Erin Your face beings to get fuzzy
I try to predict what your thinking
Right into my eyes
Not even a glance
Not even a peek
We continue to walk away...
Still we are right in eachother
In our minds we are connecting
Never to leave always looming....I'm Staring
how_could_he dad don't stare
people everywhere
sequin tube top
boobies flip flip
where is your class
don't show your....
hate this feeling
head is reeling

don't let my grandmas last words be
doesn't matter where you get your appetite as long as you go home to eat

may I be excused please??
Ava Staring into oblivion
to see an angel on the way to the other side
ellen cherry charles I like staring at words until the meaning and the spelling cease to make sense. Like "seal" or "seen".
It just reminds me of how ludicrous language can be
sylvia plath he kept staring at her the way people stare at the great white macaw in the zoo, waiting for it to say something human. 020903
LIL CHRIS Stop looking at me!!!!!! 021019
Freak I stared at him while he stared at my scars. Waiting for him to ask the question, debating which answer I would give him. Each one has its own pair of stories. One being false, one not. Still waiting, he never asks. 021210
qazual its easy to answer a question with a stare. its even easier to repsond to an answer with a glare. so all day i watch you and have a conversation. 030317
wingedSerpent i remember darting sideways glances at you, little peripheral stares out of the corner of my eye... nervous laughing, feeling like a damned schoolboy . Avoiding too many direct, prolonged looks so you wouldn't feel so self-conscious over my awestruck gaze. 030317
Eowithien It can be very comfortable, especially when you are trying to not concentrate on what your teacher is saying but seem interested. 030318
TalviFatin I lay there looking into your eyes, trying to read your thoughts...knowing it was mostly a contest for you... 031005
Isaou Don't stare
Stop staring
It's starting to scare me...
Every time my eyes pass over you they are met by your intense gaze.
Other's notice it too.
They notice more than me, because I no longer look your way.
A while ago, you said that you'd stop.
You said you stared because you can't help remembering what our friendship once was.
We had no friendship.
We were never friends.
And we never will be.
Sorry, but you know what you've done
You know what you did
You know what you caused
So how come you don't know
how come you don't know
How come you don't know
what's it to you?
who go