jake not me, not him, not her, not them, not they, not it, not anyone else. 980908
drew who, me? 980910
emma it's a pretty damn interesting thought, maybe, sometimes, late at night when I've had way too much caffeine and Trazodone. You know; me vs. you. You are not me. You are SO not me. Who the hell are you? I only know me. What are you if you are not me? What makes us different? We're alive, both of us. In that capacity how different can we really be? 980922
Caine I'd like to think that at maybe a sub-atomic level we're all connected somehow with each other and everything else in the universe. Even if this seems illogical, it cannot be argued that at least, during the first cooling stages of the universe we were all belched out of the furnace of a star, and that's somewhat reassuring. 980924
ly are the one that occupies my mind.that i want to hold.that i want to crawl inside.thatiwant.that breaks me down. 980925
kathryn smell like fresh asparagus. How's that for deep? 981013
sarah jane can't realize the crazy things going through my head as I sit next to you in class. in my most hopeful state I think that maybe you want me the same way. 981014
sarah you're the one who makes me
go round and round and round
Pacia are the entity on the outside of my skin. 981107
adam are steam, like from a hot bathtub. all present at one second and gone the next. 990212
meir you are my everything, anything. 990226
megan you are going to be here in less than a week and i could almost cry and jump around and kick off from walls because it has been 6 months 990227
Rainer Who do you think you are.

Who do you think I am?
Who do I think I am?
allie i have finally figured it out, have you? 990501
timba is you is, or is you ain't? 990504
i it was you yesterday; it was you the day before; it was you last week.

it was you when i first saw you, it was you when we first dated, it was you that i loved.

it's only you.
andrew it was you yesterday; it was you the day before; it was you last week.

it was you when i first saw you, it was you when we first dated, it was you that i loved.

it's only you.
Zed and you are so clever.
aren't you?
daxle If it goes well, it's you. If it gets fucked up, it's me. 990504
mareberry Your mind, your heart, it is nothing more than meaningless pieces of a life once lived. But now you're gone, you have soared to the depths of the world where life means nothing. You are no longer what you once were. 990505
emsie were the greatest boy I'd ever met.
sent bolts of electricity through me when you kissed me.
were the sweetest thing ever.
were the first boy to ever make me feel that way.
were so mean, I cried for months.
you made me stronger by hurting me...
711 you can have my bodi but take my soul
and you will get a lot of hardware conflicts
cj give me the blues 990626
Batman "Who ARE you?"
pablo make me feel this way 990821
*nicole* when you come to think of it, everyone is you. 990827
megan your smile
your eyes
your cuddles
your kisses
all you
all i love
blah sometimes, late at night, or any other time when i'm all alone, i'll stop and look at myself, at who i am. and i'll realize something. i can't remember why i ever let you treat me the way you did, in the past, when i was who i was then. cuz now i'm someone different, someone better. thank you for teaching me what it is to have pride. 990914
lyric i dunno bout you, but im me, me to be free, nd free to be me, well, you are just nobody to me unless i decide otherwise 991003
robert are a liar. isn't that a nice neat way to wrap you up in a box and deliver you to the world?

if only it were that simple. of course, it's not, and neither are you
valis now this i find odd.

present the word "you" to a roomful of people and they come back with a majority of anecdotes on ... someone else.

not being mean or petty, just observational. review the list.
deb tame my heart
but give me wings
so i can fly from here

to you
nameless are sculpturing me 991218
nameless are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy 991218
nameless make me wanna be someone else 991218
jennifer I hate you so much I love you 991219
coolM you look nice behind the window of this
visual device, which you are looking in!
troy naughty little Penguins! 991220
elimeny bastard.
ill bet you dont even bleed.
trakie valis - at first it seemed odd that most blathes were about someone else. but then again, when the word you is presented, most people automatically think of someone who has greatly influenced them. they speak as if addressing them, because it's likely they will never speak to that person directly about what they wrote.

me personally? yeah, i'd like to say:
i love you. you know who you are. (only difference from my theory being that i have told her this many times.)
setsuna meiou I can see you
in my soul
and I wonder if you see me
in the same
wesleann Will you please stop loving him? would you please let him go? it's been years. and maybe, when you're gone, he will start loving me honestly, and i won't have to watch him lie again. 000115
FooLmOOn you dont know me, i dont know me, who cares, fuck it all. 000116
wesleann in a world of people that do not love me, doesn't it mean something that you do? 000117
hflhfytng i love you 000123
erin you can kiss my ass. 000127
oodles It had to be you.
I wondered around
and finally found
Somebody who
Can make me be true
And make me be blue.
typhoid you never seen what i could do
like run a mile and jump hoops too..
amy know that i love you
you know that i adore you
but don't make me say it...
Casper can I keep you? 000208
briana. if i could claw yer face off right now i'd jump at the opportunity to forget. 000225
briana. massachusetts is cold and not so sweet tonite but if only i had any will left to fight i swear i'd tell you that yer all i think about when i'm avoiding the whole rest of this miserable world. 000225
adam live in my town now. it's horrible. i go out for my morning tom collins and there you are. ugh. 000229
a r not me 000313
the return of the ghost of the son of the bride of forever and away.
Princess? I wouldn't know.
Green trees and waterfalls, green trees and waterfalls.
All soon will be dead. la la.
Eat your vegetables.
bryson . 000314
SomeoneElse Evade and turn in circles. Calling and calling and then covering your ears when my voice echos around the cavity that is your life. Either give up or give in. I am tired. 000404
Christy smiled and urged me to continue. You knew what I was going to ask and how you were going to answer. I could be mad because you still made me say the words and suffocate waiting for your answer, but you also knew that we had to go through the motions. I thought you were oblivious. Shows what I knew. 000408
girl you are the light of my life
please take care of yourself when youre away
come back to me soon

come back to me soon

come back to me soon
Tink as in "i hate you" 000419
Tink or "I_hate_you" even 000419
calliope you would hate me
i know you would
you hate me already
i have done it to myself, it's true
but you would hate me
so here's where i resign
step out of the game
down from the wobbly perch
out of this world
May 22
MollyCule are like a comet.

you streak through my life,
light it up,

and leave.
WoNDERGIRL my everything 000520
Jordan Who are you? I don't know you, man. If we were somehow connected I'd see it, like at some subatomic level but we're not. All i feel is void, cold distance from you and your thoughts... guarded like a caged animal. Is that how you started out? or were you at some point......... like me? 000524
starbug Castles within,
Guarded by the frightened little dragon,
who bravely watches
Laughing at the clown wearing his hat
The one with the Purple rabbits.

She hates rabbits.

Only you are capable of unlocking the Fear;
Setting it free to never return,
Giving wings to my fairies,
Chasing away the shadows of Darkness

Your arms, a place of refuge
Which She will never know.
Not in any of Her lifetimes.

I fly with you somewhere She'll never go
A place beyond the Carrots.
emily ...i don't know who you are anymore... 000530
WingedSerpent ... make me wanna scream
like sam kinnison.


Rhianna ...still i see you on the beach,
hear your laughter in the wind

...i can taste you in the air,
smell you everywhere envelope, elude me and
forever scare me

...your last breath,
that final whisper before death said,
"I'm not going anywhere".

i understand now, I did not then.
in love with you or I loved you.
i'll never let go...will you let me go?
terrified of forgetting little things...
"Baby, sing me a lullaby, I can't sleep"
silentbob All you need is love.
Love is all you need.
emkaj Roses are red
Violets are blue [1]
The world is wonderful
And so are you.

1. Kiedy czarne jagody sa czerwone? Kiedy sa jeszcze zielone.
benjamin oliver you're simply the best
you are the one
you are mine
you're not alone
Crushed I engulf you. Surrounding your flesh with warmth. Holding you. 000610
Barrett YOU DON'T FUCK'N REALIZE what we have. 000613
lilt soma
soma suck and drain
a pinched reality nerve
strokes my brain
all gush
and glowing
flowing like
you are like
the soma
just suck
maccie that lives in me
right then
and now
Al are killing me right now in suspense of finding out what you did THIS time..... i wonder how many times you will hurtme, and how many times i will let you. 000705
birdmad ...make me think of that track from Tricky's "pre-millenium tension" CD

"she makes me wanna die..."

in both the best and worst ways imaginable.
Zoe you don't know i love you, at least not yet.
your smile lights up the room and i can only hope that one day it will be directed at me.
you saved my life, although you don't know it.
you pulled me out of deppression and made me live for you and you only.
your eyes follow her around and i can only hope that one day your eyes will follow me and you will love me as much as i love you.
kim are the boy i loved with all my heart
are the boy that has what i've always wanted
are the only boy i could ever admire
not because of your looks
and not just your talent
not because of what could have been
not because of your ability to be a friend
i didn't love you because you were you
i loved you because
you were me
so that was the end
josie YOU are one of an infinte amount of poeple who have access to Blather via the internet. I may not be the one to move you with my words but i guarantee that here in blather SOMEONE will move YOU, and change your life just that little bit more. Thank YOU Blatherer's 000922
paradox are whatever you let people believe you are! 001026
Sadprofessor My last breath of air as I'm dying alone
In sadness I hold your ghostly body, trying to believe that you care, trying to look for you there. In my head, memories of streams
Me Kool, site I'm tripping right now and it was like i was lost.. this took you a very long time didn't it! 001110
startfires you'll never feel the heat of this soul. my fever burns me deeper than i've ever shown. to you. 001116
Barrett ...and you STILL don't have a fuck'n clue! 001122
claw ...sweet wondergirl 001126
girl. thought i was feeling what you felt but i felt nothing at all. i was always focused on another girl and couldn't feel your touch one bit. 001127
omiz i saw your smile
in that movie
i heard your laughter
in the street
i smelled your hair
in a subway train

god, why are you so scattered...
Robert Fuck You!
Of The Fallen
chanaka you love me
you love me not
you love me
you love me not
you love me?
Greg All you ever had to do was love me the way that I loved you. 001213
me ... are a figment of my imagination
you never existed
mrspace I need your help to bring the second person singular back to the english language. You know, "thou," "thee," "thine," et ceteros. 001219
Quiggz You are he as I am he as you are me and we are all together... or something liike that...
Beatles... wise people, when they're not using controlled substances
ass facely you could use some stryper_upon_cactus juice. 010101
Ajuna To you i call
To the you that i don't know
to the you that i know but not well
To the you that i wish to know but never get around to
To the you that i love
Finally to the you that i don't know but Loved

This is for you my lover in my mind
Joseph I want YOU.
I want you so bad.
She's so...HEAVY!

claw i have fooled myself about you so many times in life. One would believe that i would figure it out. Unfortunately, time passes and i forget the scars hidden inside. Same mistakes made over and over. If ever this ironic repeat of falling in love would end...maybe i could get on with it. 010107
the conveyor You are the only part of me that's not here right now. I have a skin that conveniently contains the rest. But you refuse to be held in such a way. 010111
caite oh oh god...
i love you so much
am i completely crazy?
what if she loves you?
how will i look at you or sit next to you or let you wrap your arms around me and kiss me so so sweetly

this is bad. this is very bad
god were you talkin' to me?? 010115
caite i could be.. i guess it would depend on if you listened.. but you know everything, so you are probably laughing and shaking your head at me 010115
caite heh.. just realized.. not exactly to you, perhap.. 010115
lizard they burn these fields after the harvest. it rids the soil of weeds, of impurity.
it's so beautiful, then - the smoke, trying to fill up the empty gray sky, the fire, trying to consume it.
it fills you up inside... the sight of those bodies, bending over the earth, using their calloused hands to create destruction that breeds creation.
i always thought of those fields whenever anyone mentioned love. consume me, fill me; destroy me, rebuild me.
i always thought of your face with the flames reflecting in your eyes.
i always imagined reaching for your hand as we allowed our fullness to seep out into smiles.
kx21 You may be a Star and I may be a SHIT and vice versa.

But we have something in common:

The Power of Creativity and The GENE of NOTHING which are probably inherited from The Creator of the Universe or GOD, in the Layman's Terms and Our 1st Ancestor:- NOTHING, if GOD uses its Power ( of creativity ) to create the UNIVERSE from NOTHING is True.
keeth are sometimes not worth looking into the mirror, could be standing in your bathroom or anywhere else that casts a reflection where as the brighter the light the darker the image. 010117
hoodrat you have always been around, ever since birth. circling the skies. waiting for me to act. waiting to see what this puppet will do. you have made the story of me (see the_beginning). you are my parents, my siblings, friends and enemies. you are the old man that tried to commit suicide in the park after your wife died. romantic in a way. scarred me for life. you are the guard at the building i work in, the one we call jenny lopez. you are the person driving the saab that almost hit me. you are the person i fell in love with. you are all the people in my life that have had an impact on me- whether good or bad. you are a girl named audrey 010119
hoodrat audrey (see the_beginning) 010119
squirrel you are here now
or have you left?

i don't mean to stalk
only to talk
i want to play again

i'm lonely tonight

alone kinda wiggin' out
a sad soul tonight
thinking about talking
(typing about thinking...)

i see your shadow above

you won't say stay close
come close
but you don't say go

i need to come up for air
where is my voice?
i used to sing without thought
filling me up

not now

tonight the blue
tomorrow i choose
whether to surface or dive

wait...which way is up?

i smell love.
i'm so confused
is it you?
is it you?
vinny you are the one. Dony lie... Vinny...
The one who, the one speekin is the one who looks apon the screen. You however are the guilty party who incriminated two of which one me who did nothing wrong. Dont spread rumors as@#ole
hmmmm you are a spider_monkey 010123
danielle you know nothing about me. 010124
forever lost I wanted you
needed you.
but you left me
taking everything inside of me
JizNOLA You are the only one that can destroy me like this
You are the only one that keeps me going everyday
You make me hate myself and everyone that's not you
You make me adore life every second you're near me
You will probably leave me helpless and barely alive
You will probably love what everyone else hates in me
You are the only truly good person I have ever met
You are the epitome of everything I despise
You could not possibly know any of this
I could not possibly let my pathetic truths leak out
meredith "you complete me"...
argghhh! shouldn't the correct phrase be
"you complicate me"...
wait- stealing lyrics from a song- just as poor as quoting from a film, even for your sake- try some originality-
stream of (my) conciousness- but
you took it from me-
these words I've so long repressed
now scared to think or say or write
one i like being you,
do you like being me?
are you, being you?
or trying to be me?
suzy there is a diversity of opinion about who i am but we all know who you are
there are no excuses you must confess
you are only vaguely aware of the facts
you i am you 010218
Lady Morgaine This is my first attempt at a poem will someone tell me what they think?

In your eyes is a loving gaze.
In your arms I find safety.
In your heart, a fiery blaze.
And in your soul is passion lately.

In yourself is confidnence I admire.
In your person is self-assuredness.
In your heart, to be I desire.
And in your arms may I find bliss.

I find you fascinating and complex.
You help me when I feel weak.
I feel for you so much, I fear I may be hexed.
For, no better friend would I dare seek.
nocturnal very nice for a first attempt. that I'm actually sitting here judging the poetry of someone I don't know makes me feel like I'm beyond disqualified to do so, however, this is what I basically thought. keep in mind I'm no great critic or even a good poet myself, so you shouldn't take what I say all that seriously. Anyway, the rhyming's okay, a bit forced at times. The most noticeable example of which is the line, "In your heart, to be I desire." you could fix this in a few ways. you could find better words to use, maybe a different rhyme scheme, or maybe don't do the rhyme thing at all. I find that when I write poetry, rhyming actually does more harm to the poem than good. you can still have a good rhythm without rhyme. but it's your poem and if you like it the way it is, unless you plan on publishing it or something, that's all that matters. poetry should be for the poet not his/her reader. 010226
miraflores do you now who you are to me?
you are everything i love, everything i hate, everything i am and everything i want to be..don't you know how much you are a part of me? you are here with me right now and you don't even know it, because you are in my heart. there isn't anything out there that i can do or say or write to explain this love i have for you and the love that makes us the person we have become. you are the only one that makes me see what i've been missing and shows me how happy i can are my guardian angel aren't you? and you thought i wouldn't figure it out! how can you be so perfect yet such a disaster...that's why i love are who you are and noone can stop you..te amo
for20 Angel is like no one else 010317
Lindsey - Keep me from leaving
- Dominate each movement
- Count the days until I
- give up
- give in and
- surrender to
- you
nocturnal two weeks in a virginia jail
for my lover for my lover
twenty thousand dollar bail
for my lover for my lover
and everybody thinks I'm the fool
they don't get any love from you
things we won't do for love
climb a mountain if I had to
risk my life so I could have you
you you you you you you you you you

everyday I'm psychoanalyzed
for my lover for my lover
dope me up and I tell 'em lies
for my lover for my lover
everybody thinks I'm the fool
they don't get any love from you
things we won't do for love
climb a mountain if I had to
risk my life so I could have you
you you you you you you you you you

follow my heart, lead my head to ponder
deep in this love no man can shake
follow my heart, lead my mind to wonder
is this love worth the sacrifices I make
-Tracy Chapman
Robin Its too late now
I'm stupid and diseased
I won't be much
I can't amount to you
Its so pathetic that
I didn't even try
but I tried so damn hard
Its so complicated
but it doesn't matter now
I wanted to succeed
and be my potential
instead of a walking statistic.
Chrity go to:
me you wanted warmth and security. i suggested a blanket tent 010411
waxdot_is_me_and_I_suck_and_i_love make me get goosebumps 010414
Sol are me and i am you and we are one and we are all together.

and so i shall be till i wake for you are unto me as air is and sustenance and antidote for my pain and light in my darkness. guide me for i am lost and i will will find the way to return, by light of day in moonlight gardens to your side and remain until the time is gone and the laughter is spent
Sol are me and i am you and we are one and we are all together.

and so i shall be till i wake for you are unto me as air is and sustenance and antidote for my pain and light in my darkness. guide me for i am lost and i will will find the way to return, by light of day in moonlight gardens to your side and remain until the time is gone and the laughter is spent
kx21 U... 010419
like rain. the thoughts didn't define themselves until i scrolled down and my eyes passed over her blather. more than a year ago.

still can't forget the buzzing inside.

must we get lost again?
keeper you are what i need right now. only to be with me. to comfort. nothing more. i promise. 010424
Miner "I wonder who you think you are, do you damn well think you're god or something, god give life, god taketh it away, not you, i think you are the devil itself" 010425
elisabeth you make me so upset, you make me torture my self, But i still tlak to you every day. you do not know how much there is going on you do not know how strong i am on emotions, you do not know anything aboout me. but yet I consider you a good friend. why? 010425
god you are going to die 010427
KFOX Doesn't matter what you say or do,
doesn't change the fact I'm through with you.
Dafremen I want to know what's so illogical about the idea that we're all connected somehow with each other and with the universe. That seems the ONLY logical conclusion that I have been able to draw so far. We're all from the same stuff baby, hate me or not, but for an accident of fate part of what makes me could have been part of you and vice-versa. Same goes for eveything around us too.

Oh yea, you are definitely ME and I am SO you!
like rain. i love you. 010508
Tybay You are the sun and moon and stars are you
And I could never run away from you

You try at working out chaotic things
And why should I believe myself not you?

You say the world is going to end so soon
And why should I believe myself?

You, me and everything caught in the fire
I can see me drowning
Caught in the fire
You, me and everything caught in the fire
I can see me drowning
Caught in the fire

Radiohead "you" (good song)
ladybird well all I can say is thank fuck for you's (and that includes all of you in here) because i couldn't stand in this godforsaken world with only myself for company

you make me rethink.
god are really going to die 010514
ladybird well, so are you. in fact you're dead already. You should know that, you're supposed to be omniscient. Haven't you ever read Nietzsche? 010517
Hibiki Kanzaki Some people live their dreams
Some people close their eyes
Some people's destiny
Passes by

There are no guarantees
There are no alibies
That's how our love must be
Don't ask why

It takes some time
God knows how long
I know that I can forget you as soon as my heart stops breaking... anticipating...

as soon as forever is though.. I'll be over you.

Remember the times gone by
Promises we won't make
What were the reasons why
Nothing sayed the same

There were the nights... holding you close I know that I can forget you as soon as my heart stops breaking.. anticipating..

Some day I'll be over you....
god Nietzsche is dead 010520
You You AND You hhmmmm jjjjjjjizNOLA
how could you.
Zeds dead and so is Nola,
So where's Zola and Lola?
hiding in the rain?
Jiz boy it's you.
It's always been you,
It's always been in you.
Y You X ?
y are You killing me?
JizNOLA I'm confused. nola = new orleans louisiana. jiz is one of my many nicknames. I'm not a boy, my name's elizabeth. any other questions? 010526
Hello then you're a silly women arn't you.
but I think you're hiding,
don't let the cat out the bag will you.
you're a rap, hippy, cool, person.
arn't you.
there's this women right, yeah,
and well how can I put it,
she's Magestically mmmmmm.....
urrrr gunna be a break beat dancer.
erin you are making me
awaken what would've never been discovered
What I wanted
Is now acheieved
THe unexpected arrival of this
is what I had dreamed of my whole life
I love you.....simply stated
no one you are my zoloft 010604
enriquecito you talkin' to me? m'i talkin' to you? i guess i'm talking to myself, no one more or less than i. 010614
Devilsquishy You are light, you are night.
You are everything I've ever wanted and everything I ever feared. Kinda funny how things happen. Kinda funny how you can still make my pulse race when I can't even see your face. You make me want to write sappy love poems that are crap cause I couldn't begin to describe how I feel. I love the stolen glances we give each other. You are my greatest friend and love Leland.
kuru When you showed up at my door last night, soaked with sweat and the faint smell of liquor, I wanted to beg you to stay. I thought my kisses might impart how much I wanted to hold you, care for you, smother you in my arms and convince myself that small moments, when compounded, equal a forever the mind cannot preconceive.

But, for better or worse, the moment stayed a moment; one among many, connected to none. You were gone, sleep having been more precious.
jay sleep brentons dog 010801
moreconfusedwitheverywordisaytoyou tall. basketball. ralph lauren romance. mall. car. smiles. general music in the high school. red backpack.*34*. 3/27. golf. crystal ln. online. emails. golf. breathing. my room. red hat. connections. stalker. crying. celly. hugs. directions. stupid letters i wrote. the tack :). *november rain*. sexysoph. butterflies. crying again. the embodiment of perfection.


are all i need--


((but there is so much we can discover together, so much i want to keep reaching for, so much more time-- i love you))
Toxic_Kisses ...mean nothing to me 011011
CheapVodka YOU caused me so much pain
And YOU stomped on my fucking face
And YOU can't ever change
and YOU are killing me
But I'm not YOU
I never will be
and I died for YOU
YOU and YOU alone
Will live with no guilt
YOU have taken from me
What YOU wanted
and now I want it back

YOU think YOU're more
But YOU are nothing
No one

SleepingDeath you might think you're better than me. chances are, you're wrong. 011105
psychobabe I'm convinced that you hate
(that you hate)
you hate me you like
(you like)
you like to see my cry
its already a proven fact
that you hate and you wait
on me, toniiiight
Its so scary
I find it hard to confide
I will make you see my way
You give, I take
you say you want to be AWAY FROM ME!
And you bring me
I got a reason that i wont let go
Take me down
I got a reason that i want you to know..
I'm convinced that you
(fuck me)
real good you did
(you did)
but i wont let go
i've got my reasons and i'm not leaving
so i'll wait on you, tonight
Please take this time
For me to be unforgiving
I give me you
I lay my life on the line
for you, for you, for you
And you bring me
I got a reason that i wont let go
Take me down
I got a reason that i want you to know reason reason
I have no reason
no fuckng reason
And i wont let goooo-
I have not reason!!
no fucking reason!!
And that i wont let go!
i got a reason that i wont let go
I got a reason that i want you to know
psychobabe This shit right here is 4 U
All your faces I can see
You all think it's up, not me
I'm about to break, this is my fate
Am I still damned to a life,
of misery and hate?
You will never know
What it did 4 U
What you are
Got me through
I've done 4 U
I could have, never lived
If it wasn't, 4 U
ClairE do, you do, you do, you do
you do, you do, you do

make me want you.

(and i can't get enough)

Crap. Like you're supposed to be able to fall asleep with that crap going through your head.
pjork yer tellin' me 011211
ClairE "You" is a frame, and I just squeeze different people to fit into "you". So I can have someone. 011213
ClairE I want to be your "you". 011226
Miffey I scour over every single word she writes down here, looking for a little glimmer of hope. But when she says the word "you" I wonder, does she mean me, or him? 020102
me you know who i'm talking about.....

9 times out of 10, it's you, babe
ilovepatsajak came traveling
from outta town
for you
little star
kelli crane you are my sunshine... my only make me happy...when skies are'll never know much i love you. please don't take my sunshine away. 020112
damaged somehow you broke my face when i tried to kiss you 020228
Mahayana ][are married to mahayana][ 020308
Syrope i wouldnt be friends with me if i had a choice.
but you did, and i smiled.
and i fell for you, and you smiled.
and then we kissed, and we smiled.
so much time inbetween...
but then i cried and said "i cant anymore"
and you said "ok" in the most monotone voice i'd ever heard.
then i said i still loved you, and you smiled.
and you said you did too, and I smiled.
Then you said you'd still never change for me
I decided I've had enough of you.
jon are on my mind
day and night but my tongue is tied,
held captive dammit
why can't i just say it?
velvetdesire in health class
sophomore year
they taught us to begin
with "i..." rather than

(it's supposed to be

too bad
no one

(and those of us who did
Mahayana you are essentially only yourself
able to bond, free not to
yourself today
never static or memoryless
Mahayana no excuses
no title
no refinement
no pleas for understanding

Angelwings You all stare, but you'll never see
There's something inside me.

You all stare, but you'll never see
There's something in you I despise.

My state of mind is so one-sided...
continuous ache you lift me up with kind words
to strike me down with your rage.
it upsets you to hear me say that we'll probably never be the same again.
how could we be?
you tell me you love me, and i offer a vague smile. everytime you wear that nice-guy suit it makes me want you back, but then i tell myself that you wear your emotion like clothing, and i never know when you'll change. it doesn't ache like it did at first, so that's something. each day i spend with you, i'm able to drive that wedge in further. the space between us grows, and i can't feel anything but relief. your chains won't hold me again.
Photophobe loves Thom Yorke You - Are - thesunandmoonandstars
Are - You - AndI - couldneverrunawayfrom You

You - Try - atworkingatchaoticthinngs
SoHow -shouldIbelieemyslefnot You

Its - Like - theworldcouldneverbesocruel
SoWhy - shouldIbelievemyseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelf?

You, me and everything
Caught in the fire
I can see me drowning
Caught in the fire
plinko someday i'll stop forgiving you 020405
Paci I wish I knew all you out there. Your kinda just these blue letters, but somewhere, in some obscure suburbia, with a lawn the same as mine and a mom the same as mine, and a fucking girl just like her, and with tired burning eyes like mine, youre there. 020502
Freak You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person. 020507
tiny dot star you
frighten small children
cities crumble under your
gaze, thousands of fires
burn my eyes
look into my face
take my hand and say
don't be afraid of me
i am only
i am you
Freak YOU laugh at us because were different, but we laugh at you because your all the same. 020508
Freak It really IS you Peter! 020508
bweka you are
has anyone ever told you that?
your words
your voice
your eyes
your nose
your toes
your smile
your fingertips
its you.
you're beautiful
mirf you have eyes
that need to rot
and sting
and drip down your face
leaving a trail of love
where tongues have been
onceidid the question of you
there is no questions anymore
you fill my deepest needs
and you know things about me
that I have always felt need
to hide from anyone
with you it is so
needless to hide anything
for you take all of me
and question nothing
you just love
shatazap her 020519
phil I just realized what it has meant to me to be horny for the past 22 years. It has meant going out at night from feeling steamed up about something.
Me and my girl, Emily, had just had some the morning before, and she was starting to get sore before I came, so we stopped.
She had to go into work that day and we split up for the rest of the day.
Now today I had a few chores to do, to clear up the rest of the week, and get ready for another night with her. I got a few things ready and was still feeling antsy, but was waiting for her to call at around 7:00.
I had been getting phone calls from telemarketers all day, I kept thinking it would be her calling. I just wanted to give her a hug(not that it matters), but as time wore on, waiting for her phonecall I realized how much I did want her. She knows I am willing to take it slow, even to stop, but I think it has somehow helped a little. During the hours I got to think a bit, and of course I have been talking to myself for the last two hours thinking of all the things I would say to her. I think the reason I was a virgin for so long is because all the women had never gotten to know me for longer than one day. I just can't stand this anymore.
So if she doesn't call I guess I can deal with it. But I just want to say to her, thanks for calling. I am ready to go to bed, I wish so much you loved me (scary but lighting just hit outside, ever get the feeling you almost died?), and I hope you don't need me now, because I think you don't.
I tried to make myself good enough for you, and I won't be able to understand if you can't be nice to me now.
It really gets hard being alone so many times, and all I wanted to do was for you.
But next time I see her, we need to be able to talk, I need to be able to be real with her, and I have a feeling that is going to get harder, rather than easier.
I haven't learned all my lessons, but I refuse to submit to this one, I know I can move on I just wanted to go with you.
I have only felt like shit once after a one day relationship, and if that is all you can stand, then fuck you. You had better be able to deal with it.
I am not worried about myself you just need to know it does hurt, and the only thing I was able to accomplish on the phone, was to find out what you were doing, which helped alot.
I just don't see what is wrong with that.
So here is a round of applause for her, not calling me back the day after. The only problem is that I do want her, and if she has a problem with it there is really nothing that can be done. I am tired, and I am going to bed, if I can.
So that's just what I had to do today.
I couldn't tell you about this but it was (6-11-02)
I feel bad about lying to Dave, if I don't come clean with him soon, I might not ever be able to handle it, I need to know why I can't tell him about you and I.

(what I've felt)
(what I've known)
(never shine through in what I've shown)
(never free)
(never me)
(free to see what might have been)
I ran three laps and lifted weights hearing this song, and chanting "there is nothing I can do"

I am going to be stronger than you can expect, so what I need to know right now is do you want a hug or a kiss?
I can't live with fantasy anymore.
I hope you feel confused, just like me.
sage_advice I miss you
so much
it hurts
phil painful, horrible, bloody, crusty, suicidal, dependent, crazy, insulting, irresponsive, delusional, wasted, pointless, soiled, burnt, sober, dirty, trash, lust, cost, pain, agony, mad, gross, rechid, grinding, swelling, bruises, kick, ripped, stripped, disposed, hosed, clothed, moldy, neglect, unknown, weak, jabbed, but still not letting go. 020619
moocow i hate it when people say: "you've got" it's "you have", stupids! 020702
- . 020803
~gez~ complete me. make me whole 020821
HL you are the reason why i know how to love. thank you. 020911
Perspective_Of_Soul I wish i could paint you something special, write you something wonderful.Something that would make your beautiful heart sparkle like my eyes do when you are within their sight.I wish i could see your smile for i know my sadness cannot exist when it does as well.
You are so special to me, yet i cannot express it for fear of your rejection.Why is it i am not for you ?
I would give all i own for a single kiss.I would do anything for an endless hug.
Why is it that i would give the rest of my life if i could spend a single day with you as my own ?
I would paint your name with the stars, i would conjure up angels to sing my praises for you ... if i could.
For so long my heart has been yours, yet you did not pay attention to that which is more devoted to your happiness than any other you may find.Of this i am certain, my heart will be yours until the end of time.
.. would you please stop it? 021031
Ant - Being ones self, is often the hardest
thing to be.. !
you can't love anyone untill you love yorself
morphine. pierce

you make me
Reverend Lough take me
with you always.
take me
with you always.

without you,
without you
everything falls apart.

without you,
it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces.
me the hardest battle is being yourself in a world that is trying its hardest to make you like everyone else. 021223
openyourbelly are a psycho. 021230
sar its not me, its you 030117
*silent screams You have the potential to sweep me off my feet...but its me standing in the way of my own happiness 030206
Kinky I dont regret anything that has happend between us. I dont regret the love. i dont regret the pain and i dont regret the moving on. theres somthing missing in my heart, somthing my mind craves because of ur dissaperance. They always say "let it go and if its ment to be it'll come back" well i let you go, and theres no sign of you coming back, but u will always belong to me as i will always belong to you. there is a connection between us, somthing is ment for the both of us, and i will never give up on that. No matter how far apart we are and no matter if i never hear from you again. 030209
Diamond You cry, and I obey. Your every wish is my command.

Am I a victim? Or maybe a volunteer?

You'll never understand.
mona loves you For the past 52 weeks there wasn’t a day I didn’t think about you.
In the beginning as a friend, in the end as more.
As for that time in between, I just don’t know.
wonder can kill me inside with a glance. you don't realise how much it hurts. maybe i'm stupid. oversensitive. but do i deserve to be ignored? just a little respect. and maybe some love. will it hurt you so much? 030316
craz4u you are the most beautiful creature on this earth but i have nothing to say but to tell u i love you 030420
lankiveil hey dudes whats going on on this page 030426
TsunamiSunrise I could miss the sunrise everyday and be happier than I would be not seeing you this day 030505
User24 you are what you experience, and what experiences you; nothing more. 030611
Kyle2 **NOTE: this is a quote that i found somewhere on the net, it is not my work but i found it and it described my feelings exactly. I think the rest of the "blatherers" would appreciate this. I love this page

"I want to scream, I want to shout, I want to fave faith and never doubt, I want to bend, I want to break, to sleep and never wake, To break down walls and to escape, be alone and hide my face, I want to feel, I want to touch, I want to stop wanting you so much"
Locke I was going to write about me, but I don't know him, so what would the point be?

I know that you are beautiful, but especially beautiful when you laugh. Because for a moment you don't look pained. You want to know something? I don't give a fuck about this job. I took it so I'd be with you. I don't give a fuck about college, either. I'm a goddamn writer and I write about goddamn eclecticisms. I'll never make money. Fuck careers and fuck this degree I don't need. Fuck the rest, too. I don't really give a shit about my pride or my possessions.

That one night you were out drinking at two-thirty and you came into the cafe where I was ashing my cigarette into cold coffee, you told me you were nearly hurt. Raped was the word you used. And while I understood you were only in a bad place to be at two-thirty, and you didn't take it that seriously, I did. And when you left and would not let me come along because your friends would be angry, I cursed myself for not going anyway. Then I walked to your house, ice running through my veins, and waited outside your window where you live with your parents and smoked until daybreak waiting for you to come home. I was punchdrunk, lovesick and moonstruck, and I waited until I saw your friend's car. I went home punching one fist in the air. You still don't know that, but I did wait for you. I waited until I knew you came home, through four hours of rain, mud, and cigarettes. I don't resent it. I loved you that moment for returning home safe.

I don't know where I was going with this, and as the man said, my thumb aches. But still... I am still moonstruck, lovesick and punchdrunk on a minor key of blue.

What else is there to say?
I love you.
endless desire you me we
it's all the same
yet so very different.
i think it is beautiful that way.
do you know that we are dancing today?
did you know that we are dancing everyday?

sing a song so we may dance.
spin spin. my dress twirls.
we are floating down this river
tossed lightly by the current
the water's spray makes my lips smile
and my cheeks touch my eyes.
understand, life is but a dream.
silentbob i don't want to talk to you 030721
me WHO? 030721
silentbob this kid who goes to my old highschool, who i don't think i ever talked to in my life that added me to his msn list for some reason and decided to boast about the originality of his username.

"Do you like it?"
"i thought you would."
rich is it possible that html works on YOU 030925
rich is it possible that html works on YOU 030925
jewelZ Be who you are
say what you feel
those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.
Staind_And_Souless Were my everything.
You were my life.
My love.
My heart.
My soul.
My all.
My blood.
My pain.
My tears.
My fears.
And what I hate most of all about you is the fact that I still love you more than I hate you.
power trip suck 031027
Freak They don't know I used to sail the deep and tranquil sea

But he washed me shore and he took my pearl

And left an empty shell of me
Nat you remind me of someone, I just cant think of who it is! 031117
endless desire make me want to cry.
frighten my eyes.
step away.
please just leave me be.
the dude yes I want some
oww it hurts
umm that's rape
panther are head over heels with me... so i pull out your fake hair... cause you are bald... it makes me laugh at you... 031214
GOD Who are you?
What is you?
When will I finally have you, my one true love?
Amanda Like ripe apples, you fell from the tree
and rolled down the hill
until you met me
young pretender worry me. i don't know how to deal with *you*. 040118
bethany are mine. you will Always be mine. we will live in a mine together. and have little mine children wo will grow up to me miners and have sex with minors and go to jail for being a miner having sex with minors. haha funny times 040211
siobhan just in a pocket
like, just crumpled
sort of a
rare word stuck in a pair of
old jeans that i wore
when i was five
written on the back of
a train ticket
little girl. YOU ARE MY FIRST.
volcano you take our love and recycle it.
fuel for a flame.
but that's okay, little girl.
your fire will burn much brighter.

please know that i still love you.
just not like that.
not like you love him.
niska ...are 040219
silentlydreaming are everything. i didn't know it at first but you became my world. you became a part of me. you are what i am. and you don't know. 040222
cinzento made me what I am, then you forced me further than I thought I could go. Now it's just me, but thank you. 040222
ambermoon you cant hurt me anymore.
you cant make me do the things you want me to.
you use to be all i ever though about.
thats over now your gone.
simsimma You do so much just by being you
Your eyes look at me and undress me teasingly.
Your mouth is the vessel through which your words make love to me.
Each and every syllable rolls off your tongue and sets me on fire.
Hello is like sweet foreplay, getting me into the zone.
When u say my name, it's slow and deliberate , just as if you were deep inside of me,fucking me slowly.
The rhythm of the conversation goes up and down , intonations , exclamations and questions, all making this a satisfying experience.
It's almost time to say goodbye now , i throb with sweet sorrow , i dont want to stop talking to you.
Oh what's that , you just remembered something you had to tell me.
kidblink are not a dream
you are the reality that follows me around
apathy is her the one I love but is in love with him. Jenn I love you. 040327
ethereal I don't want YOU. 040327
her royal highness the quirk i will not cry
never again
i'm through letting you ruin my life
ethereal are my constant theme.

you are in all my words.

clementine you you you you you you you over and over in my mind 040603
Fey You showed me how to love. To have a love so strong and true, that nothing could have broken it in two. You showed me that there is a little hate in all of us, but that in you it ran within your vains like blood, and your soul was darker then the night sky. You showed me that people can be so cruel and unkind. All of the things you said will stay in my mind forever. Never forgetting all the hurtful things you said. Yes, I have moved on, but still a little part of me will always shudder at the sound of your voice. In the beginning it was like a fairy tale, I must have been blinded by all your lies. Thank you for breaking my heart, and opening my eyes to see what you really are. 040615
lou_la_belle are you sure you want to know?
all of me and everything?
wouldn't you just like to go on pretending that i'm the person you see?


of course not. i wouldn't either.
it's just...
i don't know if you'll still trust me
and i'm scared
of what you'll do.

will you understand?
will you embrace me for me?
i guess we're going to see...
chrysalid endless blather addressed to you. Any you, the unmistakable you over whom the I has torn his or her heart out over.

Are you worth it? Do you know?

I still loves you, for now
one day maybe you won't be perfect any more
not today
JustOnMonday I wish I didn't know a you. 040804
bork don't ask me for reasons, cause i don't know. i live for you. just because. 040809
Jaspin You.

You are poison.
You are rubbish.
You are rot.
You are mold.

You abuse.
You use.
You control.
You abandon.

You lie.
You cheat.
You steal.
You kill.

You betray.

You are everything I hate.
You are everything I loathe.
You are everything I cannot trust.

Then why...
Are you still the one I love?
Deomis I wouldn't want to be complete
I wouldn't want to feel happy
I might be happy in my misery

If it weren't for you

You came into my life
You broke down my walls
You threw me into the world
And you made me dance

I could have been miserably happy
Sitting by myself on the dreary holidays

if it wasn't for you.

Why did you have to make me happy
And then leave
Why did you come and make me realize how lonely I really was.
Pinkberry you grow me like an evergreen
you never see the lonely me
at all
no reason yorke you are the sun and moon and stars are you
i could never run away from you
tyler g you ran
your feet: immobile
your mind: racing
you run fast, but i fall faster
one era ands, another begins
Manu don't love me anymore. What a pity. See what 6,000 kilometers between you and me can do? 050501
Manu don't love me anymore. What a pity. See what 6,000 kilometers between you and me can do? 050501
spacepatrol you are the greatist ever
you are the worst ever
you are my best friend
you are my worst enemy
you are the one that builds me up?
you are the one that brings me down
wait a min. you dont bring me up bitch,your just all about bringing me down.
You make me so angry I leaving
you make me so sad I come back.
wait a min. you dont make me, do body makes me. you will not make me. I am who I am. YOU ARE WHO yOU ARE
spacepatrol you are the greatist ever
you are the worst ever
you are my best friend
you are my worst enemy
you are the one that builds me up?
you are the one that brings me down
wait a min. you dont bring me up bitch,your just all about bringing me down.
You make me so angry I leaving
you make me so sad I come back.
wait a min. you dont make me, DUDE no body makes me. you will not make me. I am who I am. YOU ARE WHO yOU ARE thats just the way it is.
spacepatrol 2 tab LSD
2 tab XTC
Make you grow
a pussy
CRIP FOR LYFE!! u are a nigga_bean... i am a nigga suck

maxMoment I wonder, how it must be to be you 050530
marz ...turned your head so my kiss landed on your cheek and waited a whole week to ease that electric tension that built between all those months of being only best friends. 050620
anne-girl every song has a you
a you that the singer sings to
and you're it this time
baby, you're it this time

-- ani difranco
HidingOnTheWall will never know how you made me by just stopping to say hello, making your crowd of pretty girls wait. Your the only one like that. 051004
nobody If I were to follow you home... I wonder... would *you* keep me? 051005
Snook me with variables 051006
kala you're always there, forever haunting, like a wild beast, biding its time.

you're in no hurry, not quite at all, not even one bit

you're content to sit, and wait, and sit and wait some more, until the time comes.

i'm ready for you.

f god !
really sorry for this but...
i suddenly feel extremely TURNED ON !
Brian The Lion its you that i see when i look closely at me, when i feel alone it is you i need, and when its all over and done i just hope you will still need me, because i will always need you 051030
Harlequin The understated, overestimated you.

The blameable, lovable you.

The tragic, heartwarming you.

You and me in a little toyshop.
blueJessi I'll never understand why you made my eyes black and blue. 060226
benodoll are a mindfuck.
i love and hate you.
its a complicated thing, really.
ANSwer833.33 You can't love someone without hating them. You can't hate someone without loving them. You are God in chains, you can choose to be free.

For it to work, you have to brake an egg, and that means YOU.
Spacey Headcase you help me by being in pain too. 060505
L0v3 Is Fr3 You are everything to me.

Some days I wish it wasn't this way. But how else could it be?
violet strangt enough. no more. i've had enough of you. 060726
estrellita ¡OMG! I fucking love you... 061023
iamb I like you. Do you like me? 061114
iamb I like you. Do you like me? 061114
. you 070306
? what is songalongabonga?

am i too young to remember?
is it an army song?
how would i know? i'm just guessing.
JJ Do .. you remember..?

The first time our eyes met?

I. Do.
Lia You...
are all of the highwayed
season's longings.
are all of the
heavy-headed nods
of disillusionment.
are every tearful

You are Revelation
to a heart
that had
given up
seeking solace
in the distant Sky.

You are the long
of a forgotten
Golden Dream.
jio jio 100215
. . 100307
foyoy foyoy 110930
thy . 120107
superleni you are a monster
a faerie

you have no rules
superleni you are a monster
a faerie

you have no rules
if STILL ECHO 160528
. . 181211
. . 181211
what's it to you?
who go