dallas it's me and myself and nobody else, that's who I've got to care for. 980919
Caine In that case, you must not have had much success with keeping pets as a kid.
Darren Is a relation that relates to itself. Now, is that lonely? 990208
adam is a catch all phrase that refers to all the little imperfections and faults that i love about me that irritate other people that compensate all i am. 990228
Colleen Is it better to expect too much from yourself and never feel satisfied, or feel satisfied but never expect a lot? 991111
andrea words of my former life echo in my ear.
could i have once felt so differently than i do now?
my words are jumbled-speech trying.
the message becomes encoded in
a language i cannot comprehend.
i am a puzzle-even to myself.
trakie how is it that everyone seems to understand me more than i understand my own self? 991227
purple tzar it's not really behind my back
but I get angry any way.
Hear that, canadians?
Je me fache!
It's not self-conscious
it's just self-pity
Oh, if I had an orange,
I could be no.1 too.
gaudior It's not a sin to think of it.

It's just wrong to put it over everything else.
ChickenPotPi concepts grow until they become self-referential, and start to include themselves. Like blather. 000220
cazzi what is life with no one but yourself? 001228
cazzi what is life with no one but yourself? 001228
cazzi what is life with no one but yourself? 001228
kx21 Assume that E is Everything,
A is Anything and
N is Nothing.


E + A = E, and
A - N = A.

What is life with no one but yourself?

You, A = E or N.

i.e. You are Everything (The Universe) or Nothing (A mote of Dust).

Which is your preference?
stupidpunkgirl how could you love me
if i can't love myself?

i'm spending time now, finding myself. how i work, and what i am.
because i won't always have someone else, but i will always have my self.
Stephen Self, the mantra of today, but not tomorrow, else there will be none. 010113
Quiggz what if self is all there is? what if I don't exist? What if you don't exist?

I dreamt I was a butterfly...
maxwell thorne Who am I? I don't know, and it seems that if I ever do finally discover my true identity, I will have nothing to live for.
My life is nothing but a struggle for recognition, a fight to find my true form, my self.
chanaka worth
god foam.
telephoam poles
Chrity go to:
laura self is what we want others to see, but can't dream to hope is true. I am an idea of myself that might be different to you. It's a wistful hoping, an actualized state that no one has actually attained. It's talking out loud and saying your thoughts. But, it's never quite unraveled. 010419
ana is mine worth anything? what is my self? i don't deserve anything, but i'm worth everything. that's what they say.
i want to be perfect, but perfection costs more than i'm worth.
He said he thought i was beautiful. i wanted to believe him. i wanted to be fooled into thinking i was worth something to him, because maybe i could be worht something to someone else. maybe. maybe i'll forever be a lower case "I"
i'm sorry i wasted your time
freakfly I am sitting here, alone. Thinking about the weekend past. Not completely sure what I have done. Sure that I am not happy, but not sad. Doing my best to not think about the past but completely consumed in the turmoil that it has caused. Wishing things had not fallen apart yet glad to be free. Apart from the constant anger, missing the love.
I am not sure where I am going yet. but the pain in my heart has faded. Not present at all times but still not gone. My routines have returned. I have stopped thinking about her everyday. now maybe once a week I am reminded.
I cant say that I regret anything that I did. but I do regret not finding out what the problem was.
But I know
The problem was deep down inside her. Nothing to do do with me, or me before. But we contributed, compounding the troubles of her life. But after all who are we. How can we help someone who doesnt want help? You cant. so it ends
It always ends AND THIS WILL BE WITH HER FOREVER. as long as she resuses to acceot her problems and deal with them..
But what about the ones.
THe ones like me who give it all and are left holdong all the pain.
We bcome strong.
Self preservation.
I think less of it now. though it still comes to mind.
I just tried my first date. it went OK. but SHE was still mentioned and came up in conversation.
It will pass I know it will. How long. I cant tell. I just knwo that I am feeling good. I want to live free. I want o be loved and will fond that one who loves me.
I will promote SELF.

Self is the key. I feel my self raising above all. taking controll.

Mahayana: Zakah: ...
[only thing im good 4]
ClairE "So I said to myself..." 020102
me i think i'm completely wrong 020201
NearPerfecTheory self: programs and instinct. the fusion of Robot and Animal into hidiousness. 020309
dionysos I used to think it was all in the past
A clean get-away
But lately it's not so fast
If everyone you washed your hands of
If everyone you ever loved
If what you gave and what was taken
If everything you walked away from
When you walked away
Is what you are

So go ahead but know it may be the last
Of your throw-aways
Cause lately it's not so fast
If every time it comes apart
If every time you start again
You lose the place and change the name
But it's just the same, it's just the same
It's what you are

-Lori Carson, "Clean Get-Away"
cnxn reference 020607
just_inflate i remember what i looked like then,
way back when,
when the freckles hinted innocence,
and the sun still shown.
Eowithien my point in life: i am looking for my inner self.

1. clean my room and dispose or store away anything that doesn't seem "me".

2. figure out if i can "betray" my parents

3. if yes, change my religion (possibly to Wicca)

4. become a nomad

5. find my soulmate (if not, kiss my crush)
me The self [nafs] has two conditions and no third: The state of wellbeing and the state of tribulation 030628
Marjorie Just because you wear your heart on your sleeve
And your brain on your collar
Doesn't mean that I'm going to look
I'll keep my eyes shut tight
You want to fucking turn me to stone
I know it!
Paranoia is a virtue
ferret i wear my kidney on my beltloop 030717
quinn Wreckage
Do you know what it’s like
To feel as if your life is going up in flames
The lights flashing all around you
The siren’s shriek ringing in your ears
The smell of smoke clinging to your hair
Your legs shaking uncontrollably
People driving by, staring at the wreckage
As your brain says in utter calm,
You did nothing wrong.”
“Registration and licensein a voice of steel
Fumbling around, stumbling, balancing on the side on the road
The cold and darkness all around you
Enveloping you
What were you thinking
Feeling so utterly alone
Yet surrounded, caged in
Coming undone, fraying at the edges
Questions about what’s in there
No drugs
You sure?
Your head pounding
Pulsing in time with your racing heart
Your eyes coming unfocused
Black cell phone
Come save me, please, just come pick me up
Trying to tell yourself
Once you are in the car
That its over
Driving away from the ruined metal
And the ruined life
But now you are never really sure about anything anymore
And the only person you can trust
Really trust
Is you
The realization
Of self
pansy I want to abandon my self
get lost in the crowd not to be found again
I hold my arms which are so far from my soul
.fallen splintered 040127
Q Yes, to know one's self is the beginning.

But to let one's self be free to be one's self is the starting line.
minnesota_chris what if a person's inner self is a selfish asshole? 040505
once again trust in... believe in... love... have faith in... understand...


to thine own self be true.
Asai is god 040911
unevolved i am still learning who i am and sometimes i still suprise myself, other times i scare myself, but i always love myself. 041017
Eraserhead Does not exist. Self is a temporary image that fades away only to be replaced by a new one a moment later. Thoughts and ideas progress and evolve, the assumption of static being is false. Self is something new each moment there is no center, there is no whole, there is only the accumulated data of the senses interpreted differently at each moment attributed to "a self" that allows one to act in the world. Its prolonged introspection and isolation that allows one to see that he does not exist as a solid, unified self but an aggregate of thoughts. Just hope you return to your illusion, I'm sure many have discovered this and have never come back. 050124
phil 1. fool 050124
pity he hates himself and blames himself and the worst part is that he's right and he has every right sinning used to be a retched thing but now the words he sings are poison and the things he sees are blackened by his gaze there is no excuse for sinning with certain knowing he is always quiet but deep inside he dies some more every second that he stays alive 060802
kalgy merely a construct of subconscious 061204
Christ without the cross IN your perfect state you are yourself and nothing else. You are you and you are unashamed. You are speaking truth and you are not afraid.

That is perfection. That is to know who you are and love it. It is changing the game. It is ending the game all together. It is finally clear and crisp and easy to see. It is not hidden. It is not a secret. It is not filled with hesitancy and ego.

It is pure and humble because it owns itself and not another. It speaks of its tendencies and habits and negative thoughts and ceases to point at others. It uses these thoughts to help it grow to help it discover something about itself.

Yes the self is perfect. The true self is without fault. And honesty about one's self is the path to enlightenment.


How can you measure something as good or bad or perfect or not perfect when those concepts are infinite? Perfection is infinite just as God's love is without end. So how can you measure perfection if you can always be more perfect?

You can't.

So strive to be more perfect. Strive to be better than you once were. The truth is you have nothing to do. Just by being created you are perfect. Just by existing you are eternal and all powerful. And in truth you are everything that you are and infinitely more. So you are really just trying to be better than you THINK you are.

Believe in that truth and you will set yourself free. Truly believe and you will not struggle against yourself but move with yourself and guide yourself where you would like to go.

No doubt I am self righteous and with the words I use I prove myself as such. But I do not know all the answers. I only know MY answers. And I do not possess all knowledge but I possess MY knowledge.

That's why I can afford to be preachy because in truth I am really only speaking to myself.
self I am one half what others percieve me to be, and one half how i view myself. 071231
cf_skeeve The fundamental question before being able to pursue anything else must bewhat is a self.” If you don’t know this you can’t meaningfully examine relationships to other individuals or concepts, you need to understand the starting point before you go further.

The self seems to me to be a dynamic entity. It is an entity with an ability to make decisions (although this is often not exercised). The self is affected by past experience and future aspirations (it seems past events are a larger factor for the majority of people).
This self is often reduced what is putatively called a person’s character. This simplification is essential for dealing with individuals, as you can’t interact with an entity that has no concrete form. This leads to the awkward phrasenot acting like ones self,” meaning performing actions that are out of character.

The dynamic nature of the self requires dynamic relationships between selves. This means people must recognize that the others are changing around them and make decisions based on those changes, and not some time-stopped view of someone’s character, to be effective (or at least true to the situation). I don’t know how this would work as it seems counter to the way we process things in all other cases and have been taught to deal with others. But it seems true that people change over time and this suggests we should try to adapt to the new selves that constantly present themselves to us. What are your thoughts?
what's it to you?
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