daxle I'm here where all the things I don't need to survive leave spaces to unpack the things I do need into 990625
emsie he's gone now, but it doesn't make me any happier. it's not like I hoped and prayed he would leave, because leaving solves nothing. things are still the same, maybe worse, now that he's gone. now I feel like if he were here, you wouldn't hang out with me at all, and the only reason you're hanging out with me now, is because he's gone...lates... 991014
lokkust the kingdom where things can't come back from the dead 991111
jules Sometimes, when I read things like this, it makes me sad. Yes, he is gone. And that makes me cry. And I feel that it is the hardest thing that we have to be apart for a whole year. I am trying to surround myself with people who care about me (ie you and the rest) and I try to create as much happiness and busyness as possible to divert my mind from the humongous void inside of me. So then I read this, and think 'what the fuck. i'm trying. if you could just think outside the box for once' We could do fun things. Make plans. You're my girl. PLEASE. 991127
|sCaRReD*disTrOyeD| Lost forever. You were mine. You were there, you were always there. Now you're gone, forever. Disappeared. 991127
sadgoat love 000209
lotusflower i hope he will never be... 000212
typhoid when im not sure that what im holding is what im really holding. 000331
Brad Jazz musician slang of the week: If something is really hip, it's 'gone.' 000331
MollyGoLightly Sometimes things are gone. And people are gone. It's not the end of the damn world. One's life just needs a little cleaning out every once in a while. 000413
lola man. 000528
Barrett Gone, are the days I didn't care. Damn I miss them! 000613
silentbob i wanted to see you
walkin backwards
without the sensation of you comin home
jimPain Earth's need for the human race 000924
unique butterfly i left a lone time ago. the world didn't want me. or rather i didn't want it. just cry. maybe i wouldn't feel so hurt. god doesn't care. or rather i don't care. i do. what can i do. i'm leaving. forever. death is like sunshine compared to this. 001115
misstree left new orleans
in my battered suitcase mind,
for all the things i leave behind,

all the faces i won't see,
all the drinks in silent toast,
all the caresses of his hands
and the secrets i now host,

all the times i never had,
all the brilliant time misspent,
but it left me far too battered,
so me and my suitcase went.
unique_butterfly i'm gone.
not there.
i left.
long ago.
miss friends.
i guess.
feel guilty.
far away.
not sad.
at least.
not very.
but why?
best friends.
with all.
love you.
miss you.
johnny west And Mick Jagger's falsetto takes the cake. 010309
Chrity go to:
bluechicken never return into my arms, cos you were gone, gone.
don't you just love being gone?
it's like a birthday cake!
Jesse tell them all she wont be back
cause she needed a change
turned away from her fears
she's been falling down
tell them all shes gunna be
just listen to me
cause she needed the friends
because she will always be
cause she will always know me...
Erin My boyfriend I love so much is gone now at west point's boot camp for 5 more weeks......I am a wreck i have no one...I am marrying him 010709
gone daddy gone where she is now i can only guess 010709
birdmaxx Mr. Gone and the isz 010709
black-dyed gel product "the summer that was lost now is gone."

Flogging Molly "The Ol' Beggar's Bush"
Pearl Jam I know someday you'll have a beautiful life
I know you'll be a star
In somebody else's sky
But why?
can't it be
Casey They will never know or care that I will be gone soon. They can't know I'm gone if they never knew I was here to begin with 011028
kelli crane that feeling when someone is walking away from you and you know you'll never see them again.Your heart aches as the space between the two of you gets wider and wider. Hoping, maybe, he'll turn around and say something, but knowing deep inside he's not going to. Neiher one of you will give, and now he's gone, forever. 020115
marz are the days when i used to sit and play and dream of when i would be going off to college, of when i would have to decide what i was going to do for the rest of my life.. and now im here and i wish i could return to that childlike ignorance- i wish the responsibilities, the confusion, the pain, and the cold had truths would be gone. 020317
Liz While I am sitting here
I can feel my eyes well up with tears
And I can feel
My throat begin to close
Why am I doing this to me?
This is self-torture
I’m cutting myself with words
They cut so deep
You can’t cure the wounds
I promised myself to be strong
And I thought I could be
So much I am not
I am not strong
I am nothing
I am not here

While the day passes by
You may feel this never ending loneliness
And you know
That someone is suffering
Will you ask yourself why?
Reality can be so hard
And words can cut so deep
Too deep
To ever be ignored
I promised not to cry
And I thought I could stand
Everything I am not
I am falling
I am fading
I’m almost gone
violent femmes where she is now
i can only guess
blown cherry the nihilist He's gone again.
He's always going.
Going home, going to Melbourne,
going offline, going away.
Going away from me.

And all I'm capable of thinking at those
times is "Stay, please stay. I don't want you to go."

Stay with me.

But he goes.
And now he's gone again.
Full_Circle_to_Comatose gone, gone, and it's all my fault. i had what i've always wanted. i had love. i woke up this morning and tried to cuddle up to him and i said,
"i love you"
and he said,
"you could've fooled me"
i didn't even know what he was talking about. got drunk last night, had one of my famous blackouts. tried to leave, drive. and when he wouldn't let me i called him a motherfucker, tried to hit him. so who could blame him for not wanting me around? i asked if we were over, and he said he didn't know. but i know. he won't be able to stay with me now. he gone lone gone. and so am i.
Full_Circle_to_Comatose such silly worries. i am constantly reminded that i should never ask what's going to happen to me next. things could always get worse, and they have. for the first time i see an obstacle permanently embedded in the road. no way around it. i must climb over or blast through. what to do. 020603
Sailor Jupiter Quietly you packed up your things
You boarded your plane
and flew
I couldn't believe
when she said you were gone
No goodbyes for me or anyone?
I guess we're not the friends
that I thought we were
or wanted us to be
She said it is for the best
which I agree is probably true
But you're gone
and no one knows when
or even if you're coming back
There's no reason for you to return
I will miss you
My poor heart will grieve for you
My mind recalls the last song
that you played for me
"You'll steal my heart, I'll count to 3
You'll walk away, just like on TV..."
Now to go cry myself to sleep
Perspective_Of_Soul It is all still there.The things, the people, the happiness of others.All that has gone is the hope i see in it all.
The safety i felt in my own mind.
The comfort i felt with my soul.
It has all gone.
Gone with one swift decapitation.
The normal flow, the tradition circulation of good and evil has stopped with the latter being held within the burning torment chamber of my minds eye.Nowhere to go but downwards in the fiery spiral i myself have created out of the very fear of its existance.
StaindAndSouless All our love is gone. All our hope is gone. and now you're walking away, and in a while you'll be gone too. And I'll have nothing left to live for but your memory. And that will fade with each day. and so will I. 020905
HL it happens to everyone 020906
Sensory it will never be the same...as you will have to do without it, and will learn to live without it again, and realize it isn't all that necessary, and life will go on without it once it's gone 021011
*silent screams You have been kidnapped from my life. Your nowhere to be found, vanished without a trace. I search, and still find nothing. I can't give up. My hope is dying, but will never disappear. I will not give up, I will not give in. I will find u. If i search a lifetime just to spend half a second with u in the end, it would be worth it. Your face is fading, our hands are slipping...do we have the strength?...is our love strong enough to survive the distance? Will fate cross our paths once more? I still have faith in us, i believe with everything i am , that we will be together in the end. Once half doesn't make a whole, please tell me u feel it too. ...i will never give up...even if u do... 021207
bleeding soul this pain in my chest feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly ceaselessly neverending pain undying love for you and only you ripping my heart right out of my chest only to throw it on the floor watching it bleed tiles covered in blood my blood bleeding for you because you asked me to dying for you in absence of your love needing to see you longing to hear you tell me you love me say you wont leave me please don't go please forgive me i wish i could tell you i'm sorry but i can't i'm so fucked up anger builds up inside my chest and i lash out saying things to hurt you to make you feel as much pain as i do why should i have to feel this alone the only one hurting is me cuz i'm wrong and you're gone never to look upon my face again 030330
yeah look at all those fancy clothes but these could keep up warm just like those and what about your soul is it cold is it straight from the mold and ready to be sold and cars and phones and diamond rings bling bling those are only removable things and what about your mind does it shine on other things that consume you more than your time look at you out to make a deal you try to be appealing but you lose your appeal and what about those shoes you're in today theyll do no good on teh bridges you burnt along the way youre willing to sell everything come into your world leave your footprints well shame them with our words gone people all careless and consumed gone goin gone everytthing gone give a damn gone be the birds when they dont wanna sing gone people all awkward with their things
sean I WISH MY MOTHER WAS GONE!!!! 031122
ToDorothea I wonder when I get the guts before you are gone. I'm pathetic Dolly. 031210
lou_la_belle silent tears
tracking down my face
for what was lost
hadn't yet been gained
how sad to mourn
the passing of something
that is still unborn.
unspoken, unknown, un-heard-of...
that's why my tears are quiet,
ghostly and soft,
because not even i knew
before it was gone.
i never saw it coming,
but then they say you never do.
how strange to find it
in the moment that it left...
shivers six weeks
its possible
i know youll be coming home
lou_la_belle then where are they?
where are YOU?
i might as well be a ghost with the number of calls i get

i'm still alive over here!
*waves hands frantically*
can't you see me??!!
reue "We call that person who has lost his father, an orphan; and a widower that man who has lost his wife. But that man who has known the immense unhappuness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? Here every leanguage is silent and holds its peace in impotence."
-Joseph Roux
phil I was sitting there on the porch drinking. 050111
Somebody that I used to know so gone. no idea how gone. but i am. 050111
Whiskey but_you_wont 050208
phil All you want, all you need is that one person and it is true no other love can ever match that.
But it is not only the person you fell in love with, it is the inevitable.
It is better to let a difficult person go and hope.
me its so final. it marks a point where a permanent change has come around, something i'm not used to. i dont mean permament like a new haircut or something. permanent like...i dunno. final. like thats how its gonna be and theres not a damn you and i can do about it, so stop crying because all you're doing is wasting time. beyond your control.

thats it. gone is final beyond one's control. and you gotta give it up, and stop trying to control it. so just sit down someday, and accept the goddamn fact ok? just sit there, and feel life rush you down the street you've never taken before.
me i wonder if i will ever get the guts to act before you are gone? one day you will be. one day i will finally get the guts to act, and i;ll find out you're gone, and i hadnt done a damn thing. 050325
tyler not only is she, for she has moved,
but as am i, for i am changed

you dont know
() () 050420
jlymry327 id go
but where
id stay
but here
id cry
whats the use
there's nothing left to do
a chaotic gift to idealism running machines that cost more than my own worth
building circuits to safe someones life
refirbish this and rewire that
they keep harrassing me
work for us work for us
i dont even have a GED
so i'll use what i have
to make myself gone
somewhere different is a must
somewhere close
somewhere far
it doesnt really matter
just as long as i'm gone

want to tag along? i promise i'll keep you healthy and safe, maybe even completely happy.
a chaotic gift to idealism and so it is.. you return. 050622
oren The house began its gradual change.
It felt like a slow death.

The light through the windows wasn't as bright anymore.
The usual sounds of settling were louder.

The air grew heavy as the days passed.
Old air.

I tried talking to myself.
I could hear my voice echo. The echo made the house seem even more empty so I stopped.

I missed her.

The house missed her.
anythingbutcryptic Ages ago/and i dreamt of you/itching under the surface, what can you do/this impatience/and everybody is gone, gone, gone GONE GONE/GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE glued to their own reality/their own identity and fuck that crisis, fuck it all and spray the keyboard with your impatience, with your screams, your frustration, the manipulation is screwing up your mind MIND MIND MIND GONE GONE GONE mIND Gone and still the Capital letters and Here And what will We do to them? Well nOthing 080126
baconwhisperer A bulldozer clumsily sheared the tree trunk--
flaying delicate bark
to expose a sinewy wound.

The driver backed up to finish the job,
ramming till
roots snapped
and canopy toppled
in a spray of tiny dirt clods.

I howled,
being only eight
and so in love with the tree,
which had patiently listened
to complaints about freckles
and gamely tasted mud pies
I'd baked in the sun.

I walked the long way
'round the south side of the house that summer
so I wouldn't have to see
the fresh earth and new blades of grass
where my friend had been.

Yesterday, I turned left of Pine Street
to avoid that stretch of sidewalk,
that diner,
that corner booth,
all of which remind me
of the day
when you ripped yourself
out of my life
in a fit of gnashing gears
and engine-like fury.

There is no howl, now--
only the soundless
wave of my fist
at the careless, careless driver.
yxSu How should I your true love know
  From another one?
 By his cockle hat and staff,
  And his sandal shoon.

He is dead and gone, lady,
  He is dead and gone,
 At his head a grass-green turf,
  At his heels a stone.

dafremen Gone
June 19, 2015

Drivin' down the highway all night
Got the radio up..loud
Gas gauge almost on empty
Gotta make it to Norman..Oklahoma somehow
'Cuz I'm a freight train in the rain
Drivin' like a hurricane
Runnin' from the devil with a beat up six string
Town to town I get around
The only thing that gets me down
Is when I gotta tell em

Just one more song
and then I'm gone

On to the next show: Waco, Plano
The fine folks of Conway, Arkansas
Tupelo to Tuskaloosa, Alabama
Montgomery and then Pensacola
I make my way from Tallahassee like I'm shot from a gun
To catch a gig in Athens, Georgia
Then Greenville, Rock Hill, Ashville, Knoxville
Just when they think I'm done
Oh no


Here I come!
So sorry that I can't stay long

I went from Lexington, Kentucky
To Madison, Indiana
Back on down through Bowling Green
To Baton Rouge, Lousiana

Hey Houston!
Better look out, son..
Oh..just one show
And then I'm gone


That's all I've got time for, folks
Gotta get to a show in Dallas/Ft. Worth
Flagstaff, Arizona
Barstow, California
Down through San Ysidro to Tijuana
Then across to Juarez and up through El Paso
Gotta get my ass to Idaho
I've got some fans up there in Coeur d'Alene.
Risen "And I'm gone" she says... as though she was ever here.

If it was even her, which seems somewhat doubtful.

But the point remains... she doesn't regret how it ended, she doesn't regret her choice, she doesn't want anything to be different... except the part where she didn't get to have fun, and the part where I'm not happy.

The fact that I have gone through awful things, worse things than I have ever faced in my entire life, and lost more things than I knew were possible... and learned how to live with nothing... without any love, help, support or reassurance from anyone... without any friends, without a lover, without anyone to talk to... that is my strength.

And the only time I tried to reach out to her was when I thought something I discovered in my hell might help her. Might improve her life

That is my strength. I am broken, sure, but I'm used to being broken. I am used to having nothing.

When you have nothing, when you feel worthless for real... when you contemplate suicide not because of depression but because being dead actually seems like a blessing compared to the torture that is life, and when you climb out of that hole and find a way to put goodness back into the world...

That is strength. I am a fucking strong, fierce, capable woman, living through hell. I am surviving.

And if you want a benediction, if you want forgiveness, you have it. If you want me to make you feel better about the way things happened, then please, feel better. But if you want to come here and beat yourself up about how the wreckage of my life is your fault, don't.

But I don't think that's why she would be here, if she was. I think it would be for the same reasons as last time. Wanting to feel adored, wanted, missed... to get a fix of that and then go back to normality.

I'm interchangeable, me, as I am, the person I am, my qualities, my strengths, my personality... that was all secondary. It could have been swapped out with anyone else, as long as they had the same devotion.

It isn't about me. It's about the wanting to be wanted.

As soon as that looked unlikely, as soon as it wasn't "oh hey, welcome back to the world of fun secrets and lies and maybe a bit of naughty fun if you say so"... when it's a real life and a real person, with real emotions, and real reactions, not just rolling over and obliterating every single part of my identity and who I am to make her happy... to the point of disowning my own NAME... boom. Gone.

I gain no satisfaction from being right. I really don't. I used to be exactly the same. Looking back at the greener grass and wondering what if. It's why I was a cheater. But I'm not anymore. I understand the urge, but I don't need to encourage it. Given that it isn't about me, it could just as easily be anyone else... and no one who has lived as second choice for years wants to do it again. When the ending can only be the same.

I'm too old for this shit.
ergo Skipping down the hall barely kissing gravity... she flies

this lightness is us.
what's it to you?
who go