dallas no matter where it is, only one thing matters... that it's not here. 980820
adam towards a new life, a new tommorow without the residue that remains after the oily sunset of yesterday. 990228
meeker to seep into the parched ground as blood into a stone 990510
amy going, going...gone? 991016
Andrea i, says she,
am going to conquer the earth.
let everyone i meet know the
power i've hid contained between
my ruby lips and elfin ears.

i, says she,
will rule the world before
i reach the age of twenty-five.
and those who once mocked me
will bow before my painted toes.

i, says she,
can hear the voices of those
i have left miles and feet behind
calling for me to wait for them.
while there is no stopping me.

i, says she,
would sacrifice my soul, my smile
if i knew it were for a cause
such as remaining untouched and
lost in my own creation of time.

i, says she,
will not touch you for fear
your skin will burn my already
scarred and tender fingertips.
for courage is not mine to hold.

i, says she,
could not partake of what is
golden and glimmering in the sun.
only cast it about like nothing
and watch their receiving faces.

i, says she,
have certainly begun to spread
myself about the world and
crush the unbelievers who say you
can't spread happiness with gloom.

Copyright 2000
neville no clutch
and stuck in fifth, too
keep riding it and don't look back because you've already been down that happy trail, yeah?
gotta keep up morale and not
worry about my destination
Getting there is half the fun, right?
sabbie sometimes, when i was younger,
i wondered where my life was going
why i was here
what was i doing
all that kind of thing
then one morning
while thinking of neville,
i sat straight up in bed
and said "Getting there is all the fun, right?"

and i turned over happily
and went back to sleep
and i haven't been plagued by philosophy since.
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anonymous coming going going coming
i'd rather just stay put for awhile
erkis malerkis this one friend once said to me, dude your clothes suck, and i was like, dude you suck 020221
sigma my favorite mental state

i love trains. ever ride them?
or car rides?

being neither here nor there, but on your way to somewhere. somewhere else. i've yet to take a road trip with no destination, but imagine how blissful that would be.
whome is what i really really wanna do 040208
hsgatincamail to 040504
broken:shattered somewhere nowhere everywhere

cyanide faerie ...almost as bad as gone... 050129
count count tip your 050216
x twisted x its never going to be the same again. never. 051005
mushroomman i am going to a city, known in some languges as slang for asshole. i find this rather blather amusing and bemusing
i have a new love and we are in our spaceship
what's it to you?
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