Brad how this word has escaped an entry all this time from some moping self-pity machine, i will never know. 000611
yard or meter i'd feel vaguely offended if it wasn't fairly true 000611
splinken "or a phone call from far away...with a hi, how are you today?" 000907
silentbob Why am i so pathetic
dont get it why you wont return my call
or saves_the_day
MercynRe he lets me do what i want but doesn't stand up for himself and his brother is a sick wanna-be rapist who should be castrated 010427
erin eternities are going by until u think of me ,pick up the phone and call ,god damnit!

*I always do this if he doesnt call or does its a test of if he loves me...i am pathetic*
unhinged i was hoping that i meant as much to you as you mean to me
watching the sunset thinking of you
everytime i look at the guitar pik it reminds me of everything about that night
i care about you more than my own toes sometimes
i wear low-cut shirts because i know it makes you happy
i know i'm nothing but a pair of hands and lips that means nothing to you and only trivial things to others
"i need a lover" cherry smashing pumpkins

goddamn i'm pathetic
yummychuckle me...
but most people consider themselves pathetic.
ok, not most.
but a lot of the people i know.
black-dyed gel product Recently, I was beginning to think that I was the most pathetic person on earth, but then I went to visit a friend that I haven't seen in a long time. He hates his life more than I hate mine. Girls not only will not go out with him, but they run the other way if they see him walking down the street. He barely sees sunlight because he works all day in the basement of an opera house. People egg his house on a regular basis. He can't drink because he only has one kidney, and he can't smoke up because his job includes being randomly screened for drugs. He threw a large party, and only ten people showed up. Of the ten, I was one of two people to acknowledge his existence. He cries himself to sleep every night because of the loneliness and futility of his life (at this point of our conversation I became a little uncomfortable). His free time is spent either watching japanese bukkake films or making sure his alcoholic father doesn't hurt himself. His family doesn't like him, he has few friends, and no real future. Lately all he does is think about killing himself, and he asked me if I thought he should. I couldn't really tell him not to, so I said that he should put serious thought in before pursuing any action. I was tempted to tell him about blather, but I didn't because I selfishly wanted to keep my little therapy couch untainted. It pained me to be in his presence just because he is so miserable even though none of this is really his fault. It seems to me that the world is against him, but there's no support group for just having a shitty life. Seeing him again made me realize that my life could be worse. Still, I worry that he won't be around much longer. 010702
Dafremen Like I've always said...we need bad to provide contrast for the not-as-bad.

Your sh*t existence must've seemed like poopies in comparison to this character.

See also: poopies
black-dyed gel product Nevertheless, Dafremen, you have proven to me beyond a doubt that you both eat poopies and have herpes. 010703
Aimee me on a good day... lol 010729
mulder richard simmons 010729
yesm uhmboy Quit your bitching. Everyone knows that life sucks, except members of that vague, perky group classified as morons. There's no use pointing it out, unless you enjoy making it more painfully obvious. Masochists. 010907
distorted tendencies I'm not pathetic, just stuck within self_loathing.

...Maybe I really am pathetic.
Dafremen Dammit Yummy,

The week BEFORE you blathered that was "stop-your-bitching" week.

THAT week was "spread-optimism-and-sunshine-until-you-can't-take-it-any-more-and-decide-to-end-it-all-by-bashing-your-own-brains-in-with-a-ren-and-stimpy-paperweight" week.

So as you can see, you've fallen hopelessly out of sync with the blather_menstrual_cycle.

Ok here's yer chance to sync back up:

Next week is "screw-this-I'm-getting-loaded" week. Perhaps you'll have gotten with the program, by then.

I bet you're a natural, kiddo.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I am the epitome of pathetic. 011024
Toxic_Kisses I just found an E-Card I sent to myself 011218
ClairE Damnit, it's funny to have IM conversations with yourself.

Am I wrong?
Toxic_Kisses or private convos w/ ur self if the chatroom happens to be slow. 011218
stardust Nobody is pathetic unless they let themself be pathetic. Take hold of your life. 030222
little wonder After a few days of incessant crying, I finally found my solace. "We'll get back together," I thought. It won't last. I just have to be patient. It rooted itself in my head and I was ok. I was functional. Everything would be fine. But then, late one night, I realized...there was a possibility, and a good one at that, that things will not work out the way they do in my head. And I panicked. And I wrote him this very panicky sounding email...trying to cover that up with bits of what was going on with me. I asked questions I knew he didn't have answers to, but I felt they were answers I needed...soon.

He wrote me back, telling me what I already knew. "I don't have those answers yet, but when I have clearer thoughts on it, we can talk."

I imagined his voice calm, like it was on the phone two weeks earlier. And I imagined him sighing at this little pathetic creature he had involved himself with, clinging onto anything she had left, and he just didn't have the heart right then and there to tell me the truth.

This little pathetic creature.
The couch downstairs, sitting on his lap.
The whole milk my mother now buys for my underweight siblings, the whole milk my mother bought for him when he was visiting.
The soft, pink fleece blanket.
The bed I've been sleeping in, the room that bed is in.
The grey comforter sitting in my laundry room, that's also on his bed.
Bentley the dinosaur bear that he wanted me to name Sebastian so I'd get it out of my system, Bentley who still sleeps with me clinging to him every night.

Constant reminders. Probably unhealthy, most definitely pathetic.
misha pooh i cant believe yall have come up with an entire page(s) to talk about absolutly nothing!! this shows you how pathetic the u.s. has gotten...and yet how even more pathetic we've all gotten to be sitting here thinking of things that we think is clever and really isnt... like this
this is a joke i came up with..well my boyfriend did anyways...
so your going down the highway in a canoe, and you get a flat tire,so this guy says he can you give me...
oh fuck it
Jairus HAHAHAHA WTF ??? 040608
trial separation not everyone is from the us pooh.
shows how arrogant the us has gotten.
there are other cuntries with computers you know...
trial separation countries, is what i meant.

is my subconscious telling me dirty things???
vivibly hidden you are only pathetic
if you are pathetic enough
to think that you are
visible hidden and i am so pathetic i can't spell my own name 040925
viSiblY hidden wow i must be tired 040925
blown cherry like the filthy and diseased pigeon too slow to compete with the seagulls for a couple of crumbs. 041230
BitterSweetDream Harsh word.
Not one to describe me.
Pathetic Fallacy - Awesome.
i dont want to discuss this
i dunwanna discuss this
not now
not here
but dont discuss it without me.

i cant remember my arguments.
andru235 "pathetic" : 1. of, pertaining to, or arousing pity, sympathy or tenderness; full of pathos. 2. distressingly inadequate.

(2.) seems to be a relatively new developement...

where is the tenderness? when did pathos begin to arouse such antipathy?
soapy exclusive participants unite and hear me, for now is the foretelling of your demise!
all of this data we store here on this floating platform of awesome
cannot and will not last
the internet is doomed but
if we can use the lessons we have learned from it
when the powers that be ruin it for everyone
(they're hard at work researching the best way to ruin it for everyone)
we will be ready to make our OWN network, one that TRULY belongs to the people! we could call it something silly like the OUTERNET just for kicks but THE POWER OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY WILL PREVAIL AND THAT IS THE POINT!
jane when_i'm_lonely
i fold my body
in half

knees on ribs
so it feels like
two people

keeping each
other warm, in the
middle of the night.
what's it to you?
who go