. None escape his grasp. He is soundless as he surveys his kingdom.

The kingdom they call 'SCHOOL.'

I screwd it up ran it into the ground sorry I will stop trying.
hjlk Yeah u did run it into the ground. 030430
FREAK School should be banished for the rest of lifes existence. Learn through your own experiences on life. Hey at least there will be no homework. 030430
Freak AHHH Someone's being a poser ! 030502
Rauken I don't mind school as long as the teacher doesn't try to corrupt me. What's the deal with them? Sometimes I feel like they're just trying to brainwash me. 030505
Rauken Today, I'm going to get brainwashed by the government. Actually, I go there five times a week. Honestly, I have nothing better to do, right? 030505
whoever you want me to be Of course you have better things to do. Sitting outside is better than going to school; being outside when it is raining or snowing or beautiful out. Doesn’t that sound way better than going to school? I am sure you can think of other things you would rather be doing then sitting in a cold room lit only by florescent lights because there are no windows and the humming is just giving you a headache.

It’s raining, go outside.
learning lifes greatest lessons I'm in school right now. Study hall. I have come to hate this place. I am nearing the end of my mandatory four years here and I cant wait to get out. And when I say mandatory I mean its mandatory because my parents make me and society tells me I have to if I "want to do anything with my life." 030507
niska mandatory four years?

what about the mandatory FORTY you're going to spend WORKING for the rest of your life? if you want a life where you don't have to wake up and be someplace you don't want to be, i can't think of anything to tell you that would fool you into thinking it's all fun and rainbows... right now your biggest concern is getting the diploma so you can be a supervisor, rather than a sandwich-maker, but once you're done, there's nothing left but dog-eat dog, and without a paycheck, you can't survive in this world.

i certainly hope you realize that for the rest of your life, at least 8 hours of the day won't be as fun as the 8 you spend now, chillin' with friends, getting high and flirting with whoever you deem flirtable-with.

that's all i did in high school, and I have a pretty good job. only 8 hours a day. but i also went to college. that's four MORE years... UGH! does the insanity stop? no.

you should enjoy high school. it's the biggest free-ride you'll ever be on.
niska i read that again and it seems my point wasn't really clear.

you don't have to like school. in fact, the less you're there, the better.

but enjoy this moment in time, it is over too fast.
learning lifes greatest lessons I do understand what you are saying, but these four years have been spent learning about things I dont neccesarily wish to learn about. At least in the next fourty years I can choose to do something that I like or makes me happy. Even if I do have to work I can find something that is interesting.

but I definitely am enjoying these years.
tulip bruises i dont know what to say really, ive been so fucked up and twisted by this subject that i cant think of something new to feel. i love knowledge, i love academia, i love books, im relatively intelligent, but it doesnt mean i like school. its not some corny place, but its not the most awful place either, it just... is. i just cant wait until i graduate and go to university. then i can actually learn. 030523
learning lifes greatest lessons today is tuesday. it's 11:14 pm.

i graduate on friday at 7 pm
Mesdup institution
like magician

open mike
like politician
Fully Aware learning in an environment where it is expected that you will understand 031119
cheetah drive the car to. 031223
superleni like little prisons to put kids in and make them all learn how to be the same and wear the same thing.
but hell, i loved school, i think mine was a nice one though. a little catholic affair. i'm not catholic.
much better to be out of school and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, if this is freedom.
but kids: learn well, learn to learn, and open your minds to all sorts of info, seek it out; and don't believe everything, esp if people really want you to believe it, or it seems simple. the universe is not simple!
tyger group projects are better now that I'm in grad school. 040121
kagome school sucks i hate it i hate it its a waste of time to go there.. 040209
nathan i broke someone's pencil and brought him a a new garfield one the next day. i hated writing a sentence then drawing a picture about it. the teacher took my duffle bag full of pens and pencils and threw them all in the garbage. we moved our class room this year. our teacher got pregnant and could not finish the year. i sold ice cream during lunch. 040326
elisabeth42 I'm a high school dropout.

If I were still in school, I could enjoy the full benefits of being young. As much as I loathe the place, it offered lots of good opportunities that are harder to find now that I've dropped out. You know, like education, friendship, sex, drugs, various new situations and new things to try. Just a thought.

If only I could have put up with the bad shit. Unfortunately there's a lot of that in life. Not just at school. I don't want to drop out of life. I shouldn't have dropped out of school. I guess while I was there I overlooked the good parts, which was very easy to do because sometimes I felt like we were all just sheep in an institution training us to be part of the system.

But like they say, the best way to change the system is from the inside. If you drop out of the system and then try to change it, you're looked at as a threat and dealt with as so. But if you're in the system and you try to change it, you have a much better chance at succeeding.
nonlucid now that it's over (for now anyway) i kind of regret not paying attention, especially in english class because i think maybe i could have learned something from those people called teachers who know more than I do and will tell you more than willingly if you only ask

i'm going to miss the phenomenon called high school... where you can coast and not work ever, never do homework and pull off almost-As, the lack of freedom combined with lack of responsibility (but I didn't know!) a good place where you can still be immature and forgiven (most of the time)

very forgiving... too much perhaps. i've been spoiled by these two years, and will soon die

but now it's summer, and the utterance of the word is verboten, 'till next year
Maranda total bull shit 041125
candyman sitting here, in my car, by the school gates, my mind wandering, my eyes zeroing in on target, hehehehehehehe........... 050112
candyman sitting here, in my car, by the school gates, my mind wandering, my eyes zeroing in on target, hehehehehehehe........... 050112
zach was the place where I learnt all my tricks; was where i met those lowdown hicks. Canada! the place where it all came true, a game in the mind, my mind in the game, living my life same to same. Far, far away, mexico She lay, a world apart... not far from this place that I blather my heart. 050531
falling_alone your last day, did you cry?
was everyone crying?
no, no, we laughed and smiled and glad to to be leaving, never looked back.
wordless a social event 050814
dee our hell 060103
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck 060216
2step i think i am smart.
i am unmotivated, lazy.
my mom thinks i should be in an alternative school.
i hate school.
i get bad grades.
i hate how my dad tells me i have to get good grades in highschool to get into university of michigan.
i don't want to go to college, especially if it's harder than highschool.
clark i dropped out of college today.
finally, i can start life.
what's it to you?
who go