prophetic dreams her thighs encircled my waist
strength even in surrender

i_love_those_moments habibi
Ariadani friends and i were recently discussing all the different associations that our society has with the word "grinding," it was interesting.

a lot of people associated it with the dancing.

i thought of gnashing of teeth.
Kate I think of a red purple demon watching a machine full of gears of all shapes and sizes whirling symultaneously in all different directions, and then the demon reaches his gnarled hand into a potato sack bag full of sand and then throws a handful on sand into the gears and he laughes hysterically with the grinding gears. 020421
stork daddy on the booty 020421
~gez~ skating is the first thing that comes to mind. possibly after countless hours of playing tony hawks 021125
Lafiel it makes me think of two things...
1)the pressed movement of pelvic area's between couples and...
2)the smoothing down of rough area's on gem stones to make them shine

My parents are jewelers and thus the reason for the second thought. Although number one is more enjoyable in my experience...*wink* ;-P
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