dallas tick. 981027
michael clock. 990209
shaheen ever second matters. 990209
adam , third, fourth time you've done this. alexis is a person and is an action, the act of betraying. 990214
Rainer the second winner is the first loser 990318
ceorl in a duel, the friend who'll bring what's left of you home should it not go well. 990420
daxle I just remembered a time where being second best was the torture of my soul. And I was told, "well, you have balance, school doesn't mean everything to you and that's good". I didn't hear anything. What I needed to hear is that no one is "best". 990521
ikon i won't be nothing. i will not be second. you won't set me aside and pick me up only when it's convenient for you. i want to shine in your eyes. be beautiful and brilliant for you. and i can't be yours only when you want me. i won't be nothing. i will not be second. 000123
marjorie second in command
and death brings forward ideas
ideas you had grown without realizing
preparing in advance
for what you had no right to expect
your own abilities
BioHazzard How soon is now if tomorrow never came
One split second stopped in time forever
I will never feel again, I will never hurt
Pain is defined by whispers of memory and nothing more
I will never see again, nor will I smell
Sensation will be vanished, only the bliss of silence will I in deer
I wonder if I’ll still think as I crawl slowly to my sleep
I wonder if I’ll wake up again only to see me
Or will I scream with all emotion and hate only to find and see
That if there was no one to hear the tree, who’s going to hear me?
Lost in silence I find myself
Lost in fear and regret
In the silence and darkness too afraid to forget
Who will care after I am gone?
A star has died, no one blinked
One split second lost in time.
Mateo escuse me, I was here first.

no, really, I just went to the bathroom

what do you mean I didnt save the place what is this anarchy.

You better believe it you son of a bitch.

oh, is that so?

well, we´ll just see about that.

(and in a second it all ends, the man walks away eithout his starbucks coffe. A sad story, of impotence, of hate and loathing)
LawnGnomeFreak Always second best. 021215
endless desire its funny, when i was little i always either wanted to be very first or just come in dead last. being in the middle. . .just seemed so facelesss. people remember those on the outiside but never those within. what does that say about our society? hmmm

haha maybe nothing. im just rambling.
mj they say these are the times of your life.

don't you hate being second choice?

every moment is a second
and moments are the best and worst of times.
emily a second is the time it takes for him to lean in
it takes another second for him to close his eyes and put his lips on mine..
as if seconds later..
i lay there thinking.. whay am i lettin ghim go..
i love him..
we did kiss
but i never told him i loved him
and now he's leaving...
is it too late??

-guys please if you read this i have a question..
i never told him i loved him and now he is with this girl he doesnt love... he's moving next year,
half way accross the country...
should i tell him?
if i do does it change anything..?
im going to miss him more than the sun misses the sky, or the stars miss the moon...
emily . 040214
poison cherry i always end up playing second fiddle. 040308
tonightiscream tell him, i'm not a guy, but it never hurts to tell the one you love how you feel 040423
phil It only takes a second to shatter an illusion.
The truth changes with every question that hits upon it.
hsg truth is timeless. 061017
pete we talked tonight for the second time since the break-up last week. it's a system so we don't turn in to strangers while keeping our distance. i didn't shake after hanging up this time. that's a good thing. felt kinda empty, still do, but that, too, will pass. beats being angry (which i've never been at any point of this process, at least not towards her).

still, it felt strange. it feels strange. it is strange. fuck.
second base is

the skin of your

and when it hardens


your finger

and wet

and moving

you moan and

slip it in

and out

and my hand

your cum
what's it to you?
who go