Q Tonight I'm drifting, at a loss to reach my bearings, although luckily i know where the bearings is. Please bear with me while i drift for awhile. 000123
marjorie if i do not move,
i will not be seen
but if i drift
i'm in your dreams
so help me stand
or sit so tight
that i won't see you
here tonight.
jennifer whether you want to admit it or not 000527
klarchen I love to steal at twilight
To the desolate, somber shore,
Sweetheart, there to think of you!

When the ceiling grows dark,
The reeds rustle secretively,
They lament and whisper
That I should weep.

And I think I hear drifting
Softly the sound of your voice
And in the water sinking
The strains of your sweet song.
maruku drifting off into the proper music, you cant hear it when it's not like this, the sounds are just not there. beat beat sync up with the non_rythm and continue 000719
DJAshton when i drift i drift for you,
my car goes sideways around corners to,
rats syd RATS

Got it hit down
spot knock inside a spider
says: "That's love yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
"That's love yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
says: "That's love - All know it
TV, teeth, feet, peace, feel it...
"That's love yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
"That's love yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
mikey drifting...tis what brought me here. further along this early morning. thoughts of chaos. one of those nights just cant quite think of one thing very long...you wish to..but cannot. a night where you lay in bed...tired..yet sleep is a barrier you cant cross. try as hard as i might i get to the boundary and slip along its borders as if it was never there. next i spiral into another train of thought...jobs....problems...people...always the same. 010306
distorted tendencies How I get on with my life, drifting through a dream. 010919
unhinged where did my life go? i feel disconnected from everyone around me. insular in a little bubble of self_inflicted scars, disease. how do i get i out? i haven't gone this long without marijuana in a long time. almost a month. what am i? i didn't cry when i left for the first time. i felt like every step without her was close to the last. how do i live without her? the gold band of the clove cigarette butt caught my eye as i stood outside alone smoking a cigarette. the last one i had smoked was hers. damnit. erase my brain and start over. 020511
Freak I hope I never feel like were drifting. 020511
jenjen i'm drifting calmly and cooly.
settling into the down
of life's past creations.

don't you want to join me on the down?
it's soft and fluffy and
smells like softness...

like that bear...
birdmad tired of swimming against the tide and the currents. 030402
Sparticus i am

but at least now i have something to hold onto. forever. and his promises will never be broken
Syrope in and out of consciousness, so concerned, yet so unable to do anything about it...

i was so devastated that you didnt want me last night. and insulted that you had her call you when you knew you were going to be with me...
so when, this morning, you reached for me...

but i was being pulled back, pulled away, in the tide of sleep

and just when i had decided i had missed the chance, you came for me.

and that's why i made you a poptart...
that's why i watched the silly movie with you

does she know she's missing out on this kind of saturday morning?
sc ranting raving drifting craving 031218
iNsEcURe_GoTh_GiRl no thoughts
no pain
in the dark dark water

when a ray of light
slid through the water,
slicing through the waves like a righteous sword
but i looked
and saw you
deep in the dark
and knew
i loved you

i drift on the waves
my heart and soul

Deomis From place to place
I will continually drift
Like a piece of wood
Caught up in the ocean's currents
Following the moon
Searching for my home
Yet never realizing
That I had found it in you
demolition pam That's a big load of shit right there. You know what, kiss my ass and make it a love story... oh, but wait, that's right I'm nowhere to be found on the record. Guess I don't exist after all. 040831
a thimble in time Do your eyes see my faults,
or my irises
blue with your beauty?

Do your ears,
that curve like the breaking wave,
cup the ocean’s soul?

Will your heart,
that drifts like a cloud,
shower me with red rain

Or will the wind,
yellow with light,
take you away from me?
what's it to you?
who go