miniver Shhh.
Don't sleep the wakers,
or keep it all in yawns and pillows,
for every forty winks your universe
will be replaced.
larla slippery wondering diligence meister:

shhhh bunk our heads together and talk now quietly in the dark about unnecessities.

(i am more like the parade and less like the ticker-tape)
Tildan Quietly.

But faithfully we draw ourselves deeper into shadow. Its hard to depart it. But light is so much better for its absence.

Try painting dots onto the wrong animal. You cannot make a difference; a tiger won't turn dalmation.

If you love the light, you'll love the dark almost as much. But if you love the dark, you might have difficulty finding the light.

Its easiest to be indifferent to both.

Glory rises out of desperation through the mundane.
i opened the door and hide in the shadows,
i watch you sleep.

so pure and innocent and fake,
if i could i'd let you die
pat sajaks ghost www.geocities.com/envyofdesire/index.html 011103
french a lover's kiss
a butterfly's wing
a deep, burning desire
silent till the end
unhinged if i talk too loud the vibrations of my voice knock the tears loose 110215
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