Wayne Dentistry is art in the guise of science.

Take my experience with dental assistants, who have told me again and again over the years how to properly brush my teeth (as if all the previous dental assistants received their training sometime in the Middle Ages). Funny, but I thought I had it mastered the first time. It sure sounded to me like they were all telling me the same thing, but maybe I am just stupid. Or maybe in the months between appointments I got sloppy and started holding the brush by the bristle end and didn't notice the switch.

Or take dentist A, who thought that the most wonderful thing in the world was to put ceramic in the chewing surfaces of all my front teeth. Of course, dentist B, Mr. University Professor cum vomit, promptly filed all my front teeth down and removed the ceramic, because as every idiot knows, ceramic does not match the hardness of tooth enamel. Or maybe he just wanted to remove my fangs in case I was really a warewolf. Dentist B, due to his extensive research, is able to even go beyond the dental profession's recommendations (and prices). I suppose that is why he foisted a great experimental coating on my front teeth to make them nice and smooth. Maybe he forgot to predict just how smooth things would go in six months when the coating wore off in splotches.

Next he quoted an inflated price for a crown. So I went to dentist C instead, who, of course, put in an onlay because it had less of a chance of irritating the nerve. Of course dentist B found some kind of a problem with the onlay, which he "fixed" by filing it down. Maybe he used to work in a machine shop.

I like all the warnings I get about dental workers who inadvertently hack the enamel off of your teeth. Of course, all of these warnings come from other dental workers.

However, it is better to go to a hacker than to let your teeth rot from neglect. Floss, even if you do it "wrong". Brush your teeth, even if you are using a hairbrush. See your dentist anyways, but take some of his/her advice with a grain of salt. Finally, pass the cup, because I need more money for dentist D, whom I predict will want to replace all the fillings in my mouth so I don't go insane from mercury poisoning.
grendel i want to sink my teeth into her flesh

not deep enough to leave marks

just deep enough to be playful...

...to send an erotic tingle along her every nerve
Bachelorette Us on bed. Your teeth bared. Back strained. Feet grinding into the mattress. I caught your glance and it was intensity magnified. 010327
pontifier some say I have a teeth fetish, but it isn't as simple as that. Perhaps a straight white teeth fetish. 011211
girl john has the straitest teeth i have ever seen...its almost weird.
i have crooked teeth. i like them that way.
ilovepatsajak i saw a woman
whose teeth were
straight like
White picket fences
Until she looked
at her husband-
Then they looked like
Shattered windows
-J.K. "criticism"
ClairE on your tongue?

Mine are very nice. I get compliments. My best friend was jealous. They are white and tooth_shaped.

I won't let them take away my wisdom_teeth.
paste! grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind what's it gonna take for a fucking cigarette break. 020307
foolish bird hmm, i think my wisdom teeth were the only wise thing about me, but they were taken wehn i was 17

maybe that explains a lot
poeticmisfit i like teeth 020723
pontifier how much would you like a bowl full of teeth? 021226
niska reminds me - i better drink some milk before bed. the dentist told me i don't want to lose my teeth by the time i'm forty.

i don't want to lose them ever, so... i'll drink the friggin' milk and just be done with it.
WTF teeth are for gay people ! 031122
DoopLex because gay people are people too ond they demand chewing gum flavours for the masses 040215
a girl like me i need to go brush me teeth. 040502
kookaburra i grind my teeth incessantly. i have no drug addiction or cig addiction...perfectly normal, except that i'm constantly worried about something.

what does that say about me?
Dosquatch It says that you're not so different from the rest of us. We're all worried, we're all part scared little kid inside, and we all have our nervous habits. You grind your teeth. I fidget and smoke. (the cigarettes were a bad idea in retrospect).

Don't think of your nervous habit as an affliction. Think of it as a reality check.

Every day that something bothers you enough that you grind your teeth is another day that you still care enough about the world around you to bother, and sometimes that's all you have to keep you moving along.
kookaburra wow.
that was a nice explanation.
but it also reminded me that im still grinding my teeth.
djstar I let you dress me up
- your doll, your sexy whore -
I would do anything for you,
Crawl on all fours.
Nails and teeth
Tearing skin
Shedding blood
My favorite kind of love
Syrope apparently this is not the movie to watch on a date...guys are apparently strangely squeamish about that sort of thing.

i learned:
1) nuclear cooling towers release dark ominous billows of black smoke, not white steam as you may have expected (1.5 - nuclear radiation also causes mutations in babies, giving them vaginal teeth)
2) all guys are rapists. especially the ones who claim to be waiting until marriage.
3) the gyn will attempt to fist you on your first visit, to "test your flexibility"...without even wearing gloves
p for Pro Plus is it a documentary? 080518
me show me your teeth 100117
you I have no enamel,
no cross of rosy dream
spiral hair
give in, give on, give out
what's it to you?
who go