soylent::black i may as well just keep this tissue jammed up my nostril the entire afternoon 031231
Max512 Why not thats what i do 040414
miss me thats my solution to blood noses 040414
x we sit down. i'm already holding my breath halfway in fear. fear that as usual she's going to tell me things i don't want to hear.
we go through my future lesson plans. that's okay but i'm still waiting. bracing myself.
then she lays it down. she tells me. exactly. what she thinks. not with any allowance for gray area, or the fact that she is not the end all authority on me.
it's brutal and i often end up crying uncontrollably. she brings over the box of tissues.
this isn't my mom.
or my therapist.
it's worse.
minnesota_chris teachers have to do way too much shit, and spend way too much money, to work in such a thankless profession. Ms. Daxle, if your kids like you, and are learning, then you are an awesome teacher, and don't listen to anyone who says differently. 040415
andru235 whats the issue? 050424
what's it to you?
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