strange poet theres more to know than just the solemn glow radiating from the mind of your word machine...take the undiscovered yet so enchanting when viewed in the manner that all that we live for is provided by it. mabye not as you see it and mabye not as i do ...but somewhere in a dark cave on a mystic island there is a man who waits for company, yearns for the attention of another, but is left with just the sun to warm his shivering bones, to remind him that time still exist in the world which he found so unentertaining. can he be reached long gone, so dark so his life in the only way he can haunted by the memorys of his former being ..insanity grows in his mind...until insanity is all that is left...down with teary eyes he glanced at the ocean so far below..waves crashing on the jagged stones that were to become his tomb...cant let the lonliness be the is short...but the jump so far...from insanity to a lively being..full of hope and desire...he turns away as the sun goes down again on the island of solitude. 990418
donaldson i really hate it when bars and motels have names like "dew drop inn" 990608
bren in incopmetent way
a blithering withering writhing way
upon the wrinkles of the ocean
i pass
*nicole* and out 990827
nameless side 991218
marjorie between 991219
valis when you're in the know, it's occassionally very hard to get out. 991220
nameless you just formulate my thoughts in words valis 991231
riot am I in or out? my mother would ask me this when I was fourandfiveandsix and I'd make a decision. She cared not what it was, just that the house didn't fill with bugs.

am I in or out? I asked myself this in high school. Was I loved? If I tried hard enough, could I be one of the pretty people, even when I wasn't?

am I in or out? I ask myself this now, and quietly shut the door behind me. can't let the bugs in.
Joana. In the room... feeling cold... feet are frozen... red cheeks... someone babbles... something that is supposed to teach me about important matters... I stare... I can't listen... singing inside my mind... I'm happy... I can be happy when I'm not listening to you... humming some beautiful song in my thoughts and feeling comfortable inside my shoes... with frozen toes... that have become paralysed... while I look through the window... with a sun looking from a silver strand... someone stands outside... he sings as well... I can hear him sing... probably waiting for some classmate... looking bored and distracted... he looks at me as well... I immediately turn my head to the one who's babbling as if to pretend I wasn't looking... I blush... she babbles again... I feel sleepy... I want to go back to bed to dream again with *you* (yes - you)... while I'm in the room. 000113
andrea how did you get here?
who let you in?
did you knock or crawl through
the window like a thief in the
night, after my heart?
was it while I was asleep,
dreaming of the day this would
happen and the one who would do it?
or was I away, at work,
halfheartedly doing my job or
out visiting friends and telling
them of the dreams I have?
I’m trying to remember if I
carelessly, absentmindedly left
the door open, unlocked for
anyone who came to walk in,
or if, at some point, I gave
you the key-either because
you requested it or I felt you
trustworthy enough and handed
it over to you, or either one.
how did you get here?
who let you in?
I didn’t hear you knock or ring
the doorbell and I didn’t see you
stealthily sneak in.
so tell me, how did you go
about getting in, reaching
the one lace I thought I was safe?

copyright 2000
cover.. in my mind, I realize that the human race denies any alligations of being idiotic in any way...too arrogant to understand, nevermind appreciate nature or existance for that matter. Too intelligent to believe there's more out there because we can't prove it...why prove anything, why prove anything make a point? to who? Our reality is man made, in a realm of humanistic systems that are completely inaccurate because no one person is the same as the next, or no single person's perception is the same as the next... 010204
Focus "in a room house full of doors, but no exits" is what i once said to a girl. She told me it was stupid, and she didn't understand what i said. Poor girl. I wonder if she's figured it out yet. 010320
"in a house full of doors, but no exits"
Chrity go to:
mitra i need to see at least one door open for me......
tired to fight ....
tired to climb over someone's head
peace .....i image it it as a large house with all doors open
reitoei in isn't out. in is always cool. inside of me is all i know and all that you will never know. won't you come in 011020
g# in, out, in, out and shake it all about. you do the hokey-cokey and you turn around. that's what it's all about. 020311
glenn in, out, in, out and shake it all about. you do the hokey-cokey and you turn around. that's what it's all about. 020311
minnesota_chris The first in, in the womb. The in that I want more than anything.

The soft and warm.
The sigh and the gasped breath.
The discomfort from having me lying close and heavy on your stomach.
The feeling that I am your preoccupation, your purpose, your reason for existence.

The push, the pain, the scream.
Arn in Toms Ass 021012
Haley Love is in the air. 021213
ever dumbening . 030501
meehall water glistens like little jewels
on leaves
in the morning
Spare Change In the midst of crying out, in the middle of the night, in the middle of that song, in your eyes, you say it all. In the dark, in the rain, in the name of the father, in your eyes I see it all. In the world, in pain, in your hands you hold it all... inside. 030904
dudeinanigloo You in? No telling how much I'm in. You in? You know I'm in. Hey Ellen, you in? I'm in. Want some gin? Naw, but hey I'm like chillin' I'm so in!
tchiseen lol
i get it
dew drop inn
do drop in

its a self-advertising advert.

andru235 in is in again 050627
PSGiffoprd In the darkest, most hidden part of my brain, with the pumpkin knife and a lot of pain I discovered what was really going on. 051009
youmeTURKEY? i go in through doors suitcase lover 051014
tourist I've Nothin' to say
Just look around Here Awhile
Everything of Importace Has Already Gone Down
Line after Line
We Circle back on Ourselves
Bands We listen to
Loves We've Lost
Scars We Inflict on Ourselves
And Others
Flesh and Spirit
The Good and The Evil
War and Peace
The Philosophies of Dicotomy
It's All Been Said Before
Nothing Uttered Reveals Anything New
This Human Condition
Shape Shifting
Into The Uncertain Future
I Listen By The Keyhole
Savoring The Essence of
This Shared Space
Knowing That The Stranger's Song
Is The Tune I Sing As Well
In Disjointed
High Lonesome Harmony
The Stuff of Fevered Dreams
And Babies Laughter
Rose Pink Petal Sprays of the New Dawn
Memories Of Snow melt Waters Splashing
Down Warm Summer Hillsides
Sliding Toward the Distant Sea
Rejoining The Memories Of All That Have Passed This Way
Events Made Our Own By The Hearing
Of The Inner Voice We Conjure
From The Words On The Page
I've Got Nothing to Say
You Have All Said It For Me
In The Varied Voice
Inside My Head
Thank You
Thank You Very Much

Ladies And Gentelmen
Elvis Has Left The Building
unhinged when he was recording that elvis impersonator
a christmas album
for the guy's congregation
and we weren't allowed to get high
in front of elvis
so we left for awhile
and came back rolling
'dude, dude elvis is IN the building'
. . 230728
. . 230728
what's it to you?
who go