dallas Resolution.
easel lotion.
miniver You know why I'm here.
(Or, you may not...
...but the numbers meant something, right?)
tourist O.k. here's the situation. I come off all the time like life is just like drifting down the lazy river, so much so that people might get the idea that nothing negetive ever comes my way.
Not so mon amie' shit hits us all, I've just caught the same turd twice.
I had my bicycle pinched off of my porch twice now within a month, from behind a locked ,though not very securely,wrought iron fence. You could reach through the gate and unlock it from the backside. The first time I had left the old bike in plain sight and I figured I had tempted the weak bastard beyond their ability to resist.
So I forgave them. Within a week someone gave me a replacement bike in better shape than the stolen one. I installed a locking deadbolt and life went on. Last night my wife and I went to take the dog for a walk and on the way out I neglected to lock the deadbolt, and only locked the handle.
We were only going for a short walk after all, But as we rounded the corner on the way back home Iwe saw the silloette of someone riding off on a bike. I said "looks like he just came out our gate." my wife said "you're fucked." when we got there the bike was truly gone, but the polite theif had relocked the gate before leaving.
I blamed myself for not throwing the deadbolt, and kicked myself in the ass for that several hours. I hope I can forgive myself as easily as I did the thief. But I've got to tell you, this shit is starting to get old.
cole fuck this word. it is beginning to entail more than it did - more than it had to. it's reaching the point where if it's bad enough to be termed a "situation," it's BAD. Trust in the word like a red hot flashing light. Do not tread lightly into a "situation." In fact, avoid them if at all possible*!!

*this excludes instances that involve sharing a part of yourself and your life with truly good people. In this case, seize the opportunity and cherish the person/people... situation be damned!
angie currently i find myself in a very talkative mood
i wrote you a tree page letter last nite
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