you always that's pretty much the fuck of it, eh?
... remember when everyone used to say not! to everything? they needed a good punching. stupid catchphrases invariably stick around way longer than they ever deserve to. 980819
jake NOT!!! 980912
emma I remember! It was even worse when they'd say "Psych!" Only they were so dumb they thought it was spelled "Sike". 980913
thenestor It wasn't spelled "sike"?


Um. I knew that.
k I'm taking Gifted Psych this year. We do nothing. My teacher even forgot to have us check on our "color tests" to find out if we were crazy or not. I think I am. :) 981121
adam not a pretty boy, just hips. 990211
cold tea Pretty face and those hips! All lips and none of the calories. Swallow him whole like thumbs in a pocket. Not that he'd notice. 990212
Chris for me 990313
OTK Psych?
I suppose this is a Psychlical argument?

Nicht, nicht wahr?

Zoinks is not lame :)
jennifer see: lighter 000105
thinking cap I would notice. 000118
dizzy knot....its different, like slipknot, or other knots that are tied, kill the elves? 000219
andrea there's something happening within me
a feeling not myself
as i look from screen to screen
reading her words and
hearing her voice resound in my head
i'm enraptured
caught up in my electronic daydream
it's not until a friend approaches me
and asks why i'm crying
i hadn't even noticed
and i'm not sure why

copyright 2000
amy i admit that i have no designs on the person people are talking about. but i was awful curious to meet him. i'm glad to have met him. 000313
marjorie if blank, then blank.
if not blank, then not blank.
and so on...
hurrah for negatives
and renewals
in another form
Brown if she hadn't seen him and he liked to work on cars. or if school had been cancled on that day. we might NOT be 001201
chanaka i'm not lonely
i'm not depressed
negatives are a wonderful tool for lying!
denial is a river in my head....
the3mcsand1dj all negatives invite their negated ideas into existance.

to say not is the same as to not say not at all.

to deny existance is to create in the same moment. there can not be none if some is being.

not is a worthless word. Unless it is needed.

not is not needed when another word that is not not can be used.

what is not not? everything! the lack of something does not exist because it is not there. Not is abstract.

ideas are not not. they have lives. they live within our minds.

all things are not not. for even if they are not they still are for they ARE not. They exist until you negate them. the word and idea live despite the negitive.

e.g. "Do Not think of the color yellow!"

you did, didn't you?

I DID not!

for20 Angel i'm home alone tonight

and no one else is here

not no nothing never didnt not

Chrity go to:
James Fun thing to say after telling someone,"Hey, you're the coolest person I've ever met" 010511
u r cool..... maybe if you just got done watching wayne's world. 010511
User24 Terry Practher once mused on an interesting paradox type thing:

Black is not the opposite of color, it is merely the lack of it...

So what the fuck is the opposite of color????

I shall personally hunt down and blatherduel anyone who posts "roloc" on this page.
Gillian my name is not Gillian 010614
nocturnal at work neither is mine. 010614
Effingham Fish Mine is. 011210
ClairE I'm not here
this isn't happening
Toxic_Kisses This is not my computer, this is not my home, theirs no spell check here, and theirs no E-Z cheese here, but the music is quite isperational, too bad I feel like I have to look over my sholder every 5 seconds for fear of some one reading what I read, reading what I write. *Sigh* oh well
Guess this is not my day
[remy] notnotnot

this is not real and this is

not happening

[he hurts me and hurts me and hurts me then gets up


and zips up his jeans]

... notnotnotNOT
pralines&cream "You're pretty."

"oh! Why, th-"


Fucking kids.
Jacer not going to arizona was the best decesion i've made in a very, very long time 020410
Jacer decision** 020410
valis well, at least it's not a chat room 020430
knot meat the opposite of color is see through 020430
niska *tee* am i the only one who's thinking:

no way

'you're the best guitar player in the world... NOT!'
Deluded_Progression I don't like what you are saying. 030316
jester you should THINK about THINGS you like - be optimistic - what about that
god hey kids, it's the knotsies! 030529
micky jo he's not going to call and i am not going to see him again and we are not going to part as friends and he will not miss me
i will call on his birthday, this year and every year after that and i will remember him fondly, and i will let myself accept and move on
i will not regret anything
immortal nicht! 030725
november fox there is NOT a single entry for not... why not? the anti word. the negation of...i am NOT!!! *stamps foot*... "you are the father of Jane and Micheal Banks, are you not?"... we are not alone... not all it was cracked up to be...i am not my sister, so please stop calling me laura, not interested, really rather are not fat, so get over it already...not so much...not again...lets not and say we did... 030904
me? why thank you! so why does the link to not not work, hmmmm? 030904
me? why thank you! so why does the link to not not work, hmmmm? 030904
. Psych !!! 031122
duh NOT a fucking KNOT you fucking FUCK. 031130
pansy I do not need you by my side but in my soul
Not to comfort me but to be my consolation
Not to stand by me but with me
In me not for me
You do not have to sacrifice your life for me
But instead I need your devotion
Your wisdom not your intelligence
Your body not your beauty
Your heart not your mind
Your presence not your corporeality
Your self not yourself
Not for time being
for time to be

krissy not wanting to let go of him... yet having to not see him with her.. would this not be the best day ever had if not been for him wanting to kiss me? not thinking bout him, not wanting him, not needing him... not a good day at all.. 040131
Smurf why is it that every single blather eventually somehow ends up with someone writing a poem about a lost love. 040430
minnesota_chris that's why I made a lovelorn category on my blather test. There's a lot of that here... 040430
lou_la_belle I am not...
Nay, I will not.
I cannot...
tr and I admit:
i am NOT able to fall out of love with you...
god will i not be cold to a dying matriarch? 041010
Frank I will not never not be able to not be the way i am thats 1 2 3 4 negitives? GENIUS! 041013
Frank i will not never be able to never not be the way i am that what 4 negitives? GENIUS! 041013
Frank i wont never not be the way? .... 050402
gadulia not enough for grandma 050520
x twisted x its never going to be enough. its just not. 051005
izabela im not ever going to therapy again 080110
the always obsessed amy never not and no permission 080430
sdaih interestedd 100729
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