bijou five foot nothing, a hundred pounds, maybe

blue eyes and brown hair.
she's a firecracker.

it took three cops to get her on the ground, smashing her face against the still-hot asphalt in the middle of the street.

they put her in the car, hands cuffed behind her back.

another fight broke out, and the pigs all ran to throw them onto the ground and smash their faces and put them in handcuffes.

little lisa the toughest little girl i know

opened the door? climbed out the window?

got out of the squad car and ran quietly into the city streets, still in cuffs.
Altar My chest is
Torn open before you,
Opened up as wide as it goes.
I'd cut my heart out
For you,
And lay it on the ground
Before you...
But you wouldn't care.
You're too busy
Watching him,
As he prepares to take
Your own heart.
(or maybe i'm just jealous)
Nathan88 new career oppurtunities for my step-mom

they just cut her division out of nowhere

this world is messed up
oh yeah by the way, u dont have a job anymore
now thats a classy organization

i hope they'll be alright
maybe this is why i was in a bad mood yesterday cuz i already knew somehow
what's it to you?
who go