amy you have my full assurance
a honest (on), a., truth 000313
amy :)
BoofPixie honesty. overrated virtue if ever there was one. you don't have to be true to anyone, and you sure as hell don't have to be true to yourself. keep your facts fluid and you'll be a smiling blank slate for the rest of your days. 000313
Zoe i think that honesty is overrated. when someone asks me, "do i look fat" of course i'm going to say no. that is a complete lie of course, but do they really want me to tell them the real truth? i don't think so. 000717
fucked once too often Don't criticise my taste in music.
I listen to your cds, your tapes, without a sound because I am trying to understand you, and if this music means something to you, or reached you in some way, the I want to know about it,
I will listen with open ears,
even when I can think of a million criticisms, unprejudiced ones and all.

So don't go ridiculing something I want to listen to,
you do so without really thinking what it is you are belittling.

You are belittling me.
belittling is only a word. Don't take it too seriously. 020811
Some people Some people might feel equally bad that you listen to their music without a word of crit.

Maybe some people aren't willing to lose their identity that easily.

Some people might realise that the music matters to you, but think that if you really cared about the music then you wouldn't give a shit what others thought.
unhinged honestly, i feel pretty much nothing for you anymore. at least, when i'm stoned out of my mind that is.

numb numb numb

i don't want to be anywhere near you. why can't you leave me alone? but i know it has nothing to do with me. that relieves me and depresses me the way you not calling used to. do what you want, just make sure it has nothing to do with me. like speaking, or laughing, or dancing, or looking. you have made me hate you. now there is nothing you can do to make up for that.
devalis I want to forget all about you. You tell me how happy you are with her and then in the same breath say how much you miss me, and not just in a friendly way. Make up your fucking mind.

Your "she", "where", "insanely" and "shut" are contradictory and sad. We can't be friends if you're going to live inside your curly head.

Isn't reality a kick in the nuts?
fucked once too often well sorry for actually caring about your opinion
sorry for not wanting to hurt you with excessive criticisms of music I don't even know
I'm sorry for not helping but be crushed every time you slam mine
eddie monster what is your favorite song to fuck to
be honest
jane come on, isn't everyone's "closer" by nine inch nails?

mine isn't
stork daddy drivin right along...footloose and fancy free....from the muppet movie 020814
eddie monster stork daddy must be a pimp or some shit

what i'm listening to doesn't really matter
something loud and aggressive
eddie monster honestly, i'm drunk often when i blather 021124
magicforest Every time that this song by Zwan plays on the radio, I feel my soul lifting up and my heart laughing with this effervescent joy, and I want to jump and twirl and be the everything that I feel like I am, filled to the brim, overflowing, life saturating me and streaming from my veins, true and happy, there.

digs music
silentbob honestly i cant remember (teen dreams)
all my teenage feelings
and the meanings
they seemed to
the see through
to be true

all the whos are there
but the whys (but the whys)
whys are unclear (are unclear)

picture this
the long awaited
spaghetti kiss
how does it feel (explain)
to know (how)
we've re-written history (this things change)
despite the complicated
beginning to all of this

mimsy bat i try to always tell the truth, honesty is improtant 040513
lou_la_belle honestly, i wish i were a better person. more of myself and less of others... 040514
jlymry327 honestly, there had to be something that lead you to me
if we could just talk
you could teach me how to listen
id listen
find me again
n o m i have wondered, regretted, am questioning 110614
what's it to you?
who go