psyki for the rest of his life, he heard a crazy sound in his head constantly.

many people in society were trying to understand dementias and mental illness.
last still feel it all slipping away but it doesn't matter anymore
everybody's still chipping away but it doesn't matter anymore
look through these blackened eyes
you'll see ten thousand lies
my lips may promise but my heart is a whore
Victoria I don't have the capacity to love anymore 010105
the repeater for the rest of his life, he heard a crazy sound in his head constantly. 010213
unhinged i can't do this anymore
my back really hurts
the pills don't work
keep me up all night
smoking way too much
coming up with all kinds of excuses
lovers lament i drive 110mph on the highway almost every day. i don't ever wear my seatbelt. sometimes i pray for a deer. sometimes i'm content to just see what happens.
i drink almost every day. usually till i'm so drunk i don't remember what goes on and have to ask my friends how stupid i was.
i throw away things that matter to me, and generally don't care if they are returned.
life holds nothing for me anymore.
ladybird In rural parts of Ireland this word has a positive sense. When you say "I'll always watch that programme anymore" you mean "I'll always watch that programme after this". For the first few weeks i knew Lorraine this confused me no end. 010515
the one you dont look the same to me anymore. your smile isnt sweet,now it is mearly tainted. i dont see the hidden gentleness in your laugh anymore. all i see is you trying too hard and me not ever knowing you at all. you never made much sense, but now i see there is nothing more to you than what is there. what i see is what i get. i just dont respect you anymore. you arent a playful mystery, your just a boy strung out. 011001
SoulLot This is my has nothing to do with the word "anymore" It's just here. 020501
Syrope none of the songs on my playlist make me cry anymore, none of them can reach me in this mock depression. they are calling to a time when i was someone else, and i miss who i was sometimes, but not enough to bring her back. 030125
xXShadow_GoddessXx Lost gone, forgotten within the souls of our past, stolen from us. Never to see the light, anymore.

Locked up tight inside a cage of glass never to feel the warmth of the purity of the light never, anymore.

The scent of rain lingers near, but is not able to be felt in the coolness of the morning mists, not again, never, anymore.
sprhrgrl i don't want to live in this world anymore, i don't want to live in this wooooorld... 031005
skye i don't know you anymore. 031107
magret you dont care about me anymore. and i dont even know you anymore. 040120
secret4185 "'Till you tell me otherwise
And it's because
I just don't feel it
loveisdespair all I've got left is another excuse.
I've got lies, I've got a broken neck tied up in this noose.
I'm never gonna be who I want to be.
Tick tick boom. I've got nothing left anymore.
hsgatincamail you cannot hurt me. 040614
Just_A_Little_Girl he doesnt talk to me anymore.
he doesnt need me anymore.
he doesnt love me anymore.

Someone Save Me, What Can I Do?
Kim now i just paint all the time 041020
falling I have notthing but empty words that tried to keep you here. I don't know what hurts more losing you or knowing we had notthing left to keep us together except for the fear of being alone. 041023
sleeve no sex anymore 041120
... 25 041120
wanna fight. there is no destroying me. 050608
Talborn dragons and faeries flight through clouds
imaginations fascination clouds thought
Friend of Speeegles plaplaplapla! ahahaha!!!! 071105
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