dallas you never want to underestimate the trouble you can get into when you're hanging out with annie. 980820
abulia how's annie?

how's annie?
The Tragically Hip We can take a bit of a breather.
We can skip to the practical part.
We can skip to the Time of Neither,
When we’re together and even
When we’re apart.
I’ll tell you a story about the Lake Fever
or we can skip to the coital fury.
You didn’t say yes or no, neither.
You whispered, hurry.

We can take it a little bit further.
We can stick to the after-effects part.
Not trying to make you a believer,
Don’t wanna a lilpiece of your heart.
Just telling you a story about the Lake fever
Or we can skip to a neutral fury.
You didn’t say yes or no neither.
You whispered, hurry.

Want to be a nobody without peer.
Want to be a thought that’s never done
Want to shake your faith in human nature
Want to break the hearts of everyone.
Want to be your wheezing screen door.
Want to be your stars of Algonquin.
Want to be your roaring floorboard.
Want to break the hearts of everyone.
And cause discontent until They, ceasing their investigation, bring back the days events,
Good citizens and time well spent,
Til we’re talking in whispers again.
Until we’re talking in whispers again
tourist my favorite tragically hip cd is road apples 001102
unhinged never underestimate a fever....
i did and i ended up in the emergency room....i also wrote one of my best poems of all time when i had a high fever. ah well.
black dog best to let the fever go
it seems to collapse
that which caused it
when led into the thick fray
with no map
and no candle
i think i will stand behind the hounds
when they arrive
and let you explain
pat sajak ghost_tower 011106
illustrious fiebre.

heat and moisture
wet wool on tarnished skin
a roasted apple burning young fingers
crazed and unharnessed energy
confusion and lethargy

you give me fever.
jimisen At night he tossed as in a fever, pining for a tree like the ones that brought wealth to his youth in Meath. 030527
ragus zzub he said "mmmm" and that's all he said and silently fell asleep. leaving me lying there, sad, thinking what did i just say. no response. still waiting and one day giving up. yes i will give up. 030825
no reason i could have at least got the strange dreams. 050411
jane i feel my eyes heavy in their sockets, my body clammy but sweating, the hair matted down on the back of my neck. coughing never does anything except increase the pain. i'm waiting. even now my feet (always cold - a victim of poor circulation) are sweating. behind my knees. my stomach growls. i haven't eaten in two days. i'm waiting. i should just go to sleep, but i'm afraid my nose will plug up & my throat will close, & i'll end up like that guys friend who bit the dust while he was sleeping. i'm starting to see things now. the shadows on the wall stand out as if independent from their object shape. i can see particles in the air, the colors that make up the entire room. everything wavers as if it was a reflection off a pond, or a mirage you see on the road in the desert. i wipe my forehead. i have no thermometer, but i don't need one. my body is increasing its temperature to kill off the bacteria.

ooh gotta go, getting hot
emmi i was in finland two weeks ago and i got broken heart fever. i was in bed for three days. my stepdad and little sister got me chocolates, coke and mosquito repellent. i cried to you on the phone and said i was slowly dying, but you had made up your mind and it's final. 050728
emmi i got fever the other night while sleeping over at mark's. i knew it was fever because even when i woke up from the most terrible nightmares ever, crying and sweating, i didn't believe they were just dreams. i had to stay the next day, while he was at work. i didn't want to go home, and couldn't anyway. i should've stayed sick for a very long time. 050827
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