eagle I love my friends. I'm incredibly happy to have the ones that I do, and I always have aquaintances that may soon be converted to friends. Friends kick ass. 980831
eric eagle kicks ass! (and he's cute too) 980905
charley i.e. denise, eric, eagle, angelea, sage, wayne, dave. .......... 980907
[marissa] i remember the night we talked for eight hours and fell asleep still holding the receiver, not daring to sever these wire communications; separated by twelve minutes of highway. and i remember all the times i gave in to him, and let it spill when no one else would do. and the nights we'd laugh for hours without stopping to breathe too long. the pureness of our voices.

and i miss my best friend.
nicedream don't mean a thing 990325
Meg are the people that can indulge in your colorful dreams and add more color... 990622
thera I'm just barely learning how important they are. My source of energy and inspiration and guidance. I thrive on them. 990728
drew now that i'm away from my friends, i can't seem to make any new ones. not being into drinking seems to drive them away, and being in a couple does too. not to mention that i listen to "wierd" music and talk about "wierd" things.
is me what are they for? 991009
trakie some friends are just people you've been around so long you ignore their faults. others you love their faults and everything about them. 991010
ricmariem someone to be with when you're all alone
someone to use to
someone who use you
someone to argue with
and in the end make up with
someone to love and hate
it's destined, it's fate
Colleen Why is it that when conflicts arise, you have to choose between your friends and your feelings? 991112
amy me:
luh. i'm still exhausted.

other Leo:
my lips are chapped...
camille There were two friends who had been parted by war so that they lived in different kingdoms. Once one of them came to visit his friend, and because he was imprisoned and sentenced to be executed as a spy.

No amount of pleas would save him, so he begged the king for one kindness. "Your Majesty," he said, "let me have just one month to return to my land and put my affairs in order so my family will be cared for after my death. At the end of the month I will return to pay the penalty."

"How can I believe you will return?" answered the king. "What security can you offer?" "My friend will be my security," said the man. "He will pay for my life with his if I do not return."

The king called in the man's friend, and to his amazement, the friend agreed to the conditions. On the last day of the month, the sun was setting, and the man had not yet returned. The king ordered his friend killed in his stead. As the sword was about to descend, the man returned and quickly placed the sword on his own neck. But his friend stopped him.

"Let me die for you," he pleaded. The king was deeply moved. He ordered the sword taken away and pardoned them both.

"Since there is such great love and friendship between the two of you," he said, "I entreat you to let me join you as a third." And from that day on they became the king's companions. And it was in this spirit that our sages of blessed memory said, "Get yourself a companion."

Adolf Jellinek, "Beit ha-Midrash," in Francine Klagsbrun, Voices of Wisdom
Tink "my friends look out for me like family"

damn, i miss the days when H2O was the greatest band in the universe.
grasshopper return 000525
grasshopper friends remember

friends are family
mungo i got into an arguement with two of my friends last night. both of them disagreed with what i said, and that's fine. what isn't fine is that one of my friends does not respect me for having an opinion that is against his. he said i don't respect him because of where i stand on some issues, but he doesn't understand me and now i know he never has respected me. 000619
Merigrace Hey Michelle- I've been there. I understand what it's like not to have anyone who cares. Drop me a note. I care. 000712
Tank a psychic lady once told me that i have very deep bonds with my friends. seems to be manifesting itself, that prophesy, because doug's knuckle is bleeding for no apparent reason and oracle is still 'tense' too. 000713
neville It's over. 000714
Dr Von It used to be so vital
To have a hundred of them
I knew their names
I knew their faces
I didn't know them
They didn't know me

I no longer want to be
The centre of popularity
The person with an acquaintance
For every occasion
A new conversation
For every celebration

The friends I have
Are people I can trust
To tell me when I'm a fool
To tell me when I'm wrong
To comfort me
Even without words

Silence is the mark
Of the truest friends
Words are easy
But the truest friend
Can share your silence
And share your thoughts

You have offered me advice
And I've ignored it
Though you have the insight
Into me that I lack
I have offered my help back
And known it would be ignored

But you have kept me sane
Through many a late night talk
Sharing wine and sharing life
Crying over memories
Laughing over tears
Wondering over life

And I know that I depend
Too much on you all in life
You are the objectivity
Which I lack
The wise words and wise thoughts
That I can only give

A cycle of admission
Confession and
Cries for help
I answer your calls
And you answer mine
I am never alone
Mary I miss you too, Marissa.
Is anyone listening? Anyone? Ummm... don't they grow in the rainforest? 000810
oblivion i have friends but none of them are as close a part of me wishes they were and the rest of me wills it so that they are not very close at all. people betray people. i have experienced this. it hurt really bad. i figure it hurt so much because i loved the people that betrayed me and that love and trust made it hurt. if i didnt care about those people it wouldnt hurt as much if at all. "friends" right. i think it is smartest to have aquaintences and allies. you can still hang out and do things like friends to but they dont know about your hopes and fears and secrets. betrayal will happen to everyone but how you prepare for it is up to you. im not letting it happen to me again. 000810
Christy I had never gone out with someone who knew so much about me. You had seen me tear-stained and wind-blown, heartbroken and stressed out. I had confessed my continuing adoration of your roommate. You listened when I spoke, praised my creativity, and held me while I cried. It should have been obvious and simple, but it wasn't. I fell on my face a couple more times before finally seeing it was you who offered me help to my feet. 001011
akira care only so much 001115
Rhin ...know the real you, and love you for it.

my best friend of 16 years, is an honorary member of my family, and i hers. we know each other so well, that we finish each others sentences. we had never really thought about how long we had been friends, until recently, and we were amazed. we both still have so much to say to each other. what is even more amazing, is that within the span of 16 years, we have had only one argument. of course, we have differences of opinion & light-hearted disagreements, which is healthy, or else i would have to call her my clone. this sister of mine, knows me better than anyone. at times our relationship has been threatened by outsiders. mostly men, who fear the closeness we have, but we give each other space, and always come back stronger.

hey sis, you've cried with me, kicked back with me, and laughed with me, still, you keep on loving me. i love you, even if i don't say it all the time. we're going to grow old together, us as two old biddies, walking all over the city hand-in-hand, smacking our gums together, and reminding the other to pick up the pace...growing old doesn't seem so unwelcome, does it? well hell, i love ya'!
Rhin hey girl, major points for that one! she shoots...she scores! i accept my best friend of the year award, with tears in my eyes, thanking no one, but myself (well, except for you)! 001115
relic the guy who said 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer' was a bad man. what a terrible set of intimations come with that idea. 1. Enemies are natural. 2.Life is war etc etc etc 001115
chanaka are few and far friends must be time tested, which makes the all the more dear. and the time has not come yet, apparently. soon i hope. online isn't the same. it may be better. but still, i have a phone, and so do my friends. connections. 001115
Rhin when i lost were the first person i called. you knew. i didn't have to tell you. you knew it before the phone rang. all you asked was, 'where are you?' remember as teenagers...i would have these terrible dreams about something horrible happening to you, the same time that you would, about me. i would dash down the stairs, grab the phone to call you, and you would already be on the line, calling me... it was the same as that day. i remember how we just sat in your car, staring at my empty house. i was afraid to go in, and you didn't make me. i was so crazy. i rumaged for my camera, and took a million photographs. i wanted to remember how everything looked, the last time he was here. i was in shock that day. i slept so much, and the only thing i remember, when i would stir awake, for those few brief moments, was seeing your face. even though there were other friends stopping in, you were the only one i remember. you left your family to stay with me, and i will never forget that. i know you thought i had lost it, when i started ironing his socks, and his silk boxers, but still, you stuck it out. it was right that you were there at the end, because you were the one who brought us together. you have always been there for me. it's the way it has always been with us. it's the way it will always be. i love you so much, my best friend, ladyg! 001117
ladyg Rhin, Rhin, Rhin, where do i begin, cause i know you keep looking back here to see if i have personally handed you the best friend award. I've got to think about it for a few. Yes, it was you that i got drunker than hell, for the first time, on our 17 th birthday, telling each other to shut the fuck up so my dad wouldn't wake up, and i made you eat all those pretzels so you would be quiet, yes, it was you, that I got stoned with, for the first time, and I don't remember, to this day, who's house that was, but I do remember you making me eat toothpaste to get the odor off of my breath, which landed on the side of your car when i spit it out the window. Yes, it was you, that skipped almost all of our senior year, 2nd semister, just so we could do what? I don't even remember what we did. And It was also you, that I walked down the aile with to get that diploma, laughing all the way, wondering how we made it, (think the english teacher had a crush on us) Yes, it was you that I chose over that red headed boy on the bus, dammit, he had a motercycle too. But then again, it was you, who's shoulder I cried on when i caught that son of a bitch with another girl, and it was you, I was with when that son of a bitch'es girlfriend chases us 20 miles with her head out of the window like a dog. It was you that got me to smoking cigarettes, cause everyone thought we were funny-acting high. It was you, that i always counted on, no matter what, like when i was real sick after I had the baby, when that dumbass doctor almost killed me, I called you, not able to get off of the couch, and you came. I feel asleep, and you cleaned my lil o' trailor, and watched the baby for hours. I still remember seeing you sitting there when i woke up, which was like what, 6 hours later. So No dear, you do not deserve the best friend award, You deserve the best person award, youre more than a friend, your my sis, sidekick, buttbuddie (per my husband) and my best friend, and that is the award you deserve.
love ya bunches sis
camille People who accept you as you are. Not expecting to see any kind of change for their benefit. People who can just sit next to you and just enjoy the company without saying anything. Allowing one to voice an opinion without agreement or argument. Just appreciating a different view... blather 001121
camille when friendships end....
this will be my epitaph
poem by W.H.Auden "Funeral Blues"
Rhin lady g, i bet we even die on the same day! thank you for the award, but i am handing it back over to you, just for saying everything that you did, and for everything that you always say.

tears stream down my face...
i love you...
ladyg girl, i don't need no award, i know our friendship is true, well hand this award to someone that feels like they need to prove a friendship to someone, which, we do not
you, being my friend, is a much better honor than any award
hoodrat Some of you I know better than others, but you are all my friends. All have had an influence in my life at one particular time or another.

Jodi, Allen, Matt(s), Jason, Shannon(s), Nate, Brian, and Scott
alex311swim what are friends? nothing more than problems and emotions stuck in your mind... 010203
jackie friends? after what we shared? you have seen me naked, have seen me at my most volnurable. and i am supposed to let that go? forget my feelings for you? why ask for the impossible? take me for what i am--yours. you loved me once. i will never forget that 010228
mmm what i depend on, constantly 010324
vampers are those who make you laugh, make you cry, love you no matter what, know youre true feelings, hold no grudges, catch you when you fall, let you fall, dont judge you by mistakes, love you 010324
elisabeth are there for you not matter what. There are very few true friends. So if you have one feel lucky and never let them go 010325
owl my family 010406
Chrity go to:
carden best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us 010409
sugar fairy I'm yet to find a perfect friend
One who'll be there to the end
Through think and think I'll have you here
Dark and light you'll always care
A heart of gold
Arms to hold
My darling perfect friend
taryn we live so far apart.
i cant say i'll be there straight away.
but you know i'll be here forever.
devotchka i think that last night i experienced a prime example of friendship. one of my friends procrastinated a really big project she had to do for today. i was about to go to bed (at 11PM--that's early) and i decided to go talk to her first. well, i said i would help her a little bit with her project. we weren't really paying that much attention to time. before i knew it, i had stayed up until 4:30 in the morning, helping her. i loved it, because the project was fun and it's the type of thing that allowed us to work and talk all at the same time. 010425
forever i only want to be friends with you that is it, so why does my heart say different. Why won't it let me just love you as a friend. I know nothing will happen, i just want to be friends with a guy for once 010530
t1element Friends are like a confirmation of existence. they help us feel real. they help me know that i'm important to someone instead of being no one 010612
once it my fucking friends who got me in this mess 010803
Butterfly Collector Unless you count online, I dont have any. The people I know in real life are cruel, callous, and uncaring. They are superficially nice and friendly, but they treat other people like dirt and don't give a damn about how they feel. I don't know what to do, whether to tough it out until I finish school next year, or go Brian Wilson and just retreat into my room. 010811
Fire&Roses I had a best friend for the longest time. He rescued me when i was the only girl. He always saved me when i was wounded playing army. When our imaginary planes crashed he let me have a hover board.

But then we grew up... to old to play army, to old to fly our imaginary planes, but when I see him I know he still remembers when we were best friends.

Then I met you. Another guy, funny smart and creative like he was. We talked and laughed We danced and we played hockey for four hours never going to see the movie.

You are more than my best friend.
Sterling625 When I read these statements I started to cry. I can't help it at all. I have my friends and without them I would not survive. This is something that I know very well. To my friend- Jess: I know that I just met you, but you are a caring, wonderful, and loving person who I know will be there to catch me when I fall, emotionally or drunk. hehehe. You truley are a great part of my life and I hope you know how much I love you. I'm always here for you. My friend, Mary, back in my home town was my sister, my support, and my family. When I had no one, she was there. When I had nothing, she gave to me. When I cried, she was the shoulder I leaned on. Mary is my best friend, my "sis", my support, and my strength. I hope she knows how much I will always love her. There is one otherb person in my life that I would like to talk about- my friend Adam. Adam was my best guy friend ever. When he got kicked out of his house, for doing nothing, I was the one on the other end of the line refusing to hang up. When my world fell apart he would help in any way he could. When I call at 3 am he only listens to what I need. He never yells. He is and always has been there for me. I love him and I always will. Guys- I don't know what I would do without you. You truley are the best. I couldn't ask for more. I love you all!!!!! 011008
Glennaieve this is for the one who lets me laugh and cry, the one who shoots me in the leg...the one the only one who truly understand who I am...perhaps even better than I do...thank you Holly... 011009
jacksprat about the only thing worth a damn 011009
translucent fuck. i dont really have any friends. I like Jesse, I like Garrett, I like Mike, but the rest of those motherfuckers are annoying.

Thomas is all pissy at Jesse, and I just want him to shut the fuck up.

Richard is stinky. Richard is loud. Richard is an asshole.

John wants to kill me, so fuck him.

Tamara traded John for me, me for John, John for me, me for John....

Shit. I need to get high.
Subterranean Visions -but she can still be my friend.- 011029
optic discretion Friends keep you together, and remind you of the little abnormalities you have that make you unique. They cheer you up on a dreary day and offer a shoulder to cry on in times of need. They're always there for you, for better or for worse.

They laught with you, and sit eating ice cream with you on a cold day at Ben and Jerry's. They talk with you about life, and about anything.

Though you may fight, they will always be there in the end. There's nothing quite like friendship.

What a dreary gloomy world this would be without friends!
kill rhythm I need an outlet,
There's no way to go.
There’s no one to talk to, no one I know.
The people here are all the same.
Shallow, lifeless, looking for fame.
They cannot be trusted,
Hungry for the thrill of being the only one with their own way out.
They stab you in the back,
Yet you call them a friend.
They say they will be there until the end.
But there's no way out,
No one can help you.
You're all alone.
Such a familiar feeling.
You wish for someone to talk to,
But no one can hear your cries for help.
And if they can,
Do they care?
Mateo when you are in need of love they give you care and attention.

then again, who needs friends when you´ve got heroin.
tubeway army are_'friends'_electric ? 020319
carne de metal Vos fumá. 020320
beorn i try to get them to blather but they just don't seem to understand
are we just a select few?
Syrope yea my friends dont think blather's the amazing portal into the collective soul. what's wrong with them?? 020323
Kate Thank you for making this site, to whomever this concerns. It is a great portal and a catalyst for deep thought and great prose and poetry. I'd like to say thank you and hello to all my friends out there. May the stars shine upon you all.

I want to say hi to Elaine, because she'd love this site. I've known Elaine since I was in 8th grade and we've been through 3 years of Latin together, and I've always looked up to her. She's very poetic and beautiful inside and out and she always makes me feel special and important. She plays the piano and likes Tori Amos and can't keep secrets, so she says. Thank you Elaine.
silentbob with friends like you who needs friends?


I know, nothing to do with friends, but bobby's thing triggered it. anyway, I'm gonna stop typing and wasting space now. yeah.
Erin Driving
Driving so far
For our dreamlike destination
We expected to come across
Unloading the van
We dust off the sand
Not a care for miles and miles
Peach noses and sun stained hair
Are clearly seen on each of us
The balmy breeze leaves just enough moisture
For an entrancing palette bon fire
Stars puncture the slate black sky
warm waves glimmer and roll up to our toes
we sit around the fire
I peer around the circle
And see faces of my youth
All in the same state of mind
All bringing me different memories
Feeling this night will be added to the collection
As the sky turns to a rising orange array
We are faced to seize the melancholy day
We pack up the van
Forget to wipe off the sand
As smiles of perfect bliss fill our faces
Life is worthwhile
If you live it the fullest……
never turn back and keep on going……
r faced 020514
Erin roos/rachel- the epitome of being in love, and not admiting it......its just that feeling that. GOD DAMN YOUR FRIGGIN MEANT TO BE! 020523
Invisible Butterfly aren't friends suppose to be there for u thru thick or thin...stand by ur side thru any kind of weather. not be selfish or greedy or fuck with ur head?! o in that case...we we're never really friends in the first place thanx for making me realize what a real friends is -sumone u'll never be- 020705
blaber mouth Friends are people that you think are your friends but there really your enemies with secret identities

Quote emeinem
devalis a true friend will stab you in the front. 020811
Grimace Better than lovers; friends really CAN give unconditional love. 020927
squint i think they all tried today,

and i could have been nicer, I could have let them in,

but this one made it through without knowing i needed him so badly.

he played guitar to me through msn

without a word

possibly the first smile I meant today.
Ant - What happens when you were really best friends with some one but as much as you loved them you also resented them for getting everything YOU wanted, and because you were so jelious of them, the minute they did somthing screwed up to them selves you left.

You found an example of how there lives wasent as perfect as you thought, and you left... did you leave bacause you couldent help them with there problem, or did you leave bacause you would look like the better person leaving people who would "Do that"?

Jealousy is the worst human emotion
--- Because* 021112
me i like my friends in school, but im starting to hate them at the same time. i guess the thing is that, im just by nature, a quiet person. and they are kinda loud sometimes. and i think thats cool, alot of the times they really make me laugh. but i always end up feeling left out. and i know its probably just me being paranoid, but i cant help it. like, they do something silly,and thats cool - but they sit there, crack up about it for like, half an hour, and i have to force myself to laugh just so that they dont start asking me why im not laughing with them. god i hate doing that.just, doing something you dont really want to beacuse if you dont, people will be like, 'whats up with you? whats your problem?' and you cant really go, 'you are.' shit, i cant even explain it properly. 021130
me shit, i wish i had a REALLY good friend i could tell everything to. its funny, beacuse ive never really believed in having best friends, and i suppose thats what i want.
ive been with practially the same people since i moved here 2 years ago. and thats been cool, and i know ive changed alot since i first came. but now its like, im still changing, but they cant accept it. i guess thats why i told my mum i wish we could move again. just so that i could be somewhere new, and i can be who i want to be at this point in time.and im sure your gonna say, well - why dont you just find new people to hang out with? well, for one thing, my school sucks major dick. and im living in a country where i dont speak the language. so my friends basically, are restricted to school friends because they speak english.and this feeling kinda gets worse everyday.
its like, im a quiet person. i know that, my friends know that. and we have alot of inside jokes, which make us laugh alot. but anytime i do something different, maybe im being super-hyper. or im talking about stuff i dont usually talk about, they have to give me wierd looks, like 'okay, why is she doing that?' and im jsut like, wtf - cant i take part in the jokes too sometimes?
me and i see all the shit people write here, about how they have the perfect frineds, and it makes me wonder, what am i like as a friend? and what are my friends like?
im a trusting person, and someday, im gonna get screwed cause of that. sometimes i wish i wasnt, but i am. and i hope that before it gets me killed, i find a friend. beacuse the more i think about it, all i have are close aquantancies.
lately, only one of them noticed that ive been all quiet. but i cant exactly tell her whats wrong. and i feel bad, because at times, we have those moments where we really connect, and i can talk to her about anything.but other times, i feel like she has no respect for me. if i have an opinion which is different to hers, she immediately puts me down. and i hate that.

and because i get good grades, they sit there bitch at me'why do you work so hard?' i dont actually, but thats not the point. the moment they havnt done their homework, or they dont get something, they want me to help. i feel used. they dont really accept me for who i am.
but they dont even know who i am. i suppose even if i am a really trusting person, im also quite a private person. i dont think theres anybody who ever knows whats really going on in my head. which is quite contradictory actually. i always trust the people i meet. i dont stop to think whether or not they are being honest with me, but with the people i do know, i dont trust them enough to tell them what im really thinking. and so i suppose, the question is if ill ever meet someone who i can trust that much.
me and i see all the shit people write here, about how they have the perfect frineds, and it makes me wonder, what am i like as a friend? and what are my friends like?
im a trusting person, and someday, im gonna get screwed cause of that. sometimes i wish i wasnt, but i am. and i hope that before it gets me killed, i find a friend. beacuse the more i think about it, all i have are close aquantancies.
lately, only one of them noticed that ive been all quiet. but i cant exactly tell her whats wrong. and i feel bad, because at times, we have those moments where we really connect, and i can talk to her about anything.but other times, i feel like she has no respect for me. if i have an opinion which is different to hers, she immediately puts me down. and i hate that.

and because i get good grades, they sit there bitch at me'why do you work so hard?' i dont actually, but thats not the point. the moment they havnt done their homework, or they dont get something, they want me to help. i feel used. they dont really accept me for who i am.
but they dont even know who i am. i suppose even if i am a really trusting person, im also quite a private person. i dont think theres anybody who ever knows whats really going on in my head. which is quite contradictory actually. i always trust the people i meet. i dont stop to think whether or not they are being honest with me, but with the people i do know, i dont trust them enough to tell them what im really thinking. and so i suppose, the question is if ill ever meet someone who i can trust that much.
i hope so, because im feeling quite lonely right now.
me why?

and i feel quite pathetic. complaining about my life to a computer. but its definetely better than keeping it all inside. i just wish i had a real friend.

ahh, ive written quite alot tonight. bitched about my friends. im trying hard to think whats good about them...i cant find that much. if i go through them individually.
b - we think alike, so i can talk to her about many things. shes known me the longest, so i think that helps. we can sit, and not be talking, and i wont get that uncomfortable feeling.
l - she can always make me laugh.
m - we like the same music.
and the more i think about it... friends. i dont think i have any. except maybe my computer. =P
me i wish... 021201
...yeah i want. 021207
me yeah. i am antisocial. 021215
eklektic thanks kate. 021215
jackster rick is my bestest friend in the world 3 021225
Rickster Jackie is my best friend in the world, in heart, mind, and spirit. Tis rare to find such a friend, I'm glad to have her and will fight to be at her side until the end. I would go to the ends of the earth for her if need be, just to show her how much she means to me. 021225
sterling 625 have you ever had someone you can't_live_without?

go there... say something
Casey hello, my treacherous friends. thank you for joining me here tonight... 030105
the hogfather i dont get it...or them for that matter..sometimes i feel like they hate me, and i feel like they're leaving me out of everything...
but then theres other times, when we just have so much fun together, and it seems like they actually notice that im there...

a little help???
margadant11 She said we where friends... she said I was her best friend, then we messed around... the big problem is I think I love her, but she loves another man... now we have messed around and she told her boyfriend, so the friend thing is no more... This is not fair she started the contact that night she wanted it to happen... so why am I being punished because she lost control? Or is it my responsibility to not let that happen? But why can she give in to her desires and me I am punished if I do the same? 030121
one for the road friends are supposed to be able to tell you anything. they are supposed to tell you when you are being an ass or when you should just give up on a pointless arguement that they know you are right but the other person won't give in. But do they always tell you everything? should they always tell you everything? or is it better to live life in ignorance? 030123
phil it is never better in ignorance. 030124
minnesota_chris some of the worst things a person can say are true...

I guess for me, I want to hear the negative things from only my best best friends, the ones who are on my side no matter what.
*silent screams To me it's not the amount of friends that you have that matters, itz the amount of time that you would dedicate to keeping each one that does.
--i would spend eternity getting tortured every second of everyday, if it meant you *2* behing happy for the rest of your lives...
Insat .. are some of the strangers you met along the way and you stopped to say hello to. Maybe we should stop and say hello more often. 030206
ferret sometimes you'r friends will piss you off. sometimes you just want to run up to them and hit them in the face, but you don't, that's why you're still friends. if you think your friend knows something about you that you haven't told anyone else, discuss it with them, who knows, maybe they've been through the same thing, or maybe the friendship was shallow and you're just now beginning to realize that. 030208
Tay Parker If you hate your friends, then you're not alone.

--Pretty Girls Make Graves
scathach Friends are what you have left over when the crap of life has driven the acquaintances away 030213
the_engineer are the best thing that's ever happened to me 030217
screwing for virginity me and 2 of my friends got back from camping about a month ago. as of last night about half of their crap is gone. my friends are inconcederate bastards. as soon as we got back they unloaded at my place and went home. didnt offer to help clean, or anything. so i washed all their crap and set it in the garrage so they can get it. what do they do? they do nothing. they came over everynight for a week or 2 and never even took any of their crap home.

last night i learn that sean (one fo the 2) is going to dallas for a few weeks, then will be home for about 3 days before he goes to bootcamp, but for some reason didnt tell us he was going to dallas. so last night i go over and collect all the crap i let him barrow. i come home with a jacket, an inch of cd's (both music and games), and i know i left stuff there. that bastard just kept my stuff, as opposed to telling me when he was done so i could take it back.

so now when i get off the internet, i am going to call virgil (it would be sean too, but he is out of town now) and get him to get hiss fucking lazy ass over here so he can help me to finnally put the camping crap away.

not important Friends are the most frustrating of people. They can rip your insides to shreds with silence or a callous word or two. They leave you. They hurt you. They pour themselves into you, retreat, try to break your trust to make you forget all you know, and leave you begging for more. So I beg. And I continue to believe, to hope, that there are bonds that are not noticed. That will always remain. 030701
not important aww, heck. At least my cat loves me. 030701
eatpaper god i hate that show. 030728
queen of darkness what is this word?

i do not understand
Death of a Rose I'm just hoping that queen of darkness is still to try this friends thing everyone else is talking about....or shit....anyone... 031011
ferret FUCK man, they're the best fucking thing you'll ever get 031011
nomatter i was just thinking how much I appreciate my friends many attempts to find me a decent boy. i would be helpless without them. 031011
Death of a Rose ferret and nomatter, grab some java. I can't always to be here when you blatherkin are here, but keep this somewhere safe, I will return. I have this need to wander, skim and bounce....teee heee, tiggers do it best. 031012
There's only one way I know

Love freely
Expect nothing
Give you can
Take what you need
Be ready for the worst
Be happy with the best
Don't promise more than you can give
Give more than you promised
Have faith in them
Have faith in yourself
Hurt them sometimes
Let them hurt you
Heal together

I know how to be a friend
a girl with nothing to say way to over-rated.i dont really see the point in them they always talk behind your back and shit i hope they all fuckin die 031109
xyz I've got two. One is a month, the other is a wizard. There are others, of course. But they have been deemed imaginary by the wizard and month. 031207
bored1111 friends can do things to make you glad
they can make you feel stupid,embarassed and shy
they make you jealous, they make you mad
they can do things to make you cry
oh, and what a cry you'll make
all alone, in the corner , in your room
your heart being beaten till it breaks
and through the cracks starts seeping the gloom
but you must not let them know
MeKoy Friends are every thing. Friends are life. Friends are me reason to life. Why anthing else my family is just a group of people givin to me by god to see i life long enough to get smarter than theme until they kick you out. But friends, friends chosse you. Theres nothing better that the helling of friends. The felling of belonging, to be needed to be loved. 031226
kermits_perfect_rainbow_/^\ sometimes you can be your own best friend.
so can animals.
so can a song or a book or idea.
Casey Ewe, Ross madeout with his sister in college!!!

Quote of the day- "I just want women on bread." -Joey
her royal highness the quirk you get along with my friends. you talk to them and include them. how great is that. 040315
tchiseen i got a great journal-like book from a friend a while ago, and i decided i'd make it into a book about my friends, and i thought every time a friend did something kind and selfless for me, i'd put it in the book, and needless to say i havnt put anything in it yet. i thought friends were more intersting idk guess not eh? 040529
elegance because we are Irish we sit around in circles, smoking eternal joints and drinking tea. And I have to admit, pathetic as it is, I actually preferr a good cup of tea to an alcoholic beverage. 040615
JUST ME wish dey were here.well too bad dat jus aint da fucking reality! 040720
bum bum olivia they haven't been here for me at all lately.

i love them so much, so much of the time. laughing fun jokes, immaturity, not caring about the stares we get.

but they drop you so quickly. because you dump a boyfriend, write a fucking livejournal post, mess up occasionally.

i'm really sick of friends. (yet how do i want them so much?)
ofsuch make new friends
but keep the old
one is silver
and the other is old

i am blessed to have a handful of friends whom i love dearly

hsg, i do love you tremendously
more than any blather can say

lp, sk, kg, ak, je, cl, jb
you have stayed my loving friends through all my ups and downs
thank you
ofsuch lol
i so amuse myself

should've been

one is silver
and the other is GOLD

not necessarily old

ah ofsuch you are so funny
a funny little giraffe
trying to hide behind a tree
carcar Maybe the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit
with on a porch swing with, never say a word, and then
walk away feeling like it was the best conversation
you've ever had.
hardcore I don't see my bestfriend much anymore. That makes me sad because she is so good for me. I worry sometimes for her because i know she struggles with life and can find small mundane things really hard. But how lucky am I to even have a best friend of such quality and caliber in my life that all she has to say is 'ok baby' and i feel so much more content, If anyone makes you feel that way they are always worth fighting for. My soulmate and my life, oh what you do to me. I wish I could be there for you more often...but were many miles apart and for now we both must cope with this unreasonable situaion, we both know its best for us. If love is true it will wait. 041130
guf We've been friends for 10 years. The dating thing didn't work. I'm going to have to draw the line somewhere. I've been here before... never seems to end well. I still want to talk to you when we are 80 years old. 041227
milo friends are so good. we need friends. just last night i though "i wouldn't be [me], was it not for my friends."

those of us who've always had friends take them for granted, friends should be appreciated and cherished - they're like your brothers and sisters. the world would be way more fucked up without them. thanks to my friends, may you die after i die so that i don't have to live without and so that we can still go out for nachos and beer on monday nights even though it's really snowing out and it's fucken cold too. you guys can pass out at my place any time you want, and even though i don't help with gas money as much i'd like to, or i don’t have a car (or get a fucking car) to drive you around just like you guys drive my ass around - i still love you.
moe, i'm not mad 'cause you clogged my toilet last weekend man, no worries.
may god bless you all and give us life to mack more girls and do more drugs…with moderation of course.
Ill be your Angel its funny how u spend ur entire life looking for somthing or someone,and then u finally stop looking cause yuo tell urself thats its not there, it'll never be there and then one day when ur back is turned, it justs pops up just like that.seemingly out of nowhere.
it can be anything, a letter, a call, an e-mail.but it comes in a way that u never expected. It happens so fast too.
In the space of 1 year i've created the strongest bond that 2 friends can have and a few days ago i think no i believe that ive found my missin piece. but being the unlucky person that i am, im stayin low. i really do not want to jinx it.
hsg 143 HuGS 050725
siempre let me offer blood for you, otherwise we are merely in proximity with some shared culture 051023
Casey Do you ever have an old friend who introduces you to new friends. But then the old friend gets mad at the new friend they just introduced you to so they convince you to now hate the new friend?

This happens to me a lot
kay my friends 061229
pete lovely people 061229
~lazarys~ distance makes the heart grow fonder.
love and food and camera moments and hugs.

sometimes, a tear. but we go through and beyond. when i don't see them for a while.
question my ballet shoes are too small... i think the number is wrong maybe ?

oh well - just means another trip to gap.
i wonder if they do half numbers too ?
wasted friends? or so i thought! i dont want to talk to them. yet i want to see them to say sorry and for them to say sorry to me. though i havent done anything except good for them. ask any one!

what you think and what actually is are really 2 completely different things.

il miss them.
ANGRY and i've got a pack of the old "Square" crisps.. i hadn't seen those for years! the rap street attitude guy has got the Monster Munch and the Hoola Hoops are under me car ! (it's not a bomb ! just Hoola Hoop crisps for gods sake ! - let me have fun then - stop calling me a freak - i don't have a fucking gun - that police man is a fucking freak to have a gun not me for having a fucking laugh) 070514
bgmole with your so-called friends. 070607
fix yeah everyones my friend if they want to be, i don't hold grudges and if they've got an attitude, i'll break it. Flowers don't fight and if you want to be a dominant weed then thats too bad for you, its better having many colours. 070608
QuietChaos When your beaten,
Defeated, broken, and bare,
Real friends are the ones,
That still want to care.
Isaou I find myself hiding from them, trying to stay away from them.
I don't want them to care about me.
I'm not accepted in any of the other groups
I don't really want to be.
Only 3 and a half years of school left, I can survive that, right?
tessa they come around
and go

and come around again?
Thug Look out for 'em, Big Man. 080106
Thug Even a thug needs 'em. 080106
minnesota_chris someone who keeps you from killing yourself 080121
In_Bloom "Timeless shapeless, I'm with you all the way."
Okay then, take my hand and start another lifetime. Never again say, "I'm an old man now."

*Brother Otten & Sister Bee*
no reason it's difficult to be friends and want to know stuff but not want to know stuff at the same time 090107
In_Bloom re: no reason

I'm stealing what you've written, I like it!
no reason ha, thanks
where are you bringing it?
In_Bloom no reason
I took your words to another spot I can tell you of if you e-mail me
It's nowhere as intriguing as here though
onlypassing a circle of friends 091201
In_Bloom A circle of friends like a soap bubble floating
Bumping and connecting
Making bigger bubbles
Blending, pulling apart into bunches of smaller bubbles
Bumping and connecting
And on

I suspect tricksters are giggling and blowing these bubbles about
thy friends
means lots of things
to lots of people

to me, its an understanding that

hey, your cool,
im cool,
were cool.

lets be cool.

a loose definition to be sure, but...

friends are the family you choose
flowerock. I forgot how I ever became or was blessed with a_friend... I remember friendships that meant traveling hours to hug and talk about life, to be there and listen to their emotional_tetris. I remember inside jokes and silly made up games and looking out for eachother when we met new potential_friends, or were just too drunk to safely cross the road. I remember sleeping on floors when I couldn't make it home, and having them do the same. I remember cooking together and drawing together and playing instruments we didn't know how to play. I remember walking around neighborhoods and in_the_desert just to walk_together and see the same things.
But I don't remember it being difficult to get there, I don't remember feeling so insecure and disconnected.
Should I just ask "can we be friends?"
Last time I asked I explained what I meant by friends, I want to build a ship that can float I said, not just a flimsy raft...
I'm afraid of making what ever kind of friendship might exist suddenly_awkward by trying to understand or agree upon it... does it have to be official? Can it just happen? But does it just happen? Don't we have to help it happen?
I get very emotional and feel dissapointed at times, sometimes in general, sometimes with myself for letting myself believe that someone might be feeling the way I am feeling about being friends...
And then I get into loops about it...
Isn't it silly and even kind of weird to be so worried about this? Or to be so interested in friendship with certain people? It's similar to falling in love, but more confusing, love is messy, we accept this and lovers need to accept our messiness or it probably isn't going to work out... but friends are a whole 'not her territory... or are they? Should they be? I guess it's more the societal normal thay cause such distress. I just want to hang out, to act like the brothers and sisters that we are, to enjoy this life and our human souls, to laugh together, and untangle things together.
I have a lover, a best friend, and this is what he is for tok, of course, but I want to have friends too. I want to build positive friendships with other women. Because I really have not had a sister in a very long time and I miss that. I miss girl_nights watching movies that made us cry with chocolate in our pajamas and taking baths while talking and that was ok, we drew the bath for eachother, that was normal, we combed eachother hair and dressed eachother when we felt ugly and sad... we reminded eachother that were beautiful and alive... there is something special to me about the friendships between women. I didn't realize how special then, and then I forgot and even feared other_women, and now I am lost and I just feel kind of creepy, like if I approach the women I feel love for in this way that they'll find me too needy, lacking grace and proper procedure or something... like I might scare them away. Who am I to climb into your friend_zone like you made me a spot there?
And then there's life... what if we do build friendships and then lose track of time and space? Neglected and faded friendships cause heartache too...

I miss my best friend, we still talk, but jot really... just the ocassional I love you I miss you we should get together... but there's a lot of physical distance now, states between us and years spent apart.

How_do_i_friend? Do you have a friend_request button?
flowerock. And you know... sometimes I just feel like an over excited puppy and I just blurt out innapropriate or poorly thought out things that just don't help at all. I'm not always the best at staying focused, either. I feel more needy than helpful and I think it shows and I don't want to burden anyone with that. 160118
flowerock. But you know... while I'm rambling on here about friends... there are certainly moments that show me friendship is there. Just that they thought to include me in a conversation or show me a picture or they made a joke and tool the time to repeat it because I was too far away to hear it but wanted to laugh too... that they were considerate about some thing they knew bothered me because they remembered I said that it did... because they sometimes ju st laugh so sincerely with me. These moments really stick in me and make me feel loved, even if it isn't me specifically but just that they're good Hans who know that this feels good. I feel a depth of gratitude that I cannot explain for this. I also feel insecure in expressing this to them because it seems like more than they might want to hear or feel responsible for... would it make them feel obligated then to make sure to act this way for me? Can sincerity be tainted by need? 160118
flowerock. That last line... I don't know if I really thought about how strange that sounds... I don't need this... such as I want this... and I do want sincerity... but I think sincerity has become hard to identify, for me anyway, maybe just hard to accept. 160118
.flowerock someone I only know on facebook sent me a message about something kind of personal...

"Writing you because somehow we have developed this closeness..."

I am so flattered, it feels really good to be considered a friend, especially by someone who I have not met. we have friends in common and both lived in the same town for a while... maybe it's not that weird or big... but it is for me...

and recently too... another friend on social media expressed similar feelings.

I really need this sort of thing. I am so grateful. is this pathetic? I don't care, it's nourishing.
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