Shar such a waste of time. but i can't stop. and it doesn't help. it never does. 000209
camille doing it now..
it's the thing to do

why stop the waterfalls that cleanse the soul
Christy The tears never wash away sadness like I was always told. They just clean up the creavices, scrub the surfaces to a shine, so I can fully see my pain. 000302
girl i began crying when i saw how my words hurt u.
i never meant to hurt u.
i love you so much.
aeiuo even if i stop crying on the outside, i am still crying on the inside. 000523
apotheotatic_me If I didn't cry, I would probably kill someone instead. Crying is a safe way to express anger and fear. Lizzy Borden should have just cried on her father's sholder instead of hacking it off. 000529
MollyGoLightly The Roy Orbison song that I like. Eeee! 000529
marissa she sat
alone and afraid
in the darkness
tears pouring down
her innocent face
holding a shabby old bear
who always is home
who never has a busy signal on his phone
who listens quietly
letting her hold a little too tightly
to him.
crying again
she feels alone
the world is falling
when will the endless tears stop?
when will they stop hurting her
when will they take the time to see
what they have done to someone who was
she clutches the shabby old bear
she waits
for the end.
Nine Volt Jesus try to
want to

for some reason can't
klarchen I feel like crying.

I have a statistics exam tommorrow,
I feel like crying.

My notes are horrible,
I feel like crying.

The textbook is no use,
I feel like crying.

I remember only the professor's jokes,
I feel like crying.

The sun is shining,
I feel like crying.

I am not outside,
I feel like crying.

I have to stay here and study,
I feel like crying.

Studying won't help anyway,
I feel like crying.

I can only think of you,
I feel like crying.

And you are not here,
I feel like crying.

Crying won't help anyway,

i've tried,

it's no use.
Max i really cant
my face is a damned shell
it only carries my mouth and eyes
there expression hasnt changed in 6 years
the last time i cried my father was in a drunken stupor and put a hole trough a window with his fist.
i though he was going to die
so i prayed and cryed
he didnt, he got worse
he was a better man for it.
stan It has been discovered that crying removes depressant chemicals from the brain and may be the reason why women outlive men. 000731
marissa i wrapped my arms around you tightly, never wanting to let go. you made me so happy. you said what i had always hoped you would. the tears came pouring down my face as you talked to me, as we danced, it was a release ... a relief. Something i had wanted for so long was finally mine. You. 001111
Dark Rifter X is all I have left. 010305
mikey you know that i am hurting
you know the pain i feel
you know that i am crying
my heart why did you steal

and never share yours
how could you not feel
you lied and said it was
something wonderous and real

now i live in sorrow
i'll live to see the 'morrow
but will i be the same
living with this shame

fool as though i was
i had every cause
to love without question
give without a pause

some will always take it
never to give it back
know this damn you
because of you my heart

is black
mikey stan- very intersting observation. might be some logic behind the whole crying thing. im the emotional type im not affraid to cry maybe i'll live long. course...maybe i dont want to. 010306
unhinged blurred and hazy
months have gone past
the drugs pulled at my subconcious
and you tried to apologize
no no no
you really aren't hurting me
it just hurts to comprehend what
you are trying to say at the moment
my mind all jumbled beautiful
past the statutory rape on my left
and my confused sexuality on my right
and i screamed from the traffic in my head
my eyes squeezed shut
hoping that the pressure my eyes closed
mitigate my ache could
sober i would have cried
the images of a painful hour all brought back
repeated and repeated and repeated
how does it feel to be used?
i have felt this way my entire life
did you see me crying
no no no
you didn't hurt me at all
mikey :::hugs unhinged::: 010306
Natori Only weaklings cry
Do you think I'm a weakling?
unhinged weaklings hide from the truth.

tears are truth.


aawww, thanks. i needed one of those good chiropractic hugs.
Natori Perhaps...perhaps now, I can let these tears fall. 010308
Aimee Last night I was missing you so much, that I was crying in the shower for an hour. All I wanted was to curl up next to you and watch a movie, to feel your arms around me, and just be near you. I'm not used to feeling this way about you, and I don't know if I like it. All I know is that you make me want to be a better person, and you make me feel like I make a difference. But why do we have to be so far apart? but I need to end this now, because I'm crying again 010310
vampers crying tears of guilt, tears of disgust, tears of happiness, tears of love, tears of grief, i cry them all, i cry them all right now 010325
elisabeth I have sat there and cry, but it doesn't help I still feel all the pain every time i see you. Crying is a way for me to not hurt you for the moment. But i'll warn you Watch your back because i can'e go on for long 010325
Kristina I can't stop. What's wrong with me? I'm so incredibly pathetic it scares me. Am I sick? Will they look at me with disgust and weakness and hate, thinking I can help myself. All she wants is pity they say. I want to go away, far away and never come back. 010405
unhinged i told myself...not aren't going to cry in your lesson again. i barely made it out the door. he knew i was upset. he said more than once 'don't hate me' and 'now go practice that stupid piece' i went down the back hallway to get to the practice rooms and my lip started trembling. i shut the door behind me and sat down at the piano and started playing so that no one could hear me crying. 010405
alkalinepixie sometimes i cry out of boredom. and it feels really good. 010405
keeper at this moment, for an unknown reason'

well maybe it isnt unknown, i just dont want to admit it

i hate myself
twiggie why is it that certain songs can just put me in the most depressing mood...
the only people who can understand are the ones i don't talk to anymore and the ones i feel like i can't connect with at all. maybe they would still have the same feeling inside that i do...
it was just so long ago.
velvet spasm that's when el's 'shrooms really began to kick in.
he spun his head around violently. his thick rubbery lips flailed like soggy tubesocks tied to the door handle of a '79 volare. a single drop of grease escaped from his mane like a little child thrown from a merry-go-round.
his eyes narrowed, then focused on a cloaked apparition bearing what appeared to be an ancient scroll containing terrible mysteries. upon the scroll was a single slice of pizza, also shedding grease.
elvis lunged greedily for the slice. the apparition dissolved, and el found himself plunging into an abyss.
el's head swam as he backed away from the toilet. he pulled up his pants, and half-heartedly raised his zipper. his hands, and the entire bathroom, were covered with shit. he retched, then reeled out of the room.
kinkazoid up untill i was about 12, i cried EVERY single night before bed. i would cry about my dad dying, or my mom being mean to me. i would just cry about anything every day. and now it seems that i cant cry, i havent since the day my mom remaried some guy on my real dads b-day. its weird though cuz my life now is allot harder then it was before. things are allot more fucked up. i think i either got stronger or i ran out of tears. 010508
tears of the sky i am crying becuase i hurt you. i am crying becuase you hurt. I can't stop crying. i am crying becuase i want everythign to be fine but i know it won't. I am crying. and i can't stop 010621
Mutant You are laughing becuase you healed me. You are laughing becuase I an well. You can start laughing. You are laughing becuase you want nothing to be bad but I think it will. You are laughing. and you can start. 010622
stupidpunkgirl i've been crying so much lately. anytime i'm alone and sometimes with people. i try not to let anyone see it. people don't like it...but i don't want their fake sympathy. so i try to keep it to myself 010623
Persona I get mad at myself when I cry.
I don't usually cry over my own misfortunes, just those of others: I'd rather worry about someone else's problems than my own
Casey Sometimes it is the only way to get to sleep. 010624
d I have not cried in... shit 12 years. maybe more.
Not bad, eh?
dB I have not cried in... shit 12 years. maybe more.
Not bad, eh?
Casey Well I'm a loser...a big 6 foot 4 inch baby. 010624
cali j crying is good 010624
dB Crying doesn't change anything. 010624
cali j i know but sometimes it feels really good after you do it 010624
dB Why? 010624
cali j Good question i guess its like fighting with yourself a battle that must be won or done either way 010624
dB I will never understand you humans. 010624
baby satan anyone for checkers? 010625
Bizzar is a temporary release from the reality of the pain that is causing you to tear. 010918
psychobabe *weeps* ...why..must i feel like this?
..why does it hurt so just talk and not even that to hear me for one fucking second!
*crys* why do i let you do this to me? all you...all you do is use me and i keep comeing back..
You dont love me?!
You dont want me?!
You have no need for me at all!
*wipes away the tears*
All i've been able to do is cry, crying out to myself to STOP for one eyes are so swollen from the salty tears i'm just so hurt i cant bare this much more...
Sonya Something that I once could do freely, but I'm unable to now. The tears are in there, but they just won't fall. I am unable to release the anguish put there by your mistakes, and my mistakes. I shall carry these regrets and these still tears forever. 011021
Casey Staining my bed sheets with tears, all the water in my body has escaped through my eyes. I have no more tears to shead, but I have tons of sadness left in my gut. 011023
Rhinna me. 011031
not god 011103
Wicket I'm sitting here and cry, although I shouldn't.
I guess you don't even one ever cared. And somehow I always get fooled by myself, because I always start to believe...and then...I'm disappointed.
why did I trust you? And why did you threw it away...?
I'm crying...endlessly...
ClairE It's not stopping, even though I'm too tired out from it.

I don't even know why. Sometimes blood explains it, but mostly I just care too much.
god think about the time before the sun, and the secrets there. 011216
Annie111 I guess neither of you have ever made me cry. That's a plus.

Actually, that makes the choice even harder.
CasinoBoy (who loves piercedjenny) i walked in on you crying today and realized i didn't know you anymore.
i go away for 3 months and come back and you are so different.
you aren't smiling like you used to,
you weigh less than most 10 year olds.

when i lifted you out of your bed and hugged you, *I CRIED* inside because you shrunk away like i would hurt you. i cried out inside because my dog outweighs you now. i almost cried out in anger because you tried to cover up welts and bruises and pretended like they were the result of an accident as you sobbed into my chest.
i want to find the bastard that made you cry, and leave his pitiful excuse for life as a man shattered and crying, like he's done again to your soul
Fire&Roses Sometimes I almost cry. Over stupid stuff. Little things. Like the fact that i love you. I shouldn't I know and you know it too. I almost cried, but the tears just won't come any more. 011219
birdmad roy orbison, damnit, roy orbison 011219
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge i cant see
the very words
im typing
its all a big
fat hazy blurr
i just read
that u
spent the night
at your ex's house
and that cant be good
or was it?
she treated you like such shit
what were/are You thinking?
oh my god
what am i
right now?
your my friend
why has the
circus within me
be unleashed?

fuck fuck fuck
thank godly angels
that you dont
come 2 blather

[i shouldnt feel this way]
[youll fuck me off]
[if i fall for you]
[just as everyone]
[else does]
[im so]
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge

how come you dont email me no more hmmm??? man :( i guess i'm attached to
you sassafrassticle, so i'm going to back off..anyways i'm going to back off
now take care lin

what if its you
that has forgotten me?

[fuck fuck fuck]
what if im attached
what if you dont
want your buddy
what if youve
moved beyond me :(

fuck man
im way too
i shouldnt
be this way

i dont know
im scared
to know
that you spent
the night
at your ex's house
what if you felt
and you gave
in to her
and her
im such a fucked
up thang
even saying
or thinking any
of this

man! :(
i better go
in so

¿[why is it that when i feel such complications within, my words are of the simplist nature]?

[OMG i cant stop crying & i dont know Y]
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge ... with a million needs 4 eXpression 011227
mcdougall i was crying tonight. not a big sob but a nice sad two tears. it felt good to let go of them. i was really hurt but now i feel better. crying helped. weber and mandy helped too though 011227
ClairE OK, I really have to say it now. For days and days I keep seeing "crying" somewhere in recent, and every time I do I think "I keep on falling in and out of love with you". You know, the line from that Alicia_Keys song?

Thank_you and good_night.
shiva i guess it is because i don't count them as tears until they leave my eyes. they come out and stand at the lip all the time. the cops must talk them out of jumping.

maybe i shouldn't be so discriminating.

maybe i shouldn't save emails.
kerry crying makes me feel and look sick. i hate it. i never cry during movies. i cry when i get mad enough. i've never cried over a guy before.
it makes my eyes puffy and red and big bags come out under them.
ClairE Don't make me feel like it. You know, there is a good kind. I'm sure it'll happen to me one day again. 011230
unity57 I cant cry mustn't cry it is a weakness a flaw i must not show my feelings naw care for others feelings for i am a man and a man doesn't show weakness only strength and a possitive attitude.
God i wish i could cry!
searching i don't cry...ever. sometimes i wish i could but i can't. it doesn't matter anyway, there's nothing left in me to cry out. 020120
ClairE I have an away message called "crying". This means that I have saved it and use it regularly.

Why do you have to make me cry? I wish I could burst out in tears but mostly I just scream, and my eyelashes get a little wet.

Why do boys always give me bad news right before I have to write a huge paper or get a lot of work done?

Why don't I have any angrier music than Primus?
Toxic_Kisses If it’s supposed to be so bloody healthy to cry than why do I only feel shity and drained? 020208
little wonder I've been crying more this past week than I have in a long time. It hasn't been a good long cry that makes me feel any better though. I just feel more horrible and more helpless and more exhausted then before. 020208
blown cherry I am pale, weak and tired from it. It's left me unable to do anything, cope with anything, except more crying. How did I arrive in this tragic state?
Maybe hope will come tomorrow.

My soul is pouring out through my eyes and its leaving me empty.
blown cherry I read some oldish blathes (not really so old) and before I knew it I was crying.

Seems to have been good for my sinuses however.
velvetdesire crying
that you'll
never see

(because they aren't even
really there)

what happens to
my salty tears
are never shed?
blown cherry the nihilist I can't stop. 020525
ClairE Don't_ask. I've cried over stranger
things before.

To answer a cliche, no, I don't know if they're tears_of_joy.

drstrangelove i used to cry alot. nowadays i dont cry anymore. even for sad things. or happy. all emotions are dulled. i am moving into the worlds of unfeeling 020531
birdmad roy orbiosn singing in my head 020531
broken cherry Maybe I'm actually not crying at all.
Maybe my eyes just need new washers.
Syrope i have an away message called crying, too. people don't realize i'm being serious... 020611
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY i always cry and it feels
as if
the only people in the world
understand me are on this site
the only way i can communicate
them is a page at a time while
i wait
for theyre delayed responses.
why does life have to suck?
does the only guy i think ive
trusted have to be in love with
else it hurts me every day then
nite i cry for the person i used
to be.
the little girl on the floor
to be asleep hoping that it would
but it never did.
i love you guys.really i do
crazypinkmonkey dammit i didnt type my name right so now im listed for like 4 blathes so i will now be known as crazypinkmonkey 020612
Sailor Jupiter Ahhhh, the cruel shift key. =) 020612
god kind of like a hot igloo. it won't last forever. 020620
Mahayana its been one of those days
[~crying with no tears~]
ive seem to have lost them
god you are probably dehydrated, and you need some H2O. 020621
blown cherry because I want so much to love you more,
but I don't know how.
I don't know how to make you happy,
or how to brighten your life.
So I just do what I do,
then turn my head and cry
when it's obviously not enough.
jane i think that i associate crying with being in love. remember when i realized i was in love with you and it was valentine's day and i flipped out? and now? i'm in love with blaise and i find myself crying once more. i just talked to him and he was telling me that i needed to get out of this relathinship because it's clear that i'm not happy, that there's something missing. he told me that only i can make me happy, and to stop bending over backwards for other people's happiness. 020815
Glory Box Llorando.

Not anymore, but over the phone, to a friend who doesn't really understand why, or know what to do.

So she ignores it.

And in the end it's all ok.

I'll let you all in on a little secret:

it usually always is.
filzkugel makes my tears visible 021012
Melissah eyes like swollen scars
you hold your face in hands
your fingers scrape at flesh
and you bleed to make it stop hurting
Mahayana unadorned simple undisguised before you i remain standing 021025
hey now! :(
*kisses your tears away*

dont cry, angel.
kss I was crying the other day. That's a HUGE deal for me, I nevernevernever cry, have not cried for years. Well, I cried when my cat died, that was two years ago. But now I can, sort of, but I have to be watching Rushmore. I cry at strange times during that movie, I love that movie. It's full of people that love each other, and work out their differences, or I don't know what, why it makes me cry, it just does, and I love it. It feels good. 021025
mEeHz uMmMmM wHaT dA fUcK iS dIs!!!!!!! aM i suPpOSe tO wrRiTe sOmEtHing??? 021205
!!!!!!! if you actually have something to say, sure, but i think people will ignore stuff written in alternating case just for the sake of being "original" or "cute" because it's neither 021205
ferret crying, laying on the bed pouring out your soul, that's what all the headaches are from, crying for you. you shoudl have left while you still had a chance, towers and icicles fall at the same speed, massacres, chaos, destruction, the end of the world lies in the palm of a homeless child. death and destruction spawned from grief

i cry for those who were lost.
Mandy Sometimes, I want to cry out "HELLOOO. I'M OVER HERE!!!!!" 030629
TissuesInHand My best friend cries constantly.
I wipe away the tears but they just dont stop.
....Or they stop for a few hours in which time her smile dazzles everyone.
But then she goes quiet and the tears fall once more.
Will the hours ever stretch to days, the days to weeks, the weeks to months etc?
Although I will hold this tissue box forever,
I cant wait for the tissues to run out
megan what have i done?
i want to feel clean again... but my tears are as tainted as the rest of me. "what's wrong?" they ask. they wouldn't understand. everything is so SO much bigger than people make it out to be. everything is crashing down.
elvira crying from pms 030903
violet i cannot cry. it feels like i'm accepting defeat if i do. 030906
niska yes,

tears are for the weak.
a girl with nothing to say it seems to help me to cry when im sad or mad it lets people know that im not feeling well 031017
x i can't even let myself go all the way. there's no point. i need to build a solid core. 040321
sameolme I cry too easily, always have, as a kid I was known as a "cry baby". I laugh too much also. Also, anger and frustration
rise up quickly in me, like tears and laughter. I've tryed all my life to keep cool, but end up just repressing myself. Smothering laughter, smothering tears, smothering anger, putting out the fires. It seems I have to not feel what I feel in order to "get along".
Well, I've given up trying to get along.
I,ve gotten back the boiling cauldron that I am in return.
freedom I'm crying on the shoulder of someone who doesn't really care. It's not even a shoulder but a phone. I'm crying cuz I'm confused, adn lonely, and feeling sorry for myself. I put myself in this position, and I really don't like it so I cry, and I bitch, and I get depressed and hide.. maybe I should go to bed.... 040322
phil when does it have something to do with me? 040405
_alone & lost_ Crying
For what I can't do
For what can never happen
For what did happen
For what will happen
For what I said
For what I did
For how I am
For who I never was
For what I never did
For what you did
For what she did
For how I feel
For what I'm scared of
For how stupid I am
For my life

I need to cry sometimes
But I don't know what I need anymore
Cuz everytime I cry
I only feel worse.

2sadd2Madd Shold i smile cuz were friends?
Or cry cuz thats all we'll ever be?
Syrope the fact that i'm still attracted to certain blathes after all this time, after the words have all become the same shade of blue again,
mean something. i mean, there are things about myself that are RIGHT THERE and i can't reach them.

and you, struggling against you is so useless. i can't lose myself in it. i adore it, i love you, i want to do it again, but i'm still me. i can't escape myself. it's occured to me that with you i don't even really want to any more, maybe that's why it was so hard. i just suspected it would always work. i just know that i have to step back before i can learn anything else.

keep surveying me with those calm eyes. i'm going to fight to get away, but never leave your sight. i'll jig til i collapse, then cry til things change, then try to burn away my own flesh, sulk and be silent, scream til i'm hoarse, all within your arms reach. but in the end it'll be me who reaches for you. and when i slide into your arms again, you'll know, as you have all along, that it was just something i needed to do. sometimes i wish you'd get a little distraught, a little concerned, take things a little for granted, but then where would i be?

i'm not sleepy. just lonely.
demure Alone on a floating island,

Days of grieving, nursing minor wounds,
your island drifts on the morning tide
towards mine.

Our sandbars briefly touch
and move apart again
and i feel fine.

The smallest touch forks the grey sky
with golden light and turns my prison into home but bends the air with thunder
in the stoic calm of all alone.

I live my life in this moment:
the strength of my love
and my need surprising,
an electric eel recharged, an old kelp
with sap sealed in is slowly rising.

A new life of longing and dreaming and
all cliches of teenage love redefined;
I love the way
your body moves through the very air
and I love your mind.

The Big Bang creation of the universe,
the flowering of eternity though to it's demise,
lived in one second
pressed against your skin
and then

alone once more with my sailors trunk
some old songs
and this pen.

Half a treasure map;
you have the other half.

We wave them to each other from
across the teeming bay.

Over the night horizon I dream of a ghost ship coming
to sail us away.
Syrope now i just wanna go to the ocean 041015
Syrope See!?

two tears
the hot & forced kind
then i feel so stupid and i can't

it's not supposed to be like this
i wish i could figure out what to fix
demure you already have what you want,
it's just whether you need it .

You need what you want you want what you need - how does this work?

maybe we are not surposed to use reason for such questions.
. *suposed* 041018
lauren. also a song by sugarcult. i love that song. 050125
emmi i cried last time i was in superdrug and the guy woudn't give me my soon as i hit twenty i became a baby again. 050610
reue i cried because i was so happy
nothing since has been able to touch that emotional pinnacle
i havn't been able to get close to anyone
lack of a spark
futile, no reason to try
i've become callous and i don't know how to shed the dead skin
i fell into you and i still don't know my way home
why ever did you push me away?

you and your boys...
caresscoffee crying is all i have left 060823
unhinged i hate to do it in public, but right now it's increasingly hard not to. 060824
auburn I don't think I've ever blathed crying before.

There's a first for everything
anythingbutcryptic i talk to myself when i cry.
i mean, i say to myself "stop feeling sorry for yourself. stop it now! theres kids dying in africa!"
and then i say "but -insert self pitying tirade" sometimes its in my head but more oft then not its out loud. things are more real out loud. i dont know. its always the kids dying in africa. when i feel bad, i feel bad for feeling bad.
anyway ill shut up now, because i feel like a noob and i want to delete everything ive ever said
Lemon_Soda No, anythingbutcryptic.

Your doing it just right.

Keep writing.
no reason gets in the way of sleep 100312
does it ease the pain? Such a familiar feeling; the wetness around my eyelashes, the warmth rising up through my chest, the gulping and sobbing sounds from top of my throat.

A long time have we been separated, but tonight someone has brought me back to that familiar and comforting old feeling.

Crying is my warm consolation tonight.
what's it to you?
who go