me? silently thinking
about last night
was it a mistake?
was i right?
at first i felt nothing
but flesh and blood
numbness blindness
and the quell of a flood
of emotion not mine
but as i think back around
i was only suprised
at what i had found.
amy sweetness personified 991216
the moody bruise breathe deep, the gathering gloom 011230
Aaron i havn't known true silence for a long time.. i hear voices all the time.. and i drives me to the brink of madness... terriorises me in the night.. something that i can't stop.. it's worse than any terror that i have ever imagined... if only i could sit in silence again.. silently sleep.. or spend a day in the quiet and clean the house.. but the voices keep talking.... and i haven't known true silence for a long time.. i'd silently sit and think.. i'd silently live.. then i would have something to say.. but i hear voices... and silently is something that i don't know... 011230
Reverend Lough loudly 021217
phil silently bobbing 021218
Strideo silently, we played pictionary
birdmad the cat

hiding out beneath the christmas tree, except for the faint swishing of her tail in the artificial branches
blown cherry roaring.
Trying to breathe out some of the foulness of the dark that is consuming my body from the inside to the out.
luscious violenty

can't imagine what it might be like

when you touch me
i disappear
into places
you keep asking me about

i'm hear
i'm lying

i'm there

to keep from
to keep from
too soon

silently i love you
violently i fear losing you

sucks to be this fucking scared
of something so good and easy

sagesse saying
yeah it's good seeing you

when all I wanted to say
we used to make love
and we almost made a baby

and I've been so silent in my love

and so violent in my goodbyes

ton silence, ta tendresse
mon amour, ta regret
what's it to you?
who go